A Night at Paris

An Afternoon in Paris

All morning I have been thinking about making the 45-minute drive to Paris Theater for some desperately needed debauchery. Sure, it is winter and will probably snow but then again maybe it will not, my need for sex wins out (like it ever loses). I leave around 2:00 in the afternoon for the Theater and 30 minutes into my drive it starts snowing like crazy. It is that wet thick snow and I can barely see the highway, but I am thinking I am almost there so why not go for it. Although looking at the road there is an excellent chance it will be closed anyway. The last 15 minutes take me an hour before I pull into the parking lot but hooray it is open and there are actually a couple of cars in the parking lot.

I walk inside and pay my $15.00, the guy at the counter said the snow was supposed to let up but if it did not, he would likely close soon. I enter the right side because it is usually the side couples go in but with the weather, I thought there is zero chance any couples will be there or for that matter anyone. I stood inside the door for a couple of minutes to let my eyes adjust to the darkness and to look around and it looks like there are about a half a dozen guys spread throughout the theater.

I am thinking if I am going to have any fun before they close this place, I need to get this party started and proceeded to walk down the center aisle stripping as I walked. First my coat, then my skirt, then my blouse and finally I am standing in the front row and in front of the stage in my bra, panties, thigh-highs, and boots. I look around and lo and behold I have everyone’s attention, lol. I say boys they might be closing this place soon and I desperately need some cock so if anyone would like to give me some, I am your girl. My announcement worked and all the guys came down to the front of the theater.

I sat down in the front row and was immediately presented with a wonderfully large and hard cock for my immediate attention. I promptly engulfed it and we both let out a moan at the same time. The thought of icy roads and snow melted away as I felt my lips part around his beautiful rock-hard cock.

His cock felt so amazing and delicious slowly sliding in and out of my mouth. I could feel each and every throbbing vein and I flicked my tongue in and out of his tip tasting the first bits of precum in anticipation of what was to come. He gently grabbed the back of my head and we rocked back and forth. I looked up to see his eyes closed with a big smile on his face and I knew he was into it and I knew it would soon happen. I would soon feel his body convulse and shake as his seed rose through his body and promptly ejaculate into my waiting mouth.

My hands were holding his tight ass as his pace picked up and the pumps into my mouth suddenly became more forceful and deliberate and then it started. I felt his body tense up and slightly quiver sending the message to my mouth to be ready to receive his delicious cum. I felt his cock touch the back of my throat and then erupt and throb inside my mouth as he sent what felt like gallons of hot creamy cum cascading into me. His warm cum filled every crevice of my mouth as I hungrily gulped it down. I did not want to lose a single drop of his delicious juice.

Honestly, I did not want my time with him to end, it was so good but as I opened my eyes and looked around, I could see what was instore for me. Gathered around us were the remaining guys. It looked like there were now around 8 guys and they all had that look in their eye of a cat who had cornered a mouse. Kneeling there dressed in simply my bra, panties, thigh-highs and boots I was pretty much at their mercy and was not quite sure what to expect, but at the same time I must admit I was also feeling a tad bit devilishly excited.

One of the guys reached out to help me stand and then another one pulled my panties down and bent me over the chair. I immediately felt hands pulling my bra down and fondling my breasts from either side of me. At the same the luscious feeling of a tongue sliding in and out of my trans pussy almost caused my legs to buckle it felt so exquisite. That tongue finding my hole, filling it, and gliding in and out had me so wet I almost came. That is when it happened, I gasped as I was filled with a firm hard cock. At first, I felt just the tip slowly slide into my hole and then I was filled with a cock, a cock that felt so hard and big it completely filled my trans pussy. I almost came just from feeling it inside me but once he started slowly thrusting, I almost passed out in ecstasy.

While the cock was slowly but firmly sliding in and out of my ass, I felt a cock in front of me part my lips and thrust inside my mouth. I was being spit roasted with cocks and could not have felt more aroused and sensuous. A cock in my mouth, another one in my trans pussy and hands fondling my now swaying back and forth tits sent me to a seductive place I had never been before. I was so aroused I was shaking with happiness yet also feeling so lusciously obscene, oh I loved it and I craved it!

The cock in front of me was consciously and purposefully sliding into and out of my mouth. Each stroke measured and true all the way out to the very tip and then all the way in so I could feel his entire cock in my mouth. I could feel the tip touch the back of my throat with each thrust and then feel the tip slide all the way out giving me a chance to flick my tongue in and out of his tip. Every time he buried his manhood in my mouth, I could feel his nicely smooth balls against my chin. His balls were so smooth and felt so very divine as they gently slapped against my chin at the same time as I felt the tip of his cock touch the back of my throat filling my mouth with his hardness.

We all fell into a nice gentle rhythm with one guy fucking me while the other guy in front of me fed me his delicious manhood. With each push into me by the guy fucking me it would cause me to engulf the cock in front of me. It all felt obscenely sinful as I was gently rocked back and forth by wonderfully hard cocks while my tits swayed free. It felt like I was in heaven and hell, heaven because it felt so wonderful and hell because I felt so sinfully possessed.

I was really hoping this could go on for hours, but I started feeling the cock in my mouth start to quiver as he picked up his pace. He started driving his cock into my mouth more forcefully grabbing the back of my head and propelling his cock to the back of my throat. I heard him yell out “I’m cumming” and suddenly my mouth was full of cum. I gulped it down as fast as I could but there was so much cum some of it escaped out of the corners of my mouth. I tried to catch each drop, but he had so much I just could not swallow fast enough.

Once he finished, he was quickly replaced by another guy who also fed me his magnificent cock and I hungrily devoured it. The guy fucking me abruptly pulled his cock out and I felt his hot cum being sprayed on my ass and back. I was kind of hoping I could feel him cum inside me but the feeling of his warm cum being sprayed on my ass felt incredible and when I felt him rub it around with his cock that just sent me to the moon. I loved it and I love it to this day when a guy shoots his juice on my ass.

Each of the 8 guys fucked me or I sucked their cock. Some of the guys I went down on rested a bit and then fucked me too. There was only a few of us but oh how we all enjoyed that night. Being fucked, sucking cocks, feeling hands all over my breasts all at the same time, it was just so delicious I absolutely loved it.

Finally, we were all exhausted and I slowly gathered up my clothes and made my way to the ladies’ room where I tried to pull myself somewhat together. I washed my face, brushed my hair, put some lip gloss on, fastened my bra over my cum covered breasts, pulled my panties up over my cum soaked ass and put my coat on not even bothering with my skirt and top.

Walking out the counter guy gave me a knowing smile and told me he was glad I stopped by and said to come back again soon. Thankfully it had finally finished snowing and the drive home wasn’t too bad which was good because my mind wasn’t on the road where it should have been, it just kept replaying the evenings events over and over again.