Dickgirl Diaries 2


A high school girl born with a genetic defect finds love closer than expected. Read part 1 first 🙂

////////// Chapter 2 //////////

We didn’t talk about it after that and we never said a word to Tea either, and I was rapidly starting to feel uneasy about what had happened. It didn’t help that Paulina’s responses to my texts were as minimal as they possibly could be, and didn’t give out any hint of her true feelings or thoughts. So, I was happily surprised when Paulina invited me for a sleepover the next Friday.

Once we were alone in her room I was disappointed to find that she wouldn’t immediately strip naked, like she had used to in the past weeks and months. I didn’t have the courage to be the first to get nude, and I was once again starting to wonder if something was amiss.

After we had sat on the sofa in awkward silence for a time, she finally spoke.

”I think I’ve got a confession to make,” she said.

I watched her in silence, scared of what she might say.

”I don’t really know how to say this, but… no, forget about it,” she continued.

”What?” I insisted. ”Please… tell me.”

”No, I… I don’t want to destroy our friendship, if I haven’t done that already.” She sounded nothing like her usual overly happy self.

”You haven’t destroyed anything,” I assured her. ”Just say what you were going to say, you can say anything to me, you know that.”

”Fine,” she accepted her fate, sulking. ”Okay… you’re my best friend, but… I like you,” she said. ”You’re still my best friend, but… understand?”

I responded, ”No,” even though I thought I did understand, but I just wanted to hear her explain it.

”You’re my friend, and I love you,” she continued. ”But at the same time I want… I’d want to…” She hesitated.

I wanted to kiss her so bad. I had never kissed anyone, and I had no idea how it was done, but I just knew I wanted to kiss Paulina. But despite the fact that she had given me a blowjob, I didn’t dare to. My insecurity was too deep.

”This is kinda hard, don’t you think?” I asked with a nervous smile.

”Yeah…” Paulina whispered, then after a moment of silence asked, ”Do you… like me?”

”Yeah,” I sighed.

She answered that with a sweet smile, and the mood was instantly lighter.

”Shall we strip nude already?” she asked.

”Let’s do that,” I responded.

We took our clothes off, and despite my nervousness I was quickly aroused to full length upon seeing her bare body. We watched a few episodes of Futurama, sitting on the sofa just like we had the last time I had been there, in opposite corners and facing each other. I loved laughing with Paulina, and I simply just loved spending time with her.

At some point I felt her foot on my skin again, but this time I didn’t jump in shock. I had been secretly hoping for it all night. Her toes caressed my buttocks and my inner thighs with great delicacy, as if she was trying to tickle me. I found a courage I didn’t know I had in me, and reached with my own foot, intentionally touching her body for the first time. As I did, she parted her legs and smiled mildly.

I traced her thigh gingerly all the way up to her buttocks. Her skin was unbelievably soft and smooth, as if made for caresses. My eyes were fixed right between her legs, though. Her little girly cunt looked enticing, like some tiny paradise vale. With her legs spread like they were, another pair of lips was peeking from between the outer, skin-colored ones, all bright pink and glimmering.

My toes were only inches from her nether regions, but I didn’t dare touch her there. Not even when her foot moved between my thighs, and began caressing my scrotum. Her touch on my sensitive balls felt great, and involuntary moans escaped my lips. I looked her in the eye and found her smiling a warm smile, though there was also something provocative in the look on her cute face. My eyes dropped lower once more, irresistibly drawn to her pretty pink cleft. I stroked her plump buttocks and her smooth thighs, her groin and her crotch around her slit, never touching the sweetest spot, no matter how much I wanted to. I was afraid of shattering the illusion, and the moment ending. Paulina’s pussy was a taboo to me. Somehow I just knew how soft and lovely she would feel there, and I was dying to try.

Finally, as she began massaging my balls under her sole, I found the courage. I brushed against her pussy with my big toe. Her nether lips were soft as a baby’s bottom. And she was hot down there, just incredibly hot, as if there was a furnace inside of her. She let out an acceptive hum, making no move to stop me, and kept up her caresses.

I was afraid of hurting her and I just shyly felt her up, not really knowing what to do. Her pussy seemed so delicate and vulnerable. I wondered how its warm softness would feel against my dick, and the thought made me shiver.

Suddenly we heard the front door open downstairs, and I pulled my foot back.

”Damn, they weren’t supposed to get home yet,” Paulina said annoyed, as her parents noisily made their entrance. ”Hi!” she called out. We heard a vague response from downstairs.

We jumped in her bed and burrowed under the blankets, despite the fact that Paulina’s parents never came in her room. Her bed was nice and soft, the kind that you could just sink into, not quite as big as a double bed, but easily wide enough for two teenage girls. We lay face to face and holding our breath, as if someone had just been about to catch us doing something illegal. I smiled at her nervously, but behind her smile, there was only warmth and love.

”Should we continue?” I more sighed than said.

She didn’t respond, but she got closer, and closer, until our naked breasts pressed together, and I felt her hot breath against my face. Her face smelled of sugar and cinnamon. I tensed, knowing what was about to happen. My eyes were locked on hers, but I kept taking inadvertent glances at her ample lips. Only a few inches and our mouths would meet, and I’d experience my first kiss. I held my breath. An inch. I closed my eyes.

And then her mouth was against my mouth, and warm and cold shivers traveled up my spine. It was hot under the covers but her mouth was even hotter, almost burning me. Her lips embraced mine, and I moaned in her mouth and shivered with heat. It felt like I was letting her in a very private zone, but also like that was right where she belonged.

As we kissed her hand fumbled between my legs, until I felt silky fingers close around my rigid shaft. I jerked, and sighed deeply as her hand began moving up and down. There were footsteps and other noises coming from downstairs, but the sounds felt like they were coming through a wall and didn’t concern me.

I let my fingers trace down her side, until I felt the curve of her hip and butt. With a trembling hand I continued between her legs, drawn by the intense heat radiating from her nether parts. As my fingers touched her pussy she stopped, and stared at me with those beautiful blue eyes of hers, her mouth open and her breathing heavy. Then she kissed me again, even more passionately this time. Her hand stroked my sweaty cock faster and faster, sending warm electric ripples of pleasure through my body. I slid my forefinger between her velvety pussy lips, and at the same time she probed her tongue in my mouth. I wanted to get even closer to her, but then I wouldn’t have been able to move my hand, and I didn’t want to stop exploring her body.

Suddenly she broke the embrace, looked at me for a moment, then spun around and dived under the covers. I was left facing her tantalizing little slit, while she fumbled with the covers and positioned herself nicely against my body, with her face somewhere between my legs under the blanket. I could smell the hypnotizing aroma of her pussy: a sexy and girly scent, like nothing I had ever smelled before, incredibly intoxicating.

Before I had a chance to do anything I felt her hot breath between my thighs, then her lips as they kissed my balls. Her mouth felt fiery hot against their coolness, and she kissed them once, twice, thrice. Then I felt her tongue, and I let out a long moan as I felt her licking up and down the wrinkly skin of my scrotum.

Wanting to be closer to her, and wanting to give her equal pleasure I plunged between her legs, pressing my mouth on her hot pussy. She parted her legs to give me easier access, and I stuck out my tongue to explore her hot slit. My tongue sank in her cleft, and I lapped at the sweet slick folds within. With my mouth on her pussy my eyes were on a level with her asshole, a cute, pink and puckered tiny thing. I couldn’t believe how sexy her private parts looked; I couldn’t believe what was happening for that matter, but I absolutely loved it. I was so close to Paulina it made my head dizzy, and all my senses were filled by her, her taste, her scent and her warmth.

Under the covers her fingers coiled around the base of my shaft, pulling my foreskin back. She squirmed around a bit, then guided my dick against her lips. I tensed expectantly, remembering how heavenly it had felt the last time. She kissed the tip, and then her kiss swallowed me, and I moaned in her pussy as I felt myself sink into her hot mouth.

Remotely remembering lessons learned in sex ed and biology, I found a small, hard nub in the folds of Paulina’s tasty slit. I wiped my tongue across it a couple of times, causing Paulina to whine under the blanket. She began sucking on the tip of my cock, and the stunning pleasure made concentrating on licking her difficult. My inexperienced tongue whirled around her clit, occasionally losing it, then finding it again. Both of us had to stop every now and then, dazed by the immense pleasure given by the other’s mouth.

Everything else seemed to lose its meaning. Only our sweaty, naked bodies existed, trembling with sexual bliss. My mouth was buried in her pussy, my cock buried in her mouth. She was so close to me I could feel her heart beat through her chest.

An earth-shattering climax was approaching fast. The pleasure was more intense each time I felt myself slide into her mouth. My tongue was moving on its own and my vision blurred, my whole consciousness focusing on all the incredible feelings. I tensed, and I felt her body tense, too. Suddenly she was trembling, letting out a long, erratic, muffled moan, and I vaguely felt her pussy pulsing against my lips. Her voice was ecstatic, and I moaned with her as my orgasm rushed over me.

My balls tightened, my cock twitched, and finally my cum started gushing into her mouth. I almost screamed at the intense feeling. I trembled and jerked in orgasmic bliss, my hips thrusting involuntarily, my dick spraying cum to the back of her throat. It felt like heaven. Her moans went silent as I came, and I faintly realized she was swallowing my seed.

Eventually my ejaculation subsided, and my consciousness returned as if I was waking up from a sweet dream. Paulina’s pussy pulsed against my face, and I was very aware of her firm breasts against my stomach. Her sweaty body felt warm and lovely. I could still feel her lips around my cock, her mouth gently suckling the last drops of semen out of me.

She was breathing heavily through her nose, and occasionally her whole body would jerk. She had orgasmed with me, I realized, incredulous. I gave her an orgasm, I thought proudly. The thought made me insanely happy.

We lay there for a long time, our bodies entwined and our heads resting on the other’s thigh. I felt really sleepy, but I didn’t want to fall asleep. I didn’t want the moment to end.

”Jenny?” Paulina asked after a long, comfortable silence.


”Would you like to be my… girlfriend?” she asked.

”I would,” I responded.

We fell asleep there, our heads between the legs of the other.


When I woke up, the bed was a mess of blonde hair, smooth, tanned skin and covers and blankets. My throbbing morning wood was leaning against the side of her face, but she was still asleep. I turned around and snuggled up against her, the firm mounds of our breasts pressed together. She had a silly, happy look on her face, and a drop of drool was dribbling from the corner of her mouth. I couldn’t help but giggle.

She was my best friend, but now, she was also my girlfriend, in all the wonderful meaning of the word. I hugged her, feeling insanely proud. Her eyes opened and she smiled drowsily as she saw me.

”Good morning beautiful,” I said, smiling back at her.

”Mmmmmhhhhmmorning,” she mumbled in response.

We spent the morning cuddling, kissing and chatting.

”This is kinda weird, don’t you think?” Paulina asked at some point, between kisses.

”Yeah,” I answered. ”But I don’t mind one bit.”

”Me neither,” she said, laughing carelessly. ”Girlfriend,” she called me. Hearing the word warmed my heart.

I gave her a kiss and said, ”I always thought you were completely straight.”

”I thought so too,” she said, grinning. ”I don’t know, maybe I still am, I mean, I never liked a girl like this before. Maybe it’s because you have this,” she said, fiddling with my fat, limp dick. Even while flaccid, her fingers didn’t reach all the way around it.

”I guess I should be offended by that, but I can’t. You’re sweet,” I said.

”As are you,” she said quietly. ”I love you.”

”I love you too,” I whispered back. Somehow it made sense to say such meaningful words quietly, because they were meant for her ears alone.

We had said those words before, but they had a new, deeper meaning now. Saying them and hearing them made my heart leap in my chest, and a flock of butterflies came alive in my lower belly. It almost felt like I was going to choke up on my happiness.

Eventually we got up from bed and went downstairs to eat a late breakfast with Paulina’s parents. I was afraid that someone might’ve heard something, but no suspicious looks were cast. Later we went to their backyard to sunbathe.

We snuggled and exchanged kisses the whole time while laying in the sun, barely even caring that her parents might see, smiling and laughing carefreely. The sun was shining from a cloudless sky, celebrating our happiness with us.

Later that night we were in her room saying goodbyes. Her family would be leaving to see her grandparents for a week. We embraced, and then she surprised me with her words.

”I never did it,” she said, almost embarrassed. It took me a moment to realize what she was talking about. ”I mean, me and Mike, we never went that far.” Mike was her ex-boyfriend. For some reason hearing her say that made me feel more confident. I had thought she’d lost her virginity a long time ago.

”Oh, okay,” I responded, in lack of a better answer. ”Yeah, me too, like you didn’t know already.”

”Yeah,” she said quietly, looking thoughtful for a moment, then once again smiling the familiar smile that was so full of life and happiness.

”I don’t want you to go,” I said childishly.

”I wouldn’t want to go either, but grandma isn’t too well, and I might not have many chances left to see her,” she explained.

She held me tight and we kissed. Suddenly she broke away, and began digging through the side pockets of her bag for something.

”I want to show you something,” she said.

She showed me a small, light blue cardboard box, and opened it. Inside was a blister pack of tiny pink pills with a little letter Y on them. Half of what had been maybe thirty pills were missing. Then it hit me what they were.

”What…” I began.

”When we come back next Friday, mom and dad will leave again the same night to some stupid spa for a couple of days,” Paulina explained. ”Can you come for another sleepover then?”

I understood what she was hinting at, and the thought made me dizzy. She put the box of pills back in her bag.

”Yeah,” I said.

”Great,” she purred, hugging me again.

After countless more kisses we said goodbyes, and I went home.


The next week was painful. We kept texting and talking on the phone in the evenings, but that only made me miss her more. It felt like there was a part of me missing when she wasn’t there.

After a couple of days my balls had started feeling strained, but jacking off didn’t interest me anymore. Not after what I had experienced with Paulina. It felt sweet to touch myself down there, but it was nothing compared to Paulina’s touch, and for some reason I felt like I had to save myself for her.

One night I watched myself in the mirror like so many times before, but something seemed to have changed. The girl looking back at me had the same long blonde hair, the same blue eyes and the same reddish lips. She had the same perky breasts with their little dark red nipples, the same feminine hips and the same flat belly. Her dick, too, was smooth and fat like it had always been, and her scrotum the usual plump and wrinkly. Turning around, I found her round butt unchanged as well.

Something in this girl was different, though. Then it came to me. She was beautiful. I was beautiful, so beautiful, from head to toe, dick included. It didn’t matter that I had a dick. Paulina loved me and I loved her, and I couldn’t help but love myself now as well. I danced around in my room like an idiot, filled with love and happiness.


The days passed slowly as ever, but finally it was Friday. Midway through the week the weather had changed, and it had rained the whole day. It was still raining by the time evening came, and I was soaked riding my bicycle to her house. Her parents’ car was gone, I observed.

”Come straight in,” Paulina had texted me, and I found the door open, and stepped inside without ringing the doorbell.

It was quiet downstairs, but upstairs I could make out the sound of a shower running mixed with the rattle of rain. I took off my soaked, bright yellow hoodie and hung it up on the coat rack, then started up the stairway leading upstairs.

The thought of seeing my best friend, my girlfriend, after such a long time made my heart throb. My wet shorts and panties clung to my cock uncomfortably, and cold water trickled down my face and back, but I barely even noticed, I was so excited.

Upstairs it was dark, so dark I could hardly see, but the bathroom door was cracked open and there was light gleaming out. I walked towards it, opened the door, and stood still in silence.

She stood under the stream of water with her eyes closed, the water running and glimmering on her lustful body. Her little pink nipples were erect. Again I felt a silly pride for having such a beautiful girl as my girlfriend. Paulina’s nakedness made me aware of the pressure in my groin, and in only a moment I was hard as iron.

”HEY!” she suddenly called out, her face glowing with joy. ”I’m not ready yet, come on over here!”

Trembling with thrill, I took my clothes off and joined her under the shower. She opened her arms and hugged me long and hard, almost as if she was afraid I would run away. My erection poked her flat belly.

”God I’ve missed you,” she said with a voice full of emotion, and kissed me deeply.

”I’ve missed you too,” I responded, holding back the tears. How I was able to miss her so bad after only a week, I didn’t know, but it felt like I was whole again now that Paulina was there.

Soon we moved to her bed, barely bothering to dry ourselves first. We rolled around naked, kissing and fondling each other. Her lips found my chest, and she kissed and sucked on the tips of my breasts. I moaned in her hair at the new, sweet feeling, my cock pulsing with anticipation. I did the same to her, holding her nipple between my lips, whirling my tongue around it and sucking it into my mouth.

”Let’s do it,” she sighed.

I suppose it should have felt wrong. But as Paulina lay there in front of me, looking so lovely and inviting, it felt more right than anything ever. I was shivering, and even her smile was a nervous one, almost scared.

”Are you…” I started.

”Yes!” she blurted out. ”Come,” she begged, opening her legs.

She lay on her back with her long, tanned legs spread wide. Her buttocks rested on the mattress, and between them I could see her pretty little butthole. Above it her enthralling pussy was glimmering with her moisture. It looked almost unnaturally beautiful, so beautiful it hurt to look at it.

I climbed on top of her clumsily and her hand gripped my shaft, guiding it in the cleft between her thighs. Our bodies touched, our breasts pressed together and our lips met. I felt something warm and soft against the tip of my dick, like a kiss. Then the kiss engulfed me, and it felt like hot velvety rings were gliding over my cock, forcing my foreskin back and surrounding my bare glans. Our bodies conjoined for the first time, and we both held our breath, staring at each other. I felt extremely vulnerable, but at the same time I felt safer than ever before, as if that was where I was meant to be. I was so close to her that it felt like I was melting into her.

I swear there’s no feeling quite like it in the world, a feeling as emotionally and physically perfect, as the one I felt when losing my virginity together with Paulina. I just lay there, on top of her and inside of her, completely suffused by the sweet sensations. She stared at me with her mouth open, a look of absolute ecstasy on her face. I had heard and read that sex would hurt the first time you did it, but there was no hint of pain on her pretty face.

My hips jerked instinctively, pressing against her and forcing my cock to sink deeper until I was buried to the hilt in her, her labia kissing the skin around my shaft. I could feel the bottom of her tight tunnel pulsing against the tip of me. It felt amazing to be inside of her, but when I moved the friction between my dick and her vagina was just something unbelievable. I moved gingerly back and forth, and couldn’t help but moan each time I pushed back inside, and every time I did, Paulina let out a gasp.

”Don’t… stop…” she whispered in a tremulous, barely audible voice.

There was no way I was going to. I felt her body tense under me, and there was a look of pure sexual delight on her face. Her mouth opened but there was no sound, and I could feel her orgasm as I kept thrusting into her. I made her come, I thought, stupefied, in my lust-clouded mind. I kissed her as she came, incredulously happy to be able to give her such pleasure.

Once her trembling subsided I stopped, allowing us both to catch our breath for a moment. I smirked at her like an idiot, proud that I had made her come. When she smiled back her smile was just so happy, the happiest I had ever seen, no matter how full of smiles she always was.

Finally I started moving again, thrusting into her more rapidly this time, with all the strength in my girly muscles. The soft, wet sounds of our copulation and our moans filled the room again, and the scent of her hair filled my nostrils. Her pussy was a tight, slick and hot tunnel around me. It felt like there were dozens of tight rings inside of her, gripping and rubbing my sensitive cock as it slid through them. Each time I pushed in her my balls slapped against her hot asshole. Every thrust inside of her made us both gasp.

Soon the pressure in my groin grew almost unbearable. My balls were absolutely full of my pent-up seed. Paulina half moaned, half cried as another climax shook her body, and I pressed against her, burying my cock entirely inside of her pussy, as waves of my orgasm began washing over me.

I held her tight, squeezing her, pushing into her as deep as I could, as our intercourse culminated. My cock twitched inside of her once, twice, and finally a thick burst of cum erupted out of me. I gasped at the intense pleasure of ejaculating inside of her pussy. What felt like liters of semen poured from me into her, gushing to the bottom of her vagina, another spurt releasing each time my hips jerked into her silky tunnel. Words can’t describe how heavenly it felt, and we both cried from joy and pleasure. I was in Paulina; my girly cock was in her pussy, and I was transferring my seed into her accepting body. Somehow I could feel it flowing through my dick and shooting into her. I gave her my cum until every last drop was drained from my balls, crying in ecstasy the whole time.

We stayed still for a long time, shaking and wiping tears from our eyes, recovering from the incredible experience.

”Can this be real?” she asked, heavily panting.

”I hope,” I responded, just as stunned as she was.

It didn’t take us long to fall asleep, with me still inside of her.


When we woke up the next morning the bed was a complete mess. The covers were tangled and there were cum stains everywhere. We finally got up some time before midday, and as Paulina stood up, streams of my seed ran down her thighs.

The weekend was all love and sex. We barely bothered to eat and sleep from all the fucking. Monday, after the weather turned sunny again, we went to the beach and asked Tea to join us. It took almost an hour to convince her we weren’t joking after confessing to her what we had been up to. Finally she believed us, and was all joy and smiles with us.

Paulina’s parents congratulated us as well when we told them after they had returned home. My own conservative parents were less sympathetic, but were forced to accept the fact nevertheless. My little sister Annie seemed sad when I told her, though I never knew why. I figured I’d talk to her about it later.

Where it once had frightened me, future now seemed bright and happy all thanks to Paulina, my girlfriend and my best friend. All the experiences that awaited us allured me, and I couldn’t wait to share them with her.