Anna at the Building Site 2

Anna slowly pulled her knickers up, wiggling back into them and feeling the combination of her pussy juice and this stranger’s spunk soak into the silky material. Her sore little slit felt soothed by this creamy mix. ‘What a mess, I’m such a fucking slut’, she thought to herself, yanking the hem of her short skirt back down over her thighs, her expensive stockings laddered and teared. She was cupping her soft boobs with her hands, pushing them back into her bra.

The joiner was leaning against the wall, he had his phone out and was making a call to his young apprentice. “Hey, do me a favour lad. Come down to room fourteen on the first floor, bring carpenters trestle, and some cable ties. I’ve got a birthday surprise for you. If you meet any of the lads on the way, tell them to get down here too. Be quick about it.” He hung up and looked at Anna, his eyes were full of a wicked lustfulness. An expression of fear and confusion spread across her face as she stood helplessly in the middle of the empty room.

The ten minutes it took for the apprentice to arrive passed in complete silence. Anna stood totally still in the middle of the room, while the joiner walked in circles around her. As he looked his new prize up and down, he flopped his big chunky cock out between a gap in his utility belt and began working it back to a full erection. She couldn’t help but be turned on as she watched his manly hand slowly beat off his meat. She just had to slip her hand down the front of her soaking knickers and play with her aching rosebud. Anna’s fingers traced the shape of her bald mound, running them slowly over its little puckered lips. It was such a naughty sensation masturbating together. Goosebumps travelled up her back as she strummed hard on her pulsing clit with her clenched fingers. He moved up behind and whispered in her ear “you love playing with that tight cunny, don’t you girl? Bet you can’t wait to have this shoved back up you”. She felt his big cock’s head nudging against her bum. “A naughty little slut like you, needs her fuck box serviced regularly. Wank that pussy for me, get yourself dripping for daddy.”

Suddenly, the door sprung open and the apprentice walked in, followed by twelve rugged looking builders, all of them sporting huge grins on their faces. “Fuck me, what have we got here?”, one asks. Another replies “looks like he’s caught a little fuck slut for us”. The joiner announces ”welcome boys, she’s going to put in a little show for us. You wouldn’t believe how nice this whore’s cunt is. She’s such a tight little girl”. He’s still wanking his cock off up against the back of her skirt. “We’ll have her looking like a plasterer’s radio by the end of this”, jokes a builder. “Fucking hell you perv, she’s young enough to be your daughter”. “Yeah” laughs the joiner, “she’s my naughty little baby girl. She needs some punishment today lads. Isn’t she just adorable? Look at her innocent face. Hope you’ve got full loads for her today? I want to see her covered in spunk. Keep wanking that clit of yours baby, show the boys how naughty you are”. She felt strangely liberated standing there frigging her cunny in front of an audience. It was just so hot being the centre of attention. She had to resist the urge of climaxing.

“I need you to be a good girlie for daddy and strip down to your underwear. Let the boys have a perv at that hot little body”. He is now wanking his cock hard and fast, obviously getting off on the unfolding situation. Anna unbuttons her skirt and lets it fall to the ground, she slips her jacket off, standing in her best fancy lingerie surrounded by a circle of horned up builders. The good-looking mixed race eighteen-year-old apprentice hurriedly sets up the carpenter’s trestle in the centre of the room. The builders have lined up around the walls, at least half of them have already dropped their pants and are working their cocks off. Anna had never seen so many dicks at the same time. She couldn’t believe all the different shapes and sizes.

An old man, probably in his late fifties suddenly steps forward, he shudders, letting out a loud groan as a spray of spunk ejects from his old cock, splattering the dusty floor below. The sight of Anna in her underwear, her hand down her panties bringing herself off had proved too much for him. He prematurely unloaded his of sperm in front of her. There is a roar from the crowd as the old timer shakes the last drop of cum from the end of his penis. Waggling it around like a perverted flasher in front of this poor girl.

Suddenly the joiner grabs the side of her panties and in one hard yank he rips them off her ass. Her booty shakes from the violent pull. He flings her ripped panties over to the old man, “keep those as a souvenir you dirty old bastard, she won’t be needing them today”. He rips off her bra in the same manner, her full bosom shudder, exposed to all the jerking builders. She can feel the stinging pain from where her panty material ripped against the side of her hip. Grabbing her by the hair he flips her face down on to the top of the trestle. The carpenter’s trestle is not unlike the horse in a gymnasium, a flat top about a metre long with four splayed legs. The apprentice passes the joiner a handful of large black cable ties. He quickly fastens Anna’s hands to the front legs of the trestle. He positions her feet down by the back legs, and the apprentice tightens two cable ties around her ankles. Her bottom is perfectly positioned sticking out at the end, her tits squashed against of the trestle top, her round nipples poking out on either side. She is completely naked apart from her ripped stockings, her big white booty nicely displayed in the air.

The joiner runs his hands along her waist and onto her bare bottom. He gives it a good hard slap with his open palm, Anna feels the sharp sting and jerks forward. Her fleshy bum wobbling from the impact. There is a cheer from the crowd as he does it again, and again, and again. Anna lets out a load scream with each painful smack. “Take it you fucking bitch. You need punishment for being a dirty whore”, “Yes daddy I do, but please, be gentle with me, I promise to be a good girl.” Pain blossoms across her skin, red hand marks imprinted were his palms meet her cheeks. All the builders are now openly jerking their hard-ons to the sight of this sexy young slut receiving a good old-fashioned spanking. The joiner moves up closer behind her and wipes his fully aroused twitching cock over her smarting sore ass. Rubbing his dripping pre cum all over the sensitive flesh while wanking his rod into her soft bum cushions.

Anna can feel the stinging from her thrashing, penetrating deep into her skin, savouring the tingling sensation, as it travels straight to her dripping cunt. She wants that cock in her. “Please, put it in me!”, she says looking back at him, her cute eyes transfixed on the powerful hunk positioned behind her exposed rear end. “Are you ready for daddy’s cock now honey? Shall we open up that fresh twat?”. Anna feels her cheeks being pulled apart, she shudders from the tension on her sensitive skin and soaked hungry hole, her impatient clit twitching . The wet tip of his fat cock splitting open her lips as he dips his cock into her pussy. “Look how good her cunny lips look around my cock”, the builders move closer and peer down to watch him slowly slide his full length into her tight fuck box. “Such a beautiful cunt she has, look how good it milks a big dick off.” He starts giving her a good pumping, fully inserting his shaft and then withdrawing it to the point of his tip. Her soaking pussy is so accommodating and his cock is a perfect fit.

“I need a volunteer to come up and hold open my sluts bum cheeks”. A builder rushes forward, he stands to the side and stretches her cheeks wide with both hands. He turns to his apprentice, “seeing as its your birthday lad, I want you to feel this bitch’s cunt around your cock. Don’t be shy, get ready to dip it in when I pull out”. The apprentice excitedly moves alongside the joiner, his massive brown cock standing out proud. Let’s see if you learned how to fuck a little slut at college. I’ve stretched her out for you, now get that fucking young dick in her.” Anna cries “ohhhh fuuuck”, as the crowd watch the apprentice slide into her pussy. His long cock gliding in lubricated by her gushing juices and the joiners earlier deposit. Her pink lips clasping the dark glistening shaft as he tries to prove his worth to his boss, eagerly thrusting into her. “Fuck my girl fast and hard boy”, commands the joiner. “You like that baby girl, don’t you?”. She shrieks out “yesssss daddy, it’s so good!!!”. She can feel the difference in his cock, it’s slightly bent downwards, so it’s hitting her sweet spot on each poke. “You like his cock, don’t you?”. She whimpers, “yes daddy, I fucking love it”. “That’s it lad, keep up the good work, keep slamming my bitch, she wants to cum on your dick”.

“I think we need something in your mouth”, the joiner walks around and pushes her head up by the chin. She opens her mouth in anticipation and feels his meat run along her tongue, obediently she starts frantically sucking on his lollipop. There is cheers from the audience as he pushes it further and further down her throat, the joiner commands his apprentice “Keep pumping her slut box hard!”. He feels Anna suck harder each time the young dick travels further up her cunt. Her warm mouth felt so good that the cum was starting to bubble up in his balls.

“Come on guys don’t be shy, she needs some man handling”. Within seconds Anna can feel hands all over her body. Somebody’s fat fingers are running around her swollen puffy cunny lips, as the apprentice’s cock is still buried inside her and someone is massaging her ass hole. She can feel her exposed clit being rubbed rigorously making her pussy pulse with pre orgasmic spasms. Her hanging tits are being roughly groped. She can feel the wet ends of hard cocks nudging into her side and being slapped over her back. Suddenly the splash from two erupting builders’ tools shoots across her lower back, she feels a hand massage the hot seed into her skin. ‘Oh my god, I love having all my holes played with at the same time as getting fucked, I’m so full of big dicks’. Anna shivers from the sense of an orgasm about to burst. The apprentice is far up into her rubbing against her g-spot, and whoever is rubbing her clit has found just the right rhythm to drive her crazy. “‘Fuck, I can’t take it”, she tries to speak with the joiner’s cock in her mouth. “Please, can I cum now?”.

“Wait till your daddy paints your pretty face, then you can cum”, he pulls out of her mouth and starts wanking onto her stuck-out tongue. “Come on guys, I need this sluts body covered in spunk”. They didn’t need much encouragement; straight away Anna can feel hot cum raining down onto her back. One after the other the builders unload over her like she is nothing more than a cum rag. The apprentice pulls his dick out of her, the pussy lips contract as it pops out. He lines up the end of it against her tight puckered bum hole, rubbing her own juices all around the little hole’s tight lips. His muscular body convulses, he finishes with two final pumps from his hand and releases his cum, splashing it all over her cute booty hole. “Get ready for your facial you fucking slut”, the joiner slaps his open fist hard across her cheek as he stiffens up. He roars unleashing a torrent of thick cum onto her face. As his spunk continues to splash her, she feels an almighty explosion ripple start from deep inside her. Her cunny muscles clench around a builder’s fingers that have quickly found their way inside her. “Be a good girl and cum hard”, orders the joiner as he pushes his satisfied cock back between her soft lips.. Her climax shoots through her, she moans “fuck fuck fuck fuuuuuuck yesssss”. She bites down on his softening dick as she shudders from the length of her orgasm still rippling through her body.

She quivers in post orgasmic heaven, the warm sticky builders’ cum dripping over her like the icing on a cake. They step back and admire their work, her back glazed with milky sperm. Her cunt hole raw red from a good stretching. “Right, back to work you bastards, leave her with me.” The joiner grabs her by the ponytail and lifts up her drenched face. “Did you enjoy that you naughty cum slut?”. Anna looks at him, flutters her sweet eyelashes, and licks up some of his cum that has collected on her top lip. “Yes daddy, thank you”. The joiner pulls a Stanley knife out of his utility belt and snips the ties restraining her. There are sore red marks on her wrists and ankles where the tight plastic has dug into her skin. He takes out a permanent marker and scrawls his telephone number across her tits. “Ring me baby girl when you’re ready for more”. She watches as he pulls his trousers up and walks off, leaving her lost in a strange place and covered in spunk.