Fucked: The Interview

The camera winked on, and the familiar scene of the influencer’s bedroom came up on the screen.

A Cheeky grin.


“Hey guys, I’m Dizzy-Dom and today, we’re doing another crazy Q and A!”

Dom’s carefree blond hair and cherubic features radiated energy.

“Today we are joined by a very special guest… Jessica Deluxe!!”

Lounging in the chair next to him sat a voluptuous tanned woman, with cascading dark hair and legs that went on for days. She looked like a mix of Italian and Greek, perhaps around late twenties/early thirties. Dressed in a cream crop top which was threatening to explode due to the pressure of her humungous bust, and matching skirt, she exuded sexuality and class.

Their countenances could not have been more different. Him all smiles, and almost ready to bounce through the roof at any moment; her a portrait of reserved elegance, her perfectly made-up face and luscious red lips unreadable to the outside world. She also happened to be 6″2. Another vast contrast with Dom’s (optimistic) 5″5.

“And I know she’s ready and rearing to go, right Jessica?”

He took a second to allow her to respond. A tight lipped smile and a slight eyebrow raise was all he received.

“Well she’s excited for this interview-ah… I’m sure she’ll warm into it!”, pushing the smile on his face to the limit. “Right?”

He winked in her direction and was met with a blank stare. This was going to be difficult, he thought… but it might well be funny for viewers considering how awkward it felt. Thank God he hadn’t made this a livestream! Editing things later always made comedic videos that bit better.

“Jessica, for those of you who don’t know, is in the… porn… ow… graphic modelling industry…” Dom took his time over-emphasising the words like they were completely new to him.

“That’s interesting… So what is your role in the.. um… graphic modelling business… I haven’t seen any of your videos but I am told that you are the Ronda Rousey of the graphic modelling world.”

Jessica rolled her eyes at the lame joke and continued to offer no more than a tight-lipped stare. The definition of resting bitch face pretty much had her face as the prime example, Dom thought to himself. He glanced at her body whilst reclining back in his chair. Her curves and muscles were so tight and defined by her outfit, and in spite of her attitude Dom couldn’t help but enjoy the view.

“Hmm okay, before we start I think it’s best for us to loosen up a bit… so… Beers?” said Dom, a little more casually, trying to get this intimidating woman (one of the biggest trans porn stars in the world) to at least open up a little.

Jessica nodded.

“Sure.” Her voice was deep but not unpleasant, slightly husky. She definitely wasn’t English, but she had barely spoken more than a word from their first meeting (apart from asking about his girlfriend, who he had broken up with recently. She seemed quite pleased with this news for some weird reason.)

Dom inwardly breathed a little sigh of relief at her response. At least she wasn’t going to completely freeze him out. There’s only so much humour you can get out of the silent treatment.

He brought the cooler and popped the tops off two beer bottles, handing her one. Dom thought to himself as he watched her take a sip of it. She seemed to make everything around her seem child sized by comparison, her large hands delicately placing the bottle between her fingers and thumb . She nodded in approval, and she opened her large luscious lips to take a long drink.

So far this has been pretty tough… I’ll have to just hope I can force whatever reactions I can, thought Dom. This video was supposed to be a comedic interview, and people usually found it funny to watch him make some light-hearted fun out of his interviewee. (obviously she was being compensated, although she took his first offer very quickly as she said she had seen some of his videos and “liked what she saw…” whatever that means.)

Even though he knew she was trans, she was the epitome of elegance, drinking her beer lazily with one hand which left Dom feeling a little warm watching her. They sipped in silence (which would look great with some slightly awkward music over the top of it on the video). Dom decided to let it play out and just stare, letting the silence stretch (once again, comedy was paramount).

He expected her to react awkwardly, but she just concentrated on her beer, relaxing in her chair, legs crossed. When she finally acknowledged his stare, she stared right back, taking another larger swig as she did so, her features unreadable.

Immediately he felt the hairs on his neck raise, like he was being watched by a tiger, and felt rooted by the intensity of her gaze. Jessica seemed completely calm, and eventually spoke four words.

“I want another drink.”

Her accent placed her as European, what dialect he couldn’t tell. But she had spoken; and with clarity and intelligence. The accent just added an extra sense of exotic mystery. It was a start.

Dom smiled, and raised an eyebrow as he realised she had downed her beer in less than 3 minutes.

“Wow, yes Miss,” he said, reaching for the cooler and handing her another. His quick compliance with her request seemed to please her, and she winked at him as he handed her the bottle, making him strangely nervous, like he was back in school talking to the beautiful girl next door. Or more accurately, the beautiful teacher next door. Dom felt slightly odd about that comparison, especially as he had responded ‘Yes Miss’ to her order like a child. She also dwarfed him for size. Perhaps slightly too close to his fantasies for comfort.

She started sipping again, seemingly much more relaxed. Dom couldn’t help acknowledging the way her shirt clung to her breasts, the way her long dark hair fell over her shoulders. If this was a woman, he’d have found her super attractive… In fact he had to admit that she was stunning regardless.

He decided he should probably catch her up, so he said “cheers,” and they clinked bottles, her lips shifting into a wry smile.

“You’ve got a good tolerance… for a lady,” he said cheekily.

The smile disappeared.

He winced inwardly at his misplaced humour and focused on the beer instead, downing the bottle and grabbing another.

“So, uh, Jessica… Let’s start with something easy… What’s your favourite activity outside of work?”

She tapped her drink with one long finger as she considered the question.

“I like to go to the gym… I like martial arts…maybe reading…” she said slowly.

Dom responded quickly, energetically: “Oh awesome, I’m glad we are both gym freaks, I’m there from morning til night!” he said, moving his arm up and flexing his weedy biceps which made Jessica’s cold exterior crack, as she let out a small laugh. Her laugh was carefree, not very sexy, but certainly joyful, and Dom felt himself pleased that she was showing a more human side. Now that he had actually seen her smile, it seemed infectious. She was beginning to relax.

“What, you don’t think I’m serious?” he said in a dumbfounded voice, still holding his stringy bicep in a bodybuilder pose.

She grinned and moved her chair over to his, taking out her bicep to touch his and flexed. Her body was much bigger than his, and she had an impressively sculpted bicep that made his look like a child’s.

Dom couldn’t help but murmur appreciatively which Jessica noticed.

“Wow… that’s not bad…” he said slowly. “If you’re lucky, I’ll give you some tips!”

She laughed out loud, a fully body laugh, and pushed him one-handed, which nearly tipped him out of his large gaming swivel chair, making it roll out of shot.

She was guffawing as he rolled in his chair back into frame, looking dazed and annoyed but secretly loving this. She was turning out to be kind of fun, and super attractive to boot. The video views would be pretty good if she kept this up. He couldn’t help glance at her large breasts which jiggled as she laughed, and suddenly realised she was watching him.

Dom’s cheeks turned red, but Jessica smiled and just relaxed back in her seat, her eyes locked on him. Dom felt a certain tension rising in him, and tried to ignore it.

He also realised her chair was now in the centre of the frame and stood up to rearrange the shot, before he got too excited to do so.

“Hang on a sec, gotta reframe the shot,” he said, avoiding looking at her chest and gesturing for her to stand up.

She gave him a sunny smile again and simply sat there, before leaning and taking another long swig.

Dom couldn’t help but smirk as she teased him, blowing a kiss down the camera lense as he adjusted it, relaxing further in her seat.

Dom let out a disbelieving chuckle, eyebrows raised at her coyness, and put his arms around her chair, trying to pull her to the side of the shot. Jessica simply sat there as he struggled.

“Would you like help?” she said.

“Noooooooooooooo,” he grunted, pulling with all his might.

She grinned from ear to ear as she gently lifted her weight slightly, and allowed him to pull her to the right side, back into place.

Dom slapstick collapsed back into his chair.

“Yeah, don’t mess with me,” he squeaked, breathing heavily which made Jessica chuckle again, dribbling some beer over her cream skirt.

“Damnit!…” she said, observing the damage.

“Hey, don’t worry, I got it!” shouted Dom, running to get a towel out of the bathroom. When he returned, he began to feverishly dab her skirt which made her raise an eyebrow.

“I think I can do that,” she said, although she made no move to stop him rubbing her leg with the towel.

He continued for a few unnecessary seconds, before resuming his position on his seat. He mockingly put the towel to his face and breathed in deeply. Jessica watched but she seemed less than amused by the crass joke and took to drinking again, eyes wondering lazily over the rest of the vlogger’s bedroom.

“So you like the gym, martial arts… Could you fight me?” Dom began, cheeriness personified.


She looked disinterested again, her body language was cold.

“Hmmm… and what exactly do you like about your job as a model?”

Her heel tapped quietly on the carpet.

“The money,” she said, not even bothering to make eye contact.

This was going badly… Dom needed something entertaining again. He needed to bring back that chemistry.

“Okay, tell you what, let’s skip the questions for now and play a game… How about truth or dare!” he said, watching her.

Jessica perked up, turning to him and nodded.

“Sure.” Her expression remained neutral.

“Alrighty, so Jessica… Truth… or DARE!!” He breathed theatrically.

“Dare,” she responded quickly.

Dom paused. He hadn’t been expecting a dare this early… But he had prepared it already, and hoped the beer would do the trick.

“Urmmmmm… I dare you to kiss me!”

Jessica put down her beer, stood up in her killer heels and strode over to Dom. He was shocked at her boldness, and realised she made him look very small. She crouched down next to his chair so she was level with his face and brought her face to his.

Dom formed a silly pout on his lips, but instead of kissing him, Jessica began brushing her lips back and forth across his, which surprised him. She let out a small moan as she pressed slightly harder whilst brushing up and down without giving him any tongue or suction.

She was rewarded with a small involuntary gasp as her warm breath and fleeting touches made Dom’s body jolt involuntarily in excitement. She pounced on his weakness, sliding her tongue into his mouth and applying suction and Dom moaned as she slowly slid her tongue around his mouth, Exploring, licking, teasing.

He found himself kissing back, letting her go deeper, but as she did she ended the kiss with a wet ‘pop’ and immediately strode back to her seat.

Dom was left slightly dishevelled, his heart racing.

“Truth or dare,” she said, seated and staring at him. She was smiling softly now.

Dom found his voice.


“Did you watch any of my videos?”

Dom was quiet as her eyes bored into his.

His mouth opened trying to think of how to answer.

“Well… sure… two, I think…”

Maybe it was the beer talking, or maybe it was the intensity of the person sitting next to him, but in the moment he was feeling much more open and excited than he had expected to be.

“You like the ones where I fuck young men?” she asked, her face strikingly beautiful, smirking, her body leant forward, and her hands clasped tightly together.

Dom felt slightly faint but tried to compose himself.

“Erm… You, ah… you’ll have to ask on your next go!” he chirped. Inside his heart was beating fast.

“Hmmm,” murmured Jessica, who leaned back again and reached for another beer, which she placed deliberately next to Dom’s unfinished one. He realised she expected him to catch up.

Wow she drinks impressively fast thought Dom, who decided to down the rest of his and open the new one. His body was feeling warm but he wasn’t sure it was the beer.

“Soooooo… truth or dare,” he said, pointing a finger accusingly at her face and giving her a mock suspicious stare. He was definitely feeling a little tipsy.

Jessica smiled and leant forward, engulfing his finger in her mouth, and moaned. Dom was shocked, and watched as she slid her warm wet lips up and down it, before leaning back in her seat.

Dom’s surprise was matched by his small cock slowly rising under his shorts.

“Dare,” she said, the subtle and mischievous glint in her eye plain to see.

‘Wow’ thought Dom. How did he raise the ante on that?

“Urrrmmm… I dare you to take your top off with me!”

The words had barely come out of his mouth when Jessica pulled up her top in one smooth motion, flinging it onto the bed behind them to reveal a huge lacy black bra struggling to contain her ample cleavage, which bounced back into position having been freed from their cream-coloured prison.

Dom was gobstruck. He’d seen a few video clips of her before the Q and A, (and though he would never admit it, they had left him quite aroused) but now he had to admit that in person she was absolutely smouldering. Her tits were huge, and her tanned skin seemed to make her body glow in the bright lights of his bedroom.

She seemed to radiate confidence, leaning back in her small chair with her arms pulled back on the rests so that her cleavage was even more pronounced. Dom was almost certain they would pop free at any second.

She raised an eyebrow and gestured to him. The meaning was simple; your turn.

He smiled awkwardly, now unsure as to what this video was becoming and lifted his top off, also throwing it on the bed.

“Hm, nice,” said Jessica softly, taking in Dom’s slight build and hair-free chest. Dom couldn’t tell if she was joking or not. He felt weaker by the second next to her powerful presence, and Dom’s lack of confidence regarding his own masculinity felt magnified next to Jessica. He squirmed a little to get comfortable in his large chair.

Jessica then locked eyes with him. “By the way… this does not feel fun, right?

“Huh?” said Dom, confused.

“For the video I mean…we could make it more… interesting?” said Jessica.

And with that she whipped off her short dress to reveal matching black laced panties and jaw-dropping legs from top to bottom. She was now only in lingerie and heels. Dom had to stop himself from salivating. She looked jaw-droppingly sexy.

She made a pointed nod towards his trousers.

Dom was freaked out about this and at the same time his heart felt like it might explode in his chest. He couldn’t help but stare at this stunning being across from him. Her smirk felt so alluring, her long ‘fuck me’ heels and toned legs divine. And then he saw the huge bulge in her panties. An obscene bulge. It almost shook him out of his reverie.

Jessica stopped smiling and clicked her fingers.

“Did you not hear me?”

“No, I did!” said Dom quickly, whinier than he would have wanted, and dropped his trousers.

Jessica smiled softly as she saw the cutest little shape in his underpants. Dom felt so exposed, especially compared to the Goddess-like figure of Jessica and what was clearly a monster between her legs. The difference was stark. He felt so scared, and yet strangely thrilled. He didn’t know of it was the beer or Jessica but the situation felt more exciting than anything he could remember. But not in a gay way or anything, he reminded himself in his somewhat drunken state.

Jessica hummed appreciatively as she lounged in her chair. She looked slightly tipsy and her expression was mischievous. There was a certain tension in the air, and Dom was sure she was loving it. She looked in her element.

Jessica clinked her bottle with his one, and downed the remainder of her beer in one go. Dom let out a small whistle of appreciation at her feistiness and grabbed his half-full bottle, swigging it clumsily for a good 10 seconds before finally setting it down, empty.

His head swam a little. He was definitely more than tipsy. Jessica seemed to be closer now… In fact she definitely was. She had crept her seat forward, almost within reach of him.

Jessica was staring at him. He felt uncomfortable at how she suddenly appeared to not need to blink. He was still struggling to read her emotions but she was so close to him and she had a soft, subtle perfume that smelt devine.

Jessica’s eyes roved over him. It was a hungry stare.

“Give me your chair,” she murmured.

“Huh?” Dom responded, clueless.

“Your chair, it is bigger. Give it to me.”

She broke into a small smirk, but with a stance that suggested she might pounce on him.

Dom smiled sheepishly, trying to think up a witty retort.

Jessica didn’t allow him to respond. She simply leant over to him and pulled him off his seat. The scantily clad figure dumped him on the floor and settled herself gracefully with one foot on the floor and the other on Dom’s chest. She breathed deeply.

“Mmmmmmmm, so much better.” she moaned, smiling and biting her lip as she leaned back in her comfy chair and planted some of her weight on her foot.

Dom felt the pressure and wheezed. She wasn’t putting all her weight in…just enough to feel her large toes push him into the floor. He struggled for a few seconds, trying to displace her sole from his chest, eventually managing to squeeze himself out from underneath her weight. Dom picked himself up off the floor, slightly emasculated by her show of superior strength.

“Hey, if you want to sit in my chair, fine, whatever,” he said breathlessly, going to take a seat on the second chair.

She put a firm hand on his arm as he was moving away, pulling him back to her. “Truth or dare.” She said.

He looked at her incredulously. She was almost the same height in his gaming chair as he was standing up. Fine, let’s go then. “Dare.” He said testily.

She grinned like a hyena. “Rub the front of my panties for a whole minute.” She patted her huge bulge, which was straining the seams of her underwear (which now he looked closer was more like a black lacy jock strap) to breaking point.

Dom’s courage left him as soon as it had found him. He smiled nervously and asked “Urm, what’s the problem if we skip this one maybe? I’m not sure if I feel too…” He realised her grip on his arm was tightening.

“I think no” she said, softly.

Dom felt a small jolt of fear, but also felt his cock throb at her aggression. He felt himself being pulled by his wrist to kneel in front of her. The bulge was close to his face now. He felt mild terror as she placed his hand firmly on the front of her package. He felt the heat emanating from it. It was like a completely different animal. He was frozen to the spot, his wrist still firmly in her grip.

Jessica lazily brought her other hand to Dom’s head and began to play with his hair, taking fistfuls and moving his head, keeping his hand firmly pressed on her groin. Dom made to push away with his other hand, but before he could Jessica tightened the grip in his hair.

Dom whimpered as he broke his gaze away from Jessica’s swollen jock strap to her face towering above him.

Jessica was looking down at him with malice. Her jaw was clenched and here dark brown eyes burning.

He had never seen this intensity from her before, and it terrified him.

He swallowed, his hand still unmoved on her privates… he had never felt so inferior in his life. It cut his fragile masculinity to the core. He felt like he wanted to cry which only made it worse. Jessica smiled down at him, completely in control. She ran her hands through his blond roots, and gently began moving his head around. Wierdly Dom felt slightly relaxed as she did this, his head rotating gently in a circle, following her slow determined movements. His neck muscles softened, and he found himself in a strangely calm state of mind. She continued to move his head steadily in a circle, and it almost seemed like she was easing his anxiety away through the steady movement. He started softly rubbing the soft, silk panties with his constrained hand.

His breathing slowed as she continued moving his head, making soft encouraging noises.

“That’s it.” She said. “Good boy.” Her accent soothed him.

He felt encouraged and began rubbing a bit more firmly, relaxing further under her control. He brought his other hand to her thigh, and Jessica let go of his wrist and hair as he began to steady himself on her leg whilst he sped up rubbing her strained panties. Her thighs felt so smooth, but the muscle underneath kept her legs extremely firm..

“Oh, oh Si… Good.” She murmured in a keen voice.

Dom felt her bulge stiffen slightly and felt a twinge of excitement, rubbing harder as Jessica let out another groan of encouragement. He looked up at her delighted face and then placed both hands on her groin and began to softly knead what felt like a truly massive cock. He locked eyes with her, his expression was one of shocked desire, hers of eagerness. It began to throb. And grow.

Holy Fuck.

This thing was beginning to stretch the jock strap. He saw over the rim and the shaft of a huge appendage came into view.

He tore his eyes from it and looked away, scared. Jessica put a hand on his chin and led his eyes to hers.

Her smile had warmth, but also an undercurrent of aggression to it.

“It is okay… go slow.”

Dom calmed down. He breathed in and out deeply, and a small smile creeped up at the corners of his mouth.

“Okay…” He said nervously.

Just take it slow.

He looked down at the panties which were being tented away from Jessica’s body, and put his fingers over the rim of the panties, pulling down slowly. A python cock, dripping pre-cum, bounced loose, slapping him lightly on the chin.

He gasped.


It was… big.

So. Big.

It must have been over three times the length of his penis, with the girth of a coke can. He felt like crying again as it throbbed, but a conflicting part of him wanted to feel it. Touch it. Put it in his mouth. Feel it inside him. Another part wanted to run out of the room and never come back. The conflicting emotions coursed through him, heightened by the alcohol in his system.

He sat there, mesmerised, and Jessica shifted her hips slightly and bounced, making her cock slap onto his face. Dom let out a soft pathetic whimper but didn’t move a muscle. She ignored him and let it lie there, pressing against him.

He was shocked, his heart hammering. It was so…heavy. Her presence had changed from before. Now she filled the room. His vision was full of her cock. And it throbbed again. With her huge legs either side, surrounding him, she dominated his senses. Her smiling face, visible only through one eye (the other had her meat on it), was exultant. She knew what his confused expression meant even when he didn’t. Desire.

Some boys were alpha men. Some were open to being controlled. Some needed authority as much as the air they breathed; It was in their body and soul to submit. She knew which one Dom was.

She moved forward and over him, almost sitting on top of him with her ass on the edge of the gaming chair, and her cock slid up his frozen face.

He let out a soft breath of yearning and she responded with a deeper moan of her own, rubbing up and down, up and down as she did so.

‘My God…so this is what it feels like’, thought Dom as her huge cock slid across his face. He had flashbacks of seeing girl’s disappointed expressions when they opened his trousers. The look of disappointment… almost pity. It’s because people like Jessica who could deliver the package women wanted.

The size… the presence… the superiority. Her penis demanded worship. He knew in his heart he had never made a woman feel excitement like this. It crushed him, and hurt him deeply now he was experiencing it for himself… and yet it only made him more aroused in the face of her alpha dominance. He had the sudden urge to stick his tongue out and taste her musk, which made him shiver. She began to go side to side, slapping his cheeks before dragging her dick across his mouth and nose, then slapping again.

Jessica then hooked her thumbs into her panties and slid them completely free, revealing the final parts of her package…her balls.

Like her cock they were enormous. Swollen, round, closer in size to apples than plums, they hung underneath her mammoth dong, completing a site that would strike jealousy into any man or woman who witnessed it.

Dom sat back and took the whole thing in.

There was no denying it… It was a monstrous set of cock and balls.

Jessica watched his internal struggle played out on his face. First the last ebbs of his masculinity, testosterone his body barely supplied fighting the battle to break free, be strong, be a man. And then the desire. The deep, un-sated, desire, to press his face into the cock of a person bigger than him and just revel in the smell, the taste, the texture. To concede his body to a more worthy one. To bask in another human’s superiority, and allow himself to know, to his core, that he is inferior. If he took this step, he was going to make love to a cock. A big, sexy cock. Maybe that made him gay. But God it was too sexy not to touch…

Jessica watched, without concern. She knew he had made up his mind five minutes ago. He just needed to come to terms with it.

Dom leaned towards her, and put one hand on each thigh, rubbing up and down slowly, coming to terms with the task in front of him. And then, agonisingly slowly, he opened his mouth and enveloped the head of her dick.

Jessica grunted like a rhino as she felt the warm wet mouth cover her tip. She couldn’t help buck her hips slightly, sending it a few inches in which filled Dom’s entire mouth. His eyes bugged out slightly and he began to panic, but Jessica cooed him and spoke.

“Shhhhhh, shhhhh baby, shhhhh, that’s it baby… Suck Mama’s cock now…Siiiii”

The words hit Dom at a deep level, and he almost immediately calmed down, and began rubbing the bottom of her erection with his tongue, desperate to get as intimate with her phallus as possible.

Jessica was groaning, her belly rumbles vibrating Dom’s head as he sucked blissfully on her phallus. Dom felt intimacy he had never believed possible. His drool on her cock began to run down his chin as it slid out and back in, and he tried not to gag as she pressed all the way to the back of his throat.

“Hold it… darling” said Jessica in a strained voice. She felt herself getting a little too close, and Dom let out a muffled, high-pitched shriek of delight whilst impaled on her dick which almost sent her over the edge.

She pulled her cock slowly out, with Dom almost refusing to let her remove it, sucking as hard as possible to keep her in which Jessica thought was so fucking hot and made her clamp her thighs to the side of his head. Drool ran down his chin as Jessica’s cock exited his mouth with a wet slurping sound.

“Oh Mama…did I do something wrong?” said Dom, completely under her spell, as she fell backwards onto the chair.

Jessica heaved, her voice straining to be controlled in the face of her lust.

“Sit on Mama’s lap.”

Dom didn’t hesitate and hopped up onto her lap, straddling her huge legs so they were face to face. He felt her dick pressing against his cock and belly. It made him feel electrified that Jessica was aroused at his touch. In a surprising show of bravery, he put his hands around her head and guided his lips to hers. Jessica moaned in surprise and enjoyment as he frantically made out with her,. She stuck her tongue out for him to suck and let him hickey her neck and slip his tongue in her ear.

Jessica roughly turned him around and pulled him so his back was being squeezed against her huge tits. Dom sat eager and lustful on her lap and enjoyed feeling her warm skin against his body. He felt cool breath in his ear which made his heart pound. She felt so intimidating and strong, like if she wanted to take him, there was nothing he could do.

She spoke softly into his ear, the camera barely picking it up. “You’re a beautiful boy. A naughty little boy” As she said this she began to rub down the inside of his thighs, slipping some of her tongue into his ear as she did.

Dom moaned. He couldn’t believe she was holding him tight, caressing him and it was turning him on so much.

“Are you enjoying, Dominic,” she said with a huge grin on her face. “I think my baby wants more…” As she said this she squeezed his thighs and moved up even higher, tantalisingly close to his cock.

Dom responded with a soft moan, and felt her huge schlong begin to push up and down his ass, Jessica pressing him close to her so that some of the breath went out of his lungs. She snaked her free hand onto his crotch and began slowly rubbing his much smaller package.

“Mmmmhhh, you getting hard with me baby?” she said squeezing his groin and making him gasp.

“y…yes!” He groaned as she furiously rubbed the front of his boxers. He was completely under her spell, and his hands gripped the hand rests on his chair as she groped him, tonguing his ear and rubbing one of his nipples whilst his cock received frenzied attention from her strong hand.

“Do you want me inside you,” she breathed whilst ripping his boxers off him and flinging them away.

“YES, YES MAMA YES!,” cried Dom who couldn’t believe how much he was loving this.

Jessica smiled at his tiny penis, rock hard and all of three inches.


She pressed her own againt Dom and wedged it into his butt cheeks. He shouldn’t have bit his lip and moaned, but he did. And when she began to pour insane amounts of lube from her handbag onto her cock and his ass whilst she ground against him, he couldn’t help pushing his ass up and down her frankly ridiculous-sized schlong, making Jessica growl with lust.

He felt so naughty… He felt like she owned him, like he was pleasuring the most beautiful girl in the world… And he also felt her massive dick sliding up and down his lubed up asshole. He wanted to ride it like a pony.

Jessica giggled into his ear as she lazily humped up and down Dom’s ass crack, her head pressing tantalisingly against his puckered hole before slipping past, up to the top of his tight butt cheeks.

Dom whimpered each time she did this, trying to force himself down onto her slippery snake, but each time her huge tantalising cock slid free.

She smiled as she brought her lips to his ear whilst he tried to impale himself on her womanhood.

‘My sexy baby… you want my dick inside you?’ she breathed.

‘Yes!’ Dom gasped, almost gagging to be penetrated.

‘Yes… Good boy.’ Her glistening phallus throbbed as she drank in the young man’s submission. She continued her vigorous grinding against Dom’s backside, making him squeal in excitement.

Her large mushroomed head slid against his asshole before finally pressing straight onto his rosebud. Dom gasped as she held herself there for a few seconds, and then after an agonizing wait, began to pull him down onto her cock. Her strength meant she entered him easily with a wet luby slurping sound.

Dom’s mouth opened wide and his expression was one of shock as Jessica slowly but surely pistoned her cock deeper and deeper into him. The girth was insane… He felt like he was being fucked by a baseball bat.

‘HOLY… Hell Jessica, my god, you’re so big…’ muttered Dom, groaning as his whole being felt like it was being subsumed by her beast plunging ever further inside his ass.

‘Yes… ohhhh… baby you love my large cock, I think? Difficult to tell with you…’ said Jessica, giggling as she gently squeezed Dom’s comparably tiny erection, making him turn beet-red.

“My small dicked boy has Mama now.” said Jessica triumphantly, enjoying the embarrassment she caused him with her emasculating words.

Dom felt like their bodies were fusing together; his entrance clung to her shaft for dear life. Jessica was grunting with delight as he tightened and un-tightened his sphincter without realising. The feeling was indescribable.

Jessica pulled him down and Dom had to hold in a squeal as she pressed what must have been 7 inches of phallus deep inside his ass. God he hoped no neighbours would be able to hear him, as he covered his mouth and screamed… he felt so STRETCHED around Jessica’s girth, every little movement and throb felt invasive.

Jessica held on tight as she revelled in the feeling of his ass squeezing her cock. This boy was perfect.

His hands shook as he held onto her arms wrapped around him, searching for warmth and safety. She obliged with a low hum and gentle kisses to his earlobe and cheek, tightening her strong arms around him and breathing deeply in and out, calm, steady breathes. She was in control, just relax.

Dom’s hands slowed and he tried to relax his tight entrance, which was clamped down on Jessica’s steel cock. She felt his efforts and rewarded him with further kisses

“That’s it baby,” she breathed. “Such a good boy.”

Dom mewled, and Jessica waited a few seconds before continuing further inside the young man, enveloping him in her body whilst he groaned and convulsed. Eventually she bottomed out inside him and held him as his eyes bugged out; he felt like his whole world had constricted to one passageway in his body, being filled by a huge hot womanhood. Their two sets of balls were pushed against each other, hers thrice as big and smooth, his small and light. Sitting impaled on her thick shaft was like nothing he’d ever experienced, the heat filling him. His 3 inch cock was harder than it had ever been in his life.

Jessica began to rotate her pelvis so that her cock was making circular motions inside Dom, who let out a long suprised ‘OHHhhhhh…!’ He felt dominated by her depth inside him. Jessica was throbbing with happiness, giggling and nipping at his ear as she rotated the young twink on her dick, keeping herself hilted inside his hot cheeks.

‘keep moaning for Mama, baby… Siiiii… you stay with Mama now,’ she said, her voice mesmerising and filled with giddy pleasure.

Dom’s mind was in a million places at once. The feeling of the huge cock inside him was mind-blowing… painful but amazing all at once. He couldn’t believe he was sitting on Jessica’s pornstar dick, and that her dick was currently rotating in his ass. He was beginning to make whines of pleasure that he couldn’t hold back. Her playfulness and firm control was making his mind do somersaults. Her easy laugh contrasted with her strong grip on his biceps, keeping him firmly sat on her lap. Her beautiful feminine legs at odds with the way she spoke dirty, humiliating words into his ear.

“I think your ex girlfriend would like me…” said Jessica casually. “Probably your dick was too small for her… Maybe we could show her my dick? You could lick my cum out of her pussy after I’ve fucked her…”

As she said this she began to lift him up so about half of her meaty wand was begrudgingly released by Dom’s tight hole.

“Nooooo…” said Dom, bewitched.

Dom didn’t get a chance to continue as Jessica suddenly began to bounce him up and down on her cock like a pogo stick.

He squealed in time to her bounces like a wierd puppet show gone wrong, the puppet being abused by its master.

Jessica’s hold was unbreakable, and she barely needed to move her arms to make Dom slam up and down her lubed up weapon.

Dom’s only possible reaction was to scream as he felt what a truly deep anal orgasm was for the first time.

Jessica was almost casually destroying Dom’s ass, using him like a human fleshlight and moaning whilst Dom continued to make high keens of uncontrollable delight as her arms pistoned him up and down, muscles flexing.

Jessica felt herself edging slowly further into her lust and decided to break Dom even harsher

“Did your girlfriend even cum? Did she even get wet for you? I bet she couldn’t even fake it for you” she hissed into his ear as Dom let out long cries of slutty fulfillment.

Jessica began to speed up her thrusts until Dom was nothing more than a human-shaped blur. She started to huff and groan as she enjoyed Dom’s tight hole piston-ing up and down her, sending jolts of pleasure through her body

“Did she ever…UGH… flirt with stronger boys? Do you think she ever fucked someone else in your bed?” MMhhh… You are my boy now, my sexy baby, My love…, Siiiiii…”

Dom was drooling, his eyes rolled up in his head as perfect orgasms sank into every part of his body. Not all of the words got through but the ones that did only drove him further into his Jessica-induced bliss.

Her furious pounding of him was almost laughably easy for her, and she laughed even as she violently slammed him down on her rigid pole, annihilating his anal virginity beyond doubt.

A gentle sheen of sweat began to appear in the crest of her cleavage but she still looked like an angel; with the sexual appetite of a nymphomaniac.

Dom screamed, trying to pump in time with her thrusts but truly having no say in the proceedings.

The camera light winked on and off, recording every brutal thrust. Dom was sweating and moaning as Jessica mercilessly pummelled away at his prostate, she ran her tongue up the side of his neck and face before grunting in time with her thrusts into his ear. Everything she did only served to make Dom feel her Alpha dominance, her athletic specimen of a body ruining his delicate, weedy one.

Another wave of pleasure hit and his toes curled, the grip on Jessica’s arms tightening to let her know he was having another anal orgasm. His 3 inch dick was rock hard and leaking pre-cum, ass sore from Jessica’s hips slamming into him.

She slowed her unstoppable pace gradually, a sheen of sweat on her brow, letting out a soft laugh. Dom felt her hands caress his body as she pulled him close to her, and began again at a more love-making pace, grinding her hips steadily, keeping most of herself inside him.

She looked at him and Dom felt like he was looking into the eyes of the most ravishingly beautiful woman he had ever seen. She smouldered with lust, desire written across her face as she pulled his head towards her and hungrily mauled his mouth. Her tongue swirled inside, probing, and Dom greedily sucked on it. He didn’t realise how dick-drunk he was, but Jessica knew that in this state he would do anything if she wanted him to.

She cradled him, arms hugging him to her, gyrating her hips repeatedly to force Dom to coo in delight. He bit his lip and grinned as she gave him a hickie on his neck, nipping and smooching up and down his face at anything she could reach with her lips. This was far more passionate and sexy than any of the porno shoots she’d ever done.

She could feel herself getting close to cumming hard so she slowed down… She wanted to do one more position yet.

Jessica leaned forward, pushing Dom into the standing doggy position, face first in front of the camera. Dom’s knees shook, and he was struggling to stand up straight after the pounding he had received. She stood up behind him, towering over him. He was almost being forced onto tiptoes by the hard cock in his ass, such was the height difference between the pair.

She smiled to herself and gently crouched to make it easier for him to receive her, before starting her gentle, now familiar pumping motion again. Dom started to moan, but this time Jessica took both her hands from his hips and placed one firmly in his hair, the other over the front of his face, a harsh grip with some of her fingers pushed between his lips that he began to suck on.

He felt her grip tighten uncomfortably on his face and his eyes widened.

“I think baby boy needs to be punished for trying to be a slut with that bitch ex-girlfriend.” She said evilly.

Immediately she combined her strong arms and powerful hips to snap him back sharply onto her thrusting waist, and Dom cried out again between her fingers as he felt a renewed aggression. He started to squeal as she raced through a series of violent thrusts, his whole body convulsing with each loud smack of her hips to his cheeks. His body would have been thrown forwards if Jessica hadn’t been pulling him sharply backwards in time with her unceasing rhythm.

Jessica let out loud grunts and growls as she went about her work, teeth bared as she unleashed her full strength into the poor young man’s body.

He began to cry onto her hand which was pulling him repeatedly onto her weapon, tears of pleasure and pain streaming down his cheeks and through her vice-like fingers. The camera blinked silently on as it dutifully recorded his arms and knees buckling under her assault, but she simply stayed inside him and continued to fuck him on the floor. He tried to curl sideways into a ball whilst spasming with pleasure, but Jessica simply adjusted to fuck him sideways, pulling his left leg up so she could part him and continue her harrowing deep thrusts into his anus. He looked up at her, this pure-bred animal pounding him, just as his orgasm melted his brain. He screamed. He screamed so loud the neighbors would surely hear but he didn’t care. His cock spewed jizz everywhere, ropes of it firing all over the floor. He screamed as the tears continued to fall, some ropes of jizz landing on his chin to mix with the tears. He screamed as she began spanking him violently, over and over again.

She began to shout at him as she ruined him.

“This is what your girlfriend needed! I bet she’s getting fucked by a massive cock right now and loving it, squirting and squealing on it!”

Dom’s body shook with every smack of Jessica’s huge hands

‘Your girlfriend left you for real men, you worthless bitch!’ She roared.

Dom made a strangled cry of lust and fullfilment

“You can tell her… UGHhh… how you screamed like a whore… UGGHhhhh… for me tonight… MMMMMmmm…!”

Jessica went back to ramming him for a few more seconds before the tension in her huge balls got too much.

Quickly she scooped Dom off the floor, hilted inside him, and held him in the air, pulling his back tight to her with him facing the camera and her hands hooked under his legs, exposing his ass for the perfect on-video creampie.

She groaned deeply into his ear as she finally released a tidal wave of thick cum into his asshole, polishing his insides with her salty spunk. Jessica felt the huge release and almost collapsed, her balls draining into her love bird as her eyes fluttered upwards.

Dom’s legs spasmed as he felt this liquid invasion into his private place, another weak rope flairing out of his dick. His mouth was lolling and his eyes were droopy from the brutal orgasms he had received, the camera’s eye blinking as it steadily filmed cum exploding out of his ass around the sides of Jessica’s dick to pour onto the floor.

Jessica moaned hard as the final vestiges of her orgasm subsided.

Dom’s body sagged, and Jessica held him tight, panting, sweat rolling down her face as she chuckled softly. He probably hadn’t been ready for that, but fuck it. He’ll likely never be able to get an erection for a woman again. If he doesn’t find a trans woman he’ll probably prefer men.

She roved his body softly for a few moments, enjoying the feeling of softening inside him, before leaving a deep hickey on his sweaty neck and throwing his limp body onto the bed behind them. Dom moaned softly but soon fell asleep as the blankets invited him in.

A good, professional fucking, she thought wryly, admiring her handywork as he gently snored, cum leaking out of his ass and onto his thighs, his chin still flecked with white liquid.

So fucking hot.

She was still smiling as she turned to admire the room and noticed the camera was still running. ‘It would be rude not to’… she thought, slipping the memory card out and into her handbag. And with that she turned and walked out, leaving Dom to the deepest, most exhausted sleep of his life.