Anna at the Building Site 3

Almost two weeks had passed since Anna’s rough treatment at the hands of the joiner. The feeling of needing more cock had become overwhelming. She spent day and night thinking about how he had handled her. Before she fell asleep she reached for her purple dildo in the bedside drawer and used it on her damp cunny imagining it was her hunks big cock. She recalled the feeling of being watched and humiliated, and the sensation of being splattered by a group of strangers’ spunk. It was just a matter of time before she was going to use the number he had scrawled across her chest in marker pen. The number she had excitedly copied down before scrubbing herself clean.

Anna was paranoid her boss had somehow found out about her naughty experience at the school building site. He was becoming more and more suggestive towards her. It was obvious that she made his cock stir, numerous times she noticed a definite bulge in his pants when she was near him. That morning she had been daydreaming about the joiner’s cock and was permanently moist. She hoped her boss wouldn’t detect the smell of her pussy juices as they leaked into her knickers. She had on her signature above the knee pencil skirt and a lose fitting camisole top, the straps of her pink bra visible across her shoulder. The lace pattern, supporting her full bosom visible through the fabric of her top. She was feeling particularly naughty today and made a conscious effort to push her booty out when looking through the filing cabinet or bending down to open the drawers. She liked to show off her round bottom, knowing her tight fitting skirt flattered its womanly shape. She got off on the idea it made her boss weak at the knees, and she was fast becoming the teacher’s pet at the office.

While she was typing at her desk, he approached her from behind had stooped over her to check her work. She could feel the unmistakable presence of a firm penis straining in his pants being pushed against her bare shoulder. It was an awkward moment, what could she do. She felt him move it from side to side as he made obviously fake small talk as a motive to be so close to her. “The dirty pervert is rubbing himself off on me” she thought, “what the fuck does he want me to do, turn around and give him a blowie?”. Luckily her strategy of blissful ignorance had worked and he made his way back to his deck. She heard the sound of a zipper being slowly pulled down and a discrete slapping noise. She heard him mutter her name between deep breaths, “OMG he’s actually pulling one off behind me”. He was indeed working his old cock. It only took a few hard pumps before he stiffened up in his chair and splattered the underneath of his desk with his load, all the time staring at his young PA. He quickly tucked his cum covered cock back into his pants and zipped back up.

Friday was a short day at the office so at 1pm she rushed back to her maisonette flat in own. She needed to cum so badly. She knew that she should feel disgusted by her boss’s behaviour, however the truth was it had turned her on. The fact that he couldn’t hold back his urges towards her made her feel special. She relished in the idea that she made grown men’s cocks hard. She wanted one for herself, so had decided to contact the joiner as soon as she got home. It was time to get that beautiful big tool of his back to work on her.

The joiner was busy planning door frames when he felt his phone vibrate from a message alert. The number he didn’t recognise, but he couldn’t mistake those bare-naked tits. The face was cropped off at the nose, the cute little open mouth and protruding tongue made his cock twitch immediately. It was quickly followed by a text, “Hiya daddy”. His eyes lit up with excitement as he quickly tapped out “Hi baby girl, I was wondering how long it would take you to get in touch. You’re looking particularly tasty today, what a sight for sore eyes”. “Oh, thank you daddy, you like my boobs?” Another photo of her hands pushing up both her tits pops onto his screen. “Hell yeah I fucking love them”, he reaches down and starts to massage his growing member through his work trousers. “Do you like my pussy more? She misses your big cock”. He opens a close up of her perfectly shaped shaved cunny, two of her fingers with their yellow painted nails are spreading open the top of her slit to reveal hero clit. He can see her moisture coating the soft skin around her love hole.

His cock is rock hard within seconds. “Come on let’s get daddy’s cock inside you” he quickly texts back. “Do it daddy, push it in. Fuck me dadddyyyyyyyy”. “Oh fuck baby girl, I think I need to find somewhere to wank off over you right now”. The joiner heads for the nearest toilet, his hard-on aching for release from its constraint. He enters the freshly completed girl’s toilet block and locks himself in a cubicle. Unbuckles his belt and lets his trousers fall to the ground, the big thick cock springs up and he jerks it hard to her naughty photo. He snaps a shot of his hand around his length and sends it to Anna. “Oh fuck, I love seeing you work your cock”. “I’m gonna shoot a load for Anna”. “Yes please daddy, I wish you could cum inside me”. She sends him a clip of her fingers pumping into her cunt, pulling them out and playing with the wet sticky substance coating her hand. “mmmm good girl. I’m pumping it thinking about you”. “Yes please daddy. It should be pumping my pusssyyyyyy, deep”. The joiner is whacking his meat hard and fast like a dirty pervert in the schoolgirl’s toilet. “Fill me up with your spunk daddy” Anna texts as she works her pretty pussy off, ready to climax at any moment. “I want that monster in me!”

The joiner is jerking like he needs to get the cum out as fast as possible. His mind is racing with the thought of smashing his swollen dick into her sloppy delicious cunt. “I got 5 mins to blow my seed in you, be quick baby girl, milk me”. “Fuck it feels good daddy, I’m full of your cock”, she sends a clip of her purple dildo being fucked into her hole, its rubber surface coated in her oozing honey. “I’d just love to push it in you now and blow my load up you”. “Yes, please daddy. Hold me tight and cum. Use my pussy to empty your balls”. “My hands are on your buttocks bouncing you on my shaft. Your titties in daddy’s face”. “Suck on my titties daddy”. “Faster you little slut. You need to cum hard and fast”. Anna is strumming on her engorged clitty with her three fingers, rubbing her way to climax, with the dildo pushed all the up her. “I love it so fast! Fuck I’m almost there, Ahhhhhhh”. She arches her back and her legs shaking in anticipation of the joy about to shoot through her body.

“My pussy will milk your cock dry. Can you feel it clenching on your dick daddy?”

“Fuck yes bitch, grind your clit on me”

“It feels so fucking good daddy, yesssss”

“Tell me when you’re cumming, I’m ready whore”

“I’m almost there daddy, let’s count down, 10”
“I’m gonna spray all over my high viz baby, 9”
“Quick, 8”
“Fuckkkkk yeah, 7”

“Daddddyyyyyyyyy, 6”

“You fucking slut, 5”

“mmmm, cum on my face, 4”

“Get ready to take the spunk slut, 3”

“Make sure it’s moisturised with daddy’s special cream, 2”

“Fuckkkkkkk, 1”

Right on cue a thick plume of the joiners cum flies out of the end of his cock, jet after jet landing over the schoolgirl’s toilet seat. Just as he is cumming the thought of all those high school students sitting on that toilet jumps in to his mind. He wonders how many frustrated young girls in the future will lock themselves in that cubicle, hitch up their skirts and put their hands down their cotton panties to play with their fresh cunts. Anna also managed to time it perfectly. Within seconds a wave of cum was washing over her. Starting in her well stuffed pussy and rushing down her spine. She needed that so badly, letting out a sequence of little screams as the orgasm pulsed over her skin. “Damn that was nice daddy”. “You’re a fucking dirty cum slut”. “But you like me that way daddy. You wanked in a school toilet. You fucking dirty perv”. “You’re getting some of this perv’s dick later. Send me your address, and I will pay my little whore a visit after work”. “Ohhhhhh, okay daddy”.

As soon as it was the day’s work was done the joiner jumped in his pickup and rushed to the address Anna had sent him. He couldn’t keep his hand off his crotch as he drove. Giving his twitching cock little squeezes with his left hand between gear changes. As promised the front door of her flat was unlocked. Still in his dirty work clothes he entered the hallway to find Anna sitting on the stairs directly opposite the entrance way. She looked amazing, dressed just in a little micro skirt and black leather chunky ankle boots. Her legs spread wide, finger fucking herself. As he walks towards her, she looks straight at him still pleasuring her wet cunny, “I couldn’t wait till you get here daddy.” The joiner moves closer and tries to kiss her, but she takes his head in her hands and guides it straight to her pussy. “You must be thirsty daddy; I got the juice”. He enthusiastically laps at her fanny hole, french kissing it like it was her mouth. He can feel how horny she is, her pussy is completely soaked. There is even some on the stairs, a little puddle of his girl’s juice. His face is now drenched as he frantically buries it between her legs. He wants to insert himself inside Anna, so that she becomes part of him.

He pulls the hard cock from his work trousers and moves up to kiss her with his mouth all shiny from her pussy juice. Anna can taste herself on his lips. She sucks hard on his tongue while he roughly pushes his dick in her pussy. He holds her by the waist while ferociously pounding into her love box. She knows that she will be bruised tomorrow from the stairs digging into her back, but she doesn’t care. All she is worried about is focusing on the humping she is receiving a from this man. Only his big cock can provide what her little pussy needs. Fucking on the stairs creates the perfect angle and the joiners dick is hitting hard on Anna’s sweet spot. His big swollen end bumping into it on every thrust. One hard push and she screams and squirts all around his cock and onto his trousers. He feels the gush of warm liquid cascade down his shaft. The pressure of its release makes him fuck her harder. Anna loves the way he’s fucking her, rough and hard, and the only thing on his mind is to pump her till his seed flows into her. He dips three fingers into her pussy alongside his dick to stretch it even wider. When Anna starts to be really loud, he pulls them out and shoves them inside her mouth to shush her. The little slut is still moaning so he uses his other hand to choke her delicate neck. His dirty hands leaving dark smudges on her throat. Suddenly she cannot take anymore, and she starts to cum, arching her back and pushing her big breasts into his chest. He can feel her pussy clamp tightly around his cock, making thrusting into her almost impossible. This extra clenching triggers him to spill his spunk deep inside her.
He collapses, laying on top of her pushing her into the ridges of stairs even harder. Both panting they stay in this position for a few minutes. Anna licks his salty neck and he gives her a small hickey so people at work will know she belongs to him.

The joiner slowly withdraws his cock, leaving her cunt dripping with his cum. There’s so much of it after a whole afternoon at work thinking about fucking her, but that’s what his little cum bucket was designed for. Standing back he admires her sloppy gash. He takes a picture of her looking like a well-used whore, then takes his trousers off and throws them on her face, “Wash these slut”. Anna can feel the top half of them is damp from her squirt and her juices dripping from his heavy balls when he was fucking her. He smothers the dirty wet pants into her face. Gasping for air she can taste and smell the potent mix of their juices as she breaths in. The joiner leaves her with his trousers covering her face and takes himself to the bathroom for a shower. Anna stumbles to her feet and like a good housewife throws the trousers into the washing machine. Cum is still dripping from her pussy down her thighs. She savours the feeling of them brushing and sliding as she walks. She looks down and can see how shiny they are. She slips the tiny skirt off and leaves it on her bedroom floor. She smiles to herself when she notices it too is covered in his spunk. Opening her underwear drawer she picks out her favourite pair of panties. An expensive pair of purple silk knickers with black lace edging. Even just sliding them up her legs and onto her bottom makes her feel so sexy. She shivers as the soft silk encloses her bum cheeks and rests against her still twitching cunt lips. In just her panties she puts on a stripy apron to finish off the dinner she had planned for their first proper date.

The freshly showered joiner walks into the kitchen and sits by the table watching Anna silently. His cock is growing again from seeing her walk around the kitchen with her cute silk clad ass sticking out. The sides of her boobs revealed by the apron and the red marks on her back left from their earlier fuck. His dick has now become fully erect, poking out from between the gap in his towel. “You forgot to clean the stairs. Do you want me to slip because your cunt can’t keep my load inside? I think you need to be punished.”
He stands up, Anna looks at his proud tool ready for action again. Slowly pumping his cock with one hand he takes a wooden spoon out of the pan of gravy. “Bend over bitch”. Anna obediently bends over the sink, pushing her ass out for him. She feels her silk panties being pulled down over the back of her bottom and fall to her ankles. Then the sting and slap of the spoon covered in hot gravy making contact with her skin as the perverted joiner starts to administers a spanking.

She feels the hot and thick liquid splash on her ass cheek, letting out a squeal on each strike. It hurts, but she knows she deserves it. Her pussy is twitching, and her little screams start to sound more like moans. He notices it and spanks her harder to see her reaction. She pushes her ass up in his direction ready for more, and he puts his hand on her stomach, feeling her muscles clench when he hits her. Each time he spanks her harder and harder, sliding his hand down her stomach onto her used pussy hole. He roughly man handles her cunt lips as he watches her big soft bum ripple on each strike. The hot gravy dribbling down the back of her thighs revealing the red impression marks of the spoon across her ass. Anna moans loudly, “it feels good daddy”. He sees the tears streaming down her face from pain, but he won’t stop, she needs to be punished. He pushes his fingers as deep inside her as he can get them, feeling how intensely her pussy reacts to pain every time he hits her with the spoon.

Suddenly the joiner gets a new idea and he throws the spoon into the sink. He slaps her ass a few times with his bare hand spreading the sauce all around her sore butt. He notices how badly he has marked her skin from hitting it with the spoon, “oh well, at least you’ll remember to clean after yourself you dirty slut”. Anna looks down at her feet, her best silk panties are splattered with the gravy that has dripped down her legs. From the corner of her eye she watches as he dips two fingers in the gravy pan. She gaps as without warning he quickly pushes them into her ass hole. Anna screams from how hot the gravy feels in her poor butt. He moves his fingers around stretching her hole and lubing it up. “Now I’m gonna claim that ass as my own, I think it’s time we got a big cock up your tight little shit hole”. He pops his fingers out and quickly replaces them with his dick. “Yes baby take my cock up your bum!”. He pushes it deeper and deeper, forcing the warm gravy far up into her hole, it gushes out between his shaft and her tight lips as it plunges in. He can feel his third load of the day ready to blow inside her ass.

It hurts poor Anna, but the feeling is overwhelming. Her hand has automatically found its way onto her cunt and she is working on her clitty hard. The rhythm of the slamming is driving her crazy. His cock’s thick trunk really stretching out her puckered ring, filling her tunnel up with meat. “You like fucking my tight ass daddy?”. “Fuck yes baby, I’m gonna spunk right up it”. “Fuck dadddddyyyyyy, I need to cummmmmmm!”, Anna pushes back hard onto his dick. He looks down and sees her little bum hole swallow his whole length. The stretched pink lips clasping tight around the very base of his shaft. The joiner shouts, “Cum with my cock up your ass hole slut”, as his hot seed blasts deep into her bowels. She feels his hot spunk mixing with the gravy inside her. She screams, “fuckkkkkkkkk”, as his cock stiffens up while it continues to pump her full of cum. She shudders as her orgasm breaks through her body, only then realising just how full her ass hole is. Both of their bodies convulsing over the kitchen sink, as they cum together for what felt like minutes.

Anna, still with his cock in her butt, turns around and looks at the joiner with her cute eyes, “I love your cock daddy, it fits me so well”. She takes a deep breath and makes a little whimpering noise as he slowly retracts his dick out of her. The joiner pulls her messy silky knickers back up her legs, “let’s get these back on you honey”. She squirms as she feels spunky gravy mix squidge against her pussy and ass. He gives her bum a little affectionate smack, “You’re such a good baby girl, perfect for me”. Anna bounces up and down on the spot excitedly as he continues to pat and fondle her bum cheeks. “Now baby, time to finish dinner, Daddy’s hungry”.