A Great Day Ch. 02

– Liam makes a promise –

It had been a month since Liam had found Julia’s panties in his underwear drawer. She had been placing a new pair of panties in his drawer each morning for him to wear. She had even packed away his old boxer briefs as he exclusively wore panties. He had discovered a love for thongs that he didn’t know existed. Julia had done some research on men who wore panties and wanted to see what else he might be willing to wear and maybe do.

Julia was glued to the screen on her laptop. The information poured out and she sucked it all in. If he was willing to wear panties, maybe he would like to wear a dress, or a bra. He might even like to try anal sex too! She wondered if he might not know what things he wanted to try. She felt like it was her job to help him explore his hidden desires.

She tried to picture her sexy dark haired hunk of a man on his knees in some sexy lingerie sucking on a man’s dick. She pictured his piercing black eyes looking at her while a man blew his load in Liam’s mouth. Julia got wet just thinking about Liam sucking a cock. She knew he wasn’t gay, but he could definitely be bisexual!

It was finally Saturday, Liam had been busting his ass all week and just wanted to relax for the weekend. After showering, he opened his underwear drawer to see what his beautiful wife had left for him to wear. This has become an exciting ritual for him. Julia suggested they just stock his drawer with as many pretty panties as could fit but he really enjoyed her picking what he should wear each day.

Liam had a puzzled look on his face when he opened his drawer looking for the panties his wife had picked for him. There was what looked like bra cups and shoulder straps folded on more fabric below. He hooked each strap in his fingers and pulled the item from the drawer. He held in front of him, something that looked like a women’s one piece swimsuit. Only it wasn’t a swimsuit, unless swimsuits had snaps in the crotch and if the woman wearing it wanted to show everything off. It was nearly see through!

The little cups of the bra had floral lace sewn over them but the place where a nipple might go was marginally more opaque than pantyhose. The rest of the bodysuit had what looked like delicately embroidered floral patterns sewn down the sides in the same color of the body suit.

He felt his cock stiffen as he held it up in front of his body. Just like the first time he slid the panties up his legs more than a month ago, he stepped into the bodysuit and an electric shiver followed everywhere the bodysuit touched until it was pulled up tightly and the shoulder straps pulled on.

Liam had been a bodybuilder in his youth, so he was still in great shape. In the last month or so, Julia had poked fun about his chest. He wasn’t nearly as defined as when they first met and his pecks were somewhat softer. She played that they looked like nice C cups! She wasn’t wrong… the cups of the bodysuit were filled out quite nicely.

He stood and admired his reflection in the mirror. He would have never thought to wear something like that but it looked remarkable on his skin! The leg openings came high on his hips and he could high step and crouch without anything falling out. He could feel the thong back tug slightly when he squatted down but it was a nice feeling as the material was ultra smooth. He smiled to himself in the mirror as he rubbed the thin material covering his dick. He then pulled on some sweat pants and a tee shirt. He thought he could just make out the outline of the top through his shirt but he didn’t plan on leaving the house at all that day.

Since both Liam and Julia worked they shared the household chores. They tried switching jobs frequently but it never worked out. Julia did their laundry, cleaned the bedroom, bathrooms and living room. Liam cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes, took out the trash, mowed the lawns, and took care of household maintenance.

The dishes had piled up from the last couple days so he set to work on cleaning the kitchen first thing. He kinda got in a groove and for brief moments forgot that he was wearing a bodysuit. It just felt so wonderful on his skin! For the times he didn’t forget, he found his hand up under his shirt touching the smooth material covering his abdomen, and the delicate leg openings that sat high on his hips.

He was acutely aware he was wearing something not meant for men when he had to run the trash to the street. He stood at the side door, his heart was racing as he stepped out with a bag of trash in each hand. He could feel the pull of the shoulder straps as he craned his neck to look up and down the block to see if anyone was around. When he felt the coast was clear, he walked as casually as he could to the trash cans on the street.

Panic shot into his consciousness as a car approached down the road. He felt his dick get hard thinking someone might see him there in a body suit! It was such an erotic thought that never entered his consciousness when he was only wearing panties. It was probably because he could explain away the panties as hyper sexy men’s underwear but the bodysuit was something else entirely!

All he had left was the lawn. He needed to mow the front and back yards. The front was small, but their back yard usually took him more than half an hour. As liam started sweating, the band around his chest became a little irritating. He had to grab it right between his breasts and adjust it. He’d never had anything around his chest like that before so it took some getting used to. He did like how it hugged him once he found a comfortable position for it to be in.

Liam finished mowing the front and moved around to the back. He prided himself on how well he mowed the back yard, running diagonally one direction and then perpendicular the other direction. It created a patchwork pattern he loved. He had just finished his first pass on the lawn when he heard their doorbell. He ignored it the first time but stopped the second time it rang.

He dropped the mower and walked briskly to the house. He pulled the front door open to find a local courier service. The guy had a small box stuffed under his arm. Liam grabbed the front of his tee shirt and used it to wipe the sweat from his face and wiped his hands off on the sides of his sweats.

“Hi there! Got a package for y’all. Please sign here.” He said handing Liam a small tablet.

Liam scribbled his signature onto the tablet and took the package from the guy. He hadn’t looked at the courier until he took the package. He was smiling at Liam in an unusual way. He was almost looking Liam up and down assessing him in a way Liam had never experienced. He was a good looking guy that looked like he spent more time in the water surfing than he did anything else. He wasn’t overly muscled but definitely toned. His blonde scruffy hair spilled out the sides of his ball cap.

“Thank you!” Liam said smiling at the courier.

The courier spun on his heels to leave but stopped. He turned back to Liam, holding a hand out in a speaking gesture.

“This is my last delivery man. I’d love to see the rest of that!” The courier said smiling wide and pointing to Liam’s whole body.

When he sensed some hesitation, the courier opened the front of his trousers to reveal that he was wearing a pair of light pink panties with a cute little pink bow on the front. Liam was shocked. He couldn’t think why this guy showed him his panties. Liam looked down and away in embarrassment and noticed his tee shirt was soaked with sweat and the bodysuit below mostly visible. He also remembered using his shirt to clean his face. Liam realized he had shown the blonde surfer looking dude his bodysuit.

His heart raced and he didn’t know what to do or say. He was speechless and just stood there dumbfounded. He wondered how he could have forgot that he was wearing a body suit and how he showed the other man. He felt so foolish, but he also felt his dick getting hard again. He felt so naughty standing there in front of a guy in his sexy body suit.

The courier had closed the gap between the men before Liam had noticed. He grabbed Liam around the waist and before he could react, the courier leaned in and kissed Liam. His tongue was warm, wet, and forceful as he probed Liam’s mouth with his tongue.

It was a strange sensation to Liam. He could feel the stubble of the other man’s mustache and beard growth as the tongue explored Liam’s mouth. He didn’t immediately break off the kiss, he just stood there and let it happen for about five seconds. Five seconds that felt like an entire hour for Liam. He could feel the man’s fingers gripping at his waist, pulling Liam into him. He could taste the juicy fruit gum the courier had tucked in his cheek. He could feel the man’s stiffness touching his thigh and he could feel his own stiffness growing beneath his sweats and the body suit.

Liam pushed the courier away as soon as he came to his senses. He noticed how hard he was when the man had kissed him like that. He liked how that felt but he didn’t want to kiss another man. He didn’t want to get hard for another man.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to… I couldn’t help myself.” The courier said as he turned to walk away.

“I’ve never… um… I’m married.” Liam said as the courier walked away.

He couldn’t help but look at the guys ass and imagine the panties he wore under his courier uniform.

Julia sat in her car, mouth hanging open as she watched the delivery driver kissing her husband. She had been in the driveway when Liam walked out into the porch.

She saw he was wearing the body suit when he dried his face off. Liam didn’t know he had exposed himself to the driver, but she could also clearly make out the outline of the bodysuit through the sweat on his tee shirt.

She saw the man holding her husband and Liam accepting the kiss without much of a fight. She could feel her wetness building as she spied on her husband, and when he pushed the man away after only four or five seconds she wondered how far he would go if she gave him permission.

Julia snuck around the side of the house to see her husband standing at the mower. He was wiping his face off with his shirt again. She could clearly make out the sheer material of the body suit and she could see the leg openings peeking out the top of his sweat pants. He just stood there, lost in thought and she wanted to watch him get fucked by the delivery driver, or fuck him herself right then! His pants had slipped down far enough for the top of the thong to start creeping out of his pants. He had to be in some internal struggle as she had never seen her man that distraught.

Julia crept into the house through the side door and waited for Liam to push the mower toward the house before she walked out the back. She had grabbed a cold beer from the fridge for him and stood in the shade waiting for him to finish the pass.

Liam grabbed the beer from her and tipped his head back, chugged half the beer and stopped. It was hot, but he looked flustered. She could tell he was all hot and bothered. He had a strange expression like he was about to say something but then stopped himself. Then he chugged his beer again and the same thing… she could see he wanted to say something but couldn’t find the words.

“Hey, the lawn looks great! Let’s go inside and cool down for a bit!” Julia said happily.

She was trying to get him out of his head. They went inside and sat down at the kitchen table. He was still lost in thought sipping on his beer.

“You’re wearing the teddy I left for you!” Julia said smiling at Liam. “What do you think, do you like it?” She added.

His whole demeanor changed. He sat up happily and smiled. He smoothed his tee shirt down his chest and then ran his hands up inside touching the soft material.

“It’s so nice! I never would have thought to try something like this! It makes me wonder what other things I’m missing because I don’t even think to try them!” He said almost rambling.

That was music to Julia’s ears. He might now be receptive to her whims and desires. She was more than just a little bisexual and sometimes wondered what life would be like if she had a girlfriend. She didn’t want to cheat on Liam though, unless he wanted her to.

“I had something delivered to the house today. Has that come yet?” Julia asked, almost regretting it as that was probably a source turmoil for Liam.

He was still lost in thought and gestured toward the countertop. It was some super sexy lingerie she had bought for him and a small butt plug she wanted to see if he would wear.

“We should go shower together love!” Julia purred at him.

That pulled him from his thoughts because he looked up at her and smiled wide. He just got up and started toward their master bath. Julia was hot on his heels and stripping at the same time.

They lathered each other up and rubbed their bodies together. Julia was washing Liam’s back and he placed both hands on the wall of the shower, almost subconsciously pushing his butt back toward her. He was thinking of the guy that kissed him on their porch no more than an hour ago. Her hands felt great on his back as she messaged his lower back and ass cheeks. She had started rubbing between his cheeks and the moment she touched his hole, he moaned surprising the both of them.

“Does that feel good baby?” Julia said whispering in Liam’s ear.

“Mmmmhh…” was all he could muster.

Julia scraped some soap off his back and returned to his asshole. She circled around the outside, applying pressure only to the entrance occasionally. She had dropped a hand down to her pussy and started rubbing herself. Julia was sure he’d be open to the idea of the butt plug. She wanted to see how far she could get her finger up her husbands ass. Using her ring finger and pinky on herself, she stuck her thumb out like a miniature cock and placed it right at his hole.

“Do you want it inside?” She whispered to him.

“Mmmmmhh…” was all he could say again

“Tell me you want it inside you!” She said as she reached around and had started tugging on his dick.

He was hard as a rock and it was pulsating. She knew he was so close to cumming so she just held his cock. She did that more to keep him from touching himself and to see if she could get him to cum from anal only. She gently stroked him and applied just a little bit of pressure with her thumb. She could tell he wanted it, she just needed to hear him say it.

” I want it…” he groaned while slightly pushing his butt back.

“Tell me you need it inside you, tell me you want me to fuck you.” She said adding a little pressure to his asshole.

He couldn’t take it anymore, The pressure on his asshole was unlike anything he had felt before. He was ready to cum all over the wall of the shower but he could only pay attention to the pressure on his asshole. He needed her finger in there. He needed her to fuck him. Only moans escaped his lips as he couldn’t comprehend anything enough to form words. All he could do I was push back against her.

He was thinking about his beautiful sexy wife, and how she was standing behind him playing with his butt hole. Every now and then the image of the blonde courier flashed into his mind. Every now and then he would think about that man kissing him, and he would imagine that man standing behind him. He Imagined that man was pushing something other than a finger into his asshole.

“Tell me you want my cock in your ass!” Julia growled at him.

“Oh my God I need it! I need your cock in me! I need you to fuck me with your hard cock!” Liam yelled out.

Julia released his dick and pushed her hips forward, burying her thumb deep into his ass. She saw his hands ball up into fists as though they were trying to grab at something. She could feel him pushing back against her, it was like he wanted more of her. she withdrew her thumb to where just the tip were still in. And she pushed her hips forward again slamming her thumb deep into his anus like a little cock. She started fucking his ass each time she was all the way in she would squeeze her thumb towards his stomach and push on his prostate.

Liam was standing in the shower partially bent over his legs spread. He had just asked his wife to bury her cock in his ass and fuck him. What came next was indescribable pleasure. He couldn’t comprehend words, only ideas. He could feel her thighs slapping his ass cheeks as her cock was buried deep inside him. He could feel the pressure building deep inside him that was being touched every time her thighs touched his ass. All he could do was push back against her.

Julia was pulling Liam into her by his hip. She was slamming as hard as she could into him and all she could hear was a long guttural moan. Julia’s pussy clamped down onto her hand has she started cuming. She reached around to grab Liam’s cock and noticed he was cuming as well, only he didn’t stop after four spurts like normal. It was a constant stream of cum pouring out of his cock. It filled her hand and started spilling out the sides.

Liam was in another dimension as Julia brought her hand up to his mouth. He instinctually opened his mouth and took what she gave him. The thick salty liquid coated his tongue and throat as he swallowed it all down. There was something familiar about it but he couldn’t place it. The sensations were too much and his legs buckled. He had fallen onto the floor of the shower as his wife fucked him in the ass.

Hips cock was still oozing liquid as his orgasm subsided. He was almost panting like a dog. Julia had knelt next to him and was petting his hair, bringing him back to reality. She wiped some of the cum from the head of his dick and brought it to his mouth. He licked his own cum from her finger.

“Oh my god that was so good!” Liam said somewhat breathlessly.

“Mmm… my little man likes something in his ass doesn’t he!” Julia teased.

“Oh my god, that was unbelievable!” Liam said pulling himself up to his feet.

They both finished washing up and got out of the shower. Liam was still trembling from his orgasm. Julia was still shocked how much she enjoyed fucking her man like that. She was shocked that he so willingly ate his own seed too. She needed to remind herself to buy a strap on for next time, it would probably be so much better for both of them.

“I got you a present, lover!” Julia said.

“Yeah, what is it?” Liam asked excitedly.

“Promise me you’ll wear it all please!” Julia begged.

“Or at least try it. I’ll never force you to do something you don’t want to, but you might not know you you want to do something until you try it.” She added.

She had a point, Liam thought to himself. When he first found the panties in his drawer, he had no idea he would love wearing them so much. Then today when he found the bodysuit in his drawer, he had no idea how much he would enjoy wearing that either. Then on the porch when that delivery driver kissed him… or in the shower when his wife fucked him! And when she had fed him his own cum! He had to admit, there was a lot of things he didn’t know about because he never tried it.

“I promise, I’ll try anything at least once.” He said.

Julia tossed the box to Liam and took a seat on the bed. Liam opened the box and dumped the contents out onto the bed next to his wife. He immediately recognized a bra and panty set and what looked like a skirt with straps hanging from the bottom. The set was a beautifully designed piece that epitomized femininity and luxury. Everything was beautifully detailed with little gold embroidered fig leaves and sheer accents.

“What’s this? Liam said holding the skirt up.

“That’s a garter belt love, it’s to hold your stockings up.” She said smiling at him.

He had pulled the panties on and tried clipping the bra around his body like he’d seen his wife do so many times before but he failed every attempt. Julia helped him with the clasp and once done up, he felt somewhat trapped in a constant hug from the bra. He then pulled the garter belt up around his legs and rested it on his small hips. The little straps dangled and tickled his legs. Julia handed him the thigh high stockings and showed him how to put them on by demonstrating on herself first. Liam pulled the pantyhose up his legs and started attaching the clips to the stockings. They seemed to be pretty straight forward but Julia stopped him.

“If you are only going to wear that for an hour or so, the straps can go over your panties but if you plan to wear that all day, your panties need to be over the straps.” She said.

He looked confused.

“If you need to use the restroom, or want to have access to that area without undoing the straps, clip the straps up under your panties, that way your panties will come off!” She added

Liam pulled the panties back off and clipped the straps to his pantyhose. Julia gave Liam the butt plug she had bought for him.

“This is for your ass. Would you like some help before you finish getting dressed?” She asked him.

“For my ass?” He said with his eyebrows furrowed.

“If you liked my finger in there, trust me… you’re going to love this!” She said.

Julia squirted a little lube onto the tip and worked it into the plug. Having Liam bend over she placed the plug on his asshole and gave the slightest pressure. It was the smallest plug in the set and was about four inches long and only slightly larger around than her thumb. It went in halfway easily but she felt her man tense up and stop her progress. She thought to give his cock a little tease and he loosened up enough to get the plug to seat firmly into his hole. Once it was seated, Liam let out a moan that told her he liked it.

“Now the panties, and finish getting dressed.” Julia said getting off the bed and grabbing her own lingerie.

Liam watched his wife grab an identical set of lingerie and expertly dress herself in a fraction of the time it took him. Much to his surprise, she took a much larger butt plug. She spit onto the top of the plug. Threw one foot on the dresser and shoved the plug into her ass in one motion. He never knew she liked or wanted anything in her ass! Then she pulled her panties up and placed her hands on her hips.

“You were supposed to be getting dressed!” She said sternly.

“Where are we going?” He said.

“We are going out to eat silly!” She said rummaging through her closet for a dress.

She pulled a dress out of the closet, crossed the room and held it up to Liam’s body.

“Mmm… that’d be nice!” She cooed.

“I’m not wearing a dress to dinner!” He exclaimed.

Julia pulled the dress away from her husband. She had gotten the dress for herself. She realized he said he wasn’t going to wear a dress to dinner. She wondered if she could get him into a dress before dinner. She stepped back into her closet to look for something that might be big enough to fit a big guy like him. There were a few things she had ordered off the Internet that were completely too big.

“Don’t move a muscle!” She hollered to him from inside the closet. She could see him shifting about nervously. He knew she was set to find him a dress to wear for a few moments before the went to dinner. She stepped out with a maroon wrap dress that looked gorgeous on the hanger. She stepped behind Liam and pulled the dress from the hanger.

“Hold your left arm out dear.” She said.

Liam stuck his arm out to his side and Julia pulled the arm of the dress up to his shoulder. She wrapped the dress around his body and pulled the other sleeve up his right arm. Then she tied the belt up into a cute little bow and stood back to look. She was glad he was only 5’10” because that was the biggest dress she had.

Liam looked down at his body and didn’t immediately recognize himself. He was wearing exquisite lingerie and a beautiful dress that touched his skin in the most wonderful way. He rubbed from his chest, smoothing the dress down to his legs. He could feel the lingerie under the dress and he couldn’t stop touching himself. When he walked to the mirror in the bathroom he could feel the dress shift around him and the bottom hem danced around his pantyhose covered legs. It felt so wonderful.

From his neck down, he saw such a beautiful sight. He’d have never thought to wear a dress like that one. He knew he couldn’t leave the house like that but he could surely wear that around the house!

“Can we just order some takeout tonight?” He pleaded, sounding a little more desperate than he had planned.

Do you just want to wear the dress all night?” She asked.

“Yes, but you want to go out to dinner tonight and I’m going to take you.” He said with resignation.

“You could just wear the dress to dinner!” She played.

“I’m wearing lingerie… I’m not even sure about the bra! It’s nice, but… what if someone sees it again?” He said.

“What do you mean again? Who saw your bra before!” She said trying to sound surprised.

“Um… well… yeah, so I was mowing the lawn and someone brought that box!” He said excitedly pointing to the box.

He looked so sexy, standing there in a dress and lingerie. She thought he looked the most sexy she has ever seen him right then. They were always completely honest and open with each other about their feelings and what not. She loved that he was telling her about the guy that spotted him in his lingerie, showed off his own panties and kissed him. She loved that he spared no details about the experience. How he still wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. How his mouth tasted good and that it felt nice to be treated that way. She loved how honest he was.

She felt a little guilty though for not telling him how hot she had gotten watching them kiss. How she had wanted to join them right there on the porch. He didn’t know she had watched him.

Liam had stripped off the dress and put on dress slacks and a dark button up shirt with a light sport jacket. He was trying to hide the straps and bumps of the bra, and he’d felt his choices had done just that.

Sitting on the bus, Liam could feel the lovely constriction of the lingerie. His pants tickled his legs through the pantyhose, and the garter straps dug into his butt cheeks. His beautiful wife sat right next to him with an evil grin. Moments later he felt a faint vibration from inside his ass. Then it wasn’t faint, it was pulsating from the butt plug. He was squirming in his seat, trying to contain himself while Julia sat giggling quietly. Just like that, the rumbling stopped.

Liam looked at Julia with his eyebrows raised.

“A remote control butt plug?” He said as it fired back to life and his body tensed up again trying to keep from moaning loudly.

This is going to be interesting, he thought to himself…

A Great Day Ch. 03