Dickgirl Diaries


A high school girl born with a genetic defect finds comfort closer than expected.

//////////////////// Prologue ////////////////////

My name is Jenny. I go to a normal high school, I play soccer, and I like to spend a lot of time with my friends much like any other girl my age. I guess you could say I’m the stereotypical beautiful, popular and athletic girl in my school, the one with plenty of friends and the one all the guys wanted to get it on with. In other words, I’m a completely normal girl, apart from one little thing.

Where most girls have a cute little cunt between their legs, I have a dick. Doctors had examined me several times when I had been younger, and in my latest medical examination I had been found to be – to the doctors’ amazement – fully sexually mature: I was able to get an erection and ejaculate just like any guy, and my sperm was, apparently, fertile.

The odd thing hanging between my legs brought with it several nuisances. I couldn’t wear any pants that were tight around the crotch, and at the beach I was forced to wear shorts. I couldn’t go shower with my team after soccer practice, because I was afraid of people finding out I was different. I kept it a secret from everyone except my best friends Paulina and Tea. They were also the only ones who knew I actually liked girls and not boys, but the fact never seemed to concern them.

There were also some minor good sides to my abnormality. I didn’t have to suffer periods like all my friends, and peeing was easier and faster. I didn’t have to shave either, because for an unknown reason I didn’t grow any pubic hair, and my skin down there was naturally smooth as silk. Then again if I had had pubes I wouldn’t have had any reason to shave them, as no one was ever going to see me naked, I figured.

When I would undress in the evening and glance at the enormous mirror on my wardrobe door, I saw a beautiful and slender blonde girl with tanned skin and blue eyes, pert breasts and plump buttocks. But the image was always ruined by the fat cock and balls hanging between my thighs, destroying the illusion of a perfect teenage girl, and filling me with insecurity. If I had only had a pussy like everyone else, a cute and girly pussy, I would’ve been normal. But no. That wasn’t going to happen.

//////////////////// Chapter 1 ////////////////////

It was the beginning of May. I, Paulina and Tea were at Paulina’s home, upstairs in her room. We sat side by side on her sofa and watched some romantic comedy like we had done so many times before. I was faintly aware of their warm bodies next to me, and of the sides of their buttocks touching mine through our shorts. I had long ago numbed myself to those kinds of feelings, where once they certainly had been arousing.

”I wish it was that easy for me to get naked,” I thought out loud when the female star of the film strolled around nude in her apartement, her back to the camera.

”Oh come on, why couldn’t you? You’re pretty as a picture!” Paulina said with a voice that sounded always as excited and friendly. I looked at her meaningfully. She tilted her pretty head and said, ”Bah, as if it would matter. You just look a little different there.” She nodded at my crotch. ”Big deal.” She smiled her beautiful, loving smile that just made me want to… I don’t even know what it made me want to do.

She did have a tantalizing smile, and she always seemed to be showing it. Her smile was warm and genuine, the like that always provoked a smile in response from anyone who saw it. She was all in all a gorgeous girl, and Tea was much the same, though her smiles were more often reserved just to her friends. I thought they were the prettiest girls in our school, but they claimed I deserved that honor.

Paulina was slender and long-legged, a little taller than me, and her thick blonde hair was almost as long as mine – and I had very long hair. Her eyes were a lighter shade of blue than mine, the colour of a summer sky. She had ample, lush lips, that we teasingly called ”blowjob-lips”. Tea on the other hand was a tad shorter than me, but she had the same plump ass that we all three had, and larger breasts. Her curly hair was auburn, the color of her eyes, and reached just past her shoulders.

”It’s not like it’s just some little thing,” I said, sulking. This was a subject we rarely discussed, and I was of a mind not to speak of it now either.

”How long have we known each other again,” Tea teased. ”8 years?” We had met on second grade, when we had started playing soccer in the same team. ”You really think we care? We’ll be friends now and always, despite the fact that you’ve got a dick.”

I gave a laugh at her words and relaxed a bit, but the talk still made me uneasy.

”If you’re always avoiding the situations when you kind of should get naked, how are you ever going to get rid of that stupid fear, and feel good about yourself?” Paulina asked.

I mumbled something inaudible in response.

”Maybe we should just start practicing together,” Paulina continued. ”You know, we’ll get naked here by the three of us and in time, you’ll start feeling more comfortable being nude.” She smiled.

”You can’t be serious,” I blurted, absolutely shocked.

The thought was terrifying and enticing at the same time, and I could feel a little tingle between my legs. Had I been having this conversation with anyone else I would’ve probably panicked and ran away right then, but with Paulina and Tea…

”Well, I guess if that helps Jenny, I’m in,” Tea said.

”I’m serious,” Paulina said. ”I mean, seriously, I’m fine with it, and maybe you could eventually shower with the team and stuff, if this works.”

”I really don’t think that’s such a good idea,” I said.

I was sitting there on the couch between my best friends, who also happened to be crazy hot, and they were suggesting that we get all naked. I knew what would result: an erection and an awkward situation. I had never seen Paulina or Tea naked, though they had seen me once, but we had been children then. We were teenagers now, young ladies, and everything was different. But the thought was still oh-so-tempting, I couldn’t deny it.

”Don’t be a chicken,” Tea teased. ”It’ll be fun.”

”Well yeah but ugh…” I sputtered. ”What if I… you know?”

”If you get hard?” Paulina said, smiling. ”Isn’t it completely normal that naked girls make a dick get hard?” She giggled, and I couldn’t help laughing nervously myself, and the atmosphere lightened.

”Besides, we’ve seen you get hard before, at least through clothes,” Tea continued.

Especially at the start of my puberty I had often gotten boners in the presence of Tea and Paulina, but after the initial weirdness we had just laughed at them. In any other company I would’ve tried to hide my boners or escape the situation, but with Paulina and Tea, I had started feeling relaxed about it.

”Yeah well, I guess it would be cool to be able to be naked at least with you guys, you’re my best friends after all…”

”So you’re in!” Paulina said happily, and jumped up, her long blonde hair swinging. ”We can start, right?” she said with a smile.

Tea got up too, and they both began taking her clothes off with little hesitation. I swallowed audibly, watching as their clothes fell to the floor, my eyes traveling across their tanned bodies. I often kind of forgot how sexy Paulina and Tea were. I had forced myself to forget that in order to keep any sexual thoughts out of my head, but now… part of me wanted to look away, and another yearned to see their nakedness.

As they continued stripping I garnered my courage, and took off my own t-shirt. Soon the girls had their bra off, and despite my best attempts not to, I laid a few curious glances at their breasts while taking off my own bra. Tea’s gorgeous globes easily beat mine and Paulina’s in size, but I preferred Paulina’s cute, perky boobies with their light red nipples. Mine were slightly bigger than Paulina’s but just as firm, and our nipples seemed identical.

”What if we’ll just be like this, maybe that’ll help just as well,” I offered hesitantly.

”Shut up! Well I don’t know about you, but I’m getting naked for sure,” Paulina said happily.

Finding the courage, I remained seated and took off my shorts. Under them I wore red hipster panties, basically the only kind of panties I could wear without having stuff spill out.

”Wow, you’re pretty well equipped,” Paulina joked, staring at my bulging panties with much curiosity. I was partly erect, and my panties felt cramped.

”I’m really not so sure about this,” I muttered. I was insecure about showing myself, but on the other hand I longed to finally see my beautiful friends completely naked. I thought their crotches looked fascinating, the way the fabric hugged the smooth skin, the way there was nothing bulging. ”You guys are so pretty,” I continued. ”I’m just weird.”

”You aren’t weird!” Paulina said, almost angry. ”You’re you, and you’re so damn beautiful you don’t even know it! Even that is beautiful, I can tell,” she said, pointing between my legs. ”Let’s just finish stripping and we can continue with the flick, okay?”

”Right,” I said, as Paulina wriggled off her panties, with Tea following close behind.

I froze, staring in enchantment at their bare pussies. Paulina just had a little, cute slit between her thighs, smooth and hairless, hypnotizingly sexy in all its simplicity. Teea’s looked a little different, kind of like it was a little more opened-up, with something light pink peeking between her outer lips. Above her shaven cleft she had a small patch of dark hair.

I tried not to stare but I couldn’t help myself. Their naked feminine beauty was enthralling to me, and between their thighs, the secret entrances inside of their young, fertile bodies allured me. I stared at them until I was trembling with excitement and hard as stone.

”Wow, it’s growing,” Tea whispered. ”You going to take those off?”

Forming intelligible speech felt almost impossible. ”I, uh… I don’t know,” I finally managed to whisper back.

Despite my words and all my fears I stood up, grasped my panties and pulled them to the floor. My girl-cock sprung up, sticking up in all its engorged glory.

”Okay, wow,” Paulina said. ”That’s like, really cool, really…”

”Go ahead, be honest,” I mumbled sadly. It felt very uncomfortable to have another person see my nakedness. Both my friends were staring at my cock intently.

”That looks really hot,” Tea finally said.

”You look damn sexy, you know,” Paulina said. ”In a weird way.” She poked at my cock tentatively, and I jumped at her touch.

”Hey!” I knocked her hand away. ”Yea right, sure I do,” I said, refusing to believe their kind words. ”Soooooo… what now?”

”Well, we keep watching the movie!” Paulina said, like it had been obvious. ”Your relaxation lesson is complete for the day.”

We sat side by side like before, but this time we were all naked. I kept taking glances between their legs, wondering at the difference between their genitalia and mine. Between my legs, my cock stood up tall, and my balls rested on my buttocks, while between theirs there was just a pretty little crevice. A few times I thought I saw them, too, steal glances at my dick, but I thought I imagined it.

Their closeness felt much more obvious now, that we weren’t wearing clothes, and there was no blocking out the sexuality of the situation. I wondered if they felt the same way. I was very much aware of the warmth of their bodies, their scents, and the softness of their skin against mine.

”I don’t know, I guess this is kind of fun,” I said after some time. ”It feels weird, but fun,” I said. ”I love you guys for accepting me even though I’m such a freak.”

”Of course we accept you,” Tea said.

”Don’t worry about your so-called difference,” Paulina encouraged. ”In fact, I think it’s really sexy.” She kissed me on the cheek.

”I love you guys,” I said, my eyes brimming with tears.

”Aww, I love you too,” Paulina said with Tea repeating her words, and they both hugged me, their soft, warm breasts pressing against me, and as Tea leaned against my thigh for support, her arm brushed against my cock.

Later that night as I lay in bed at home I caressed myself, reminiscing the events of the day. I pictured my friends in my head, in all their naked glory as they had been. I couldn’t quite get my fingers around my thick shaft, but I was able to get a good hold and move my foreskin up and down, which felt amazing.

A certain image had burnt in my mind: when Paulina had been just about to sit next to me, she had effectively been bending over and showing her most intimate parts only inches from my face. I had seen a flash of her perfectly plump ass, her smooth labia and peeking from between her buttocks, a pretty little asshole. I remembered the image so vividly it was as if Paulina had been bending over right in front of me.

I could sense an instinctive need inside of me, a need to be closer to Paulina. My hand moved like a blur on my dick, and only after a moment I was on the brink of cumming. My mind lost in the lovely fantasy of pushing my cock in Paulina’s smooth slit, I exploded in ecstasy, my warm semen splashing on my stomach and tits as my body trembled in orgasm. I tried to stay silent so as not to wake up my parents or my sister, but small moans escaped my lips, the release felt so sweet.

After coming down I felt guilty. It wasn’t right to fantasize about your best friends, no matter how hot they were. If they had seen what I just did, they would hate me, I thought. Then again, they hadn’t seemed to mind the fact that I had been erect the whole night.

Still, my fantasies and dreams were just that, fantasies and dreams, and they would never be anything else. Paulina had still had a boyfriend less than a year ago, and as far as I knew Tea was completely straight as well. They could never like me. Who could like me? I was a girl without a cunt, a freak.

I stood up and watched myself in the mirror on my wardrobe door. My long blonde hair was a mess, but I still looked beautiful, I thought, or at least part of me did. My semen tickled as it trickled down my boobs, shimmering in the light of my night lamp. My cock had gone limp, but it was still big and thick, especially in relation to my slender frame. A drop of transparent fluid glimmered on the tip of my cock. I wiped it off and put it in my mouth, enjoying the mild salty taste. I had a habit of tasting my own come, and swallowing a part of it.

I turned around and bent over towards the mirror. My butt was much like Paulina’s, girlishly round and firm, but under a tiny pink asshole Paulina also had a girlish pussy. Below my asshole, between my thighs hung a fat scrotum and a thick, smooth cock. If there had been a pussy there, like Paulina and Tea had, I would’ve been like any other 16-year-old girl. But I was different and couldn’t help it. I glanced at the girl bending over in the mirror one more time, sighed and went to sleep.


It became a habit. Whenever there was a chance, when no one else was at home, we stripped naked and did whatever we would’ve done normally, watching movies and sitcoms and chatting. Slowly, as I guess had been the plan, it got more casual. I still got hard every single time I saw my best friends naked, but the awkwardness was gone and it even began to feel natural.

Sometimes we would ask each other questions like ”Why does it do that,” or ”When does it get hard,” or ”Is it annoying to have periods,” and we would steal glances at each other’s nether parts, but otherwise we acted normally. At night, after our naked adventures, I would look at myself in the mirror, and every day I would like what I saw more and more. Even later, when my parents and sister had gone to sleep, I would jerk off with images of Paulina and Tea in my mind.

One naked night a couple of months later, during the first week of July, I was at Paulina’s home, this time alone with her. Tea was seeing her physio and couldn’t come that night.

Paulina sat in the other corner of the sofa half-turned towards me, her feet together and pointed at me. I sat in the same position in the opposite corner. Her long blonde hair was tied to a thick braid that rested between her breasts. With the way we were sitting I couldn’t see her crotch and she couldn’t see mine, and my cock was resting limp on my sack.

”What do you think about when you play with yourself?” Paulina asked in her usual immodest style.

”What do you mean?” I asked shyly.

”When you jack off. You do jack off, right? Like guys?” Paulina queried.

”Yea, I… I don’t know what I think about,” I said awkwardly.

”Do you think about this?” She asked mischievously, spreading her legs, granting me a glimpse of her bare buttocks and pink slit. Blood rushed to my cock. She giggled happily and closed her legs again. ”Just teasing you,” she said.

We were quiet for a moment, until Paulina said, ”I don’t understand how come you never had a boyfriend… or a girlfriend.”

”Yeah, you’d have to be a genius to figure that out,” I answered, a little sad.

”Well I doubt anyone would mind you having that, or I don’t know… maybe some guy would be uncomfortable about your dick being bigger than his,” she joked. We laughed. ”But why no girlfriends?” she asked.

”Why would any girl like me?” I said. The thought of having a girlfriend was lovely. I had dreamt about it for a long time, though a part of me always tried to shut out such thoughts.

”Well, I don’t know… you’re sweet and beautiful, and at least I think you’re sexy as hell,” she said. Her words warmed my heart, but I pretended to still be hurt. ”That’s sexy as hell too,” she said, brushing against my half-erect cock with her toes, encouraging it to grow bigger.

Her foot was warm, and its touch against me felt amazing. To my befuddlement she left it there, against my scrotum, and turned to the TV again. Her legs were now slightly apart, and I could see her pretty little pussy.

I tried to focus on the movie, and for a moment I was successful. Then Paulina moved her foot, making me jump. Her toes caressed my balls gently, and I began hardening again. After a while Paulina turned and looked me dead in the eye, with a weird, unexplainable look on her face.

”Does this feel good?” she asked quietly.

”You can’t do that,” I just whispered, but made no move to stop her. I was frozen in fear and excitement, trembling, afraid that she might pull her foot back, afraid that she would continue.

She fondled my scrotum with her toes and sole, making my cock jerk and my breathing heavy. No one had ever touched me there, and the feeling was incredible.

”You can’t do that,” I whispered again, even though I knew I should’ve shut up. ”What are you doing?”

She stopped, but didn’t look offended, and left her foot right there.

”Do you come?” she asked after a while, then continued,” I mean, do you, like, spurt?”

”Yea,” I managed to whisper back.

”You don’t mind if I touch you, do you?” Paulina asked.

”I… I don’t know…” I whispered.

She didn’t continue, though. Instead she stared at me with that weird look on her face, her lush lips pouted. I caught myself wondering what’d it be like to kiss her.

”What?” I asked nervously.

Suddenly she smiled, and spun around with her boobs and hair swinging, and before I knew what was going on, she was on all fours on the sofa, with her butt up in the air and her head between my legs.

I froze in fear, but before I had the time to say anything, Paulina kissed the shaft of my dick, and the sudden warmth made me jerk.

”Baby, you’re my best friend and I love you, and I don’t want you to feel a tiny bit insecure about this,” she said.

The next thing I knew was that my dick was in her mouth. I felt amazing warmth and moistness, and the incredible pleasure caught me completely off guard, and had me moaning loudly and almost forgetting to breathe. I looked down and saw the tip of my thick cock buried in her beautiful face, her red, lush lips sliding up and down my shaft. The sight was unbelievable, the feeling was unbelievable, I was in heaven.

My nipples hardened, my balls twitched, and I held back a scream. Her blonde hair swayed as she bobbed up and down in my lap. I had never felt anything close as wonderful. Her mouth felt infinitely better than my hand. I trembled all over and bit my lip so as not to yell. A forgotten voice inside my head told me this was wrong, but I didn’t care. Paulina was sucking on my cock, and only that mattered. Never letting me out of her mouth, she pulled my foreskin back with her hand, exposing my most sensitive parts to her oral caresses. I felt I was going to come any second.

”Paulina, I…”

She just let out a soft hum, and kept sucking on me.

It felt like all the pent-up tension caused by having seen Paulina and Tea naked for so long released when her eager mouth finally brought me over the edge. The sensation of ejaculating in her softly sucking mouth was unbelievable. Cum splashed on her cheek and poured from between her lips, flowing on my balls and between my buttocks. She kept bobbing in my lap through the entire blissful moment, nursing every last drop out of me.

When my cock finally stopped spurting she let me out of her mouth, and as I stared scared, happy and stupefied, swallowed the cum in her mouth.

She smiled at me mischievously, then laughed, and I started laughing with her like an idiot. As quickly as she had got there, she spun back to the other end of the sofa, grinning at me from there.

”Was that fun?” she purred.

”Well yes! What the…?” I asked, stunned. ”How did you… Where did that come from?”

”I don’t know…” she smirked. ”You are sexy.”

”But aren’t you… you’re… I mean damn…” Speaking felt difficult.

Paulina just smiled at me. I tried to garner my thoughts and catch my breath, but it didn’t seem to work.

”What now, then?” I asked finally, like a fool.

”We watch the movie, stupid,” Paulina said, giggling.

I forced myself to stay silent, thinking that whatever I would say would sound stupid. Mixed feelings of guilt, infatuation, fear and love filled my thoughts. The emotions were so strong, that they made me shiver.

”Are you okay?” she asked after a while.

”What? Oh damn yes,” I responded.

”Great!” she purred, smiling her beautiful smile again.

We were quiet for a time, glancing at each other.

”Maybe we can… do something again, sometime?” Paulina asked quietly.

”… Yeah,” I whispered.

Later that night as I lay in bed I thought about my feelings for Paulina. She was my best friend, but she seemed to be something else, too. And she was so beautiful. I wanted to hold her, I wanted to kiss her, I wanted to… no, I couldn’t think about my friend like that.

Still, as I stroked myself my thoughts returned to Paulina’s room, and as my warm jizz splattered on my tits, I moaned, ”Paulina…”


To be continued…