Dress Up Night

Dress Up Night

Tonight is dress up night, the night we both look forward to because we both know sexual fantasies and fetishes are played out and both of us are completely satiated by the end of the night!!

It starts with a luxurious bubble bath for two in our hotel room as we go through our preparations of our bodies and minds. The bubble bath moisturizes and softens the skin which makes pantyhose easier to glide up our legs. We both shave our legs, our armpits and I shave my testicles.

I finish my bathroom routine by shaving my face, putting on your deodorant because I am so excited to be as feminine as possible on this favorite of nights. You enter the bathroom as I finish so that you can dry your hair. I sit on the bed and watch your reflection in full view of the bathroom mirror.

You reenter the bedroom and ask what we are going to wear tonight to which I respond I want to wear your black sleeveless chevron print dress. I then request you wear the blue lace dress but want to know if it will go with graphite shaded pantyhose. You respond that it will and ask if we are both going to wear the same brand, style and shade of pantyhose tonight. You know that is the one thing that excites me more than anything, wearing the same pantyhose! I quickly respond that he likes us to wear the same pantyhose.

We begin the ritual that is common for women but extremely exciting for me, dressing up as two exciting and lustful women. I thoroughly enjoy the thought of wanting to share a man with you and bring all three of us to a cock sucking, cum swallowing, pussy and ass finger penetrating, penis pumping climax!

You ask me to lay out both dresses on the hotel bed and you will get our pantyhose and bras from the drawer. As I turn away, you quickly grab me and whisper in my ear asking if I want to wear panties that will match my bra. I ask you if you are wearing panties, you softly reply in my ear that you should not wear panties under pantyhose, no woman does and I shouldn’t. You then explain that he likes it when panties are not worn. I softly kiss you and in between utter the words “no panties then”.

I quickly remove the two dresses from the closet and lay them both on the bed as we sit down next to each other. We start by carefully gliding each pair of our Cecilia de Raphael high gloss graphite shaded pantyhose up our legs and over our sweet round asses. We both make adjustments, me so that my leaking cock rides comfortably and you for comfort around and on your pussy. We both smile knowing we are sexually aroused with no panties knowing if someone tries to look up the hems of our dresses, they will see what we want them to see!

You help me put on my black, full cup lace see thru bra and latch its eyehooks while standing behind me and adjust the fit over my hardened nipples. You caress the back of my neck with your lips as your fingertips massage, tease and gently flick my nipples. You tell me how you wish I could enjoy the pleasure of releasing liquid nourishment from my bosom into a waiting mouth. You move to my ear and whisper there is nothing more pleasurable than having a couple of fingers or a nice thick cock in your pussy and breastfeeding an eager and hard sucking mouth!

You forcibly thrust your hips into the back of my ass as you pull both hands tight against my chest telling me I so deserve to be fucked.

I help you slip on your full cup nipple less satin bra while facing you, I pull you in very tight and wrap my arms around you as we kiss and I take the time to gently fasten each of the four eyehooks. Once finished, I break our kiss and move down and give both nipples the tongue lashing and mouth filling sucking they crave! You moan and bury your head in my hair as I feel your hands run down my back and across my glossy silky butt.

You gently push me away and tell me to turn around; you want to make sure the seam of the pantyhose rides in the exact center of my ass crack. You help me do a final adjustment and then ask me to help you do the same. You remind me that when our hems are above our hips, it is a welcome sight and gives the viewer the illusion that a cock is between our buttocks. If the seam is off center, it is a distraction.

I pull you in close for another kiss and use one finger to trace the pantyhose seam from the waistband down and across your sphincter while leaning down to suck your exposed nipple and gently try to penetrate you with that finger. I stop as quickly as I started and leave you panting for more but know we must finish preparing before our client arrives. We both slip our dresses over our heads and adjust the inner soft lining and then smooth our dresses out over the lining and our graphite shaded, high glossy, silky soft thighs. I love that the hems on your dresses you let me wear are usually a couple of inches above my knee; it makes me feel a little slutty. I love short hems and a lot of leg showing.

I then slip on my black leather pointy toed pumps as you slide into your shiny black peep toed pumps. You then step into the closet and emerge with 2 pearl necklaces which we put on. You help me put on a pair of clip on single pearl dangling earrings and then place a single pearl studded pierced earring into each of your own ears.

You then take my hand and guide me into the bathroom for the 2nd favorite and very sexually arousing part of our preparation for me, makeup.

As you do your own makeup, I watch and follow your instruction as we apply eye shadow , eye liner, lipstick and blush. You coach me that since you know me to like the feeling of being a little slutty, I should go very heavy on eye shadow and lipstick. As I begin, you catch me pressing my pelvis into the sink counter and ask if I am trying to masturbate myself. I tell you that I am so horny, so turned on and so wet I can feel my cum on my pantyhose and the lining of my dress already. You gently swat my ass and tell me to stop because my cum release only belongs to you and him now that I am dressed. That gets me wet again so you reach over and lift my hem and get 2 fingers soaked from my excretions.

While doing so, I put my hand behind your head and pull you in for another kiss. I can taste the sweet waxy flavor of our lipsticks. I whisper through the strands of your hair into your ear that you need to make sure you get the very freshest of my cum straight from the tip of me. You groan and I feel you rubbing the tip of me in search of the creamy white liquid and then as we begin another kiss, we both grow in excitement as your fingers leave my wet silky covered cock and you slowly introduce them dragging them across both of our lips. We both can taste me and you smile as we kiss knowing how much I enjoy the thought of sucking a cock under your close and personal guidance.

You slip my hem back down and help me straighten out the lining and then we put on one more swipe of lipstick since it has been rubbed off a little. You tell me that you will keep the lipstick in your small purse so that we can always reapply at his or our desire. You reach for the perfume Red and spray lightly on your wrists and then rub them together, then rub those on your neck. You motion for my wrists and repeat the spray and instruct me to apply to my neck as well. You then tell me that a little extra treat is to apply a small bit where it will please both nose and eyes, just above your pussy and my cock. As tongues, lips and faces are no doubt spending time pleasuring you and myself above our pussies and cock, why not give an extra treat of scent to enjoy?

We then check both ourselves in the mirror and you ask how I feel. I respond that I feel sexy, pretty and desirable and wanting to sexually please. You tell me that is why we are dressed up for each other and for him. I ask you the same question to which you reply that you feel the same and lucky that I trust you enough to share this fantasy and fetish with you. We kiss and embrace a few seconds more.

One final time, you ask me if these pantyhose are comfortable for me and I respond with an enthusiastic yes knowing you are directly questioning the fit of my hard cock within the sheer shiny sexy prison that they are residing in.

You then take my hand and guide me back into the hotel room and we enjoy the sounds of our heels clicking on the tile floor as we leave the bathroom. The soft silky shiny pantyhose material caresses our legs as our inner thighs rub with each step. It feels incredibly sexy and I can feel the soft caress of my dangling pearl earrings as they gently bounce against my ear lobes as I walk.

You turn to me and place my hands around your waist and pull me in close looking into my eyes. You tell me I did a wonderful job on my makeup and the shade of eye shadow matches our pantyhose and makes my eyes stand out. I thank you for the compliment and for the opportunity to indulge my fetish. You smile, kiss me and then say that you receive a wonderful benefit from it as well.

You then move your mouth to my ear one more time as you plunge your entire finger deep within my mouth whispering that you can’t wait until we share him later this evening. I eagerly suck your finger and use my tongue to entice and guide another finger or two into my mouth to practice on his girth. You eagerly slip them between my lips and begin slowly pumping my mouth making sure that I take all of them up to the knuckle of your hand with each plunge. You whisper in my ear that you can’t wait to coach me on pleasing him and can’t wait for both of our tongues and lips stroking the entire length of his hardness back and forth.

Within minutes, there is a knock at the door and our excitement immediately jumps into high gear knowing he is here for us to pleasure. You answer the door and welcome him in with a hearty deep kiss and welcome his tongue deep into your mouth. You suck it deeper into your mouth and play with it using your own tongue, trying to stroke it like you will on his well developed penis.

I watch as he slides his hands across your back and down to begin stroking your ass. You pull away as you feel his hand start gathering the material of your dress and pulling your hem up. He then compliments us both for taking the time to dress up for him and is looking forward to a very sexually rewarding evening; I tell him I don’t think he will be disappointed. He then embraces me and goes through the same ritual of a passionate kiss and playing with my dress covered butt.

You immediately join us and after a couple more kisses with him and me on your neck, you take my hand in yours and glide it down the front of his shirt urging me to unbutton it. As I complete that, his mouth has found your neck and our hands have discovered the bulge in his pants which we continually massage. His mouth has now taken over the nape of your neck and his hands hold your hair up to give him access in order to pleasure you.

You moan in pleasure as one of his hands has found your hardened nipple pressing against the dress fabric and he begins to gently squeeze, massage and stroke you. You did not think it was possible but can actually feel your nipple grow just a bit more and ache to have both nipples in his or my mouth.

You break from his embrace and guide me to helping him lay on the bed where we join him. We both undo his belt and unbutton his trousers; I quickly move down to remove his shoes and socks while you move up seeking his tongue deep within your mouth to suck on.

You then begin running your mouth and tongue across his chest running your fingers through his chest hair and spend time sucking on each of his nipples. You coach me to join you and I eagerly take one nipple as you give attention to the other. I watch as his hand runs across your back and down to your ass where he caresses your dress. I follow suit and as we leave his nipples and work our way across his stomach licking and kissing, you guide my hand on to his upper leg. We continue to massage him and I can see you gently raking your nails across his skin much to his delight confirmed with soft moans from his mouth.

His hand now passes across the hem of your dress and enjoys the soft silky feeling of your shiny pantyhose. He gently caresses your thigh and is taking the time to run his hand between your legs and slightly under the hem of your dress.

The moans escaping from you confirm that you are enjoying the pleasure and the heat from his hand. You slowly guide us to his now exposed and very hard leaking penis and run your fingernails across his scrotum, balls and penis. I can feel my wetness gently seeping into my pantyhose and dress as you take my hand and guide it touching his scrotum and balls.

We start to position ourselves for a blowjob but he asks that both of us lay on either side of him with our feet toward the head of the bed. He tells us that he wants to play with our pantyhose legs, heels and be able to look up our dresses as we give pleasure to his engorged tool.

We then readjust and for the first time, I have taken his cock into my hand and slowly stroke him while I watch you gently caress his balls. Our faces are just a couple inches from each other and the tip of his leaking cock. You place your hand over mine and slow the pace of my stroking him and tell me to do what you do.

You swirl your tongue around the very tip of him and we feel him gently thrust upward while another moan escapes him. We both feel his hands petting our shiny clad calves and know that he has an unfettered view up both of our hems. I follow your lead and swirl my tongue around his tip and you as guide me to continue to very gently stroke him.

You then make sure our tongues meet and take his tip between us; I can see you smile as you can tell I am thoroughly enjoying my fantasy come true with you. You then use your lips and start to slide down his entire shaft as I follow you on the other side. You guide our hands onto his balls and you push mine out to find his scrotum and gently touch him there. Your hands then finds its way back to his balls and begin to gently rake them with your nails as our lips reach the base of him. We immediately make our way back up with his thick hard cock between our ruby red lips until we reach his tip and perform tongue lickings.

This has created a release of his cum and it is slowly oozing from him and we catch all of it on our tongues and share a quick deep throat kiss between us. You then slide your mouth over him as I stroke the base of him watching you intently. You catch my eye to ensure I know exactly how to please him when it is my turn. You keep your lips completely sealed on him as you slowly stroke up and down on him.

By the sound of his gasps, moans and encouragement; you obviously are giving him enormous amounts of pleasure. You use your tongue as you reach his tip again to continually take his nectar. You take my hand and guide it to hold him and then tell me to take him. I slowly lick his tip and then open my mouth and slide onto him as you whisper in my ear to make sure my lips are closed to give him the best sensation. Your hand caresses mine holding his penis as I begin to move up and down on him. You gently guide my hand to stroke the bottom part of him so that he has the feeling that his whole cock is being touched at once, just like it would inside a pussy.

I start to increase my speed but you place another hand on the back of my head and quickly encourage me to slow down as you whisper to me that we want him to enjoy us. I slide back down and try to take a bit more of him in my mouth than the last stroke and as I do, I hear his deep moan and you whisper that I have given him as good as blowjob as you because his noises are the same as when his cock is in your mouth.

You coach me to use my tongue to swirl around him as I move up and down on him as I feel his hand pass under the hem of my dress and start to work its way across my ass. His hand petting my pantyhosed ass and feeling his hand moving under my dress drives to me to want to perform even better on my first blowjob.

Knowing that his hand must be touching you in the same way, I slide off of him as you immediately accept the offered hardness and slide down on him further than I did. I glance over and realize that you are gently rocking back and forth and conclude that he has already begun fingering your pussy through your pantyhose. I feel his hand seek out my pussy and begin rubbing it in the same manner as I adjust down to suck one of his balls between my lips. Our faces are so close together that I can smell our perfume on you and watch your eyes widen a little as you attempt to take every inch of him deep.

You then get into a rhythm of hand pumping with mid dives on his cock followed by a deep thrust. I am jealous because I know I can’t get that much of him into my mouth but know from past experience how well that feels as you have performed it on me.

You slide off of him and I immediately swoop down on this skin popsicle and attempt to go down on him as you did. I feel myself starting to choke but know I did well as his encouragement says so. As I continue to give him a wet bath inside my mouth, you whisper that he has his finger inside your pussy up to the first knuckle. I slide off of him long enough to report to you that he is has the same penetration in my pussy.

We both go back to running our lips up and down with his shaft between us and I enjoy the taste of him and our lipstick on my tongue. He begs us to fuck you because he can’t stand the incredible blowjob he is receiving from us any longer.

You look at me for approval and I tell you that it is entirely up to you but if you do, I want to be able to penetrate you at the same time. You quickly grow excited at that thought and roll over on the bed and tell him to get on top of you while I straddle your face. I help him raise the hem of your dress up to your stomach so that he has complete access. I quickly dive my face between your legs on my way up and see how wet you are. I lick up your tasty pool through your pantyhose, gently nibble at your pussy lips and then bite each nipple on your breast.

As I am doing all this, he has reached under my dress again and with one finger is caressing my pussy and his other hand caresses my cock. He then slides both hands down my thighs as I make my way up straddling you and slides my dress up to expose me completely for you.

As I lower my pantyhose covered cock to your waiting mouth, I can feel your body moving as he has already made a hole n your pantyhose and is penetrating you. I can tell by your deep moans that he is definitely bigger than me and fills your fuck hole in both girth and width. You reach up and pull my pantyhose down in order to suck my fully leaking cock and take a lot of me in you with your first plunge.

He softly begins pumping you encouraging me to pump your face at the same pace so that you have the unique enjoyment of double penetration. I can feel your fingers gently raking my ass and making their way to my pussy where you begin to pump.

He and I maintain our thrusts and between your moans and exclamations as you quickly slide me out of your mouth and back on, tell us you about to cum. I feel him give you extra hard and quick thrusts as my cock enjoys the sensation of your deep moaning in your mouth as you climax your hot juices over his thick rod.

He pulls out of you and suggests that we change positions so that I am lying down on my back, your face is on my cock and he is going to fuck you from behind. He then slides into you and I have the unique view watching him as he glides in and out of you with his balls gently raking my face, my tongue on him and my finger in your ass.

It is not long before you announce to us another impending cum explosion onto his cock. I repeatedly use my tongue to stroke him as he enters and exits you for each thrust enjoying his balls bouncing on my forehead. I feel you take me so deep in your mouth that I know you have reached the very base of my balls and you stay there stroking me keeping pace with his thrusts.

I hear you softly scream the words, I’m cumming as I realize that he has just reached climax himself and I watch as he pumps his creamy white salty semen into your dripping hot pussy. It is too exciting to hold back myself and I let loose deep within your throat and feel you continue to pump me with your mouth and swallow my entire load.

You are at the pinnacle of a woman’s inner most sex fantasy, two hot cocks releasing their creamy hot loads within your body at the same time as you release your cum at the same time.