An Urge

I wasn’t sure why I did it I just liked to dress in the lady’s clothes. The old lady on the third floor sort of got me into it had me get a handbag from her stuff in the basement one day. I had had seen stuff like it before in old catalogs women’s panties stocking hi-heels hers were all old stuff women never wore except in pornos. She had lots of it still in packages unused. I got her the bag she wanted and went back down to look through everything. I knew I was going to try some on once I started digging through her things the things were soft sexy looking I had thoughts about sex got boners from a girlie magazine I bought

Stripping naked I tried on the stockings first pulling them on feeling a sensual sensation it got me hard hooking the garter belt around my waist the jewel I never thought I’d see I knew how it worked attaching it to the stockings. I sat back jacking off to the most powerful orgasm I ever had. Cleaning up going through more of her things I found more treasures making them my own to try on later hiding them.

After a few months of sneaking down to the basement dressing as a girl became my passion. I started thinking about cock to me it seem natural since I was playing the girl role. My cock was long enough for me to try it so I was going to. After dressing totally as a girl in the most intimate attire she had a corset, stockings the silky ones with the black seam that ran up the back of them and strapped hi heels then applied makeup fully for the first time took some time. Trying to match the look of slut from one of my fuck books black eyeliner mascara to thicken my lashes powdered blues to my eye lids and deep red lipstick transformed my boyish face into that of a fuck face slut. My cock was hard looking at my reflection in the mirror. My god I looked like a girl! I pulled on the wig I looked like another person like a real girl I would like to fuck.

Trying on the panties was out of the question my cock was so hard they would not have been able to hold it down. My cock was so hard it was dripping a constant flow of precum. As was in awe as I looked at my transformation in the full length mirror. The frills I wore clung to my body feminizing me my fuck face look made look like a fucking slut!

I took the first pictures of myself tucking my 9 inch cock between my legs to look fem at first then set my timer to pose in various positions. I never before was so turned on I was determined to try it and I wanted pictures of me sucking cock.

There was a wing back chair I used to masturbate in. I’d cradle my body between the arm rests my ass resting on one arm push my cock between my thighs and cycle my legs around my cock mashing my cock in the inner hot flesh a of my legs as I looked at the whores getting fucked in my fuck books and bring myself to climax. Only stopping when I shot my load that always landed on my face this time it was going to be different I was going to suck my first cock have my cock sucked for the first time by a nasty looking whore that was going to be me. I set my cam up on a tripod and put my camera in reach sat in the chair a few times recording and adjusting the cam to record.

I was missing one thing that was to see myself doing it. Prancing around in the basement I taped the full length mirror to the rafters over the chair so I could see myself. Then settled in the chair so my head rested on one arm and my ass was tilted up on the other shifting my body so I was able to bend it in half bringing my legs over my head. I made a few adjustments till I was able to reach my cock with my mouth. I pushed the record button and earnestly began to suck myself off.

The first time feeling hot cock on my lips my cock feeling mouth on it.

Looking up to the mirror I saw my rear sexy black seamed legs splayed around a whore face sucking cock. Trying to bend more so I could suck more of it closing my eyes I sucked on it more intently I hear myself sucking for air as I try to suck more cock. My hand reaches out for the camera I take a few still pics hoping I’m getting the shot as my body screams with the pain of being folded in half. My mouth frantically sucking cock wanting more of it in my mouth as my cock feels the sucking power of oval lips suctioning its head as I taste the syrup of precum drizzle from the head it I swallow slurp hearing the sounds of cock sucking. I open my eyes this time seeing a flush faced girl mascara running sucking cock I bring the camera up again and take a few more pictures. But my body screams with pain I have to straighten out my body dropping the camera and my legs I grab my cock and jack off looking at a hot chick with a cock in the mirror above me it only takes me a minute before I feel that pre exploding feeling that a cock feels.

I swing my legs back over my face I gasp like a girl from a slight back pain that shoots through me as my mouth makes contact with my cock it only taking a few sucking seconds and it explodes my body jerks sort of dangles and jumps from orgasm.

Cum explodes in my mouth so fast I feel it going up my nose. I gasp for air having to swallow blow out of my nose I fling my legs forward sit up spit out cum wipe it from my face. Take a deep breath. Feel for the first time what a real girl must feel.