A Great Day Ch. 01

– The Gift –

Liam stood peering into his underwear drawer. The Lacy blue panties lay across the rest of his boxer briefs. A single pair of panties, deliberately folded and placed on top. He didn’t know what to think!

He had just gotten out of the shower and was getting ready for work.

“I’ve just washed and folded some laundry for you.” He remembered his wife saying before heading out the door herself.

Slowly, tentatively, he reached out and touched the soft material.

“Was this a test?” He thought to himself.

The smooth material felt cool to the touch. He liked the feel of the lace. This wasn’t the first time he had touched panties before, but it was the first time he’d discovered a pair in his drawer. It was also the first time the thought of wearing them himself had crossed his mind.

He pulled the delicate panty from his drawer and held them up? Almost studying them. They were small, but very stretchy. He pulled the waistband open and gauged the stretch against his hips. They looked like they might fit. His cock was tenting under his towel and he didn’t know why he’d become so aroused.

He looked around to see if anyone was watching him, or if there happen to be a hidden camera somewhere as if this was all a practical joke. He could see his wife playing a joke like this on him but this didn’t feel like a joke. This felt like she placed the panties there to be found. She placed them there to be worn by him.

Liam shook the towel off his hips, and opened the panties up in front of him. Trembling with nervous excitement he placed one foot through the leg opening and stepped in with the other. He held them around his ankles for a brief moment then stood upright pulling them up his well defined and muscled legs.

He pulled his cock up and out the top of the waistband as it was fully engorged, almost pulsating with the desire to be touched. The thin material of the panty wedged between his thick manly butt cheeks and laid right across his ass hole. His dick twitched with excitement and dripped liquid from the tip.

Instinctively he grabbed onto the base and started rubbing the length. He was taken to a different sense of reality by the sensual material and he quickly shot his seed right onto the floor. Never in all his 33 years had he touched himself for less than a minute and cum as hard as he did.

He pushed his towel across the floor, wiping up his cum with his feet. He was still squeezing his penis when it finally deflated all the way. He couldn’t help but smile and think of his beautiful wife.

He had met Julia right after college. She worked in a coffee shop he frequented for free Internet. He always had a thing for how innocent redhead’s looked but Julia had a few piercings and tattoos. Her trim figure was accentuated by the little barista apron she wore everyday, and he loved staring at her plump ass after she brought him another round of coffee.

Liam wiped the tip of his dick on the towel and dropped it on the floor. He then tucked his shriveled cock into the front of the sexy blue panties his wife had laid in his drawer, and finished getting dressed for work. He loved how it felt like he wasn’t wearing anything at all. It was a huge difference from his usual boxer briefs.

Even though they both had nice cars they would take the bus or ride a bicycle to work anyway. It was mostly because they felt it was the right thing to do for their community and their environment.

Liam sat on the bus, subconsciously checking where the waistband of the panties were. He knew they were a low rise cheeky brief but he was constantly wondering if his pants had dropped or the panties ridden up. He couldn’t feel a thing except for the thin material nestled between his ass cheeks, and a constant hugging on his junk. He didn’t want any of his coworkers in the medical billing firm to know he was wearing panties so he continually plunged a finger into the back of his waistband to check the height of the panties.

As he sat at his desk trying to work,

About half way through the day he thought to text his sexy wife. She was probably quite busy helping fat middle aged men get through their daily workouts. She was a personal trainer at a local gym, and so they were both in great shape.

“Hey babe, quite the little present you left me this morning, thanks!” He sent off to her while scarfing down a chili dog from a street vendor.

He knew she wouldn’t like to see him eating a chili dog but he liked to indulge when he could. He walked around the courtyard with a chili dog in one hand and his other hand tucked into the back of his pants. He’d been touching the smooth material all day, and he just loved how they held him so firmly in the front.

“Gotta work late, took a few extras tonight.” Julia text Liam.

“Don’t remember leaving a present. We should meet for dinner after work!” She added.

Liam was a little perplexed… she didn’t remember leaving him a present! She didn’t remember folding the panties up and placing them right on top of his boxer briefs! She had to be joking…

“You don’t remember leaving the present? Funny joke! How about the Indian place, what time?” Liam text back.

“Pretty busy right now. Talk later. Meet at 7:00” she replied

Well that was only 2 hours away. He decided to take the bus home and drive back into the restaurant so they could go home without the hassle after dinner. He had completely forgotten he was wearing the sexy underwear until he stepped into the bathroom at the Indian restaurant. He smiled because of how comfortable they were, and he wondered how his wife knew he would like them so much.

He was already seated at 7:00 when Julia strode in looking sexy as hell. That really wasn’t uncommon though. Since she was a personal trainer, she spent all day at the gym and it showed. She was wearing a simple black summer dress that showed off her tattoos and many other assets too. He noticed all the other eyes turn her way as she walked.

She sat down after giving him a peck on the lips. Liam could almost feel the jealousy from the room of men and maybe even from a few of the women.

“I’m starving!” Julia said grabbing the menu.

She opened the menu with one hand and dropped her free hand down under the table, resting it on Liam’s thigh. She traced little circles on the inside of his thigh that drove him crazy. He was becoming hard, his cock was straining against the thin panties. Slowly her circles moved closer to his crotch until she stopped. Looking at him with a quizzical expression.

“Are you not wearing any underwear?” She asked him as she softly pinched the fabric of Liams pants.

Julia was intrigued… Liam had never dared venture out of the house without underwear. Hell, he was even the type to wear underwear below his swim trunks! He would wear dirty ones before he went without. She knew he wasn’t out as she had just done all their laundry the day before! Yet here she was… rubbing his leg and no underwear!

“I’m wearing the underwear you put in my drawer!” He said quietly into her ear.

She wasn’t sure what he was talking about. He only ever wore boxer briefs that came half way down his leg. And he would roll them up his leg if his swim shorts were too short.

“Um… what underwear? Show me.” She said.

Julia watched as Liam slowly slid close. He untucked his shirt and unbuttoned his pants. Rather than just pulling the top of the underwear out his pants, he opened the front to show her blue lace cheeky panties! He was wearing her sexy underwear!

“Oh my god! Ah ha ha ha!” She bellowed out loudly so everyone in the restaurant could hear her.

He quickly clamped his hands back over his pants and started buttoning himself up. He was mortified and had turned a bright shade of red as the embarrassment set in. How could she have done that and so loudly, he thought to himself!

She realized he was in a state of panic and deep embarrassment because what she did. But he was wearing her panties! She would never have thought in a million years that her man would ever wear her underwear let alone fit into them!

She grabbed his trembling hands and stopped him from buttoning back up. She still had the giggles from what she had seen but she was trying to contain herself best she could.

“I’m sorry honey! I didn’t mean to laugh!” She said quietly.

She kissed him on the cheek as she pulled his hands away from his pants. He was very reluctant to let them go but she continued coaxing them away. She could see his erection had vanished. Probably from the embarrassment. She felt bad for him but… she still wanted to laugh just thinking about her man wearing her sexy panties.

“Why are you wearing my panties?” She asked quietly.

“They were sitting right on top of my underwear after I got out of the shower!” He said somewhat confused.

“My panties were in your drawer?” She asked again.

He didn’t say anything. He just shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head.

“I didn’t just take them out of your drawer! You do the laundry! I thought you wanted me to try them today!” He said almost shout whispering.

The waitress came to the table unaware of the struggle that was going on. The pair hurriedly ordered food just to usher the waitress off faster.

“And you wore them all day?” She said once she felt the waitress was out of earshot.

“Um… yeah, they’re really comfortable!” He said a little sheepishly.

She couldn’t imagine her panties being comfortable for a man’s body. They had penises and balls and that would literally make panties unbearable in her opinion. She just couldn’t wrap her head around how they might actually fit him and not squeeze everything into oblivion.

“Are you balls not in constant pain!” She asked.

“No, they stretched over everything and are basically hugging my junk. They’re even more supportive than my own underwear!” He said trying to make a case as to why he even put them on in the first place.

Liam buttoned his pants back up and sat in shame. Neither knew how her panties had gotten into his underwear drawer. What’s done was done and they couldn’t change that right then. Julia ate her dinner with one finger down Liam’s pants. She was just touching Liam’s panties. The more she thought about his description of how they felt on, the more she was okay with the idea of him wearing her panties. The more she imagined him in her underwear, the more turned on she got from the picture in her head.

Julia drifted off into her own thoughts. She was bisexual in her youth, but when she met Liam, it was as though he completed her. She shoved all those feelings away, accepting her life with Liam. Julia had a deep love for lingerie. She just couldn’t see how a man might like wearing women’s underwear. She couldn’t see how her man might like wearing lingerie.

She started thinking back, she was trying to remember any signs she had missed, any little hints that she didn’t pick up on. She thought about the times he painted her toenails, how he seemed just a little more than casually interested in doing something nice for her. And how when they shop for clothes he was maybe just a little bit more interested then other men might have been.

When they first met, Liam ask Julia to a college dance. It was such a nice evening, Liam was dressed like he was James Bond in a movie. She had rented a light pink strapless ballgown with a V neck. It was a stunning dress! Couldn’t couldn’t stop telling her how beautiful she was, and it seemed like he always had his hand on the dress throughout the night. Even when the dress came off and they were having sex for the first time… she remembered he was touching the dress. She didn’t know whether he even realized he had a fascination with women’s clothing.

As she touched his panties inside his waistband she realized she was doing the same thing. She was forming a connection with the person. She was feeling his body and the lingerie, imagining what it must be like for that person to where that item. She try to imagine the different sensations he was feeling from the panties, or the different emotions caused by wearing them.

Wearing lingerie and dresses we’re just a matter of growing up for girls. When she was 13 she stole her first pair of sexy underwear from a department store. She felt so grown up wearing those underwear. And when she was 17 she bought her first teddy with garter straps and pantyhose. She felt so powerfully feminine putting that on for the first time. She remembered her countless other firsts, and the strong memories linked to them. If Liam had any interest in experiencing those things, Who is she to discourage that in anyway.

She had moved her hand from inside the waistband of Liam’s pants and placed it on his thigh again. She was touching the head of his dick with her fingertips. She felt him grow inside her pretty blue panties and she could feel her own wetness forming in her own panties. She took Liam’s hand and placed it up under her dress. She guided his hand inside her panties to feel her dripping hole. His fingers explored her clit as they both ate their dinner.

He fingered inside her pussy while pressing his palm into her clit. She couldn’t stop her orgasm or the moans that were escaping her lips. They were so loud that people from nearby tables started looking at her. Liam felt like it was proper payback for the embarrassment She had caused him just moments earlier. He was also glad he brought his car to the restaurant. He didn’t know if either of them would make it all the way home on the bus.

Julia was glad they were finally done with dinner. That way Liam would have to stop playing with her pussy. She just needed his cock inside her. She could feel how wet her panties had become sitting in Liam’s car. It almost felt like she had pissed herself. She kept the heat on Liam though, she rubbed his dick through his pants the whole time. She could tell he had become distracted when he ran through a couple stop signs a little quick.

Once they were home, Liam picked Julia up, and carried her into their home. She was so turned on that she didn’t care that her ass was completely exposed to the whole world to see. She just wanted her man to give her something.

As soon as the door shut behind then, she peeled her dress up over her head and threw her underwear in the other direction. She was completely naked before Liam even got his shoes off. Julia was pushing Liam toward the bedroom while stripping him free of his shirt, and trying to rid him of his pants. He stood at the end of their bed pulling his socks off and just as he started pulling the sexy blue panties off his hips, Julia stopped him.

“I want you to leave those on. You look so fucking sexy in my panties!” She said pulling the panties back up his hips.

Liam stood there as Julia rubbed his body through the panties. She gripped his stiff erection and pulled it out the top of the panties. She dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth. She had never had the ability to deep throat his cock but she forced his dick all the way down her throat. She was so turned on by him right then that she would have done anything he asked. She just wanted his dick in her pussy. She slobbered on his dick for a moment then pulled him toward the bed by his shaft.

Julia climbed backward into the bed, still towing Liam by the head of his dick. She pulled him up and guided his prick into her dripping hole. She grabbed at his hips and pulled him deep inside. Liam could feel Julia playing with the thin fabric of the panties as he fucked her. She had her legs wrapped tightly around his body and was pulling him into her with her legs. He could feel her juices leaking down his balls inside his panties as Julia started flowing wetness.

Liam was swimming in Julia’s pussy juices when he felt her vagina clamp down on his cock as she tensed up. She had never done that before. He could see her abs almost pulsating in time with her pussy, and he felt a new level of wetness flowing from her pussy. Julia had started spraying her pussy juices all over his belly. She convulsed as though she were being electrocuted. A pained moan escaped between the jolts of her orgasm.

Liam was close to erupting too! He could feel the familiar sensations building near his bladder. Julia’s nails were digging into his back as he felt the overwhelming sensation of pleasure flow from his perineum and out the tip of his cock. He was shooting hot wads of cum into his sexy girl. A seemingly endless stream of fluid pulsated from her pussy, almost overflowing and spraying out the top.

As Liam’s orgasm subsided and he stopped pumping into Julia’s pussy, the squirting stopped too. The couple was still gripping each other tightly as they caught their breath. Liam felt Julia’s pussy still gripping his cock like a hand pumping milk from an udder. Her pussy was milking the last bits of cum from his cock.

Liam collapsed onto Julia and they were both still breathing heavily. Liam’s cock slowly deflated and fell out of Julia’s hole and they fell asleep holding each other.

Liam woke in the morning. Julia had already left to go to the gym and he was still in her panties. He stripped out of them and stepped into the shower wash away their dried up love juice. He felt invigorated and ready to take on the day. He didn’t remember the last time their love making session was as pleasurable.

Liam stood wearing only a towel at his underwear drawer. He opened it, and there on top of his boxer briefs lay a deliberately placed pair of lime green thong panties. He held them up in front of his waist and smiled.

“Today is going to be a good day!” He said aloud.

A Great Day Ch. 02