A Boy and His Mother 1

I tried to breathe quietly. Shallow breaths, slow, even though my heart was doing godamn jumping jacks in my chest. I wasn’t supposed to be home of course. Why else would I be hiding under my mother’s bed. I had been digging through her underwear drawer looking for her rainy day funds, when I heard her car pull up. I was supposed to be with my friends for the weekend. Two towns over. Don’t judge me. My Moms a bitch. Just going to throw that out there. She wasn’t always so bad, but ever since marrying Frank, man she was a spoiled pain in the ass. Mom had become all about that money. Frank’s money. She went to the gym twice a week, got her hair done every week, nails, pedicures, waxes, you name it. To Mom, image was everything. She had me when she was 15, oftentimes we were mistaken for siblings. She didn’t even like me calling her mom in public, saying it makes her look old. I don’t think 31 is old. I heard Mom come padding up the stairs. She burst into the room. I’m about to get busted… shit shit shit!

“Just park down the street like normal, and walk here, the gates open and the front doors unlocked….yes… Call me when you’re parked” Mom said.

At first I almost thought she had started talking to me. I held my breath realizing she was on the phone. Why would they park down the street and walk? That made no sense at all.

“I’m going to put on that special outfit you like so much” she said.

I could see her tiny bare feet from under the bed. Mom had always been super small. She ate like a football player but had the body of an angel. As I watched, her shorts became a pile at her feet. I damn near gasped. I laid my cheek to the carpet so I could see better. I could feel the warmth in my cheeks growing. Wow Mom was beautiful. Her dainty painted toes were splayed in the carpet as she stood on her tiptoes to reach for something in the closet. She was completely naked. She had her back turned to me, I had never seen anything like this in porn. She was so petite and curvy. Her ass reminded me of a peach, I would never think of peaches the same. I lay there, fascinated and stared, unblinking. I couldn’t move and blinking seemed like a sin. She stepped forward trailing her right leg, and did a little hop. What the fuck is this balet? I saw squarely between her legs, she was hairless and smooth. It was delicate and soft. I thought of a flower, it’s petals spread slightly in the early morning dew. Look at me fucking waxing poetic. Her firm pale ass jiggled before my eyes as she landed her little jump. The box she had grabbed from the top slid down and fell on to the ground. Shit, I got ready to scramble out and run, she was going to see me when she picked that up! Instead she got down on her knees facing away from me. I was rewarded with an even better view from behind. My dick was pressing painfully against the carpet. I looked beyond what must be the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen, and saw what she was picking up. She was putting lingerie and vibrators and the like back into the box. She tossed one outfit to the side. Forest green and lacey. I had no fucking idea what it was. She stood and put the box back. No little hop that time, damnit. I could feel my dick pulsing and my blood roaring in my ears. God this was so fucking wrong. The sound of her phone ringing almost made me cry out. I held my breath again.

“Yes…., yes…. of course….hehe.”

Did she just fucking giggle. She’s 31 for fucks sake. I watched as she stepped into the outfit, one handed, wiggling as she pulled it up. She only managed to hook one strap over a shoulder. Her left breast hung out, nipple erect. I wanted to reach out and touch it. My asshole friends always gave me a hard time about how hot my mother was. I had always been too embarrassed to see it. A glorious rush of adrenaline coursed through my veins when I saw that single breast. It was perfect, small like her, but pert and round. It was adorned with a nipple that was… cute, it was so small. My eyes were watering, I finally blinked. She switched the phone to her other hand pulling up the laced, one piece outfit , adjusting it here and there. She was fucking stunning.

“You’re walking here now? … God I can’t wait to have you inside of me…..okay…. yes….I’m upstairs.” She said, and hung up the phone.

Instantly I got pissed. That fucking hypocritical bitch. That fucking whore! She was cheating on Frank. And after all this bullshit of grounding me and telling me I needed to fly straight and not be such a fuck up. She had told me how I didn’t appreciate Frank and that I needed to not be such a spoiled brat. And here she was willing to throw Frank and all the money and everything away. I rolled out from under the bed. Mom yelped and fell over backwards onto her ass. I almost laughed.

“You fucking lying cheating… ” I was interrupted.

“Charlie oh my God!” She said in a squeak. “What are you doing here!? You’re not supposed to be here.! Oh No.. Oh No…”

I could see the stark fear of and humiliation in her face. I felt satisfied and powerful. I had an idea spark to life. Partly because I was rock hard and my mother was laying on the floor, in lingerie, right in front of me.

“I’m telling Frank” it came out in almost a stammer. But getting it out gave me strength. I watched as her blush faded and her face paled.

“No…. Charlie… no.. ” she said.

“Yup, right now, I’m going to call him. I’m going to tell him you’re cheating on him. You’ll get what you deserve. I can’t believe this shit, you fucking hypocrite”

She totally freaked. “I’ll do anything Charlie… Anything. Please, just don’t tell him. Please Charlie… please…” she said.

I looked down at her, really looked. Mom sat on her butt her knees up and legs spread open. Her hands were on the ground behind her, and she looked up at me. I met her eyes, and looked her over. I noticed for the first time that her outfit had no crotch. I stared, hard, then met her eyes again. I actually felt myself blush. I saw Mom begin to blush, and she snapped her legs together. Both of us looked at each other with embarassment. I heard the front door open.

I leaned down and cupped her under her shoulders, her skin smooth and soft to my touch. I pulled her to her feet.

“I’m going to watch” I said, thinking about just a few moments ago watching from under the bed.

Her eyes went wide “Charlie” she scolded “i’m your mother…. this is wrong! What is wrong with you?”

I shook my head “let me watch. And I will keep your secret ”

she looked at me , I couldn’t tell what she was thinking, but I heard some guy calling out a hello and heard footsteps on the stairs. She twitched like she was trying to go two directions at once. She grabbed me by the shoulders, and with surprising strength she pushed me backwards and into the closet.

“Quiet!” she whispered.

She slid the door closed. I promptly slid it back open, just a few inches. I stood there nestled in her clothing, her scent all around me, heightening my senses. I stood between hangers, staring, and watched as a man burst in through the door. More of a mountain than a man really, I gaped. Mom had just spun around. God that was close, God… she was going to let me watch! My dick was so hard it hurt.

The man was fit, very fit, I could see firm muscles stretching his clothes and filling them. He wore a tight shirt and basketball shorts. I recognized him! Her personal trainer from the gym! Holy shit! I watched completely transfixed as he put his mouth and hands all over mom. She seemed to melt into him. His hands were bigger than her head. He was huge. He must have been 6’5″ and next to her 5’4″, he dwarfed her. Mom locked eyes with me over his shoulder. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking.

“Let’s go downstairs, babe..” she said huskily.

His massive hand was between her legs. I watched as Mom pitched her head back and moaned.

“No not yet, let’s go have a drink first” she said

He replied “can’t wait dear…. look.”

With that I watched as he dropped his shorts, and the most massive cock I’d ever seen in any porn was standing straight up. I looked down at my forearm, trying to relate to his girth. I shuddered. I looked back. He was naked now, his body hairless and muscular. He pushed my Mom to her knees. I saw her start to protest, but the moment she opened her mouth, he ran the head of his large penis across her lips. She locked eyes with me. He leaned his head back and sunk his cock in her mouth. We locked eyes for what seemed like forever. She gagged and pushed. As he pulled out I watched saliva trickle down her chin. He took the head of his cock and smeared it around her lips. He glanced over his left shoulder.

“Ahh you like watching it in the mirror don’t you?”

I stood as still as I possibly could. My cock was so hard it hurt. But I didn’t dare touch it and give myself away by rustling clothing or bumping into something. I watched my Mom try to fit that massive trunk into her mouth but he was obviously meeting resistance only a few inches in. She gagged a lot, and even though she was obviously trying not to look my way, she did, and often. He lifted her up to her feet. Not a difficult thing to do, he must weigh 300lbs to her 110lbs. She fluidly molded into whatever spot or position he placed her in. He obviously was used to being in control, and she, submitting. I watched as he laid her on the bed, like a perfect sex doll or toy, he lumbered onto the bed, and pulled her on top, facing away from him. She faced me crouched over him, I couldn’t tell from the look on her face if it was embarassment, humiliation, or guilt. Was she enjoying this? His rock hard cock stuck out of him like a fence post. She maneuvered herself over him, slowly letting herself down, while he held her up from behind with his massive hands. I stared. I was fascinated, almost afraid. How was that massive piece of man meat going to fit? She had barely fit a third of it in her mouth. I watched and nearly bust a nut as the head of it was swallowed by her gorgeous little pink lips. I watched and was fucking amazed as she stretched around it. It was like watching a flower bloom and open. It was like… it was fucking hot. I watched Mom slowly lower herself, impaling herself on this mighty meat sword.

“God..” she moaned. “Slowly… you’re so fucking big.”

“You’re so wet…” he said. “You’re super turned on today, I like it!”

She gasped. I glanced up at her face just as the rest of him disappeared into her. Our eyes locked. Is that a fucking smile on her face? What. The. Fuck… I watched as her smiling lips parted and she moaned.

Her eyes literally vibrated in her skull, her eyelids fluttering. Her face and neck turned bright red and flushed. She looked right in my eyes again. He was slamming into her making her whole body vibrate. I tried to imagine where the line would be drawn on her chest, if I were to measure how deep that monstrosity was penetrating her.

She looked me right in the eyes and orgasmed. I came in my pants instantly. She seemed to know, with our eyes locked together, she screamed.

“UGH-UH-HUH-HUH-UGHHHHHH” she wailed and moaned. “OH-OHHHHHHHH”

He grunted a few times and relaxed. She sank clear down, the entirety of him disappearing inside of her. She broke eye contact with me, and collapsed backwards with her legs still spread. His cock deflated in front of my eyes, flopping out of her, she remained gaping for a few moments, before slowly shrinking back to a more normal size. I was amazed. I stood breathing hard and sweating. I watched her body twitch and spasm, covered in a shiny sheen of sweat. Slowly white semen started oozing out of her. She made no attempt to cover up. They both lay there breathing hard and spent. I wanted to sit down my legs were weak and sore from standing. Eventually they rolled off one another, cleaned up and made their way from the bedroom. When I heard the front door close, I slumped to the ground, spent.

“Charlie” she said as she entered the room. “He’s gone now, come out”

She sounded pissed. I had to gather my nerves. For years she had looked down on me, barely tolerated me. She constantly put me down, and acted so perfect.

“Charlie! What were you thinking! That was so wrong of you… I’m your Mother for Christ’s sake.” Words just tumbled out of her mouth, as tears also tumbled down her face. “I was so embarrassed and humiliated…” she trailed off and stared at me. Her lower lip trembled.

“From now on, you’ll do what I say, and lay off my back” I said. “And you’ll keep Frank off my back too.”

I looked her up and down. She was wearing a pink robe. She looked at me stunned.

“Whats gotten into you Charlie?” She whispered.

“I’m tired of your shit, that’s what. You’ll do what your told or Frank will know everything” I said this with absolute confidence. But I was terrified she would opt for telling Frank, rather than leave me in control. I didn’t want to lose this sense of power.

She whispered “okay… ” her shoulders slumped forward. “I…” she trailed off, then started again. “I didn’t think… I’m sorry.. ”

“You enjoyed it, being watched… I could see it in your eyes.” I paused. “You liked it, feeling humiliated, didn’t you?” I cupped her chin and lifted her face until our eyes met. She had tears in them. She sighed.

“Yes…” she said.

My heart skipped a beat. All these years she had dominated my life, only now to find out that she was the submissive one. Hundreds of ideas ran through my head. Like many jagged lines of lightening connecting all the dots, illuminating all the possibilities.