A Delightful Summer Camp Experience


I greatly appreciate people’s positive scores for my stories, and truly thank you! This is a MUCH different tale, and might not be your cup of tea. Look closely at the themes. It is a very rough ride . . . for Layla.

Chapter One

Layla was considered a very attractive woman and one of the sexiest mothers around. She had exceptional female features with a beautiful, sultry appearance and her beauty seemed to radiate a sexiness that most men found irresistible. She was 5’5″, 115lbs and had a 32C-25-24 figure that was real and firm in every aspect. There wasn’t too much about sex that Lori didn’t like and it showed, as she acted very confident and sure of herself.

Layla was married and she had two lovely children. She worked hard to keep her body slim and in perfect shape. The fact she had average breasts that hung high on her chest made most guys drool and yearn to touch them. Her tits were firm and gave just

a hint of bounce when she walked, which men found seductive. Layla knew she had gorgeous boobs and dressed in such a way to display their beauty and charm. She realized that showing cleavage drew men’s eyes like no other sex magnet.

Her husband, Bill, liked watching men ogle his wife when she dressed provocatively. Whenever strangers hit on her, Bill fantasized about being able to watch Layla having sex with another man. Lately he even told Layla of his fantasies and at first she was utterly flabbergasted by his revelations. Although she adamantly refused to consider having an affair, the thought seemed to heighten their sexual encounters, which surprised her. In fact, she looked forward to him going into detail about his lewd fantasies in the future, during lovemaking.

Layla came from a very religious family and committing adultery was entirely out of the question. The strangest thing about Bill’s taboo suggestions was that she felt an allure for the sinful aspect of it happening, which she found arousing. She came from a family with a very strict, Catholic background and such things involving illicit sex . . . flew in the face of everything her parents believed.

Layla and Bill had been married for almost 15 years. They married shortly after high school and Lori always regretted not having experienced a lot of relationships with different men. She rationalized that was the reason she found Bill’s sexual fantasies arousing and didn’t mind him bringing them up during sex. Bill was a workaholic and Layla was usually the one who gave the kids . . . the most parental guidance. They had twins that were 14 years old and Layla would do anything in the world to make them happy.

One of the things she liked doing with her children was volunteering to be a chaperone at summer camp. Layla liked the fact her children wanted to attend the camp and it was satisfying to devote her time to such a worthy cause. She was volunteering for her second camp and thoroughly enjoyed chaperoning . . . even though it took up two weeks during the summer. Her main job at camp was looking after the boys’ and girls’ bunkhouses and that required not only the cleaning, but also ensuring there was no fraternization.

Layla’s children were among the youngest attending camp and the ages varied all the way up to kids that were still in grade 12. There were no incidents at all during the first three days, but on the fourth, Layla found herself in a quandary. Curfew for the kids was ten o’clock and lights-out by eleven. Her normal pattern was to check each bunkhouse . . . shortly after lights out. She always checked the girls first and everything appeared good on that eventful day.

When Layla proceeded to check on the boys, she found all of the boys in bed at the first bunkhouse. Just as she checked the second shack, she heard giggling, which seemed to be coming from the darkness off to one side of the building. She slowly rounded the corner of the building and almost bumped into a boy and girl. Layla immediately recognized Scarlett who was hurriedly straightening her shirt and desperately pulling up her shorts. Then she stared at the boy and thought she caught a glimpse of his private parts, as he quickly pulled up his sweatpants.

Layla was too shocked to say anything at first, but then she sternly turned to Scarlett.

“You better fix up your clothing . . . young lady,” she whispered. “You realize that I have to report you to Mr. Harris?”

The two teens were a couple of the oldest attending the camp. It infuriated Layla that neither seemed upset or disturbed by what had happened. They merely walked right past Layla and as they passed, Scarlett whispered, “You’ll be sorry for this!”

It took Layla a long time before she was able to move. She was utterly flabbergasted; all of a sudden she was mad and determined to see that the teenagers were punished. They didn’t seem apologetic after getting caught out after lights-out and Scarlett even threatened her, which made Layla furious. She jogged to the camp supervisor’s cabin and her heartbeat was racing by the time she knocked on the door.

Mr. Harris was surprised, but extremely happy to see by far his sexiest chaperone. Layla immediately brushed off his exuberance and she explained what had happened. He assured her that his normal recourse for such actions would be followed and that the two teenagers would be forced to work in the camp kitchen for the remainder of camp. Fraternization after curfew . . . was severely frowned upon and Mr. Harris thought it was best to set an example for the younger kids.

Chapter Two

Layla was the typical mother who trusted people. She had no inkling of Scarlett’s vindictive nature when she reported the teenager, but that soon changed. Like Layla did the previous year, she stayed behind when the camp leaders took all of the kids for a tour of a remote, wilderness area. She liked the time by herself, as it was the only quiet time during the entire two weeks. Being that it happened on the fifth day of camp, most of the bunkhouses needed a good straightening up and it also gave her time to catch up on other things.

Immediately after breakfast, all of the leaders departed with the kids. Layla decided to take a swim before doing any work. She went straight to the pool and enjoyed a good one-hour swim and exercise routine in the mini gym next to the pool. She finished about ten o’clock and was in the shower when she was suddenly interrupted. It would rank as one of the most embarrassing moments of her life.

All of a sudden there was someone standing at the end of the multi-station, community shower. “My! My, oh my… don’t you look ravishing. I’ll bet you thought there was no one else around,” Scarlett said. The look on the girl’s face sent shivers through Layla’s body and put goose bumps all over her hot flesh.

Layla opened her mouth to give Scarlett a stern tongue lashing, but suddenly her heart stopped. She stood petrified, trying her best to cover her brazen nudity, and she lost her courage. Standing directly behind the girl was her boyfriend and he had his cell phone in his hands, obviously ready to take pictures. Layla attempted the classic cover-up by putting her right arm over her chest and shielded her boobs from the teenagers. Then she pressed her legs together and crossed them slightly while putting her left hand over her bare pelvis. The awkward stance hid her treasures from the leering teenagers, but she could tell by their ravenous glares that she was in deep trouble.

The shower was long and narrow and it had six shower heads. She was using a middle one and the two teenagers were only feet away. Everyone stood motionless and time seemed to standstill. Layla desperately wanted to run and escape the predicament of being caught naked, but she didn’t wish to flaunt herself in front of the two teenagers. The only way out, was right past Scarlett and her boyfriend, so Layla didn’t move.

All of a sudden the young girl slowly walked the short distanced over to Layla.

“I have all the pictures I need. Pictures enough to get even with you, Mrs. B,” Scarlett whispered. “In fact, I plan on getting even with you for reporting me . . . when you caught me with Jeff.”

Now it made sense, Layla deduced. All of a sudden, Jeff was busy taking pictures, but Layla swiftly determined that Scarlett was crazy if she thought blackmail would work with her. Layla reasoned that she was only doing her job, as chaperone, when she reported the teens for breaking curfew and she wasn’t afraid of any blackmail. Her entire body shivered, as the teenagers prolonged their demoralizing standoff.

All of a sudden Scarlett slowly walked around her and the girl shut off the shower. Layla merely stood motionless trying her best to shield herself from Jeff. She had no inkling that catching Scarlett and Jeff together might turn into a nightmare, but suddenly things didn’t feel good. The teenager was unscrupulous and vindictive and Layla was far too naïve to realize how dangerous Scarlett could be.

Layla was too afraid to look at the girl because she didn’t want to take her eyes off Jeff. She noticed him staring at particular parts of her covered torso and knew he was just waiting for something to happen, or to snap a more controversial part of her body.

Suddenly Scarlett was right behind her. Layla desperately wanted to run when the girl put her face next to her ear. “I went over to see Jeff the other night . . . because I like him . . . a whole lot,” she whispered. Then to make matters worse, the girl licked Layla’s ear in an enticing manner. “In fact, I like touching his cock . . . his BIG cock whenever we are together.”

Layla was horrified by Scarlett’s vulgarity and she suddenly got the courage to fight. “Scarlett. This has gone far enough. Look young lady! You better stop this foolishness . . . or I’ll report you again,” she said. “Stop this instant . . . or you’ll find yourself in much bigger trouble!”

Scarlett never said a word and merely stood motionless keeping her face next to Layla’s. “If you think taking naked pictures of me will do any good . . . you’re wrong,” Layla whispered. “Both of you better leave immediately. Get out of the women’s shower room . . . right now!”

This was what Scarlett was waiting for. Suddenly she had the opportunity to show Layla exactly who was in control. Her plan was fool proof and she had gone over it again and again with Jeff. She grabbed a handful of Layla’s hair and yanked the woman’s head backwards, as hard as she could.

The sudden show of force surprised Layla. She threw up her arms in an effort to alleviate the severe pain and didn’t care if it left her nudity exposed to the boy. Suddenly it was too late for modesty. She almost fell over backwards when Scarlett pulled her hair even harder, but managed to stay on her feet with Scarlett’s help.

“You either listen . . . do what I say, or I’ll give your daughter’s bare-ass pictures to every pervert in the country,” Scarlett said. “I can’t imagine what would happen to your daughter’s reputation, if people saw her naked pictures from summer camp. Also, the ones of you naked . . . will make it a family affair . . . and I’ll make sure everyone knows it was from the same camp!”

Layla was stunned. Her mind swirled out of control, making her dizzy and confused. She wondered what Scarlett meant when she mentioned pictures of her daughter. That was impossible, Layla reasoned. Suddenly she realized the boy was still taking pictures at that very moment and Scarlett threatened to use them as blackmail. Layla felt like crawling under a rock, as her arms were raised in an effort to stop Scarlett from pulling her hair, which allowed Jeff to take perfect nude shots of her entire uncovered body.

All of a sudden her eyes caught something that Scarlett was holding in front of her face. The girl yanked on her hair again and held Layla’s face almost aimed straight up in the air, as her back was arched so severely. Inches away from her face, were pictures (obviously from some printer at the camp) in a montage of her darling daughter in various stages of undress. Her eyes roamed around the page from one incriminating photo to the next and all depicted Olivia in compromising positions. When she got to the last one in the bottom corner, Layla noticed her daughter had her legs spread wide and she had her fingers between her naked thighs.

All of a sudden Scarlett relaxed the strong grip on her hair and allowed Layla to stand up fairly straight. “It’s funny what a young girl will do when she wants to please someone,” Scarlett whispered. “Especially someone who is a little older and much wiser. She fell for the trap of wanting to be the youngest at camp but popular with the boys. It took me a while to get that last shot of her jilling off . . . but it was worth the wait.”

Scarlett smiled and turned Layla’s head enough so she could stare into her tear-filled eyes. The girl noticed Layla’s confusion and decided to end it quickly. “Olivia LET me take pictures of her,” she said. “I’m her new best friend . . . didn’t she tell you that?”

Layla was too frightened to say a word. She merely stared back into the dark, mystery eyes and wondered if it wasn’t too late to fight the girl. Then she noticed Scarlett’s lips moving, but nothing seemed to register in her distraught mind at first. Suddenly things started to make sense and the great dilemma unfolded. The girl had numerous naked pictures of Layla’s daughter and now of Layla herself, which Scarlett planned on using for blackmail purposes.

Layla didn’t mean to show weakness, but she started to cry. All of a sudden it was too frightening knowing her destiny was in the teenage girl’s hands. She dropped to her knees and didn’t try to cover her nudity, as the severe trauma felt overpowering.

“Scarlett! Dear gawd, Scarlett. Please don’t do this,” Layla pleaded. “I’ll do anything . . . please, just don’t show my pictures, or Olivia’s to anyone.”

The camera flashes continued and Layla merely looked over at Jeff through tear filled eyes, realizing she was sinking deeper and deeper in trouble. Jeff feasted on her bare breasts and uncovered pussy and she didn’t know of any way to stop the teenager.

Layla sobbed and remained on her knees, letting the young girl stroke her fingers through her messed up hair in an affectionate fashion. Suddenly Scarlett’s face was in front of her and the girl’s expression showed no mercy at all. “Get up and let Jeff see your sexy body,” Scarlett ordered.

Layla couldn’t remember being so defeated. Somehow she managed to get to her feet with the help of the girl and stood still while letting the teenage boy ogle her nakedness. Every time her hands moved to cover her nakedness, Scarlett slapped them down to her sides.

“Jeff has never screwed a girl. He’s a virgin. We didn’t want to do it . . . you know . . . fuck the other night . . . when you caught us together. I could get pregnant and that would be disastrous,” she whispered, leaving Layla with the impression she wasn’t finished. “I have decided . . . that Jeff should have his very first fuck . . . tonight. And now I’ve found a willing slut!”

Layla wanted to die, but the girl wouldn’t let her. “My God, I didn’t realize you were so tempting. Now . . . I see you have a very sexy body. I can hardly wait to see it all . . . up close,” she whispered sending more fear through Layla. “Of course you could just leave and . . . go to your cottage. And let me post Olivia’s nude pictures . . . and your pictures on websites and email them to all of your friends.”

Layla was distraught. “Scarlett . . . please don’t. You just can’t show them to anyone. I’ll do anything . . . I’ll pay you!”

Scarlett was in control and knew it. “You’re not leaving,” she whispered in a most taunting manner. “I can understand not wanting anyone to see Olivia’s pictures. Also, I’m not sure what people would say if they saw an innocent teenager with a married woman. A married woman who willingly exposed herself.”

Suddenly the boy was taking pictures again before Layla could do anything to stop him. Layla felt helpless and the only thing she could think of was covering her nudity with her hands and arms. This time Scarlett permitted the cover-up, knowing it merely added to the incriminating illusion of the pictures. One very intimidating aspect of the drama for Layla, was how Scarlett made sure her own pretty face was fully exposed to the camera. The girl kept her evil smile right next to Layla’s nakedness, which made the scene far more incriminating than it really was.

“I think you should move your arm . . . move your hand away from your luscious tits,” Scarlett said with a definite threatening tone. “Now! Move your Goddamn hand . . . now!”

The clicking never stopped, as Jeff kept taking pictures. Layla never intended moving her arm, but suddenly it was down by her side. The boy madly snapped pictures, as his girlfriend’s hand boldly fondled Layla’s right boob. The girl acted like she was in-charge and brazenly put the big titty on display for the camera lens, and pinched the nipples.

“Now the other hand. Move it before I get mad,” Scarlett ordered. The girl swiftly circled and put her arms around Layla. Scarlett stood behind Layla and she leaned in to nibble her ear, as she turned to face her boyfriend. “Show Jeff your pussy . . . show him your beautiful cunt . . . or else!”

Layla perceived Scarlett’s demands as a threat. She wondered how to get out of the dilemma, which seemed to be getting worse by the minute. All of a sudden Scarlett’s lips brushed her ear. “I want to watch it all. You know . . . watch Jeff get his first pussy. Watch Jeff get his first piece of ass. Watch Jeff cum in his first cunt. Watch him blow is load inside his first cunt, and maybe even all over your face as well,” she whispered. “In fact . . . Do you know the one thing that I really want to watch?”

Layla heard the question, but she had no way of answering. Then Scarlett grabbed Layla’s left hand and pulled the arm down to the side. “I’ve never watched a blowjob,” the teen girl hissed into her victim’s ear. “Never watched someone SUCK a cock,” she said. “Oh, my God! I can hardly wait to see it for real, to see you sucking hard . . . on Jeff’s cock.”

Scarlett had one thing on her mind. “Hurry up. We’re going to Jeff’s cabin and have some fun,” she exaggerated . . . with a creepy smile. The artificial smile immediately faded and the girl sneered, “Don’t make me mad, bitch. If you do, I promise you’ll regret it!”

Layla heard the disparaging remark and fully believed it. Just as she neared the girl, Scarlett turned and along with Jeff . . . headed towards the exit. Layla glanced around the room and the only thing left was her towel, which still draped over a locker door. She hesitated and stared at her blackmailers, as Jeff had her clothes bunched tightly in his hands. “But… but?”

Scarlett stopped at the door and turned towards Layla. “Don’t worry. Nobody will see you walk across camp,” she said, waving her cell phone in Layla’s direction. “Samantha is with the other campers and she’ll phone me . . . if anyone heads back to camp.”

Layla was still unsure and stood motionless, which seemed to upset the girl. Not wanting to infuriate Scarlett any further, Layla tried to reason with the girl.

“Scarlett. I’ll forget about everything. I’ll forget about everything that happened here. . . and won’t say a thing,” she whispered with her stomach filling with great anticipation. “Please Scarlett, I won’t report you.”

Scarlett opened the door invitingly and she seemed to hold it open for Layla. “I’m not afraid of you reporting me . . . ever again,” she said. “Now get that pretty ass over here and we’ll have a party with Jeff. If I have to wait . . . you’ll be sorry. Very Sorry!”

Her world seemed to be closing in around her and all Layla could do was grab the towel. She wrapped it tightly around her and felt slightly relieved to be covered up. When she approached the teens, Scarlett grabbed her hand and they were out the door in a hurry. They almost ran the short distance across the camp to Jeff’s cabin and Layla was actually thankful when they got inside. Even with Scarlett’s assurances that nobody else would be there, Layla was still afraid to be caught.

It was fairly dimly lit inside and Scarlett quickly proceeded over to the cot used by her boyfriend. When she got to the bed, she wheeled her captive around so that Layla was pressed up against the side of the bed. Then she merely let go of Layla’s hand and held her hand out as if she wanted something. When the girl’s eyes shifted to the towel and then back to stare intently into Layla’s eyes, it was obvious what she demanded.

Layla was too petrified to move so Scarlett swiftly grabbed the tucked-in corner of the towel, which was at the top of Layla’s chest. In a swift jerk, she removed the towel, leaving the shivering woman brazenly naked once again.

“We have hours . . . enough time for Jeff to use his secret weapon, many times,” Scarlett whispered, feeling more and more confident. “Have you ever been fucked by a teenager lately . . . a virgin teenager?”

Layla vowed to hold her breath until she collapsed, which would end the dramatic episode. Her eyes got bigger when Scarlett moved closer and they came face to face. She felt the girl’s burning breath wash over her flushed face and it kept getting hotter and hotter. Although she couldn’t see past Scarlett, she noticed enough to know Jeff was busy taking off all his clothes. She saw his shirt fly in one direction and then his pants in another.

All of a sudden Jeff’s shorts flew in the air and Layla was unable to hold her breath any longer. She gasped for much needed air and then Scarlett deviously rotated around her shaking torso. The girl kissed Layla on the cheek and then stood right beside her. “I love being with Jeff . . . feeling him up against me,” Scarlett whispered. “What do you think? Is he anything like your husband?”

Layla’s eyes were so big they almost popped out of her head. She stared at the boy, as he furiously jerked on his enlarged penis. Jeff’s hand pumped up and down along the shaft of his hard cock . . . as he boldly masturbated . . . like a sex-starved maniac . . . right in front of both of them.

“That’s all we normally get to do. Jeff has to jerk-off when we are together. I love to watch his cum shoot all over the place. I can’t take a chance on getting pregnant,” Scarlett whispered putting her face right next to Layla’s. “But now I get to watch . . . watch you suck him off, right in front of me.”

Layla trembled and it was all she could do to remain standing. She stared across the room at something that should have disgusted her, but it didn’t. Jeff was now stroking his magnificent cock and Layla’s eyes grew larger, as his rod seemed to swell more and more, to an impossible length.

“I know you’re very experienced . . . being married and all,” Scarlett said. “So what do you think of Jeff . . . and his great BIG pussy-pounder?”

Layla desperately wanted to lie, but that was not something she knew how to do. “Dear gawd, it’s big . . . way too big,” she whispered, almost too low to be heard as she fantasized about having his cock, deep in her pussy. As upset as she was, that fantasy was beginning to make her pussy drip . . . with desire.

Scarlett was relentless. She put her lips next to Layla’s burning ear and whispered her demands. “Jeff is going to fuck his first slut. He’s going to fuck you and fill your cunt with his huge baby-maker.”

Layla was distraught. “Please, no!”

Scarlett’s tongue lashed out in a taunting fashion. “No? No, what?”

The only man Layla had ever had sex with . . . since college . . . was Bill. They dated all though high school and although Layla dated a few other men in college, she felt totally inexperienced when it came to men. Layla married Bill right after graduation and she had never been unfaithful to her husband. Suddenly something unexpected confronted her and Layla didn’t know how to react. “I’m married. I just can’t do that . . . with someone other than Bill.”

“Oh yes you will . . . and what do you think of Jeff? Is his cock as big as Bill’s?”

Layla didn’t know what to say and tried hard to hide the truth. “No. Oh, no. He’s… he’s much bigger,” she mumbled. Once it was out in the open, she found it much easier to follow up. “Oh my gawd, that cock could win prizes.”

Scarlett’s confidence soared and she grabbed a handful of hair, enough to display her ultimate control. “Let’s hold off on fucking for now. Do you want to suck it? Wrap your lips around Jeff’s teenage cock?”

“No! Gawd, no. Never!”

Scarlett jerked on the head of hair. “You can’t take your eyes off his cock can you? Wait until you have it in your mouth. Do you suck Bill’s cock regularly . . . or will this be something new for you?”

“No! Gawd, no.”

“Oh, but you are. You’re going to be my willing slut. In fact, Jeff’s cum slut.”

Layla’s entire body trembled. “Oh, please no.”

Suddenly the girl’s hands were on her shoulders and it was so easy to get her to fall to her knees. Scarlett guided Layla as the girl kept her hands firmly on the woman’s shoulders. Layla’s eyes remained steadfast on the boy’s hand, as he continued to jerk his cock . . . like a madman. “I love watching Jeff jack off. I let him look at my bare tits and once in a while . . . my pussy. Shit . . . he can last forever when he masturbates. I don’t know how he does it!”

Layla couldn’t dispute the girl’s claim, as she was amazed at how Jeff had masturbated already, and yet didn’t shoot cum all over the place. All of sudden the distance between her and the boy got smaller. Jeff shuffled towards her and didn’t stop until he was about a foot in front of her startled face. He let go of his ramrod and let it bounce enticingly up and down . . . within inches of Layla’s blushing face.

Layla was conscious that her arms were pinned at her sides . . . even though nobody was holding them. She was paralyzed and couldn’t move when Jeff moved closer and let his burning tool . . . rub all over the side of her face. Her eyes rolled back into her head and then Jeff cleverly rubbed his cock even more over her forehead and under her chin. Then he moved . . . first one cheek and then the other until he pressed it into her tightly closed lips. Layla refused to open her mouth, so the boy continued to rub the head of his cock . . . around her reddened face.

A long trail of pre-cum was left on her flesh and it seemed to add to her turmoil. Suddenly Scarlett took charge. Her fingers intertwined in the curly stands of hair and jerked the head backwards. “Open your wet lips up . . . right now and suck my boyfriend’s cock!” she ordered.

Layla obeyed thinking there was no alternative. The bulbous head of the biggest cock she’d seen in her life . . . entered her mouth and instantly took her breath away. She felt it hit the back of her throat and out of pure reflex, her hand shot up to the thick, throbbing shaft of Jeff’s cock. She wrapped the fingers of her right hand around the boy’s cock and it took all of her strength to keep it from going down her throat. Then she grabbed the prick with both hands and never felt such an overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

She was about to give a teenage boy a blowjob and there was no way out of her quandary. Layla tasted the syrupy cream entering her mouth . . . much like when sucking Bill’s cock. The thick cock pulsed crazily in her hands and she was positive the boy was going to blast his load of cum . . . into her mouth. Why her hands started moving up and down the lengthy shaft was a mystery, but they performed the perfect hand job for him to enjoy. Each time she squeezed Jeff’s cock, she milked more pre-cum out of his loins. But shooting cum down her throat, wasn’t their immediate goal.

Suddenly the two teens worked in unison. They each grabbed a shoulder and swiftly manoeuvred her onto Jeff’s bed. Layla landed on her back and then Scarlett pinned both arms above her head. Jeff knew exactly what to do as he pinned both legs widespread, exposing her precious pink pussy. Layla had never been unfaithful to Bill, but suddenly the possibility sent a shiver of doom up her spine.

Layla raised her head off the bed and watched in horror, as Jeff moved in for the kill. He slipped between her velvety thighs and guided his raging saliva-slickened cock . . . into her defenceless opening. Her heart pumped at a tremendous rate, as her temples pounded from the surging blood rushing through her body. Layla watched the boy slip the head of his monster . . . between her soaked labia, and menacingly pretend he was going to thrust forward.

Layla’s breathing was so ragged that it was impossible to get any oxygen and then Jeff surprisingly rubbed his cock over her hooded clitoris. She thought the bud was going to explode and her tiny clit started pulsating madly, as the boy kept pressing on it. Layla had never before been into this land of ecstasy with Bill. She didn’t know why her back was arched so severely and why she aimed her pelvis in the air.

Jeff’s cock slipped through her wet opening again and again while rubbing against her clitty at every opportunity. The boy had no idea what he was doing, but it was his animal instincts that robbed Layla of any remaining dignity. She was utterly confused and didn’t know how to stop her body from going into convulsions of ecstasy.

“Sweet, fucking Jesus! This slut is fucking YOU Jeff. Shit . . . she’s is already cumming. She’s a whore . . . fucking you like a whore,” Scarlett said loud and clear.

Layla was at the lowest point in her life, yet her emotions were at the highest point of all time. Her legs flailed up and around the boy’s hips and Jeff wrapped his muscular arms around her thighs. Suddenly he thrust downward like a crazed wild-man. His fiery cock went into the cunt swift and easy, but then it hit Layla’s precious cervix. The flared head spread her cervix in an instant and then he was inside her cherished inner being.

Layla desperately tried to breathe, but suddenly she had something else to contend with. Scarlett was kissing her hard on the lips and then the girl’s beaded tongue entered her mouth. Layla was dumbfounded. In a split second, her tongue fought off the advance from the girl and sort of danced around Scarlett’s piercing, as if she was experimenting.

Scarlett pulled back long enough to voice her command. “You’re going to fuck Jeff again and again. Fuck him every time I command it. Holy fuck. You’re fucking like a horny slut.”

Layla couldn’t stop the steady stream of her own girly cum. Her belly exploded . . . sending volumes of cream down her love canal, coating the teenager’s magnificent cock. Suddenly Jeff felt the lubrication and he was free to pump in and

out at a much faster pace. He pulled back, then thrust downward forcing all the air out of Layla’s lungs. Then he pulled back again allowing her to breath, just as he developed a fanatic rhythm of a teenage fucking machine.

Suddenly Layla was aware that Scarlett had left the bed. She had a hard time focusing on anything around her, as the orgasm was so intense, but all of a sudden she witnessed the ultimate disgrace. Scarlett had the cell phone in her hands and she was furiously taking pictures. Layla felt her hips jerking wildly, as the final spasms of her climax rocked her entire body. She knew she would never be able to explain having such incredible intercourse . . . with Jeff.

Chapter Three

If Layla thought her turmoil was over . . . when Brad experienced his first orgasm with a woman, she was sadly mistaken. She was tightly locked in the teenager’s arms, with her pussy throbbing with unwanted passion and a torrent of his plentiful seed deep inside her. As his climax subsided, Jeff’s jerking hips quieted, however to her horror, her own hips were still moving. She was like a zombie when Jeff rolled off her body and Scarlett swiftly assumed control. The girl kissed Layla all over. Raining kisses on her flushed face, her neck and down to her chest.

Layla felt the girl’s tongue stroke her boobs, starting at the underside and licking all the way to the top. Then Scarlett used her tongue to flick the nipple around and it felt like nothing she had ever experienced. Layla felt embarrassed for displaying any satisfaction and she tried hard to imagine it wasn’t happening. She tried to focus on other things and forget about Scarlett and her boyfriend.

All of a sudden the teenager wasn’t happy with seducing her chaperone and she craved more extreme humiliation. She quickly shifted upward and shoved her girlish titty into Layla’s face. “Suck it! Suck my tit. Show me how sorry you are for reporting me to Mr. Harris,” Sandy whispered, shoving the end of her boob at Layla’s lips. “Suck it, or else!”

Layla reasoned there was no other option, but to do as the girl demanded. She slowly opened her mouth and the girl swiftly pushed downward. Scarlet shoved the end of her boob into Layla’s mouth, coating the nipple with warm saliva. Then the teenager deviously held Layla’s head steady, as she rubbed her perky tit all over her flushed face.

“Jeff! Eat her. Get between her legs and eat her out,” Scarlett whispered. “I want to watch my chaperone slut . . . have another orgasm. Can you climax . . . one more time?”

Layla was distraught once again. She felt her legs being pried apart by the boy and then his muscular torso moves between her widespread limbs. Twisting and shifting her hips back and forth merely added to the drama and Jeff felt his desire soar higher. He stared at her shaved, womanly treasures and marvelled at how adorable Layla looked. There was no visible hair between her legs and that left the pink, puffy lips exposed to his hungry eyes.

Jeff noticed wetness all along the narrow slit. It made him thoroughly excited, knowing the moisture that glistened on the womanly jewel was his very own semen. His girlfriend continued to engage the captive and he was free to do whatever he pleased. He put his fingers on either side of the swollen labia and held them still for a few moments. When he heard the woman pleading, it got him even more aroused.

“Dear gawd! Please, oh please, Scarlett. Not like this. Don’t let him touch me there!” Layla’s pleas were stopped abruptly when Jeff’s fingers spread her soaked labia. Somehow the boy knew enough to use his fingers and he pinched the vulnerable clitoris between his thumb and forefinger. When he rolled the bud around in a furious fashion, Layla felt her temperature soar to the upper limits.

Now it was Scarlett’s turn. She swooped down so that she could talk into Layla’s ear. “Jeff is very good . . . .at eating pussy, isn’t he? This is all we can do and he always eats me like a maniac,” Scarlett whispered. “Can you feel his fingers?”

Layla felt Jeff twirling her delicate clitty. She was well aware of how quickly she lost control whenever someone played with her clitoris. Jeff lay on top of her legs and there was no way of preventing his expert seduction. “Just wait . . . wait until he puts that adorable pussy of yours . . . right into his mouth. You’ll cream like a slut,” Scarlett whispered a prophecy. “He always makes me cum like a slut… eats me and then . . . finger-fucks the hell out of me.”

“Scarlett . . . please Scarlett. I can’t let him do that to me,” Layla pleaded.

“There! How does that feel . . . slut?” Scarlett kept her face next to Layla’s, as her boyfriend sucked the tiny pearl into his burning mouth. Jeff pinched the base of the clitty between his fingers and pulled it so he could get more into his mouth. “Ooooh, that’s a bad sign when your hips are high in the air and all your muscles are stiff as a board.”

Layla heard the troubling remarks, but she was unable to relax. Jeff carefully used his teeth to capture the throbbing bud and then he used his tongue to batter the jewel vigorously around and around. “Scarlett, dear gawd! Make him stop!”

Scarlett completely ignored the pleas. She kissed the side of Layla’s face, which felt like it was on fire. Then she licked and kissed her ear in a teasing fashion while speaking soft and low. “I can never last very long . . . when Jeffery eats me,” she whispered. “Does your husband eat you out . . . too?”

“You don’t have to climax. Hold it . . . hold it slut,” Scarlett said, running her tongue all around Lori’s ear. “See if you can hold it!”

Again Layla felt a severe spasm begin in her pussy, but she was determined. “Scarlett, tell him to stop. Tell Jeff to stop, please.”

“Don’t you want to have an orgasm with your pussy in Jeff’s mouth?”

“No, dear gawd, no!”

The dirty talk was something Layla had never experienced before and it seemed to be taking a toll on her endurance. “You don’t have to cum. Hold it. Jeff just wants to eat your pussy.”

“No, dear gawd, no,” Lori moaned unable to do anything but repeat herself.

“Oops. I think I noticed your hips moving. Are you ready to orgasm? Ready to be Jeff’s slut again?”

“No! Oh, my gawd, no.”

Jeff put his big hands under her ass and dug his fingers into her velvety cheeks. He aimed her pelvis high and pushed it towards his hungry mouth. Then he sucked the entire clitoris into his mouth and used his tongue to excite it beyond belief. There was one swift jerk of Layla’s hips, then a second followed by a third in short order. Suddenly her head was filled with the most peaceful calm and her body went into convulsions.

The train of lust was out of control and it consumed all of her emotions. It was no longer Layla’s body, but one that belonged to two teenagers. She knew it was wrong and that the punishment was everlasting pandemonium. Scarlett did her best to help her boyfriend when she molested Layla’s boobs. She caressed both nipples and continually rolled them between her strong fingers, squeezing them hard whenever she noticed Layla’s face twist with agony.

Chapter Four

Layla’s body was covered with sweat. She collapsed on the small cot with the last spasm robbing all of her strength. Scarlett and Jeff loved the fact she was a rag doll and they cuddled her. Layla had to admit that the soft, tender kisses that Scarlett used all over her upper body and face felt tremendously comforting. She was praying the teens would free her, as the time was getting late, and the others would be coming back to camp, very soon.

Just as the girl released her hair and let her head drop to the bed, the cell phone rang. Layla vaguely heard Scarlett talking to her friend and telling her to try and prolong the return of the group. When she ended the conversation, Scarlett smiled at Layla. “We have to hurry. They’ll be back in less than thirty minutes,” she whispered.

“We have just enough time . . . for you to give Jeff . . . his blowjob.”

Layla’s mouth dropped open in utter angst. She stared at the unyielding eyes and knew Scarlett was not fooling around. Then she turned her head and looked at Jeff for a possible reprieve. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and his rock-hard cock was very evident, as it stood straight up in the air. Turning back to Scarlett, she pleaded for clemency. “Scarlett! Dear gawd, Scarlett. You can’t be serious. What if they get back early and see us?”

“Then they’ll see Mrs. B . . . sucking on Jeff’s long cock . . . and giving him a blowjob.”

“But Scarlett, please! I’ve done everything you’ve demanded.”

“Not everything. There’s one more thing.”

Layla stared at the girl and felt the bed bounce, as Jeff stood up. “Scarlett! There’s no time.”

Scarlett merely gave her a bigger smile. “Then you’ll have to hurry won’t you . . . and see if you can give Jeff a super-fast blowjob? I know he is up for it! Look at that cock.”

“I’ll die if they see us.”

“You better get those pretty lips and tongue moving. Here’s a thought . . . what if the twins were the first ones off the bus?”Before she could react to that last thought, Layla sensed the ultimate hopelessness when Jeff stepped in front of her. He stood motionless and Layla’s eyes riveted on his long rigid hard-on. “There it is my little slut. Suck it! Make Jeff happy,” Scarlett whispered, sending Layla’s body into shock. “Sit on your knees right now . . . bitch and SUCK his cock.”

Suddenly Layla made a swift decision to save her reputation. She tentatively reached for the enlarged pecker and her hand jumped back when it touched the fiery flesh. Then she pushed forward and wrapped her dainty fingers around the thick shaft. She stared at the cock for a few seconds while holding it straight out from the boy’s body. Her fingers surrounded Jeff’s prick, leaving the entire head exposed in front of her face. There were still many inches of meat left for her other hand . . . so she fisted his cock with both hands.

She fully intended on moving forward slowly, first tasting the boy’s cock before sucking it into her mouth. Things went amiss when Scarlett lost patience and shoved Layla’s head into her boyfriend’s cock. “Suck the fucking thing . . . before I get mad,” Scarlett ordered. “Suck or you won’t get your clothes back. And that’s a promise!”

The threat filled Layla with fear. Suddenly she was determined to give Jeff the blowjob of his life and then she would be free from the devilish Scarlett. Her mouth opened and she tasted the fruits of immoral sin. What she didn’t count on . . . were Scarlett’s evil intentions. Out came the cell phone again, and she zoomed in on Layla’s lips, surrounding he boyfriend’s cock.

Next, Scarlett moved to put her face right beside Layla’s. “Jeff’s cock looks good in your mouth. It looks so fucking big . . . in your small hands.” She reached over and fumbled with her phone again, and took a close-up of Layla’s mouth over his cock.

All of a sudden the boy’s cock was deep inside her mouth and Layla felt awful for doing something she knew was grossly immoral.

“Now . . . rub it all over your face.” She heard the girl say and then it happened.

Scarlett’s hands were on her head, moving it backwards as Jeff enjoyed the immense humiliation. He stared downward at his crotch and watched the older woman obey his girlfriend. Layla slipped his pecker out of her mouth and rubbed the head and the shaft all over both reddish cheeks.

“That looks perfect. Our chaperone is rubbing her favourite cock . . . all over her face,” Scarlett whispered. “Now . . . rub it all over your tits!”

Layla shuddered violently, but there were many helping hands to ensure she complied with the appalling demands. She glanced at her chest and noticed the magnificent cock rubbing against her luscious boobs. The flared head pressed into her right titty and pushed her erect nipple into her chest. Then the cock moved to her left titty and molested her other nipple. She felt her breathing get extremely uneven and then Scarlett lost her patience.

“It’s time . . . now suck him off. Show me your expertise,” Sandy said having flipped on the video feature on her phone. Layla’s fists were still wrapped tightly around the boy’s cock and she obeyed. She moved the cock to her mouth, as her belly filled with great anxiety. Her mind went crazy. ‘Dear gawd, I’m a slut,’ she thought.

“Sweet! That’s fucking awesome . . . watching you suck cock . . . and enjoying it.”

Layla felt the intense heat from the boy’s cock, as it throbbed madly in her hands. ‘Oh gawd, I’m sucking a cock . . . and it’s not Bill’s.’

“Do it Mrs. B. Suck his cock!” Layla complied not knowing what else to do.

“Mrs. B’s a cocksucker . . . the best cocksucker. How do you like your teenage cock?”

Scarlett whispered and laughed out loud at the same time.

“Get ready slut. I can tell Jeff’s almost there.”

‘Oh gawd, I’m nothing but a slut,’ she thought to herself.

“Pump it honey. Just like that. Yes . . . gently grab his balls. That looks great.”

‘Oh, my gawd, what’s come over me?’

“Holy shit. I think he’s going to blow his load . . . into your slutty mouth.”

Scarlett added to the enormous humiliation. “You won’t report me again . . . ever again.”

Layla heard the drastic comments and her entire body shuddered. ‘I’m her slave. Oh, my gawd, she can make me do anything. Anything and I can’t stop her. Suddenly she felt a blast of molten lava and she thought of nothing, but sucking Jeff’s manly cock.

To Layla’s absolute horror, she heard the sound of the bus pulling up. She desperately wanted to end the sordid affair, but Jeff wasn’t finished. He was in the midst of blowing his massive load down her throat and his only concern was climaxing. Layla just wanted to get it over with and she pumped the throbbing cock furiously trying to milk all of the jizz out of Jeff’s balls.

Scarlett was already dressed and she quickly whispered something to her boyfriend before hurrying to the door. Jeff squeezed out the last drop and then he grabbed his pants and shirt. He went straight to the washroom and Layla was left with a stunned look on her face. Completely naked, she panicked and searched the room for her clothes. All she could find . . . was her swimming suit top and the shorts she wore to the swimming pool. She cursed but got dressed hoping to at least appear respectable.

The kids were just getting off the buses when Layla rushed out of the boy’s bunkhouse. Many of them looked at her kind of funny, as she was dressed fairly risqué. Layla felt like everyone was staring at her when she ran towards her cabin. Then she suddenly stopped and looked back. Scarlett had found her daughter and son as they left the bus.

She watched as Scarlett’s arm travelled around Olivia’s back . . . until she found her small breast and she was squeezing it. At the same time, with her other hand, she had reached over to the front of Jason’s shorts, and was suggestively squeezing his hidden cock. The scariest thing of all . . . was the big smiles on her twins faces as they looked at Scarlett’s actions and smiled. Anyone interested in another Chapter?