A Great Day Ch. 03

– Liam is Found Out –

Liam sat at the edge of the bed with Julia’s foot in his hand, and a bottle of neon pink nail polish in the other. Her delicate foot was perched on his lap and foam spacers place between her toes. He was rubbing the top of her foot as the base coat dried.

As far as feet goes, Julia’s were the prettiest Liam had ever seen. She were a size 6 in tennis shoes and had a high arch. Her heel was smooth from daily moisturizing, and she even had a little freckles just above her toes.

Liam shook the bottle of Polish, occasionally tapping it on his palm to make sure the contents were mixed thoroughly. Holding her foot steady with one hand he opened the polish and so carefully started painting her toes. He made sure not to get any paint on the skin around her toes but to actually cover the entire nail. Liam liked to see her freshly painted nails and how they shined while they were wet.

He enjoyed painting her big toes the most, so he save those for last. Julia teased him that he was doing it backwards but he didn’t care. He like to save his dessert until the end.

He grew up in a small Midwestern town, it was a college town and so there was a bar on every corner. His parents were both drunks and he found if he wanted something, he had to figure out how to get it himself. He learned to work hard and enjoy the spoils of his labor later.

Liam finished one foot and started on the other. He worked the moisturizer into her feet, massaging them as he went. He stuffed the foam spacers between her toes and painted on the clear base coat. He blew on her toes to get them to dry faster. And then just as carefully as the first, he painted her other foot.

He sat back on the bed next to Julia and looked at her toes from her perspective. He’d done a great job and thought they looked wonderful!

“They look nice don’t they!” Liam said happily.

Julia had noticed his attention to detail and how he carefully painted each toe so it was perfect. She noticed ever since he started wearing panties that he was a lot more open to try new things. It was like he gave himself permission to explore things he liked and didn’t like.

Julia sat pretending to read her book. She was watching Liam clean up the polish stuff. Every time he walked by her, he would steal a glance at her toes and smile. He got everything gathered up into the tote and stored it away under the sink in the bathroom, and came back in to plop down next to her on the bed. He was still looking at her toes.

“Do you want to maybe paint your toes too baby?” Julia asked him sweetly.

“Awe… no, I mean… no, I don’t think so.” He stammered.

“Okay… if you say so.” She said.

She noticed his face lit up when she mentioned painting his nails. Maybe it was because all the stuff had been put away, maybe it was because he didn’t want neon pink, maybe it was because he didn’t want her to mess his toes up by doing a poor job. Whatever the case, she was going to make sure he got his nails painted.

The next morning, Julia laid out a cute purple lace thong that was slightly see through. The thong was super feminine and she knew he would love them the moment she saw them. She laid a matching lace 38A cup underwire bra on top of the panties and closed the drawer.

She could just imagine his dick poking out the front of the panties. When he was soft, it sat curled into the cutest little ball over his firm testicles. She was really amazed how most panties seemed to hold him just fine without even one nut from slipping out. There were a few styles that she knew to steer clear of but for the most part she got whatever style she wanted.

Julia went to the gym to work. She decided today was the day to treat her man to something special so she drove herself to work. She had a few clients that morning and ran through several workouts. She text Liam midway through the day.

“Meet me out front right after work, I’ve got a treat for you!” She text.

Liam had grown accustomed to Julia’s “treats” and knew he would more than likely be experiencing something new and exciting. His cock twitched with excitement in his purple lace thong, and he squeezed the butt plug buried deep in his ass. He wasn’t going to wear the push up bra Julia had given him that morning but he figured since it was getting cold, he’d be able to wear a coat most of the day to hide it.

Julia introduced him to the world of anal play and he embraced it wholeheartedly! He loved the feeling of something buried deep in his ass and would squeeze his sphincter randomly throughout the day just to remind himself something was there.

Liam could barely work the rest of the day. His mind was going every direction but the work direction. He was sitting there staring blankly at his screen when the gal directly through his cubicle walked in on him.

Jody was a cute younger gal right out of college. She was a little overweight but not so much that she looked fat. She was about 5′ even and had blonde hair that was always pulled up into a tight bun right at the base of her skull.

She placed one hand on Liam’s desk and the other on the back of his chair, causing him to fall back into his seat a little bit. Irritated, he leaned forward, righting his chair.

“Hi Jody, what can I help you with?” Liam said.

Jody just sat there looking down at the back of Liam’s chair. He couldn’t see what she was doing or looking at but he did feel a slight breeze up his back that made him reach back to tuck his shirt in. The purple thong he’d been provided that day rode high up his hips and it’d been a struggle to keep his pants pulled high enough to hide them all day. They felt wonderful on his skin and he felt so slutty wearing them for Julia.

“Are you wearing… um, panties?” Jody asked quietly.

Liam had been caught at work. He figured it would only be a matter of time but he did his best to hide it from everyone. It wasn’t the kind of information that he wanted made public. He could react one of a couple different ways. Lie and deny, or be honest and proud.

“Um… yeah, but it’s not something I’m advertising so I’d appreciate some discretion.” He said confidently.

They had always gotten along at work. Liam had found her attractive and loved looking at her ass, and large tits that seemed to be held up by her tight midsection. She might have been a little overweight but she looked great all the same. He would often wonder what lingerie she wore under her work dresses. They always kept it professional but this was breaching the professional boundaries. That information alone could potentially create problems for Liam in the future.

“You’re advertising plenty… you have been for a while Liam. Like even now, I can see the outline and bumps of your bra straps, I’ve also seen days where you wear suspenders and stockings!” She whispered into Liam’s ear.

Jody had moved her hand into Liam’s back and had pulled the clasp away from his back, then she let it snap back like a school aged child might do on the playground. Liam was mortified! He always felt he’d been super careful over the last four months since he first started wearing lingerie full time.

“Relax, not many people even pay attention to that sort of thing anyway. Only a few of us even know anyway.” Jody added as she stood and looked around the room.

“That’s not why I stopped by anyway.” She added.

Liam sat in a daze as she went over the quarterly report with him. She would occasionally play with the straps on his bra as she talked to him. He couldn’t concentrate on anything she was saying. He just wanted to leave, run away, something!

“Calm down, We are not going to tell anyone. Your secret is safe with us.” She said obviously sensing his panicked mood.

“Who is us?” Liam asked plainly.

“Myself, and a few of the girls from the office; and Tony from I.T.” She said.

“Tony wears panties too, but don’t tell anyone I told you that!” She added.

Liam didn’t know what was wrong with him. The more Jody talked about his underwear and how other people knew, he was becoming quite aroused by the thought. He pictured himself standing in front of her while wearing his purple thong panties and matching bra. His dick was standing at full attention and he was glad it was tucked tightly in the panties and not out the top like he normally placed it.

His mind wandered to thoughts of his sexy wife standing beside Jody; both wearing sexy lingerie. Jody was wearing a strapon cock that was as big around as a soda can and a foot long. He was on his hands and knees trying to suck on her fake plastic cock as his wife Julia was swatting his ass with a whip. He imagined taking the huge cock all the way down his throat as his wife was fucking his ass with her own strapon!

Liam was quite worked up when quitting time had arrived. He almost had to excuse himself to find relief but he made Julia a promise that he wouldn’t cum without her permission. He could touch it all he wanted but his orgasm was hers to command.

Liam stood in the dying sunlight outside his office. He watched as his co-workers left the building for the day. He knew Jody knew, and possibly Tony from I.T. but she said some of the other girls. He couldn’t think who it could be.

– Girls Night Out –

Julia beeped her horn, Liam had been lost in thought standing at the curb and didn’t notice her pull up. He pinched his bra right between the cups and adjusted the strap, pulling it down slightly. Since he didn’t have actual breasts the bra seemed to ride up slightly throughout the day.

“Hey, what’s going on Liam?” Julia asked as he got in the car.

“Um… Jody saw my underwear today.” Liam said staring straight ahead.

“Jody, like blonde chubby Jody from accounting?” She asked.

“Yeah, do you know her?” Liam said excitedly.

“Babe, Jody is the reason you got the job there 3 years ago. She is a client of mine. She comes to the gym every Saturday.” She said as she put her car in park.

“Wait a minute, why didn’t you tell me you knew each other?” Liam asked accusingly.

“I did, silly boy… three years ago when you got the job, I said I had a friend that worked there and could get you a good job.” She blazed back at him.

“Okay, sorry. I don’t remember that.” He said.

They had pulled into a strip mall just after dark and the lights from the store windows spilled out onto the sidewalk. Julia got out and Liam was walking behind her, not knowing where she was going. He followed her into a store without looking to see it was a salon.

“We have an appointment.” Julia said to the woman at the counter.

“Liam for 6:00 pm.” She added

“I’m Lynette, follow me please!” The attendant said.

The thin brunette woman ushered Liam into a chair with a sink and lay his head back into the basin. Her large breasts brushed his arm as she leaned over him and started washing his hair. She was massaging his scalp as she worked the shampoo into a lather. Liam drifted off as she continued washing his hair and brushing her tits on his arm.

She could see the thin straps of the bra that Liam was wearing and gained a realization why he would be at a salon in the first place. Sure, some men came to the salon for a wash and a cut but they had scheduled a facial, and eyebrows too. She only wondered why they weren’t getting eyelashes as well. She thought Liam’s facial structure would benefit from better shaped eyebrows and lashes. She would have to to sell them on the lashes if she could.

Lynette walked Liam over to her chair and helped him get seated. She handed him a book filled with short hair styles and told him to pick one that he liked while she got her stuff ready. Liam started thumbing through the book looking at all the different hairstyles. He had started growing his hair out at Julia’s request. He didn’t know she might have brought him to a salon though.

He flipped through about ten pages when he saw the coolest hairstyle ever! And it was just androgynous enough that he could play it off if anyone confronted him about it. The sides and back were cut close while the top was tapered toward the front which was left long and flipped sideways and back into a wave. The tips were ombré grey. He thought it would give him a look of mature sophistication.

Lynette returned and Liam pointed at the picture. She held the book up next to his face and looked back and forth slowly starting to smile.

“That’ll be so cute!” She said, nodding her approval at Liam’s decision.

Liam leaned his head back as Lynette started shaving his face with a straight razor. She then rubbed moisturizer into his face and massage his jawline and down his neck to his shoulders. Liam was loving the attention and completely understood why women did this sort of thing. She then applied a thick black fluid over his face that felt like it was cracking on top of his skin as the stylist started his hair. He could feel her pulling the hair in his head up and clipping it with her scissors. That felt good too. He felt so pampered and relaxed. He was glad Julia thought of this. He was just wondering why it took her so long to take him there.

Once the style was done they let him look in a mirror with the black mask still covering his face. It looked just like the hairstyle in the book, and he smiled to himself. This has turned into an awesome day, until the esthetician started removing the black mask! He felt like she was removing the skin from his face and he cried out a few times causing the girls within earshot to laugh out at him. He didn’t care though, he thought it hurt!

When he thought he was done, the same woman dabbed wax around both his eyebrows, on top and below. Then she ripped the hair out without any warning at all. It was like she knew she was torturing him and she laughed quietly at his discomfort. She wasn’t all mean though because once she was done, she rubbed more moisturizer into his face and let him rest under a warm wet towel.

He could hear Julia discussing something with the other women and then Julia right in his ear.

“Hey babe, we got to talking and your eyelashes could use a little filling, what do you think? Should I tell them to fill in your thinning eyelashes?” She asked.

Liam didn’t know his eyelashes were thinning, he felt they were fine. Why did everyone think they were too thin? But really, if they were too thin, what’s the harm in having them filled a little bit.

“Sure, if you think so babe!” Liam replied.

They spun Liam sideways and dropped the back of the chair until he was laying all the way backward. He felt as they started rubbing glue into his eyelashes. They would occasionally have him open and close his eyes. He could feel the tugging and pulling and then they let him rest. Someone came back and rubbed something else into his eyes. When he came to he sat up feeling great, rested and energized. He looked in the mirror shocked at the transformation!

His hair was gorgeous, he expected his lashes to be filled in, not completely filled in though! His eyes were very feminine now with long lush eyelashes and eyeliner too!

He recognized himself but he was quite different! Not all bad different but it was definitely going to take some getting used to. He realized as Lynette was giving Julia the the aftercare instructions that he would have to leave the eye makeup on for the rest of the week because he wasn’t supposed to get his eyes wet for a few days.

He was enjoying himself far too much to worry about that right then so he put it out of his mind. Besides, it was close to Halloween anyway and he should be able to come up with an excuse.

As they walked down the sidewalk Liam noticed more people looking at him than before. He became quite self conscious and dropped his gaze toward the ground. He kinda liked the way he looked but he was becoming embarrassed from all the new attention. He was second guessing his decisions at the salon.

Finally, they stepped inside, away from all the judgmental eyes of all the strangers outside, into a… a nail salon. Why were they in a nail salon? He thought to himself.

“Two for a mani – pedi please!” Julia said

The women directed Liam and Julia into a couple chairs right next to each other and the sat down. Julia was beaming, smiling wide at Liam.

“You look soooo nice!” She said still smiling.

“Everyone was looking at me!” Liam said somewhat distraught.

“They were all jealous sweetheart, you’re fucking gorgeous!” She said whispering to him.

They pulled his feet up into a foot bath and started the bubbles going in the tub while another woman started massaging their legs. Liam had no idea what he had been missing out on until that moment.

The woman treated him like royalty as she scraped away the rough edges on his heels and tops off his feet. Then she trimmed his toe nails and asked what color he wanted them. He never even thought about coloring his nails since the other night when he painted Julia’s toes.

“What are my options?” Liam asked.

The lady didn’t say anything, she just handed him a book with all the colors and combinations of colors he had to choose from. Immediately a dark blue that shimmered with purple stood out and he chose it.

“How about the mermaid magic 73” Liam said.

The nail tech simply smiled and nodded her head. She dried his feet off and placed them on a warm towel as she started painting his toe nails. Liam prided himself on his ability to paint Julia’s toes quickly, but he was an amateur compared to this lady. She was both quick and perfect! In a matter of minutes, Liam’s toes had taken on an entirely different color, and he loved how they looked.

They gave him little paper slippers and moved him to another table as his feet finished drying so they could start the manicure. It was quite a similar process but they asked what shape he wanted and then length. Liam wasn’t super comfortable with longer nails so he chose to stay with his natural length and shape. He then chose what looked like a clear coat.

Hair done, eyelashes filled in and nails done all in one night! It was a huge change for Liam. He was sure there wouldn’t be too much of an issue with the hair, and nails on their own but add in the eyelashes and eye makeup! He might have some explaining to do at work the next day.

Julia smiled brightly at Liam.

“Just two more stops then we can get something to eat.” She said as they slipped their feet into disposable flip flops.

Two more stops! Liam thought to himself. He had done whatever Julia asked without question for the past four months. He thoroughly enjoyed everything that happened tonight but, really? Two more stops? He wasn’t sure he wanted to go anywhere looking the way he did right then.

They walked right around the corner and into a women’s clothing store. Liam was sure there were more surprises in these next two stops but when Julia started holding dresses up to him, he got the impression that she meant to buy him a dress tonight too.

“I don’t know about this tonight babe. Are you really going to try to find me a dress?” Liam said a little irritated.

“Look, we don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with. If you don’t want a beautiful dress, you don’t have to get one. I just hope you’re not going to want sex tonight either.” Julia said hanging the dress back in the rack.

She slowly started walking toward the exit. Liam could tell she was pouting. He hated when she started pouting. He knew it was basic manipulation and that giving in would only make it worse, but she had been so good to him over the years and he was enjoying the new dynamics of their relationship. What harm world buying a dress do? He thought.

“Okay, okay, you win. We can get a dress too…” Liam said softly.

Julia’s eyes lit up and she spun on her heels back to the rack she had just left. She held up a dark blue double tier dress with simple flowers all over the print. The spaghetti straps looked awful cold for the time of year and he said so. Julia just produced a cardigan that looked quite warm. She handed him both garments and pushed him along toward the dressing rooms.

“No! I’m not trying them on here!” Liam said.

– Liam Changes –

He immediately saw her start to pout and knew there was no winning with her when she got like that. He hated to see her sad in any way so he took the clothes from her and walked defeated toward the dressing rooms. Once inside, he stripped down to just his bra and panties. He looked in the mirror and marveled at the changes he’d gone through at Julia’s request. He did say he would try anything once but this was all questionable. He carefully pulled the dress over his head so he didn’t mess up his hair, then wrapped the cardigan around his arms. It was a baggy sweater that hid his large muscles quite well. He turned left and right, admiring his reflection. He couldn’t believe just how feminine he looked in the dress. He thought he looked very boho, and she could have been an artist or something.

He realized that he just thought of himself as a “She” for the first time ever. Liam didn’t mind that, it was just weird that he was imagining a life for the woman in the mirror. He was snapped out of his fantasy by knocking on the door of the dressing room.

“Come on out babe, let me see!” Julia said loudly.

Liam looked in the mirror and winked at the lady for good luck and stepped out the door.

Julia’s jaw hit the floor as she eyed Liam up and down. She couldn’t believe how beautiful he looked. That wasn’t Liam standing in front of her anymore, it was someone else completely! It was…

“Lilliana, you are so beautiful!” Julia said happily.

Liam was all smiles as she twirled in the dress for Julia. She pulled the fabric out away from her hips and curtsied to Julia.

“What did you just call me?” Liam asked.

“I don’t think you’re really Liam anymore. You look so much more like a Lilliana than anything!” She said. “Or just Lily!” She added.

“Lily! I like the sound of that.” Liam said.

“Come here Lily, let me get the tags. You can just wear that out of the store.” Julia said

Lily looked down at her feet and pointed.

“I need better shoes than these if I’m going to wear this out of the store!” Lily said.

Julia cocked her head in a follow me motion and the girls headed toward the shoe section. Lily was loving the new sensations of wearing a dress. She had nothing below the dress other than her bra and panties. She felt so naughty even though that’s how all women dressed anyway.

Julia picked out a nice pair of black 2″ heels for Lily and handed them to her. Lily stepped into the shoes, glad she was only a size 10 in women’s. As far as proportions go, Lily just looked like a woman that worked out a lot! Standing next to Julia, Lily was quite a bit bigger but with how defined Julia was, they looked like either girlfriends or lovers. And if Lily wore even a little makeup, any doubt about her gender would be gone completely other than maybe her voice.

“You look so fucking sexy Lily!” Julia said.

Lily blushed and rocked in her heels. She wasn’t sure how to respond to the compliment. Julia reached out and grabbed Lily’s ass and pulled her into a kiss. Their tongue moved around each other’s mouths like ballet dancers. It was the most passionate kiss either Lily or Liam had ever got from Julia. Lily’s cock sprang to life and started jabbing at Julia’s stomach. Julia broke the kiss, and still holding Lily by the arms, pushed her out to arms reach and looked her up and down.

“That’s another thing we need to do before we get dinner. It’ll be quick, I swear.” Julia said.

And she pulled Lily along behind her. Julia placed the empty shoe box on the counter and the tags from the dress and sweater. She also threw a small purse onto the counter to be rung up. When the sales person handed the items over, Julia placed Liam’s things in Lilly’s new purse and the girls left the store.

Lily was surprised how cold it was outside and she felt far underdressed for the weather. The cold air was attacking her under the dress and she wished she at least had worn some pantyhose that day. The heater in the car took a minute but she started getting warm almost as soon as the hot air poured from the vents.

Lily was looking down at her lap, and her nicely manicured fingers, secretly wishing she had been more daring and had her nails painted an actual color other than clear, but the clear was still really shiny. The car came to a halt in a dark parking lot on the edge of town.

“You can either come in with me, or wait here in the car.” Julia said.

“Where are you going?” Lily asked.

Julia pointed to her right, across the street there was a sign jutting out from the wall that read ‘XXX video booth’ and a couple blacked out windows.

Julia had got out of the car and walked around to the passenger side. She pulled the door open and cold air poured in around her. She grabbed onto Lily’s arm.

“You should come with me!” Julia said excitedly.

The two girls walked quickly across the street and into the porn store. Lily had never been in a porn store before, but Julia looked right at home. She grabbed Lily by the arm and towed her to the wall with all the dildos.

“I want you to find something for you, and something for me too, like this!” Julia said pointing at a specific base style that said ‘strapon compatible’

Julia skipped off toward the other side of the store leaving Lily behind. She just stood there looking at all the different shapes and sizes of plastic cocks. She picked one slightly larger than Liam’s hard cock and tucked it under her arm. It was a bright pink dildo with a suction cup at the base. Then she stopped something that made her squeeze the plug already in her ass, it was a realistic peach colored dick with veins and big lifelike balls on top of a suction cup base. It was larger than the one she picked for Julia but she had to have it!

Lily was so excited to find Julia and show her the toys when she saw a woman talking to her and handing her a $10 bill. Lily was confused until Julia placed her dildos on the counter and took Lily’s things too.

“Save these, I’ll be right back to pay for them.” Julia said

She towed Lily down a dark hallway and to the right into a video booth. They were both standing right next to each other when Julia stuck her fingers through a hole in the wall, and then the $10 bill the other woman gave her.

“Pull your dick out and put it through the hole!” Julia whispered in Lily’s ear. Julia lifted her dress and reached into her panties to grab her girl dick but Lily got there first. She stuck her growing cock through the hole and moments later she groaned loudly. Lily felt the unmistakable sensation of someone sucking on her dick. Whoever it was, knew how to work a cock and was almost willing the cum from her balls. It didn’t take long for the pro behind the wall to suck Lily’s balls dry. She was spent and put her dick away just as another man was entering her booth.

“Oh my god, it’s all yours!” Lily said smiling wide.

She found Julia talking to the woman that gave her the money and the guy at the counter. Their conversation was winding down because the lady left and Julia grabbed the bag and turned on her heels to find Lily.

“Well that was quick!” Julia said

“Um yeah, whoever that was, they were a fucking pro!” Lily whispered in Julia’s ear.

“That was our next door neighbor!” Julia said stifling a laugh.

“Really, like Sam and Sarah neighbors!” Lily said walking quickly across the street.

They sat in the car as the heater buzzed to life and started blowing hot air out. They talked about how the neighbor was apparently caught by his wife in lingerie and that she made him go to the sex shop glory hole to suck some dicks. How they were apparently just in the right place at the right time! Julia said it was quite fortunate too because that would help with the last of her plans for the night.

She produced a small black plastic contraption.

“Do you trust me babe?” Julia asked

“Um, why do I feel like thats a trick question?” Lily asked.

“You made me a promise that you’d try anything once. Will you please give this a try for me?” Julia pleaded.

“This is a chastity cage. Promise me you’ll try it for two weeks. If you hate it, we will get rid of it and I’ll never bother you about it again!” She added.

“How does it work!” Lily asked.

“Pull your panties down Lily.” Julia said.

Lily lifted her dress and pulled her panties down to her knees. Her deflated cock sat in her lap on top of her balls. Julia reached out and placed the ring around Lily’s balls, then placed the tube around her shriveled dick and closed a little brass padlock onto the cage. She then placed the key on a small chain and placed it over her neck.

“That’s a chastity cage. You were already asking my permission to cum, this is just an extension of that. Now, when you get hard, the cage will catch it and stop you from touching yourself. Our sex will get better over a short amount of time I promise.” She said as she placed the car into drive.

“Let’s get something to eat, I’m starving!” Julia said.

They drove closer to home and stopped at a little dinner neither had been to before. Lily still wasn’t super sure she wanted to dine in and protested a little bit, but gave in when Julia insisted. They stepped inside and Lily was glad to be in out of the cold. Julia was fine because she was wearing jeans and a sweater, but Lily was dressed for far warmer weather. They were seated at a table near the kitchen and the wait staff was busy all around them, running orders and drinks.

They had just settled in and ordered their drinks,

“Julia! Is that you?” A woman behind Lily said loudly.

A look of shock landed on Julia’s face and Lily felt the horror drop in unannounced.

“Jody!” Julia mouthed without saying anything.

“Julia, come here, I want you to meet my wife!” Jody said loudly.

They were stuck. Julia didn’t see a way out of the predicament and stood. She started toward their table and stopped at Lily’s arm, she reached down and pulled at Lily’s arm. Lily was in shock and complied on auto pilot. Lily turned to see Jody twisted in her chair, and her senior accounts director seated across from her. Margaret didn’t immediately recognize Lily as Liam but Jody worked side by side with him for the last 3 years.

Now the look of horror had fixed itself onto Jody’s face. It wasn’t because she recognized Lily as Liam, or that Julia was with another woman and not Liam, it was because she recognized Lily as Liam and that Margaret was both their boss. Liam seeing them and knowing they were married could be disastrous for Margaret. The upper management wasn’t supposed to fraternize with junior staff.

Lily sat right next to Margaret and Julia sat next to Jody. The four women sat and discussed how Jody knew Julia.

“Wasn’t Julia married to Liam?” Margaret asked Jody.

Margaret then turned and looked at Lily. It was as though realization hit her too like a ton of bricks.

“Hi, I’m Lily!” She said, offering her hand for a shake.

“This is interesting…” Margaret said shaking Lily’s hand.

The four women talked about life, work, and many other things. Lily had almost forgotten about the dilemma of being dressed as a woman until the end of dinner. Margaret insisted on paying for both tabs and pulled Lily aside for a quick chat.

“I’d appreciate if we could keep my relationship with Jody between us. We have worked very hard to keep it out of public knowledge.” Margaret said.

“I won’t say anything to anyone, you have my word.” Lily said.

“You’re quite pretty I might add. If you should ever decide to change full time, you have mine and the companies full support. I can promise that.” Margaret added.

The two couples said their goodbyes and parted ways.

“What was that all about Lily?” Julia asked.

“She doesn’t want me to tell anyone that they’re married and that if I wanted to be Lily full time at work, they’d support me.” She said.

“Wow! Do you want to be Lily full time already?” Julia asked.

“I don’t know.” Lily answered.

They drove home in silence. Lily was lost in her own head. Everything had changed in such a short period of time. Did she really want to be Lily full time already, or was she happier as Liam. She couldn’t deny the way Julia looked at Lily was different, but was it enough.

They arrived home before she knew it and she walked to the door still thinking.

“What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours girly?” Julia asked.

“Just wondering if I really want to be Lily full time already. It’s so sudden!” Lily said.

“Let’s just get through tonight love.” Julia said.

– Lily Becomes a Woman –

“Go on upstairs. I’ve left something on the bed for you. Put it on, I’ll be up shortly.” Julia said.

Lily walked up the stairs, and into their bedroom. On the bed folded neatly into a small pile was an adorable black baby doll nighty with a thong G-string. She had never been able to wear that style of G-string before because her penis would spill out the sides.

Julia watched as Lily walked up the stairs. She crouched down to try to get a look up her dress and see her panties but the dress was just too long. Julia had become so aroused through the afternoon and could feel her pussy leaking. She unwrapped the items from the sex shop and laid them out on the coffee table. The strapon she bought had attachment points so a dildo could be attached for the wearer and one out front for the receiver. She was excited to be using it.

Julia snuck up the stairs wearing only the strapon. She could see Lily pulling the lingerie in over her little black cock cage. The thought of controlling Lily’s access to to her cock made Julia wet. Up until that point, everything sex related ended up using that cock and Julia knew there was so much more to experience without a cock.

Julia approached her from behind and Lily saw her through the mirror. Julia was wearing a strapon with the realistic cock and balls protruding from the front. Without thinking, Lily turned to face Julia and dropped to her knees. She felt so submissive right then on her knees for her beautiful wife’s cock. Lily reached out and grabbed Julia’s cock and began stroking it.

The picture of beauty was tugging on her strapon cock and the purple dildo that was buried in her pussy moved each time as though the lifelike cock were real. It was like Lily was actually jacking her off.

“Suck my cock Lily!” Julia whispered.

Lily took the cock head in her mouth and tried to suck like she had seen her wife do before. She willed her jaw open as wide as she could and relaxed her throat. The dick hit the back of her throat causing Lily to gag. She then clamped her lips around the shaft and pulled her head back until just the head remained in her mouth.

Julia grabbed the back of Lily’s head and forced her cock deep into Lily’s throat. She began coughing and choking as the intruding dick forced its way down her throat. The jerking movements jostled the purple dong in Julia’s pussy and she pushed harder, almost willing her dick into Lily’s stomach. She needed to fuck her soon! Lily continued forcing the dick down her throat, trying to get used to an intruder choking her. She wanted the plastic balls to touch her chin if nothing else. Lily stood up and bent at the waist. If she could straighten her neck like a sword swallower she might be able to get Julia’s balls to touch her bottom lip. Lily grabbed ahold of Julia’s hips and pulled herself onto the dick. She forced the dick down her throat even though she was choking the whole time.

Julia couldn’t take it any longer so she pushed Lily off her cock and drug her to the bed right onto her back. Julia stood and looked at her prize, she was going to make Lily a woman. She climbed on the bed spreading Lilly’s legs and kneeling between them. She thought about leaving her panties on but she wanted Lily to see that she no longer had a penis. She wanted Lily to feel feminine when she fucked her. Julia reached up under the sheet material of the baby doll and pulled her panties down her legs.

Lily brought her knees up toward her chest to open her hole for Julia’s cock. She watched as her lover mounted the bed between her splayed legs. She wanted the cock but she knew it was bigger than anything she had before. Lily licked a couple fingers and reached down between her legs. She touched her asshole with her moistened fingers. It was already open a little bit from wearing the butt plug all day so she pushed two fingers inside and rubbed around, enjoying the sensations. She was ready for cock, she was ready to get fucked!

Julia squirted some lube directly into Lily’s anus and then some more on her dick. She worked the lube into the cock and shimmied in close. Holding the cock at the base she pressed it against Lilys waiting hole and teased it around the opening in small circles. Lily moaned in anticipation, and reached out with her legs to pull Julia into her.

Bright pain erupted as the large cock was being forced into Lily’s ass. She persisted and pulled Julia’s cock all the way to the base. She could feel Julia’s thighs resting in the back of her legs and then Julia withdrew the cock.

It was as though the air was being forced out of Lily’s lungs as Julia started slowly pumping the plastic dick in and out of her lovers ass. Lily loved the fullness off having something in her ass but there was something else going on as she was getting fucked for the first time. Visions of the delivery driver kept creeping in. One moment it was Julia pulling at her shoulders, then it was the blonde driver fucking her. She wanted another dick in her mouth so she shoved three fingers in and started sucking on them as though it was someone’s cock.

Julia started cumming when she saw Lily drive her fingers into her mouth and start sucking on them. The mental picture of someone fucking Lily’s mouth pushed her over the edge and Julia shuttered. Her body convulsed and then went ridgid. Lily wasn’t done fucking though and she pulled Julia into her back and mounted her like a pony. Lily spun around into reverse cowgirl and bounced on the dick. The only thing that remained was a pleasurable pressure inside her ass that felt like a building explosion.

Stars shot through her vision as the first ropes of cum blew out of the little black cage covering Lily’s cock. She hadn’t even touched it and she was cumming. The pleasure had moved back and inside deeper though. It didn’t go away after the normal 6 seconds like she had experienced a Liam but it continued for over a minute as she continued bouncing on Julia.

Lily looked back and Julia was completely spent. Her arms lay lifeless at her sides and she was breathing heavily. Sweat dappled her perfect breasts and chiseled abs. She was always so beautiful right after sex, and this time was no exception. Lily pulled herself free of the dong and lay her head on Julia’s arm. She gripped her breasts and pinched at the nipple. Julia gasped but didn’t move.

They fell asleep right there. Julia’s cock defying gravity and sticking straight up while Lily’s caged cock lay in a puddle of semen. Neither moved until 4:00 am when Julia got up to go to work. She looked at her girl sleeping there as pretty as could be. She hoped this wasn’t the last time she would see her as she peeled the strapon off and stepped into the shower.

Lily woke two hours later, slightly in pain from the pounding her ass took, and partly because they’d been up so late fucking. She lay in the bed and reached out for her cock only to remember it was trapped in a cage now. She was a little frustrated. Her dick was getting hard but it was being blocked by the cage. It didn’t hurt, but it was definitely a new sensation.

She stepped into the shower and carefully washed her hair so she didn’t get her eyes wet. Two more days and maybe she could wash the eye makeup off. She stood and looked at herself in the steamed up mirror. She still saw a woman looking back at her and wondered how she was going to get through the day as Liam when she enjoyed being Lily more.

She pulled her bra and panties on then stood at the closet trying to decide what to wear for the day. She pulled slacks up over her panties, and a dress shirt over her bra. Then she covered her perfectly manicured feet with boring black socks and stepped into Liam’s shoes for the day.

She stood feeling odd wearing men’s clothes waiting for the bus. She was surprised when she saw her fingernails and realized what she originally thought was clear had really been a pink shimmer that only showed up under the right light. She smiled, realizing that it was still going to be a great day. Her second day as Lily.