Lisa has a great time

I meet a guy online and we talked for a couple weeks. When I finally decided to meet him in person he took me to a nice restaurant on the edge of town.
I was so nervous about the whole thing but as soon as I saw him, I knew I wanted him.
A little about me…
My name is Lisa, I’m a transgender woman. I don’t have a lot of experience with guys yet. I mean I have had sex with a couple guys but they usually end up being one nighters. I want to change that. I want love, a relationship that can grow. I stand in at 5’6” tall 131 lbs, I’ve really been working on my body hard for the last couple years. I was a bit of a fat kid growing up. I measure in at 36-24-36 36B cups all natural thanks to the hormones I’ve been taking for the last five and a half years. I’m 24 years old. With sea blue eyes and long brown hair down to my waist. I think I’m a solid 7.5 lol.
Adam is also 24, 6’3” and 198 lbs. He works in a steel manufacturing plant in the city. And as I found out he’s built very well.
Anyway back to what happened…

We meet at the restaurant at 6:30 last Friday. He was already there as planned. I recognized him from the picture he sent me.
As soon as I saw him i felt something. I walked up to him and said, well it’s very nice to finally meet you Adam. He stood and smiled at me. He then pulled my chair out and took my hand and kissed it gently as he said WOW extremely nice to meet you too. Please sit.
I actually blushed. Lol
We made the usual small talk, you know, how was your day? did anything exciting happen? Did you miss me? That sort of thing. He would not stop staring at me. But I liked it at the same time.
We ate dinner and enjoyed a couple glasses of wine. I was feeling just a little tipsy. So Adam offered me a ride home. I said I didn’t want to end our night so soon and asked him if he’d like to go for a walk in a nearby park.
Are you sure you’re up to it? Was his response.
Absolutely I said. The fresh air will help clear my head.
Oh yes of course it will. But what if I don’t want your head to clear up he said.
I just laughed as I got up. What’s​ he thinking I thought to myself.
Adam paid the bill as I protested. And we started to walk arm in arm to the park.
What a beautiful evening he said as he looked up at the cloudy night sky. Um it’s pretty cloudy don’t you think I said. Yes it is but the beauty I speak of is you Lisa. I blushed again as I said thank you.
A short while later and we were down by the creek and I shivered ever so slightly. Adam removed his coat and placed it over my shoulders.
Thank you I told him as he looked me in the eyes.
I can see the seven seas in your beautiful eyes he said. I blushed again and smiled to. Your so sweet Adam, thank you.
He leaned in and kissed me tenderly for the first time.
Then turned and we started to walk again.
From out of nowhere it started to rain. Thanks to Adam’s quick thinking, we ran for a shelter a few hundred feet away. When we got inside Adam was soaked and I was just a little wet as I had his coat.
We laughed and I said you need to take that shirt off and let it dry a bit. I pulled the bottom of his shirt out of his trousers and started to unbutton it. I was almost done when I realized what I was doing and Adam allowed me to do it.
Embarrassed I stopped and tried to explain that he would get a cold and I have his jacket and I wasn’t as wet and…
He kissed me again stopping me from rambling on. He placed a hand on each side of my head as he kissed me deeply. My hands came up to his chiseled hairy chest. I could feel his heart pounding in his chest as we broke the kiss.
I turned away from him quickly and said wait.
He put his hands on my waist and kissed the back of my neck.
Please wait… I… I need… to…tell… you…
He kept kissing my neck and nibbled on my right earlobe causing me to arch my neck to the left. His hands were roaming all over my stomach and the lower part of my breasts.
I was losing myself and he knew it. I tried one last time.
Adam please sto…Oh my God that feels so fuckin good I said to myself.
I turned to face him and he kissed me again. This time with much more hunger. More passion. His arms wrapped around me like the wings if an angel, pulling me closer to him. My hands again we’re on his chest as I squeezed his pecks. I slowly worked my hands down to his trousers undoing the top button then his zipper came down. My hands shaking as I reached inside to find my prize for the night.
All the while we were kissing our tongues dueling for power for supremacy. Finley he submitted just a little and my right hand slid into his pants and I felt his manhood for the first time. Stunned by what I was feeling I stopped and looked down to see his cock sticking out the top by at least four full inches.
Kneeling down Infront of him and pulling his pants down at the same time. Suddenly there was a bright flash of lightning and I saw all of him.
OMG it’s so…
Big he said!
Ya that too. It’s so beautiful.
Now I know I’ve sucked a few dicks in my short life but this thing was beyond huge. I didn’t stand a chance and I for one knew it.
Adam sensed my hesitation and said it’s okay sweetheart, I know it’s big but can you try?
I leaned in and kissed the huge mushrooms head as I held his shaft. Then starting at his balls and licking my way to the head. It had to be a good foot long and as big around as my arm. Adam moaned in delight. I did this over and over again until he started to run like a river with precum. I held his monster up and sucked his balls, licking and lathering him up nicely. Then I came up to the head and licked his nectar from the tip.
Fuck he tastes so fuckin good!!
I pumped and licked every time some precum came out.
I didn’t even realize I had the head in my mouth and was trying to get more in when he said I’m gonna cum. Then exploded in my mouth. My lips locked down just behind his cock head and I kept swallowing.
When I couldn’t get anymore out of him I let him slip from my mouth.
Adam was breathing very hard as he said, wow…That was… Truly… amazing.
Thank you but you are the amazing one with this gargantuan. As I shook it in my hand, feeling the weight of it. It must have been a good five pounds of cock.
You know what will happen if you keep doing that.
I smiled up at him and said I know. Round two?
He got a devilish grin and said, here? You want it here?
Smiling at him a quickly striped down to my undies and ran out in the rain.
Adam followed suit and chased me outside but he couldn’t see me.
I thought this was funny and started to giggle.
He heard me and started to walk in my direction.
I just stood there and watched his meat swing between his muscular legs as he walked up to me in the light rain.
We stood facing each other motionless. Just staring at each other.
You are a wish come true he said.
Be careful what you wish for I said.
He reached for the clasp in the front of my bra and undid it then gently pushed the fabric aside revealing my breasts.
I stood motionless as he fondled my tits. His warm hands caressing my womanhood.
I kissed him hard as he played with my tits. He slowly rubbed his hands down to my panties.
I broke our kiss and spun away from him startling him.
What’s wrong Lisa? He enquired.
I can’t take than in my, you know, my…
Your pussy he asked.
Your really big Adam. I…I’m scared.
I don’t want to hurt you Lisa. It’s okay. Really it’s ok.
I want you Adam. I want you inside me. Just not there. I turned to him and asked will you, I mean would you like to, you know, anal? I mean if you don’t want to, I unders..
Adam kissed me shutting me up.
Breaking our kiss he said I’ll be gentle.
We slipped down to the wet grass and continued to make out. I spun around on my hands and knees. Adam got down behind me and pulled my panties down just enough to expose my ass. He started by kissing my ass cheeks, then he spit on my hole and stick his finger in and twisted it. I moaned slightly as he worked a second one in. Twisting, fucking with his fingers. I cooed and moaned a bit more.
He then pulled them out and stuck his tongue in my ass. He probed my ass hard, then stuck three fingers in as far as he could. I thought he was going to rip me apart. I was in heaven. He then squeezed a fourth in and tried to make a fist. I screeched in pain.
Just a little more my sweet Lisa he said.
He held his hand there for a bit.
Are you ready Lisa?
Then without waiting for an answer he slipped his thumb in and he had his fist in my ass. He held it there for a long while.
What felt like five minutes later he slowly started to fist fuck my boi pussy.
Fuck did I like this. Adam was really good with his hands or fists. I felt so full. When Adam was sure he would fit he pulled his fist out and got up on his knees he lifted his dick up and rested it on my backside. He rubbed it against my ass with really long strokes.
He then spread my legs apart as wide as they could go.
He eased his meat into my wide open waiting ass and inch at a time until no more would go.
I was panting like I was in heat or something. My little she dick was as hard as a rock. It felt like it was going to split in two, that’s how hard I was. I reached down and stroked my cock a few times as Adam held still allowing my boi pussy to get used to his girth.
He saw that I was doing and reached around to help finger what he thought was my pussy.
He froze when he got a hold of my small penis. I held my breath for a moment and asked, are you okay Adam? He didn’t answer right away which scared me.
Adam, Are you okay with this?
Um ya, I’m ah okay. Your a guy he asked.
No, I’m a transgender woman.
Oh, I see.
It’s okay Adam. If you don’t want to I mean that’s fine.
His dick was getting harder in my boi pussy as was talked about it.
You’re the first woman I mean person…
I am a woman Adam!!!
Ya that’s what I meant.
You’re the first woman to take all my cock so ya I’m okay with this.
That’s when I realized he was balls deep in me. I reached under and grabbed him by the balls and gently squeezed. He pulled out a bit and then pushed back in.
Oh god you are so big. Please fuck me baby. Fuck me now.
He pulled almost all the way out and then slipped back in again.
His cock was hard and felt like velvet at the same time.
I was assgasiming, keeping him wet. He was leaking precum as well.
I have to admit, I felt only pleasure, no pain at all.
Adam started to fuck me with really long strokes. His cock was bottoming out every time he pushed in but I didn’t care. Oh god fuck me please don’t stop, don’t ever stop, just like that, I had to put both hands on the grass to steady myself as Adam fucked me right there in the park. My chest was heaving hard. I couldn’t catch my breath.
Adam stood over my boi pussy and with long deep strokes tried to fuck the demons out of me. I was screaming at the top of my lungs for him to go faster, harder and deeper. We were both breathing heavily, almost hyperventilating.
I was lost somewhere and zoned out at one point. He just kept pounding me with everything he had. He finally stopped long enough to lay me on my back and put my legs up on his shoulders. He slipped his glistening lightning rod back in and pounded some more. This time he stroked my little she cock.
He fucked me so hard my 36B cup tits were slapping my face. I had to grab my tits and as I did I squeezed them hard increasing my pleasure that much more.
I zoned out again as I was I sensory overload. I was tingling all over my body from my toes to my nose. I stared up into the clearing sky and swear I could see heaven itself.
Adam finally grunted and filled me with his seed. Then collapsed beside me with his member still inside me.
I came back to my senses and looked down my body and realized I’d cumed buckets all over myself. I lifted my extremely tired right hand to scoop some cum off my stomach so I could eat it but I was simply to exhausted to do it.
Adam got up and put his head on my stomach sucking up a mouth full of my cum. Then crawling up to my face he kissed me as we shared my juice. It was probably the sexiest thing someone has ever done for me.
A while later we retrieved our clothes and walked back to our cars. Adam had to help me as I was so Shaky. But we kissed and made plans to go out again next weekend.