My 1st Pantyhose Encounter

My wife and I have recently rediscovered our passion for each other. It all started with a small conversation regarding an article of women’s clothing that men seem to adore more than women, pantyhose!

We have a “date night” whenever we can and on this particular night; she mentioned to me that she needed a new pair of hose to wear for me that evening. She then asked me to accompany her to the store to pick up a pair which, of course, I readily agreed to.

Along the way, the conversation turned to my commenting how much I appreciate that she wears hose for me. She then says, “Maybe we should buy you a pair”. I immediately got one of the quickest hard ons I have ever experienced and agreed to the idea! She responded, “Really?” I then explained to her that wearing hose has always been a huge fantasy for me and had never been comfortable enough with someone to ask for that pleasure.

After arriving at the local CVS, we went to the pantyhose section where she picked out a pair of black Silk Elegance for her. She then began checking the sides of the Legg’s brand packages to figure out the best size for me. She settled on a Q extra size that was of the Silk Elegance line as well in the shade of taupe. My favorite!

On the way home, we began to talk about some of this fantasy of mine and how much I was really looking forward to it.

Once home, I began watching her lay out one of my favorite dresses of hers and heels and then complete her makeup. She helped me pick out the dark gray slacks and long sleeve, button down, deep blue shirt I was going to wear. I asked her if I could go without “panties” like she was and she said yes!

After all was prepared, we both sat on the edge of the bed and she taught me how to gather each leg of the hose up and then insert your foot. Then pull the exquisite sheerness up without creating a run. She stopped me about the knee and then instructed me to do the same with the other leg as she went through the same instructions.

I then had the most incredible feeling of sliding the soft, shiny material directly over my leaking manhood which was quite hard and growing! She then demonstrated on her sheer covered sexy legs how to use your palm to pull and straighten the sexy material which also tightens it against your skin.

I followed her instructions and could not believe how great it is to feel yourself up. No wonder the women who wear them enjoy the attention they receive by pantyhose appreciating men! Her final instruction is to confirm that the seam of the hose travels directly up a line between your lower butt and scrotum straight up to the lower spine of your back.

Once I had watched her do this, I asked her to check mine and her finger traced the line with minimal adjusting. It felt so incredible being felt up by someone else, let alone by my sexy, understanding wife that I noticed a small patch of wet forming at the tip of my hardness. I told her I just had to check my own ass in the mirror! Wow, did it look HOT! I had to feel my own ass up and really enjoyed the feel. Just like touching my wife’s hose clad butt when I play with her but the feeling is even more exquisite because it is my own skin.

I then saw her sliding her dress on over her body as I put on my shirt. I then slid my slacks on and had another “hard” moment as the slacks gently brushed my hose covered legs all the way up. I then slipped on a pair of black socks and my loafers.

As she completed putting on her black peep toe pumps and checked herself in the mirror once more, I put on my belt, grabbed my wallet and began to get our coats. We then walk out the door and down the steps and I realize how good it feels to feel my slacks sliding on the hose as I walk.

After helping my wife in her side of the car, I slide in behind the wheel and once again enjoy the soft rub of slacks and hose moving on my legs and butt. We arrive at dinner to find a slow evening and a very attentive waiter. The table is near the bar and we have most of the room to ourselves.

As the evening progresses, we talk of this “new” fantasy of mine and the fact that we have become more open with each other just in this day. I mention to my wife what the two ladies at the bar would think knowing I was in hose and how sexy and feminine I feel right now. I cross my legs a couple of times to just enjoy the sliding of material.

I also notice how my wife places her pump between my legs and I am able to touch her manicured and sheer covered toes with my finger. I am able to slide a little forward in the booth across from her and make sure the tip of her pump touches the tip of my sheer covered cock.

We have a wonderful dinner and GREAT service punctuated by our sexy, loving and lustful conversation! I tell her several times of experiences I am enjoying as my body and clothes interact with my hose. I tell her how I am having such quick and more entertaining thoughts of sexual fantasies that are no doubt enhanced by my more feminine side this evening.

She asks to tell her more and I recant how great it would feel to wear the very dress and shoes she has on while she changes into another sexy dress and heels once we arrive home. At this point, these crossdressing thoughts are new to me and I can’t believe I hear the words coming from my mouth. She says that my thoughts are beginning to turn her on and that it would be fun to have a “woman” for her enjoyment for the evening. This just gets me even harder and I can actually feel wet spots on my lower stomach where the head of my penis rests in its sheer, silky prison.

I begin to consider how wet my slacks might get before we leave and how I will cover it up with my jacket. I then realize that I must visit the bathroom to relieve my bladder and tell her that I will return. She suggests that I use the stall and not the urinal so that there will be no accidental view by another user. I decide that hardly anyone is in the restaurant and I am feeling voyeuristic.

I take my chance at the urinal and enjoy a great sensation releasing my slacks down to expose the waistband of the hose. I then pull my penis and relieve myself. I notice several wet spots on my groin, my hose and a growing spot on the inside of the slacks.

As I wash my hands, I dab a paper towel at my slacks and hose. Once I return to my wife, we prepare to leave and I help her place her coat on.

As we make our way out to the car, I enjoy the sound of her heels clicking on the pavement and wish it was a sound doubled by my own fuck me pumps. Once settled in for the drive home, I reach for the hem of her hot dress and pull it up exposing a generous amount of thigh. I run my fingers along the inside of her thighs making my way to her anxiously waiting crotch encased in silk and nylon.

I begin to enjoy the petting of her hands on my leg and tell her that this is a wonderful feeling. As we get closer to home, the petting becomes heavier as I describe to her that I can’t wait to put on her dress and shoes. She mentions that I might not fit into her shoes and I voice my disappointment. I then ask if I might fit into our daughter’s pumps, she is taller than my wife. She says that she doubts it because her feet are smaller than my wife’s.

Once at home, heavy kissing and ass grabbing begins and I ask my wife if she will treat me like the slut that I am. She responds with a deep throaty YES! We head for the bedroom where she removes her pumps because she is changing outfits. As she changes into a very short, silky teddy that barely covers the bottom of her butt, I try on her peep toe pump with no luck. I tell her no deal as she turns to me and I see that this teddy reveals quite a bit of her ample, creamy mounds on her breast. I then detour for our daughter’s room and pull her black pumps out of her closet. I immediately try to force my foot into the narrow 3″ heel to no avail.

My wife walks in and says that it just will not work but she thinks she could wear them and that I should try hers again. We go back to our bedroom and sit on the edge of our bed and watch as she forces her feet into the smaller shoe. Once in, she says that they are not that bad and encourages me to try hers at this time. I really force each foot into them and are somewhat comfortable when sitting.

I place both feet on the floor and notice both of my calves look so attractive, just like the view women share when wearing skirts and dresses with heels. I look over at my wife to enjoy the same angle of her calves and notice her checking me out.

She then helps me slide on the dress over my body and then ties the sash in the back. She immediately wraps her arms around my midsection and begins to feel up my nipples. She presses the front of her body deeper into my back and caresses my butt through my dress and hose. It has got to be one of the most erotic things I have ever felt and am jealous that she has enjoyed this very same thing from me countless times over the years.

Her kisses begin to find their way across the back of my neck and toward my ears. I very uncomfortably make my way down the hall and practically fall on the couch. She follows me down and gives me a lip breaking penetration of her tongue which I readily accept. I begin to relish my role reversal as I suck on her tongue like it was her penis. This excites me beyond anything that I imagined and guide her hand to my now hard nipples.

I want her to treat me like I have her over the years in these same surroundings. She must be able to read my mind because I can feel her fingers making their way around my nipples, down my dress and creep under the hem finding nothing but thigh clad sheerness! I sigh into her hair that has covered my face and enjoy the scent of her shampoo and perfume.

I creep my hand up her thigh and follow the same path that her hand is doing to me. I feel her hand find my balls and instead of turning up, they turn down toward my scrotum. Her nails become the only contact and the intense, soft touch across the hose almost makes me climax right then!

She whispers in my ear how I must be a good fuck and look really hot for her. She then says that my dress is so pretty and glad that I chose to wear it just for her. She tells me how great my legs look in my hose and heels. I ask if my hose match the dress and heels, she responds with an emphatic “Oh yea”.

I suggest that we should return to the bedroom for the fucking that I must deserve from her because her nails and fingertips have been fighting the tight sheer crotch panel for penetration of my anus. I have told her several times that I desire her finger inside of me and want it now.

Once again, the walk down the hallway is not a whole lot of fun but she explains that once I have a pair of heels that actually fit; I will enjoy this strut much better. We fall onto the bed and I feel her once again pulling the hem of my dress up and I tell her that I want the feel of being had from behind. She instructs me to roll over on my stomach and the smooth slide of a dress softly dragging on the back of my thighs as she moves the hem toward my waist.

She then positions herself directly above me and lowers herself as I enjoy a silk teddy, pantyhose and skin rub up and down my exposed back and hose covered lower half. I look back and see nothing but hose covered legs, pretty materials of a dress and teddy and two pair of black pumps touching each other. I tell her to begin “fucking” me because I have never had such a pleasurable view and feeling. I instruct her to look down our bodies and enjoy the same sight that I do.

She does for a few seconds and then turns her mouth to my ear and tells me that it is a very sexy and slutty look! I ask if she can spread my legs with her own just like I do to her. I then feel my crotch being exposed by a forceful leg and knee. I don’t resist because I want this to happen, the feeling and thoughts of being treated as I should!

I feel a finger trace its way down my seam of the pantyhose along my butt crack and seeking my “honey hole” beneath the sheer material of the crotch. I beg her to enter me as I pump my body into the bed with her motions.

I cannot take the tension any longer and lift her and roll over at the same time placing her crotch directly on my very hard tube of meat! She rubs her juicy, sheer covered pussy on my dick as I slide her silk teddy up and down on her ass! I tell her that I can’t take it any longer and MUST plunge my hardness deep inside of her dripping and waiting hole.

We both pull the waistbands of our pantyhose down around the bottom of our butts as I feel her plunge my cock inside of her all the way with the first thrust! I am fucking and getting fucked in a way I never imagined and tell her that I never would have dreamed this is so intoxicating! She agrees and begs me to fuck her.

I ask if we can pretend that it is her cock inside of me and she moans a quick yes and she bangs away on top of me. I can feel a huge load of cum building deep inside of me and looking for its release soon. She continues hammering my penis quickly, deeply and tightening her pussy muscles for her own enjoyment.

I ask her if she will fuck me like the lesbians we are and I feel a difference in the tip of my wet cock. I realize that I must be bottoming out in her as her moans and breathing is increasing with each thrust. She continues to rise and fall on me, making sure her soft, juicy pussy lips touch every last inch of me!

I tell her that I can no longer hold back and want to fill her fuck me hole full of my own pussy juices. I feel like the slut I long to be and wonder how many woman must enjoy these very same feelings when still dressed for their men while being banged!

I pump her hole with everything I have and begin to enjoy the thick rope of semen move through my thick tube and transfer into her! I grab and pull her to me so hard that I can feel her ribs pushing against my own. I repeat her name so many times as I climax knowing that this is one of the things we both enjoy the most with my cum sessions!

We collapse and catch our breath as I caress her nylon clad butt in my fingers. We continue to slow our panting and I tell her that I have just enjoyed my first feminine role playing event! She tells me that she is happy to give me that pleasure and is glad that I shared it with her.

We then throw our fuck me props on the floor and collapse into each other’s arms for a quick nap. I awake a little later with a raging hard on and immediately roll my cock into the crack of her butt. She wakes up and rolls to me. She rests her head on my shoulder and seeks my waiting anus with her finger. I reach for my growing piece of meat and pump slowly as I enjoy the wonderful penetration of her fingertip. I ask her, as always, to go gently as I discover the wetness at the tip of myself.

I make sure my finger is good and wet before sliding it down her arm.

This routine has been perfected over a couple of years and I know she will eagerly accept the fluids onto her own finger and then insert into my ” pussy”. This helps her to go a little deeper into my hole bringing me intense pleasure as I pump away at my thick man pipe.

She then moves the same fuck me finger to my ever leaking tip and gets it wet. I get even more excited because I know the next move. Her fingers find my mouth and I eagerly form a firm seal around them as I begin to suck. After a few seconds, she withdraws to the white, salty excretion for another amount of wetness to give me.

As she does this, I always ask the same question. Can we pretend that I am jacking her penis off and she is sliding her nice cock into my mouth? She always responds with a soft yes directly in my ear. I then enjoy more of my own liquid in my mouth and the thought of me whacking away on her hardness that I have been playing with to stimulate it.

I tell her that I am about to cum pretending the same words are out of her mouth. She then places her finger deep into my wanting cunt and enjoy the deep penetration as I begin to pump away at my ever hard meat!

I then arc my back and feel her breathing into my neck as I shoot thick pieces of white rope all over my stomach, hands and groin. She begins to slow her pumping motions in my ass and pulls out with a sigh, as if she has just satisfied herself inside of me. I hug and kiss her repeatedly and she adjusts herself to lay the side of her head on my chest above my heart.

She tells me that my heart is still pounding but I think that this sound is very soothing to her every time she does it. I tell her that I love her and have enjoyed the entire night and can’t wait for even more adventures. I also tell her that next time is her time and I want her to tell me some of her desires and fantasies!