Bob, Sue and Anita’s Romance Pt. 02

By all means read the first to ease you into this one, as Bob isn’t so coy in this one.


In the morning Bob convinced his wife he was getting out early to meet up with the, “lads,” for a surf lesson (a lesson that oddly none would make except for this one lovely young lady…). Bob was relieved to find that Sue was still suffering with a migraine and had planned to spend the day in bed again.

Bob made his way across town. All night he thought of Anita and struggled with his inner sexual identity. If someone had told him two days ago what he did last night, as an archetypical red-blooded male, he wouldn’t have believed it. But he did it, and surprisingly he had wanted to and loved it. She reminded him of what it was like to be young and at long last having a holiday romance. He also had developed a strong paternal protective instinct over her. Oddly, as she had a cock of her own, he didn’t feel as though he were betraying or cheating on his wife. Was this his midlife crisis?

He arrived early at her door at 8:30 am to surprise her, plus he just couldn’t wait. He knocked and after a brief delay; he heard a squeal of delight from the inside. Anita’s head peered around the door with a beaming smile, hiding her body behind the half-open door.

“Bob, come in. I am so glad you have come early. I was worried that you would not come back and I would be all on my own again,” she said with a beaming smile. Bob squeezed passed the door into the hall. He turned to see her close the door, naked in the hallway. She turned and there she was in all her glory, boobs pert and dick dangling.

She was used to flings, barely even one-night stands. Whether just knee tremblers or being bent over and rammed from behind in car parks, or pub booths. They were often just nameless bodies passing fleetingly by. Often she never bothered to learn their names, rarely even getting to know them. She didn’t have any long-term friends, so she was used to living in the moment, without regrets. Enjoying what was in front of her at that particular time and grasping onto it. To live for those fleeting moments of thinking someone cared. Pretending to love and protect her but gone in the blink of an eye.

Anita was ecstatic to see Bob back this morning. Bob was different to her other conquests and as a result she had spent the night missing him. His warmth, his smile, and gentle disposition, she felt that he really cared. Like the paternal father she never had, a big brother and a lover all rolled into one. Unlike yesterday, today she had him all day.

She ran the few steps to Bob. Jumped up, and wrapped herself around him with her arms and legs, kissing him on the mouth and cheeks.

“It’s so good to see you, I thought it was too good to be true and you wouldn’t come,” she whispered in his ear, and then nibbled it. She dropped back down onto her feet, then held Bob’s hand to guide him to the bathroom. “I was about to take a shower, but now you can join me, throw your stuff in the hallway.”

He dropped his daysack in the hallway as she stripped his T-shirt off over his head. Soon he was also naked and his clothes were on the hallway floor. Both his excitement and his member were growing as he watched her naked body’s every move. Her small limp cock wiggling almost hypnotized Bob. Who was still finding it strange to be turned on by what should be taboo for a heterosexual man.

Bob walked into the bathroom and ran the shower, standing clear waiting for it to warm up. Anita jogged into view with boobs and sausage swaying, holding a condom in one hand and lube in the other.

“We’ll need these,” as she put the lube onto the shower’s soap shelf and kept the condom packet in her one hand.

She stepped up to embrace him with a huge kiss. It excited Bob to feel her naked breasts and body against his. He even enjoyed her little sausage brushing against his body as it teased the base of his erect shaft and dangling balls. He grabbed her tight buttocks, pulling her tightly to him.

Anita’s one hand gripped Bob’s shaft and tightly stroked it.

“I need you good and hard for this shower,” she smiled wickedly. She then dropped onto one knee, and once again she opened the condom swiftly and Anita’s mouth applied it. She stood, turned to test the water with her hand, and adjusted it slightly.

She then leaned against the wall. Thrusting her rear backward, spreading her legs wide apart to invite Bob to enter her. He ran his middle finger down her spine. Teasing her twinkling star rimmed entrance with it, she shuddered. He applied the gel lube and slid his finger in, sliding it in easier than last night.

“Mmmmm oh that is nice, you’ve learned quickly,” whispered Anita.

He added a second, just lightly rotating. She was soft and warm. He watched the water running down her hair and back, as its path trickled down her bum crevice, over his fingers, down to the floor. He needed to be inside her once more and his dick was throbbing.

He slowly pulled his fingers out. Anita wiggled her rear, enticing him. He applied some more lube to his condom wrapped stiff flag pole and engaged his tip to her little love cave. when he saw her star relax, he gently pushed with his hips and his cock slipped in.

“Oohh yesss, that’s it.” Anita almost purred as she pushed her bum further back onto him.

His hands caught her hip, and they began slowly driving into each other. Then separating, connected only by Bob’s flag pole. Bob’s dick was not massive, but inside her, she was tight around him. She waggled her shoulders and bum slightly, which transferred to Bob.

Bob found by lowering slightly and driving upwards he got a slightly smoother drive into her. In this position he could up the tempo, with Anita gasping in time with each drive, “Oh, oh, oh, oh.” He was now starting to bounce off her, with each of his drives forward, whilst she drove her ass back.

Bob reached around with one hand and felt her almost hard cock and wanked her. With a lifetime’s experience, he knew his technique was more than adequate. It rewarded Bob by growing rock hard.

Anita slapped her hands on the wall “Yes, fuck your little baby doll daddy, she’s been bad.”

“No, she’s been good, daddy needs to reward her,” Bob responded as he tightened his grip and tug on her now hard cock.” Is that rewarding?”

“Yes, yes, yes daddy, I must be such a good girl, oh, oh, oh,” said Anita, her voice revealing she was nearing climax.

Then he felt her cock pulse and she let out a huge gasping, “Aarghhhhh.” As she came, he milked the tip of her shaft, squeezing the juice out of her. Bob being turned on by feeling her warm cum on his hand as proof he had satisfied her.

Feeling his own orgasm building, he looked down to see himself pound into this beautiful creature’s peachy arse. Bathing in his lust for the fruit of this taboo. Knowing she was satisfied, he could release his own pressurised orgasm. Bob just drove forward onto her cheeks and released his erupting load. He held his shaft hard into her until he deflated. As soon as he withdrew from her, Anita turned around and sucked her cum off his wanking hand, her face beaming. She slipped his condom off and once more ran her fingers along from tip to open-end, to pour its contents into her mouth. Bob grabbed her and they kissed, open-mouthed so Bob could taste both his & her cum.

Bob pushed her against the sidewall, their flaccid dicks brushing together, her breasts on his chest. They both kissed and held each other, her hands grabbing his buttocks, pulling him into her.

Bob pulled back and applied shower gel to Anita’s hair, shoulders, hips, and a new spurt on her cock and balls. Being out of the shower stream, she soaped up quickly, laughing.

She reciprocated by lathering Bob up, washing his cock. She bent over for him to wash her bum, teasing and tickling her wet relaxed ring. Bob couldn’t believe how sensuous this was, as they rinsed off. They grabbed towels as they switched off the shower and exited.

They dried themselves and each other, laughing, smiling. Anita stepped to near the door where the hairdryer was. She stood there naked, boobs and dick swaying as she ruffled her fingers through her hair to dry it. She spellbound Bob with her beauty. She then wound her hair up into a bun and fixed it there. Bob approved with a smile as she looked gorgeous with her hair up.

Bob got dressed as Anita popped in the bedroom to return in a delicate purple one-piece swimsuit. Bob noticed no camel toe, but no dick apparent either, then she waggled her hips smiling for approval. He nodded approval and returned her smile. She slipped on a pull up short pleated orange skirt, and matching white plunging vest type T-shirt, which showed her cleavage.

“I think we need breakfast, little one,” said Bob, gathering up his daysack and sunglasses.

Anita gathered up a towel, sunglasses, hat & sun cream, purse, and they walked to the door. Just before the door, Anita turned bob around to French kiss him lovingly.

“Our last kiss, as it won’t look good in public for daddy and daughter to be kissing like that.”

They found a nice café and ordered a light breakfast. Chatting lightly in the sun then walked down the beach to find the surf school.

Bob couldn’t believe the looks Anita was getting from people as they passed. With his eyes hidden behind his sunglasses, he could see she was being appreciated by men and by the odd woman.

When they arrived at the Surf school, they were given lockers to use. They were sized up and given boards & wet suits, met an instructor, and signed some forms. Initially, they had some instruction on the sand on the beach. Then gradually progressing to the shallows, then on into deeper water and larger waves.

To the casual observer, they were just father and daughter enjoying a day out laughing and chatting. But Bob was enjoying every minute of being with this beautiful woman that he was having sex with. Whilst also having paternal feelings for her. This was his summer romance with kinky bells and whistles on. Unfortunately, tomorrow his wife would be better and it will all have to change.

Throughout the day Bob could see how timid and unconfident Anita was. Even mildly simple adventures such as jumping waves scared her. She needed encouragement to dive through bigger ones, even though she could swim well. Bob realised what she had previously meant, and she needed to boost her confidence. Although with encouragement, she got braver as the day wore on.

Anita loved being with a confident male, definitely the father or big brother she never had. His presence made her confident, even when terrified. His approving looks and nods helping her, even his sarcastic jokes that broke the ice when she wasn’t sure.

They had stopped for a few breaks with the instructor, for catch-ups and revisions. Who was very patient, giving them both hints and tips. He explained how tides affect the surf and what to look for to catch the best waves. They were soon in deeper water, sat on boards, waiting for waves. The instructor had moved onto other classes but was monitoring them. They had paid for a full day’s rental after the initial two-hour lesson. A few times they were able to hold hands when bobbing on the sea together chatting, not too far from shore. Once, when tread watering next to their boards, Anita dove underwater and nibbled Bob’s dick through his wet suit.

Finally, they were both surfed out, so they called it a day. They walked back up the beach, handed in their hired gear. They showered in the open beach faucet’s. Bob hoped they had changing rooms so they could share, but they only had tiny cubicles. So they quickly changed and headed back to a beach bar for a beer and food.

They sat in the sun in the bar, chatting whilst eating and drinking. Bob was pleased that Anita felt so relaxed with him. Noticing that she was getting admiring looks, from both male and female passers-by. She was still on a high, talking through, and repeating each little adventure, and every minor mishap. She even teased Bob over his failures. Bob loved listening and chirping in, laughing. She was brilliant company if only he could have met her 30 years ago.

By late afternoon they were still in the bar having eaten. Anita leaned over and whispered, “If daddy is ready, how would he like to return to the flat to service his daughter?” Bob was both shocked and excited. They paid the bill and walked back.

Upon entering the holiday flat, Bob dropped his daysack and Anita scampered off to the bedroom. “Pop the kettle on, Bob,” she shouted. So Bob returned to the lounge and kitchenette, wondering how she would appear tonight.

He poured the tea and sat on the sofa, just as Anita appeared naked carrying the bottle of lube. He watched her walk across to him, breasts and dick swaying, “Daddy, I’ve been bad and I need to be spanked,” she smiled.

“No, Anita, we’ve had a wonderful day, and you have been wonderful. Actually, you have been so brave today, it’s been great fun. Daddy is proud of his sugar baby doll and wants to reward her,” he said, “but she needs to tell him how she wants her reward.”

She knelt, placed the lube next to Bob. She lowered herself across his lap, face down, arse cheeks facing upwards.

“I want to be spanked, so my cheeks glow.”

Bob was now not nearly as surprised by her requests as he would have been a few days ago. So with the flat of his hands he slapped her one cheek, which wobbled in reaction, then again on the other. “A little harder, I want nice rosy cheeks, daddy.”

So he obliged, striking slightly harder, trying not to hurt, but she didn’t seem too bothered. So he increased the intensity, giving a resounding slap upon impact. Bob couldn’t believe he was enjoying this, as his cock rose with his lust.

Anita was now gasping at each strike, and her cheeks were reddening. Bob kept the slaps up with his right hand whilst his left dropped and felt for her one breast. He found her nipple stiff and erect, so he tweaked it hard between his thumb and forefinger, hearing Anita gasp.

He felt a brush on his leg, realising that Anita was growing too. He squeezed his hand between her thighs and held onto her cock, stroking her balls with his thumb. He gave a couple of tugs on her growing member. As he felt her stiffen, he released to return to spanking her again. Swapping back, returning to teasing her shaft, alternating between the two.

He synchronized each slap with a tweak, or a tease of her nipple and she responded with gasps. But no requests to stop, even with her cheeks now glowing.

He couldn’t go further, he didn’t want to hurt her, but he knew another way to excite her. So he leaned forward and kissed each cheek whilst softly stroking her nipple.

Then he dribbled lube directly onto her star ringed cave, enjoying watching it twitch, and flinch with the touch of the cold gel. Bob stroked her star with his finger, teasing around it. As it relaxed he inserted his finger, popping it in, then out, slowly, repeatedly. Anita flexed with each insertion and gasped, “Oh, oh, oh,” with pleasure.

Bob then pushed a second finger in, rotating the two whilst driving them in and out. He bent over and kissed her cheeks, she responded with a purring, “Mmmmmm.” Whilst in close, Bob felt drawn in he wanted to cross another taboo threshold before the day was out. He extended his tongue and licked her flower muscle rim, teasing it around his impregnated fingers.

Anita squirmed in pleasure and exhaled an. “Oooooh, that’s lovely.”

Then with his dick throbbing he wanted to give her more, to satisfy her before he was, to hear her moan with pleasure. He withdrew his fingers and commanded, “Stand up Anita.” She raised herself off his lap, kissed him, and stood up. Standing in front of him, looking down, with Bob level with her sausage at half-mast and throbbing.

Bob thought it’s now or never. Tomorrow it could all be different and he may regret not having experienced this with this beautiful, sexy, exotic woman. The opportunity was there for him, like it or loath it, he wanted to. Ignoring his heterosexual male programming, he wanted to cross this major threshold of taboo.

He grabbed her by her cheeks and pulled her forwards and he gathered her warm throbbing sausage into his mouth, wrapping his lips around it. He then sucked it as it grew, filling his mouth, with his lips touching her hairless torso and ball sack at the base.

“Woow…just like that, oh daddy, suck me.”

Initially, he was unsure, worried he would taste piss, but she tasted of sea salt, and a little deodorant, but nothing bad. He sucked her growing shaft between the roof of his mouth and his tongue. Regardless of crossing this strong heterosexual taboo, Bob found it turning him on. `How can I find this so exciting?’ he thought shockingly, as he enjoyed this forbidden fruit.

Anita’s hands were on his head, stroking his hair. Bob pulled back, so her little spade was just inside his lips and licked around it. Her hands then pulled him inwards, driving her now stiffened rod into him. He sucked and her cock hit his sick trigger and he gagged, coughing spittle, and strangely enjoyed it.

He pulled his head back until once again only the swaged lip on the head of her cock was in his mouth. He teasingly licked and sucked at her tip. Anita’s hands pulled him back onto her again, her cock driving to the back of his mouth. Now ready for it, he could control the gag reflex.

Anita’s cock was thankfully not too long, but bigger than his mouth the way it was hitting the back of his throat. He didn’t mind; he was enjoying hearing her moan and gasp in pleasure. His spittle lubricating her shaft, so he bobbed his head along her now hard shaft.

Bob gripped her cheeks, remembering she had ample lube, he pulled her cheeks apart. He worked a finger around, teased the rim of her little love cave, then entered her in time with the thrust of his head plunging onto her little shaft.

Anita squealed in delight, “That is so fucking good Bob, suck my cock daddy, suck me.”

As her hands encouraged him to sink her dick deep into his mouth. Bob’s tempo of the pumping cycle increased, sucking her shaft and his finger probing into her rear.

Bob was now vigorously head bobbing, so he added a second finger to Anita’s anus.

“Wooooow Yeesss,” Anita squealed. As a taste of salty juice indicated what must be pre-cum in his mouth. She withdrew her shaft until just her swaged spade end was inside his lips and a hot shot of cum spat out into the back of his throat. She then thrust him deep onto her cock as a second spurt came out.

Anita squealed in delight, “Oh Bob.” Bob gagged with his mouth full of cock and cum down his throat. He swallowed the salty fluid and pulled halfway back, still sucking to get some pressure off his tonsils. He continued licking her slippery hose in long, slow strokes until feeling her relax and deflate.

Anita’s hands pulled him up upwards by the hair. He released his fingers from her anus and let her half limp hose flop out of his lips as he stood. As soon as they were level, she plunged her tongue into his mouth and kissed him passionately, hugging him.

“Oh My God Bob, you give great head that was just about the best blow job ever.” Anita finally confirmed, “I wish I could have lasted longer, but your fingers just POW set me off. You are the best daddy any daughter could ever have.” As she returned to kissing him, enjoying tasting her cum in his mouth.

Bob was relieved she didn’t last any longer. He was at first shocked and disgusted at the broken taboo, feeling he should be ashamed. But also elated that he had sucked her cock, the one attached to this beautiful, funny person. Above all proud that at his age he had satisfied, a highly sexually experienced, erotic, woman.

Not just that, but he had enjoyed and been turned on by it. He wanted it; he wasn’t sure whether it was her climactic orgasm or how huge a deal it was to enjoy this forbidden fruit or a mix of both. He was beyond caring; he was euphoric.

Now his dick was bursting at the seams and begging for satisfaction and his balls for release. Anita’s hands fought to strip him of his T-shirt and shorts, almost tearing his boxers off. Once his dick was exposed, she plunged her mouth onto it, giving it several quick thrusts before releasing it.

She stood up and once again grabbed him and led him to the bedroom with his dick. He had to do a quick dance to release his feet from his shorts without falling over. “Now I am satisfied, it’s time for your daughter to allow daddy his pleasure,” Anita promised.

Once in the bedroom, she immediately slipped on a condom on him. Climbed onto the bed, on her hands and knees, presenting her round cheeks to him, “Come inside me again.”

Bob almost jumped on the bed, on his knees, and brought his engorged member up to her entry and drove in. She was as tight and warm as he remembered, Anita squealed in delight and a little pain. Bob started pounding her arse hard, his hands on her hips, bouncing off her rear with a slap and gasp from her. Bob’s knee slipped, dropping all his weight on her, which caused her to fall flat on the bed.

“Don’t stop daddy, stay inside.” Anita implored.

Anita was flat on the bed now, Bob led on top. She widened her legs to ease things, but Bob loved the feeling of her arse cheeks pressing on the tops of his thighs. Resting on her back, he put his weight on his elbows, slid his hands under her to stroke her breasts.

Raising his knees off the bed, balancing on his toes, he restarted pumping into her arse. She felt so good this was completely different from his wife’s pussy. Her head turned sideways, so he could kiss her cheek and nuzzle her hair and neck. She was gasping with his thrusts and giving light squeals of delight as he tweaked her nipples.

Bob was in sensual overload, pumping faster, hearing a cacophony of Anita’s voice and skin on skin slaps. Whilst feeling her soft flesh outside and her pulsating muscles inside. He felt his balls twitch with his own orgasm rising, then his shaft muscle, and he exploded into the condom again. He held his thrust and wiggled his waist into her buttocks, staying to empty his balls, then relaxed.

He withdrew and rolled onto his back, alongside Anita, who slid sideways onto him, kissing him.

“You are such a stallion, daddy; I am one lucky sugar doll.”

She again removed his condom and squeezed his cum into her mouth, then returned to Bob to kiss. They wrapped around each other, cuddling, kissing, and stroking. It was strangely exciting for Bob to feel her little warm limp hose against him.

He got up to make a cup of tea, returning to find Anita curled up under the duvet. With it still early evening, they still had a lot of time before Bob would have to make his apologies and leave. He felt a pang of disappointment at the impending loss of this erotic holiday romance, full of forbidden fruit and broken taboos.

As they sat in bed, sipping tea, Bob explained that his wife would be more than likely better tomorrow. So whilst they could still surf under the guise of his original story, as just accidental friends, he couldn’t risk 30 years of marriage.

“I know, it was the most wonderful thing. I have never felt so close to anyone or felt so rewarded in return by a gentle, kind, funny man. I know this has taken a great leap of faith from yourself, being an old straight fart.” Anita giggled.

“Don’t worry, you won’t be the first married man to leave me to run back to his wife. But you are the first to have a holiday romance with me, the first one I really cared for and the first that I want to see again. I can’t ask you to give that up, nor risk you losing it. If we meet up I will be careful with anything I say. I’d love for us to keep in touch and remain friends?”.

“I’d love that too. As far as Sue is concerned we met as surf buddies by accident. If you meet her tomorrow, I know she will like you. She always wanted a daughter after our son. Unfortunately, as sons run in both our families, we stuck to one. Let’s swap phone numbers then if I can’t meet you for 9 in the morning for another surf lesson I can let you know. Plus, you can share your latest photos with me, please?”

Teacups set aside they swapped numbers, curled up, kissed, and cuddled and dozed.

Bob came round dozily, feeling Anita’s hand stroking his swelling sausage, as it responded to his waking from slumber. “Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you, Bob. It is just so nice to lie with someone so caring and gentle. If this is what a genuine relationship is like, then I definitely want one now. My group sex, cum bucket days are over.” Anita stated as she gently worked her soft hand on his now enlarging shaft.

Anita leaned over to kiss him, continuing to masturbate his throbbing and growing shaft stiff. Once stiff Anita dropped her head and began sucking his flag pole that pointing to the ceiling. She pulled up, then he felt a little tickle on the end of his shaft and her mouth wrap down again. She had loaded him with another condom!

“Top girl, you cheeky monkey,” chuckled Bob.

She led on top, legs straddling him, and kissed him and with a wicked smile said, “Well, I couldn’t miss one more opportunity for daddy to fuck me.” Pecked a kiss on his lips and sat up. He could feel her dampness from early on his torso.

She raised herself up, shifted backward, squatting just over his flagpole. He felt her fingers guide her onto the tip and hung there for a short while, as she got into a comfortable position. She then slowly slid down his shaft, “Mmmmmm.” Once again her tight love cave slid on Bob’s shaft until her buttocks bottomed out on him, “How does that feel?”

“Oh, bloody marvelous you gorgeous girl you,” Bob said looking up at her. Her hair flowing down her shoulders, over her breasts, and there resting on his lower belly was her limp little sausage again. Bob was feeling more at ease seeing it, being aroused, excited, and attracted by it and her shrunk little ball sack and the vision sat on him. Bob thanked god it wasn’t an 8 inch whopper with a shopping bag dangling holding two huge oranges in it.

Anita rocked back and forth, Bob could feel him sliding inside her and she beamed with pleasure at the gentle rocking. Bob couldn’t resist, his one hand quietly fondled her breasts and his other twiddled her limp sausage. Teasing it back into life, still slimy from her earlier orgasm, he enjoyed feeling the blood pumping back into it as she rocked on his shaft.

As her shaft filled, he was now lightly stroking it back and forth until it was stiff. He wrapped his hand on it tightly, pushing and pulling in time with her grinding their hips. Anita let out a whispered, “MmmmmMMMmm.” With her head tilted back, her hair falling off her shoulders to round behind her. Her eyelids half closed as she focused on the pleasure of their physical contact.

Bob felt her love tunnel muscles tighten as she rose up, and then down slowly on his flagpole. This was lovely as he matched her rhythm on her own now rigid shaft, hoping to see her erupt again. She was now quietly gasping with each deep insertion into her. “Oh, oh, oh, oh,” rising herself higher but making sure Bob’s tip always remained inside her. She reached her arms behind her, rested her hands on Bob’s knees. She could now support her weight as she increased her tempo. Her hair waved freely behind her. “Umph, umph, umph, umph,” she grunted as her cheeks slapped onto Bob’s damp crotch.

Bob dropped her shaft out of his hands to fondle both of her flattened breasts and it landed on his lower belly with a slap. It continued to slap repeatedly in unison with each landing of Anita on his shaft. This excited him, having a cock slapping on him, whilst he fucked her up the arse. Breaking another heterosexual taboo, but he no longer cared, he had now scrapped his male heterosexual programming. Looking up at this wonderful woman he was now pumping with renewed energy and adrenalin.

As Anita dropped herself once more, Bob raised his hips. The two meeting in the middle, Bob grunted and Anita squealed. Bob felt her tunnel muscles grip him and relax as they separated. The two of them repeatedly pounded their hips together. Bob, dropping his hands, grabbed her hips, wanting to see her breasts bounce in unison with her shaft slapping on his stomach. Whilst feeling her tight stroke as they met, then rise separating and repeat, and repeat, and repeat. He felt that tingle in his rigid flag pole with his orgasm climaxing. He wanted to pleasure this wonderful woman but couldn’t hold back. At their next engagement he held onto her, releasing into her. “Aaarrrghhh Anita,” he exclaimed.

But she hadn’t cum, he hadn’t satisfied her. He was frustrated with himself and disappointed. He wanted her to cum; he needed her to cum, to prove his manhood, to prove that he could satisfy her. In desperation, he withdrew his relaxing member, lifted her whilst he slid down the bed for her to sit high onto his chest. With one hand he masturbated her into his mouth. Holding her short staff, wanking her fast and hard, whilst licking and sucking on her tip.

Anita exclaimed, her voice rising with each word, “Bob, Oh Bob, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming.”

Bob released his grip, grabbed her waist, and pulled her higher up his chest, opening his mouth to accept her stiff shaft inside, closed his lips tightly around it and sucked hard. Anita fell forwards over his head, grabbing onto the headboard of the bed. She thrust her hips into his face, pulling up, just enough to keep her inside his mouth, then driving back down, fucking his face. Anita grabbed and screamed into a pillow, “Aaaaaaaaaa.”

Bob felt the pulse of her rod, then a spurt of salty cum in his mouth. He gripped her buttocks and held her tight onto his face, sucking hard as a second blob of cum entered his mouth. He sucked her to her last drop and then released her as her shaft deflated.

Anita rolled off of Bob, who climbed up the bed, to lie alongside her and they kissed passionately. “Fucking hell Bob, for one old fart you can get down and dirty, you are the best.” She kissed and hugged him.

She snuggled up half on him, lying on his left side, head on his shoulder, kissing him. Bob wrapped his left arm around her, stroking her back, feeling shocked. Has he really just been face fucked by a woman with a cock, not only enjoying it, but he instigated it! Slowly he drifted off to sleep, listening to her breathing.

Bob’s alarm rang at 10 pm and they had one last long lingering kiss and he got dressed, gathered his gear, and headed out, back to Sue, his wife, signaling the end of their holiday romance…