An Indecent Proposal


Horny old millionaire helps out couple in need, but not without it’s price!

Hamish and Hilary were very much in love. They had met on their university course three years ago. Now they were living happily together in a modest house that they had bought. All this makes for a most contented setting, but there was one big problem and it was causing concern for the young lovers. Of course it was money! Both had university debts to pay off, in addition to their new home. Their jobs paid reasonably, but they needed more to stave off the bailiffs.
One evening at a corporate event held by the company Hamish worked for, Hilary became concerned at the amount of money Hamish was spending on drinks. “Look, I need some kind of escape from all this money worry” He would retort. “Will you be saying that, when we don’t have a roof over our heads?” Hilary asked, almost tearfully. “You didn’t have to come here. I almost wish you didn’t come!” Hamish angrily snapped. Hilary ran off in tears, her pale auburn high pony tail neatly bouncing as she ran.

Hugo, a rich investor of the company was scanning the venue. He had grown tired of the corporate bores, talking business all night. He wanted a young filly to chat to! His beady eye caught sight of a pretty girl, young looking, with chestnut brown hair, almost auburn in shading. She was clad in a wonderfully sparkling dress, that showed off her pert young figure and stunningly firm cleavage. She had a pretty face with big dark eyes. Showing an almost sad expression. She looked to be arguing with her male companion. Suddenly the girl turned tail and took flight past Hugo and his group. Hugo could see she was upset. He made his excuses to the other fat cats and followed her out the room.
Hugo caught up with Hilary out in the foyer. “Are you ok my dear?” He asked her kindly. Hugo was 60 and looking forward to retirement on his sunny island that he owned. He had done extremely well for himself, but he still had an approachable manner that young women found attractive. Hilary knew no one else at the party, but she needed a sympathetic ear and here was this friendly old gentleman taking the time to listen to her.
“I may have a solution to your money woes…” Hugo finally said after a long chat. “Really?” Hilary’s pretty eyes widened in wonder. “Yes, but I will need to speak with your boyfriend”
Some days later, after much nagging from his girlfriend, Hamish relented and told her what the rich old man had proposed to him and why he had stormed off the night of the party. “That dirty conniving old pervert!” Hilary cried in disgust. “I’ll never fuck him, not for all the money in the world!!” but deep down both Hilary and Hamish knew this could be the end of their money woes. Just one night with him would mean no more worry.
Time passed, court summons came and mounted up, until eventually Hamish said; “we can’t carry on as we are, we must do something.” “By we, you mean me?” Hilary asked slightly nervously. Both knew what was on each other’s mind, but neither wanted to say it out loud.
Hugo’s phone rang. “Ah-ha! I thought I might be hearing from you, Hamish!” “There are terms..” The voice on the end of the line said abruptly. “Go on” Hugo answered, grinning to himself. Already he could feel a stirring in his briefs, at the thought of Hilary’s wonderful cleavage! “I want to be there, and afterwards you disappear from our lives forever” “Agreed. But if you insist on being there I will need security outside the door, in case you cannot contain yourself.”

Some weeks later Hilary and Hamish were whisked away in a chauffeur driven car to the exclusive part of town home of Hugo! They were led into a large room, overlooking the sea. There were three flutes and a bottle of champagne waiting. A couch sat opposite the large four post bed that dominated the room. The bulky security guard left the room, closing the door behind them. Hilary hugged Hamish tightly. “I’m sorry for whats about to happen, you know its only you I want!” She sobbed. “Now, now we don’t want that make up to smear your pretty young face!” Hugo appeared, grinning and pouring the champagne. Hamish and Hilary wanted to swear and scream at the old pervert, but knew they must obey and keep dignified to get what they wanted.
Hamish sat on the couch opposite the bed his heart was pounding. He didn’t think he could bare this, but felt he could not leave this man alone with his girl. He wanted to know every dirty detail!
Hilary’s heart was in her mouth. Hamish had been her only lover and now this old pervert was running his large, soft liver spotted hands over her slender shoulders. He pressed himself against her skirt. She gasped, slightly shocked as she felt a hard prod against her shapely cheek!

Hugo was extremely excited. He was gently rubbing against her cheeks and kissing her neck. He was stiff as a board! “Come on sweetheart!” He whispered “Don’t just stand there!” Hilary knew what she must do. She reciprocated. Kissing Hugo back, their lips locked. She stroked his greying hair, he slipped his horny old hand up her silky smooth dress. Her buttocks felt amazing! So round and so pert and so smooth was her young botty! Once again Hilary reciprocated. She reached down to rub his ever hardening mound.
Hamish was staring, barley daring to blink in case he missed something. It was hell, torture agony… but then why was his own dear dick stiffening?!
Hilary was now unbuttoning Hugo’s expensive trousers. She reached in and grasped that enormous old organ sneaking away in his pants. It was so hard. She slid her small hand further in. His big balls were squashy and smooth. She could feel the rich old codger gyrating against her hand.
Hugo finally dropped his trousers and Hilary whipped down his briefs. Out sprang his eager old dick. And what a dick it was! Hilary gasped. He was big, bigger than Hamish and he was circumcised. He had a big juicy bell end that was already glistening with pre cum. He grabbed her head and impaled it upon his impressive sword. Hilary choked and spluttered as the big purple bud hit the back of her throat. It felt good for Hugo “hm hm hm hm!” he grunted happily, thrusting harder.
Hamish could see her head bobbing back and forth and could hear her choking. “Stop it!! You’re choking her!” Hamish cried. “Quiet!” snapped Hugo, remember you can watch, but I want to hear nothing from you!” he pulled out of her sweet little mouth. His big prick was slimy with pre cum and saliva. A suspended string snapped from his wide cock eye straight down into her open cleavage. “We don’t want that dress getting all dirty” Hugo sneered. Hilary got the hint and stood up slowly slipping her dress off. The dress fell to the ground with ease, revealing her stunning body. Her breasts were so firm! They were big and pert. They did not hang, they erupted from her chest like volcanoes. Hugo grinned, this was as good, if not better than he expected!
This was as bad, if not worse than Hamish had expected! His girl! She was HIS girl! This old pervert was disgusting! Hugo was now mounting his girl who was lying on the silken bed. Hamish could see her thong-clad gusset facing him and her big firm breasts pointing upwards as Hugo straddled her, chest height sinking his long hard length between her big mams. His wrinkly bum was clenched tightly. Hamish could see it thrusting into her chest and her could hear, above the heavy breaths of the rich old man, a sound almost like kissing…
With each thrust into her ample chest the long penis head popped into her mouth as her wet soft lips smacked against his bulbous helmet. She reached round to grasp his clenched buttocks and forced a finger between his reluctant bum crack, finding his tight wrinkled arsehole Hilary began working her finger in. Hugo grunted uncomfortably. “Dirty little whore” He growled, heaving his bulk over her face so that his cock was yet again forced deep into her mouth. Her middle finger was now deep in Hugo’s anus and the more he forced himself upon Hilary, the more she probed. He felt an odd tingling sensation as she stickled his prostate, she was milking him! With her free hand she caressed his ball sack. It was juicy and full of jizz! More pre cum leaked into her mouth, she did not mind the taste so she carried on milking him.
Hamish was astounded! She had not once done this to him, she was always rather more reserved in the bedroom with him! He felt slightly resentful, although this had been his suggestion!
Hugo was now fondling her thong clad gusset. Hilary hated to admit it but it felt good! His fingers expertly worked away in circular motion, teasing her clit, making her dampen to his touch. Hilary suckled harder on his fat lolly pop, her lips still making loud kissing sounds each time they smacked against the tort skin of his shiny bud.
Hugo swung round so that he could face Hamish. Now he was dunking his big heavy balls in her sweet mouth. His boner stood to attention, pressing against his large portly belly. Hamish saw properly for the first time how big his rival was. He couldn’t help but stare. The tip was huge! Swollen and fat, it looked like a big red fireman’s helmet. His length looked thinner in comparison to the big head, but it was still very long and hard. Hamish found it oddly arousing to see this sight, although he really wanted to tear this man limb from limb!
Hugo began to tit fuck Hilary’s glorious mounds once again, this time in full view of horny Hamish! It was horrible for Hamish to helplessly watch this horny old man take his girl any which way! He could see the big flattened bell end smearing Hugo’s sticky fluid all over Hilary’s chest. Hugo looked smugly down at Hamish grinning as he gyrated against Hilary’s breasts.
Meanwhile Hilary was inches away from the wrinkly anus she had been fingering! Poking her tongue out she made contact with dry crumpled skin. The tip of her tongue began tracing circles around his winking hole. He chuckled in reply “Ha-ha-haaa!” Your girl is one dirty little bitch!” He cried as he buried his face into Hilary’s crotch.
Hamish leapt up “Get the fuck OFF HER!!” he roared in anguish. At that moment two big security men stormed into the room. “Tut-tut! Remember our agreement? You may stay in the room as long as you know your place!” Hugo reminded Hamish as the two men forced him back upon the couch. “And if we have anymore little outbursts, these two gentlemen will have to stay here..” Hugo warned. The two security men looked greedily on at the hot young maiden on the bed. Hamish quickly fell back. He didn’t want any more men taking his girl. Hugo ushered the men out the room.
“Now where were we?” Hugo turned back to the frightened girl on the bed. He flipped her over so her pert backside was presented to him in the air. Hugo crouched over her and tore her thong off in one sweep. His dick was probing, almost sniffing out her freshly shaven pussy. He pushed forth, parting her juicy lips with his juicy helmet. With a grunt he sunk his full long length deep inside her. Hilary gasped as Hugo started to pump her, he was pinning her down with his round belly against her back, his pubes tickled her firm buttocks as he thrust her.
Hamish’s trousers were now straining with the pressure of his hard erection. He just had to set it free! He unbuttoned his trousers and out popped his own clean shaven prick. He was stiffer than he had ever been, although he felt hurt, angry and upset and jealous. He was also unbearably horny over the sight of this rich old man pumping his beautiful girlfriend! He lay back pounding his rock solid willy, groaning in horny anguish. This seemed to spur Hugo on. He pulled out and flipped Hilary over. “Climb upon me” Hugo ordered. Hilary obeyed. Her pert bum straddled his large muscular thighs as she elegantly rode him. Her tits were so firm they barely wobbled as she bounced on his lucky old dick. Hilary looked over to where Hamish was sitting. He looked pathetic. Tears of anguish running down his face, he shamefully pounded his penis, his fat ball bag was bouncing around slapping against his thighs. The old man’s balls were bouncing also, slapping against Hamish’s girlfriend’s perfect backside.
Suddenly Hugo felt the good old fashioned tingling sensation deep inside his balls “unnnn uhu! ON THE FLOOR!!” He shouted leaping off Hilary. She again obeyed. Kneeling down on the floor in front of Hugo she looked up at him, ready to receive what was coming next. Hugo’s breaths became deeper and more laboured as he pumped his hard meat. until, suddenly… “Huh HUUUUUUUUH HUH! YYYYYEEEEEEAH!” He groaned firing jet after jet after jet of powerful white spunk into Hilary’s open mouth and into her hot young face. This was too much for poor Hamish also. His dick exploded, shooting powerful strings of semen over his belly and even behind his shoulder onto the expensive couch where he lay. “NOOOOOOOOO!! STOP< PLASE STOP!!” He wailed.
Hugo was not done yet. Must get my money’s worth he grinned. And suddenly cascading out of his still stiff penis came hot yellow pee. It scalded Hilary’s shocked young pretty face poured down her beautifully developed breasts and cascaded down her flat stomach onto the floor. “Shame on you!” Hugo sneered as he turned and left for the bathroom. “Where’s the money?” Demanded Hamish angrily. “Dear me, the things people do for money!” Hugo chuckled from the bathroom. “Check the couch” And sure enough beneath the cushion that Hamish had been sitting upon was their money.
Hilary and Hamish could barely look at one another they were so ashamed! They left the big mansion still wet and sticky from their rude, shameful session never to return!