My Dress

I have asked you earlier in the day if we can have a romantic evening complete with candlelight, dancing and dress up in our new home. You agree and prepare a scrumptious dinner for two to be enjoyed later on.

We both have taken our showers and as you exit the bathroom after applying your makeup and perfume, you see me smoothing out my dress on my body. You wrap your arms around me stating that you had hoped that I would wear my favorite dress for you tonight. I feel your hands reach behind me and tie my sash in a bow as I gently brush my lips on your face. I mention my surprise that it is now a couple of inches above my knee and you tell me that you have it altered to suit my lustful thoughts of shorter hems. You tell me that the next time you wear my dress, I will enjoy the amount of thigh you reveal while wearing it.

I sit on the edge of the bed and begin to gather up one leg of my glamorous hose that you have purchased on line for both of us. As I go thru the very sexy motion of donning my pantyhose, you pull your tiger print short dress from the closet and lay it on the bed. You then join me in putting on your pantyhose mentioning that you are glad that I have decided not to wear panties tonight. This always brings a nice bit of precum to the tip of my dick and you can see the fluid beginning to dot my hose.

You reach over to get some on your finger but I stop you telling you that I want us to wait and enjoy the anticipation. You smile and finish pulling up your hose over your sweet ass and I get a full view of your pussy as you adjust seamless sheer to waist hose to your comfort.

You slide your dress on and sit back down to put on your brand new 4 inch black stiletto strappy sandals that you say make you feel like a slut. I agree that you look very hot all dressed up and cannot wait to be your lesbian lover! My own pumps are an exact match to yours since I have told you earlier in the week that I wanted a pair to go with my dress. We took an afternoon the day before and went to your favorite shoe store where we found two pair of matching sandals in both of our sizes.

I feel so pretty all dressed up for you and cannot wait to start our evening of love, lust and being together. I move into the living room enjoying the feel and sound of my silk covered thighs brushing together and the view of my new shoes walking down the hall. I turn on the satellite TV to a dance mix station and the room is softly covered in music. You have taken the time this afternoon to place and light candles in various parts of the house so that as the sun goes down, we have a very romantic soft candlelit mood throughout. The touch of music adds perfectly to that mood!

You walk into the room and tell me that you need to be in my arms and I pull you to me with a very long passionate loving kiss as an added bonus. I feel your hands run up and down my back as you enjoy the fabric of my dress on your fingertips.

We continue to kiss and probe each other’s mouths and ears with our tongues and lips pressing into each other more firmly with each moment.

You tell me that you can very easily feel my hardened cock pressing between your legs and wonder how wet I must be getting my dress. I softly chuckle in your ear while sucking your earlobe and whisper that the pleasure of all this feminine material and being your woman lover is just making me pump quite a bit of my precum into my hose. I tell you that I can feel the area around my tip growing even wetter as I press into you.

We sway to the soft music as our hands explore each other’s bodies allowing buttocks, hips, upper thighs, faces and backs to be caressed, touched, kissed and licked. I tell you that I cherish the fact that we have become so open about our relationship and thank you for allowing me the intense pleasure of wearing these clothes. You just hug me tighter and relate that you are very happy and secure in our passion for each other, that you have been enjoying shopping for your lady lover.

You ask me if I am hungry for dinner and we make our way into our cozy dining room where you ask me to set the table as you finish preparing our meal. I set the table so that we may sit next to each other during dinner allowing the petting and touching to continue. I pull out a bottle of your favorite wine and pour two glasses and set them above the plates.

You bring the wonderfully prepared meal to the table and I mention how nice everything looks, including you. You take my chin and offer me a kiss and say that I look very nice dressed up for you and that you cannot wait to take your sexy lover to bed for some very passionate lovemaking. I return your soft kiss and moan as your nails find my hard penis and gently rake. The exquisite feeling of your nails dragging dress and hose material across me is too much to take and you feel a large wet spot on my dress.

You work the area with your fingertips telling me that this is your appetizer and you place two fingers in your mouth sucking my moisture from them. I lean in so that my tongue may get a precious drop or two but you have eagerly removed all of me from your fingers. You ask if I want some to which I nod and feel you pulling my dress up to expose my drenched hose. You take the time to rake me from balls to tip a couple of times coaxing me to supply a lot more to push through my pantyhose. The result is instantaneous and I slowly rock to the motion you are stroking me at. You ask me to look down at myself and I see small squirts of my creamy white fluid exiting my tip and flooding my lower belly and hose.

You run your fingertips and nails across the area several times ensuring small gobs of my cum is dripping from you. You quickly bring it to my open and waiting mouth and I devour your two fingers just as if it were your hard leaking penis. I deep throat you making sure that my lips have a tight seal so that not one drop of me escapes my hot, moist and desirable mouth.

You slowly pull your fingers from me and we sit down making sure that lots of touching and caressing continue throughout our romantic meal. The candlelight throughout the house casts shadows on the walls and ceilings as soft as our touches for each other. I allow your hand to slide my dress up revealing my cum soaked hardon and I spread my legs as you slide down to find my pussy.

I lean into you for kisses and nuzzling why my own fingers discover your nylon clad love hole. We continue heavy kissing as we finally find each other’s love holes and begin to gently pump and worm a finger against the nylon clad prison protecting each of us.

Our moans and passion rise quickly and you beg me to dance with you in the living room knowing that the agony of waiting just creates even more forceful activity later on. I guide you into the living room and are surrounded by light shadows around us and the soft beat of music in us. Our dancing is close and once again, our hands explore very sexy soft silky places on each of us. I tell you how much I enjoy being dressed up for you and thank you for my new sandals. I feel very feminine and sexy right now and hope that I am inviting enough for you to have me as your lesbian lover tonight.

You whisper that I am all that you have ever wanted from a man or a woman and am glad that you can help me reach my favorite fantasies. You also tell me that you are always happy with the results of our dress up evenings. You find the fact that I fit so well in my dress so exciting, that you want these evenings to last all night long. I tell you that I am closer to you than anyone ever and the fact that we can share such intimate and closely guarded desires is something so special to me. I love being your man, your lover and your dream!

I also tell you that you are able to enjoy the “fringe” benefits of this fantasy as I feel you begin pumping your finger trying to force my hose into my pussy. The result is instant gratification as I spread my legs more to allow you complete access to me.

You begin sucking my hard nipples through my dress resulting in even more sexual anticipation and pleasure as I rub your sexy tiger print dress up and down across your hosed covered buttocks. I watch as you slide down my dress and lick my knees and thighs while you run your hands up and down my calves making sure they touch my pretty new shoes you have bought me.

Your own sexual drive increases quickly as you feel up my new sandals knowing that the pleasure you get in purchasing shoes is a slight sexual experience for you. You lift my dress all the way up and place your head underneath allowing the hem to fall about your head and shoulders. I can feel your warm inviting mouth and tongue beginning to remove my flowing juices from my hose.

The sight of my dress covering you and your own short dress, hose and heels below me is too much to take in and I press your dress covered head deeper into my cock. I can feel you rubbing your lips the entire length of me as your hands have finally risen to rake your nails on my nyloned ass and found their way to my balls. You caress, rake and gently probe my scrotum, balls and pussy which begin to produce more and more of my cum to the tip of my engorged cock.

I then hear you ask from under my dress for permission to remove my dripping cock from my hose and so that you may give me the proper blowjob I so deserve. I immediately agree to the luscious offer and feel you pulling my waistband out and down to expose my huge hardened penis.

You tell me that I look so pretty for you tonight and I feel me sliding in to your experienced mouth until my tip is touching your throat.

You expertly rock and tease me with your lips and tongue as you know that your blowjobs are one of the most enjoyable performances that you give me when we are together. I stand there watching my dress move to your head motions and continue the sight of our legs in hose and our feet in matching sandals.

You suck me deeper and faster taking every bit of me up to my balls leaving your hands free to worm their way across my scrotum and begin to penetrate my waiting pussy. I adjust myself so that I can make a wider stance giving you the instant access I so desire. Your fingernail finds my soft anus and gently begins to barely separate the walls as you swallow a bit of ejaculation I have just released into your mouth.

I tell you that I cannot take much more of this and you slide off of me and guide me to the couch. You forcefully spread my legs telling me that my hardon looks so good under my dress and that you deserve to drink my cum. After quickly settling down, I ask you to 69 me so that I can suck your delicious hole as you return the favor to your feminine lover.

I enjoy the sight of your sweet pantyhose covered ass and pussy passing over me as I push the hem of your dress up. I begin to suck and probe my tongue against your very wet dripping hose prodding more of you to surface your creamy thick cum. I feel you bury your finger in my pussy at the same time you expertly engorge your mouth on my cock! The feeling is mind numbing and I shove my hips upward burying what little of me that hasn’t entered your mouth to quickly find its warm moist home.

You slide off for one stroke begging me to slide your hose down giving me access to your waiting erogenous zone. I do as you ask and have my head deep between your legs using my tongue to touch your pussy lips and search for your hooded clit. Though your pleasure is immense from my probes, you never miss a stroke with your mouth or a penetration of your finger. Our pumps begin to rock both of us until we mutually reach a rhythm comfortable and satisfying to each other.

I run a hand down your leg until it finds your sexy fuck me sandal and I enjoy caressing the very shoe that I am wearing in a smaller size. I bury a finger from my other hand inside your ass as my tongue makes it first dive deep inside your pussy separating your walls as it probes deeper. I suck your juice as I go creating a unique feeling of pleasure for you.

You bury your hips deep indicating that you want as much as my tongue inside you as possible and continue to shove my finger deeper inside your tightened ass. The intensity of our probes, licks and the thought of pleasing each other as lesbians while all dressed up is too much for me and I am able to muffle through your pussy that I am cumming. You continue to anal fuck me making sure you bury yourself just a bit more feeling my internal butt muscles tighten as you make one more very satisfying deep stroke down the length of me. You can feel my cum rising through my cock and enter your hungry moist mouth. You eagerly devour every last drop of me swallowing the creamy hot jizz allowing my fluids to coat your throat!

I continue to finger your tight ass with one finger while plunging two others into your swollen pussy while I suck your clit into my mouth. Your own incredible orgasm surfaces and begins to flow onto my face as you pump your tightened leg muscles against my head.

You immediately swing around and dive your still dripping pussy onto my thickened rod in one graceful move. The rhythm that we both set results in an immediate pleasure for both of us as we both enjoy each other.

You tell me that we are just like one of the favorite sex web sites that we visit to together and all we need is a man to join us for a threesome. I ask you to describe what we would do with him as we slow down our deep passionate fucking.

You begin by telling me that he is very handsome and is already standing with his large cock in his hand watching his two lesbian lovers bang away at each other. He offers his manhood at our faces and you ask me if I would like the first taste of him. I nod and reach out with my tongue while never raking my eyes from you.

I run my tongue the length of his shaft as you begin to mimic my motions with your tongue. He coaxes both of us to suck him and you slide your mouth onto him and I enjoy the look on his face knowing how wonderful it feels when you first slide onto a good hard penis! You continue to pump my cock inside your hot wet pussy while giving him really good and deep throat sucks.

I realize when I am watching him of another scene we have viewed of two attractive and very sexy dressed ladies looking up at a man’s face while both of them hover around his cock. I picture us in the same scenario and hope we look as hot, sexy and slutty as what we have both seen on line.

You slide off of him while holding his shaft in your hand and offer the tip of him to me. I slide on to his wet hardness and begin to give him pleasure ensuring that my lips stay tight on him. I see your hand pump him in synch of my sucks.

I feel your pussy tighten around my penis as you pull his cock from my mouth and engorge yourself on him again. I begin to thrust upward and deeper into you feeling you shove down on me. I know that this is really getting you more excited by the second and I am enjoying watching one of your wonderfully performed blowjobs up close and personal. I mentally take notes on your performance for future reference.

His thrusts into your mouth signal his own ongoing pleasure as he grabs a handful of your hair to make sure you never slide off of him as he begins to release himself into you. You moan with deep pleasure as you enjoy the immense pleasure of us both of us ejaculating into you at the same time. A moment later you own orgasm explodes inside of you and you slide your mouth off of him as you pant heavily with your release.

You encourage me to finish sucking him off which I am uncomfortable to do but you explain that all sexy, pretty and slutty ladies must complete a man’s cum session. I lick him for a taste and find that it is not that bad and begin to warm to the idea of sliding my mouth around him for a final time. You coax me to lick and gently suck on him since he has already climaxed. I work on him for a couple of seconds and then slide off at your urging so that you can enjoy giving him a final tongue bath.

You invite him to fuck me while you begin to expose my breasts to your eagerly waiting mouth. I can see bits of his cum on your tongue and get a perverse excitement as his cum touches my nipple. You give me a play by play as he brings himself around to my pantyhosed ass. He then tears a whole in my shiny sexy fuckable hose and begins to slide in.

You can tell by my facial expressions that he is moving a little too fast and coach him to slow down with his new found virgin in the hot, fuckable dress. He slows down and runs his fingers around my pussy and down my scrotum. The pleasure is nice but not as pleasant as your gentle touch. He leans over the both of us and you have the enjoyable view of me on top of you and his gorgeous face peeking over my shoulder. His finger finds my hole and gently caresses and slowly tries to expand it.

You ask me if I am enjoying this but you can already read my answer on my face. You beg me to enter you before he enters me. He is anxious to have a first time piece of ass and you can tell that he can no longer wait.

You tell him to enter me very slowly and gently. He asks if he should ejaculate some of himself on my hole to help the penetration. You ask him to reach between us and get our mixed juices for the lubrication. He does as you ask and I enjoy the unique feeling of a man playing with my penis as I slowly pump you.

He confirms that his fingers are quite moist and slide them around to spread us on my butthole. I then feel his tip sliding around on my silk covered buttocks. He then takes a small plunge inside of me and you can feel my resistance as I force myself deeper into you trying to escape his goal of making me wider to accept more of him.

You thoroughly enjoy the fact that his plunges are creating the deepest and rough penetrations of me into you that I have ever given you. I am finally able to match his speed; depth and rhythm to my ass as he settles down to wrap his arms around both of us.

I watch your face as you continually watch us fuck you. I tell you both that I am just too tight for my first time and ask for a break. You immediately offer him your sweet accepting ass hole for another pleasure palace for him. He guides himself into your offered hole as I have lifted up enough to expose your bottom side.

He plunges into you and we both begin to fuck both sides you for our mutual pleasure. He tells us that he cannot believe how much he is enjoying a lesbian fuck and is very satisfied with how we have both dressed up for each other.

Your intense pleasure of two cocks ramming deep enough into you that our balls slap you continuously is creating another urge of climax deep within your body. You lie there holding the urge as long as possible because one of your deepest desires is this very scenario. You beg us to fuck you harder and tell me that you have never had such a satisfaction of being with another woman before.

I tell you that I am honored to fulfill this fantasy for you and quickly increase my plunges to match his. His hard cock just bangs you so deep in your ass that you cannot believe he is not touching your back bone with his tip. A few more strokes from both of us bring you such an intense and complete climax that you feel as if you are completely drained.

You realize that this is the first time that both of us have enjoyed an anal penetration together and ask if I enjoyed my role. I explain that I certainly did and think that we should purchase a dildo so that you may begin using it on me in future role playing adventures to prepare me for “bigger” things to “cum”.

You feel me slide out of you as I thank you for another wonderful little trip down fantasy lane and a very satisfying scenario. We head for the bedroom for several hours of deserving rest from another wild and pleasing night of our minds and bodies.