Another Pantyhose Tale

I come home from work to find two pretty dresses complete with hosiery and shoes lying on our bed. You are in the bathroom applying makeup and tell me to jump in the shower. You explain that we have the house to ourselves tonight and you want to seduce your “girlfriend”. I quickly undress, join you at the mirror and shave my 5 o clock shadow from my face.

You mention that I have become a little hairy down under and should trim my genitals. I do as requested and then jump in the shower. After you dry me off with the towel making sure you spend extra time around my super soft balls, you give me a nice soft kiss letting it linger on my lips for an extra second.

You then make your way to my nipples where you gently swirl each one in your mouth with your tongue. I caress your head, neck and shoulders moaning in the joy of your obvious expertise in milking my nipples to their erectness. You reach down and find me growing larger by the second and start stroking me to assist its growth to a full erection.

You then ask me if I want to be your girlfriend tonight to which I respond, “Oh yes!” You guide me into our bedroom and pull open the top drawer of your dresser. You remove a very sexy silk lace half bra and instruct me to place it over your round creamy mounds. I do and reach behind you to fasten it in the back. This pulls you into me and you enjoy burying your face into my thick, hairy chest. You wrap your arms around me and hold yourself to me as I run my fingers along the material.

You then tell me that it is my turn and reveal another bra from your dresser. This one is a push up bra that has lace trim along the top and is thin soft silk. I watch as you place it over my nipples and you instruct me to turn around so that you can fasten it behind me. Once you have completed that, I turn toward you and realize that my breasts have been lifted and I actually have some cleavage with very erect nipples straining to poke through. You lean in and take each nipple in your mouth and use your teeth to caress me and the material.

You tell me that I look quite sexy and you hope that you can fuck my titties the same way that I do you from time to time. You then guide me to the bed where we both sit down and you reach ffor the two pair of matching sheer, shiny pantyhose that are sitting on the bedspread. You explain to me that these are very expensive pantyhose made overseas and are usually purchased for only the jet set ladies of the world!

We open our packages that are softly scented with roses and are both in my favorite shade of a dark taupe or pecan. We then gather the legs up and slide our foot into each leg and begin to pull them up our legs. The exquisite feeling of fine silk elegance is wonderful. As we both slide our other leg into these regal hose, I tell you that I feel so special that you have taken the time to allow me to further my fantasies in this way. You explain that I will be making you feel very special in a little while.

I then discover that my pair of hose are crotchless and look between your legs to confirm my most hopeful dream. You smile and say that even the most famous ladies in the world deserve to feel as sexy as we do. I then make final adjustments to my fitting and ask where the seam is on my butt. You then tell me that these hose are seamless and sheer toe to waist. There is nothing but sheer silky pleasure for viewing and nothing to interrupt a lustful person’s search under a dress or skirt.

I am so hard and horny now that you take a dabble of my precum leaking thru my hose on your fingertip and place it on my offered tongue. You instruct me to take it easy since it is going to be quite a while before I am allowed to ooze my cannon. You tell me that I don’t want to stain the new dress you have bought for me today, at least not yet.

We then stand and you tell me that the sexy red satin v neck dress is mine to wear for you and the matching 3 inch fuck me pointed toe pumps are mine as well. I pick up the dress and slide it on surprised to find out how well it fits me. It accents my breasts perfectly and there is just a hint of the lace on my bra showing. I feel so hot and tell you so. You then point out that the hem of the dress is halfway between my knees and my hot pussy which you so want to have tonight.

I then watch you slide into a blue and white sheath dress that has an even shorter hem than mine and reveals a lot of your steaming upper thighs! You tell me that your dress is unlined and that in certain light I should be able to see all of your body features through the material. This makes me even wetter than I am and tell you that I am making my hose very damp. You ask if I need to dry up a little and I say yes.

You kneel down sliding the wondrous fabric of my dress up my silken legs and pull the waistband of my hose out and force your face down slightly and begin to suck me dry. You only engage the tip of me which is sweet torture but I enjoy it. You then move your face to the outside of my hose and suck the small patches of precum through the pantyhose making sure that I am without leakage.

You slide yourself up my body making sure that your tongue accepts my silk and satin covered nipples gently. I moan and beg you to suck my nipples but you run your tongue along my exposed chest line until you find my ear. You whisper that I cannot have any wet patches directly on the satin material where my nipples are. You allow my dress to fall back down my legs and push me onto the bed.

You then tell me that you bought my shoes first today and picked out the dress to match. Your fetish for shoes is something that turns me on frequently and I know that you must have enjoyed your afternoon shopping for your woman. I offer you a foot and you slide the red leather pump on me and fasten the buckle at my ankle. You then repeat the same motion on the other foot and ask me to stand.

I do and am amazed at how comfortable they are to stand in. You tell me that you spent just an hour at your favorite shoe store in search of the perfect, comfortable fuck me pump so that I would enjoy wearing them all evening. You spent another hour searching something for you because you had already found your dress on line earlier in the day.

I watch as you place royal blue 4 inch sexy closed toe pumps on your taupe, silk covered feet. You look so hot and sexy that I want to be inside of you now! You decline my offer and tell me that we are about to enjoy a candlelit dinner in our dining room. You guide me by the hand down the hall where I notice that the table is set for two side by side.

You pull the scrumptious dinner from the oven where you kept them warm and place it on the table asking me to pour two glasses of the chilled wine in the fridge. I do so enjoying the sounds of two pairs of stiletto pumps making their way across the hardwood floors. It sounds very sexy and exciting, especially since I am one of the contributors to this fuckable noise!

I pull out our chairs and you instruct me to sit down as a regal lady should, you softly brush your hands across your ass and under your upper thighs to smooth the dress material out and away so that you are not bunching it up.

I do as you show me and we begin our meal. Heavy petting, touching and flirting go along with our conversation as the night becomes dark and the reflection of the many lit candles throughout the house cast shadows about us. You tell me how sexy I look tonight for you and want to bed me fully clothed.

I tell you that I feel so hot for you, thank you for taking the time to shop for me and that I feel prettier and sexier than anytime of my life. I accept your fuck fest invitation and give you a deep throat passionate tongue kiss lasting several seconds. I feel your hand upon my upper thigh as you stroke the satin material up and down my hosed legs. It feels so incredibly feminine that I am leaking steady streams of love juice into my hose.

I tell you this as my own hand seeks the hair spilling over your crotchless hose between your legs. I continue to fondle you as our kisses become inseparable while our tongues search each other’s mouths. You tell me to slow down and finish our dinner because you want me to enjoy being a woman for a little longer. You explain that you are just as sexually aroused seeing me dressed this way and want to enjoy the tantalizing views and thoughts of a bisexual relationship with me.

We continue to leg pet and caress each other as we adjourn to the living room couch. You tell me that you have picked out a special and favorite adult video for us tonight from our collection. It is one of two attractive British heiresses who are very naughty at a formal ball. We watch as the two lovely ladies enjoy and explore each other’s bodies while wearing clothing and hose similar to what we both wear tonight. You tell me that you see me as the one who is more submitting and yourself as the one who is more commanding.

This gets me incredibly turned on because you already know that we have had this same conversation while finger fucking each other during previous viewings. I am so hot and you turn to give me a forceful and demanding kiss ramming your tongue deep into my mouth. I accept your tongue and begin to suck it just as if I was giving you a blowjob! This excites both of us so much that we continue to search each other’s bodies by hand listening to the 2 ladies talk of their pleasures!

You then turn off the TV and tell me that it is time that we make our own memories and pleasures and that you want me to act like the slut that I am. I beg you to reach up my dress and touch me where I ache because I am so hard. You tell me no and that you want to really enjoy teasing me! You then begin to trace your tongue lazily across my chest between the v in my dress slowly making your way down to the point. I hold your head to me as I find your soft cleavage in my hand and squeeze your mound so that your nipple becomes erect in my fingers.

You tell me how beautiful I am in this dress and that my hose are so dark and sexy, you cannot wait to put your tongue in my pussy. I am just streaming loads of cum into my hose and starting to stain my dress but know better than to tell you this. I enjoy your hand petting my legs making sure, once again, that I enjoy the feel of satin caressing the very fine silk hose. I pull you deeper into my bosom and feel you biting my nipple and squeezing my soft mound. You huskily tell me that my tits look so hot underneath the satin dress that you will probably be fucking me from behind while squeezing my bra encased mounds in a little while.

I move your head off of my chest because all of this talk from you has pushed me to the point that I must have your sexy, life giving tit in my mouth. I run my fingers under the dress and sexy bra and pull one glorious mound out of its pretty prison and place as much as you into my mouth that I can. You sigh as your fingers find the inside of my thigh where the crotchless hose ends and my soft waiting scrotum skin waits.

You begin to softly trace my line from balls to butthole leaning over to whisper in my ear that even an heiress deserves a good fucking when she can get it. I sigh and suck your breast squeezing it with my hand to force more into my mouth. You shudder at the sudden delight of my hands kneading your succulent tit and find my hole with a fingernail.

I beg you to enter me like I deserve and you softly whisper no. You then slowly caress the outside of my anus while trying to concentrate on the fact that most of your breast is being sucked harder than you have ever experienced. You begin to gently pull me from you and pull my mouth to you for a very rough passionate kiss. Taking my face in both of your hands, you look me in the eye and say that every pretty dressed and sexy woman should know how to eat pussy in the palace.

You ask if I think that I am up to the task and I nod my head affirmative. Your loins begin to ache as you watch me make my way down to your pecan encircled legs and I use my face cheeks; lips and tongue to thoroughly enjoy the soft, electrifying silk gently caress me. I push the hem of your short dress up and continually peek all the way up between your thighs knowing you are watching me. I feel you softly plunge a fingernail into my pussy and then withdraw several times, making me to beg for further penetrations.

Your thighs fully part to reveal a very damp spot of hair peeking at me through the crotchless hose. I very slowly make my way to the spot where pantyhose ends and your soft skin begins. I trace the outline of the crotchless hose with my tongue, circling a few times making sure that as I pass over the top part that my mouth is open and I exhale directly onto your love tunnel!

The sensation you experience from this forces you to fall back on the couch and just concentrate on your bi lover giving you what you so much desire.

I make soft, dashing darts with my tongue to various parts of your pussy lips, clitoris and the center of your hole without ever diving in. You beg me to penetrate you with my tongue or finger, “Just enter me” you demand! I ask if I am being a good heiress lover. You repeat yes, yes, yes and order me to penetrate NOW! I begin to play with each pussy lip with my tongue making sure my hot breath is passing across all wet areas that you have oozed on. This causes you intense pleasure as I finally begin to separate your pussy walls with my tongue.

I feel your hand force my head down into your pelvis hoping for more pressure but I just retract my tongue bringing my lips to your pussy lips for a passionate kiss of steaming heat. You tell me to eat your pussy now like a good girl or no climax for me. I do as you ask and find your clit with my tongue as I deep dive three fingers all the way to the knuckle on my first thrust! Your hips lift you off the bed with this soft to hard motion and you yelp in deep pleasure! Your lower body falls back on the bed accepting its fuck fate and you immediately take up the pounding rhythm I have set.

You look down at me and can only see the top of my head between your thighs but enjoy the prettiness and sexiness of our dresses and our taupe covered legs ending in those oh so sexy fuck pumps. You caress my back and butt covered by the pretty satin dress with your taupe encased hosed leg. This just enhances the feminine feel of two lesbian lovers pleasing each other.

I feel your heels brush me in several places as I finger bang your panting pussy and I begin to think I am going to orgasm. I tell you this and you instruct me to put my ever hard cock inside of you right this moment. I quickly turn around as you expose my hard penis under the waistband of my pantyhose and guide it to your sopping love hole. I moan deeply and bury my face in your pretty dress at your shoulder and neck and feel you pull my hips into you! My hardness fills you up! I continue to thrust into you as deep as I can while enjoying both the pleasure of penetration and you pulling my ass to you.

We begin to fuck each other like the two lesbian lovers that we are deep in a forbidden romance. You ask if I can feel all of the silk, satin and lace rubbing against our skins knowing that I will just have an orgasm with those thoughts. I pound you even harder thinking of that and you ask if I can feel your penis deep inside of me.

I respond between heavy pants of yes, yes, I can!

You tell me that you only save your best fucks for pretty sluts dressed up like me and that I am always your favorite one to dress up and enjoy using me for your sexual satisfaction. I beg you to hammer your cock deeper into me and can feel some of our dress materials tangling into our wet groins.

You then ask me if I want you to cum on my dress and hose, I quickly respond begging you to stay deep in me until you begin to shoot your load. I pump you so hard and have a very easy time picturing us in role reversal and that I am pleasing your nice thick hard cock.

You tell me that you can feel one of our dresses currently caressing your pussy and starting to make its way into your hole with each dive of my dick. Though I can feel the soft material, it has become more erotic and sensual rubbing against your pussy lips and you tell me that you can longer hold back your orgasm.

I tell you that I am almost there as well but you order me to hold it. The heiress who arranges these trysts ALWAYS cums first! I really strain to hold my load feeling you rise and lower your hips to take all of me up to my nut sack inside of you. You tense up holding me tightly as I continue to pound your regal pink palace. I feel you begin soaking my pussy pounder with immense amounts of hot love juice as you tell me that you are cumming on me and in me!

With those words, I release my own hot creamy jizz deep into you repeating your name several times! I continue to pump as I feel you grab the hem of my dress with both hands and caress my hot hosed ass to enhance my climax! I fill you up quickly and we both can feel our mingled juices running down our hose and onto the bed. You beg me not to stop because another orgasm is imminent.

I continue to bang your spread legs and feel your nails dig into my ass ensuring that I will not pull my pleasing pumper out of you for any reason. The motion is more in the hips now since I am staying deeper in you. You then tell me to whisper slutty talk into your ear and I begin.

I tell you that I enjoy being your personal slut and feel special that you spend time searching for the hottest sexiest looks for me. My favorite thing is to be all dressed up and looking fuckable to you because I know you just want me between your legs. I also tell you that you secretly enjoy being with your lesbian lover since such things are always taboo at the palace. I tell you that those two ladies we watched earlier have so many dicks when they want; yet they choose to spend time with each other talking about their fuck fests.

I then tell you that like typical high society, they probably share the same men back and forth. I ask if you would like to watch a man you fucked, have his way with me. At that moment, I feel you pump me really hard and say yes. You share that one of your deepest desires is for us to share a man while we are both dressed for him. You tell me that you know that I would give him a really good blowjob since I know what feels so good.

You begin cumming on my rod again thinking of the view of your dressed up slut sucking a nice big cock while the same man eats the very hole I am hammering! Your orgasm shoots more of your hot juice through your lips and all over my cock. You hold me tight as I do you and we both slowly subside our pumping. I then lay on top of you; begin a kiss with your luscious lips and thank you for such a wondrous evening.

You then tell me that you already have a short skirt and very revealing sexy blouse picked out for me for next time. You also explain that you will be wearing the dress I have been in this evening on that night. I tell you that I cannot believe how much you have brought my fantasy to life for me and that I love you with all that is within me. You tell me that it is all you have ever wanted from me and that our fantasies are what brings us closer.