My journey to Crete

Hello to everybody who is actually reading this. I’d like to make a few statements about this story. First, it’s a tale with some real rough sex in it. If you like romantic gf sex, feel free to move on. Second, I use abusive, discriminating and humilating language in here, especially against women. If this offends you, please don’t read it. Third, everything you read in here is fictional – but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it if chance came along. As in my story, it’d have to be consensual. Now please enjoy my story and feel free to critisize fairly.

A holiday on crete part I

Let me introduce myself to you first. My name is Andrew, I’m 35 and with 5′ 10″ and 160 lbs. I consider myself quite an average-looking guy. Last year, my marriage broke up after 4 years of love and 1 year of pain. Luckily, there were no kids to consider so after the decree came through, there was no need to see my ex-wife again. But I have to admit that the main reason for our split was my suppression of my secret desire. When I married her, I was aware of my dark side but also sure I could keep it under control. When it broke out with force a year ago, there was no way to keep our relationship going. What exactly my dark side is? Well, just follow me on my trip to Crete and you will find out…

After my divorce became legal, I decided to go on a holiday for two weeks just to set my mind on other things. My company agreed, so I looked on the internet for a cheap but comfortable offer. 3 days later, I was on a plane to Crete. The hotel was in a city near the airport with small, but clean-kept rooms at reasonable prices and the food was good.

It was on the second day in the evening when I first noticed this waitress. I had just sat down with my dinner when she came to my table. She was not the kind of woman I was usually interested in – fortyish, skinny, nearly flat-breasted and just a little smaller than me – but the look in her deep brown got me somehow. I had trained myself to search for it in the last year and after a split second of thought, I let my dark side take control of me.

She turned around to address me. Looking straight into those lovely, weak eyes, I imagined me pushing her to the wall in my room, raising her up. She greedingly wrapped her legs around my waist, allowing my cock to thrust forward into her willing cunt. I conjured up all the feelings of lust, greed and desire in this situation and directed them at her.

She had started to ask: “What would you like…” but then our eyes locked. Overwhelmed by the rush of emotions coming from me, her eyes grew larger. Still fucking her in my mind, making her moan and scream with my hard, long strokes I finished her sentence.

“To drink, you mean? A glass of wine would be nice.”, I said pleasantly. But my eyes never left hers, and in my mind we were getting near to our climax.

She fumbled her pen and had to fight for her speech. She started stutter:”A-a-alcoholics are not incl-cl-cluded and have to be paid …” She drifted off. Unable to tear her eyes away, she was lost in the heat of her emotions, which were both mysterious and irresistable for her.

“I know. Why don’t you put it on my rooms tab?” I said in a gentle voice. But in my mind, I fucked her ferociously. As I flushed her my key to show her my rooms number, I imagined me shooting my load into her while she screamed her orgasm in my ear. When we came together in my mind, I heard her breathe deeper and saw her knees buckle a bit.

I knew I had won, so I looked away at my key. Still mesmerized from what had happened, she didn’t realize it. I had to wiggle it in front of her to get her attention. She shook her head, blushed in a bright red and jotted down the number. Turning away, she went to the bar with an unsteady walk. When she relayed my order to the bartender she couldn’t resist to glance in my direction. I smiled, giving her a small wink. She looked away abruptly, like a small child being caught doing something forbidden.

I wasn’t set back by the fact that she didn’t serve my wine but asked a male waiter instead. She was trying to get a grip on what had happened and needed time for that. That was fine by me, because I knew that afterwards, she would get curious. When I stood up after my dinner, I saw her watching me from the corner of my eyes. Feeling her eyes upon me when I left the restaurant, I mused about the old saying of the curiosity and the cat. This cat here wasn’ t facing death, of course; but as sure as hell a real good screw and a whole lot of satisfaction.

I went up to my room and took a shower. Knowing there was no need to get out tonight to look for someone to shag, I bided my time. After half an hour, I stepped out of the cabin just to hear a knock on my door. Putting on my jeans and a shirt, I called:” Who’s there?” As if I didn’t know exactly…

Momentarily, only silence came from the other side of the door. Then she answered:” Room service”. I went and opened the door. There she stood, blushing red, her whole posture showing her uncertaincy.
“Exactly what I ordered.”, I said with a coy smile, gesturing her in. Obediently, she came forward. I followed her and when she stopped in front of my bed, I pulled her close with her back turned to me. I placed my mouth on that soft space where her neck and shoulders touched and kissed her gently. She didn’t fight me. I saw goosebumps breaking out on her skin. Now it was time to take control. I gripped her blonde hair, pulling her head back. My other hand found the buttons of her blouse, opening them swiftly. She didn’t put on a bra, so I started to play with her hard, erect nipples. A soft moan escaped her as she started to shiver from lust.

“It’s rare that the prey offers itself to the hunter in free will.” I said, removing her blouse while turning her around to face me. She was breathing heavily; her feelings had clearly overtaken her. I put off my shirt, grabbed her head again and pushed her mouth to my nippel. “Suck it!”, I ordered.
This part of my body has always been very sensitive, so when she obeyed, a bolt of lust and greed shot through me. I fastened my grip, enjoying every second of my control over her. Yeah, she wasn’t my type of girl, so what? She still had a mouth, a cunt and a glory hole. Putting my cock in those three openings and fucking the hell out of her was all I cared for. She had started to lick my nipple, too. The thought of her doing the same on my rod nearly drove me crazy. I let her continue for a while. When the tension in my loins became to strong to bear, I pulled her head back again. I pushed her down, forcing her on her knees. That’s one of my favourite places for a woman to be, her mouth on the same level as my cock. She looked up to me with dazed eyes, clearly no longer in control of herself. Still gripping her head firmly, I opened my jeans. It dropped to the floor and I kicked it aside. She gasped at the sight of my steel-hard cock and licked her lips. Now it was time for her total submission.

I held my rod in front of her mouth, but when she moved her head towards it, I held her back. She looked at me again, this time confused.

“You offered me room service, didn’t you?”, I asked in a commanding voice. She nodded.

Displeased, I shook my head. “Didn’t they teach you to answer when being asked?”, tugging her hair a bit.

A hint of pain distorted her features and was replaced with a look of lust. “Yes.” , she replied.

Still looking displeased, I tugged her hair again. “Yes what?”, I demanded.

She got my line and concurred. “Yes, sir.”, she said.

“Fine. So service means that you’ll do everything in your ability to please me and satisfy my needs, am I right?”

“Yes, sir.”, she replied, her tone a mixture of suppressed wanting and devotion. But I wanted to hear it from herself, so I tugged her hair again.

“Tell it to me!”, I ordered. “What will you do?

“I will do everything in my ability to please you and satisfy your needs, sir.” She looked at me, her eyes showing she enjoyed every second of this submission but also begging me to get back in action.

I had welled in the feeling of domination and control I got over her, but now the tension had become unbearable even for me. “All right.”, I said,”Let’s check how far your abilities go.”

Still holding her head, I placed my cock on her lower lip. “Open your mouth.”, I commanded. When she obeyed, I pushed slowly forward, letting it slide in. Closing her lips around my best friend, she created that warm, wet and rubbing feeling I think every male enjoys immensly. She started to twirl her tongue around the tip of my rod, but I decided that was for later. Steadily I pushed forward, more and more of my cock vanishing in her mouth. When half of it was inside, I felt her become uncomfortable. From principle, I slid it in a little farther, but stopped then. I didn’t want her to gag, at least not yet.

I kept still for a while, enjoying the wetness and warmth of her mouth and keeping her in doubt of what I would do to her next. Changing the grip on her head, I grabbed the hair on top of it and pulled it slowly back. Just when I was about to slide out of her mouth, I pulled it back forward until I nearly reached her gag point again. I did it again and again, each time a little faster. Sometimes I moved her head a little to the left or right, making her cheeks bulge from my cock, a sight I enjoyed tremenduosly. After nearly ten minutes of that, my pace became so fast she seemed to nod furiously with my rod in her mouth. She had started to make a gargling noise but didn’t beg me to stop, which I wouldn’t have done anyway. But just before I was about to unload into her mouth, I pulled back out.

She turned aside, spit drooling from her mouth. But a few seconds was all she got from me; after her second deep breath I grabbed her chin and hair and turned her head back. Her mouth was still open, so I shoved my cock back in. Keeping her head still, I pulled it out just to push it back in. Now the face-fucking started in earnest. In a steady pace, I moved in and out of her mouth, using it like a cunt. Soon she started to gargle again. Again, I picked up speed. I didn’t care any longer whether she had to gag or not. All I thought of was my power over her. But she took my pounding of her mouth like a champion, making me think that she obviously had experience. Pushing my rod a little to the side made her cheeks bulge again. Controlling myself, I managed to fuck her face some minutes longer. When I couldn’t hold it back any more, I grabbed her hair harder. There was no courtesy clap, just three hard strokes of my cock, forcing its way nearly to her throat and shooting my come right into it. Still, she didn’ t gag, but had to swallow all of it. One hole down, two still to go I thought, my rod still in her mouth.

Not releasing the grip on her head, I pulled my still hard cock out. Gasping for air, her whole body shivered. I wasn’t about to show any mercy, so I tugged her hair hard, forcing her to stand up. I led her around the bed where a small dresser stood. I opened the upper drawer and fetched a condom. Only the lord knew how many cocks had been inside this fucking slut before, so I wanted be sure that I didn’t catch anything from this piece of meat.

I threw her on the bed which squeaked from her landing on it. She barely had time to look at me with dark, lustrous eyes before I climb after and over her, her upper body firmly caught between my knees. If she had had anything resembling tits I would have fucked these first, but there were only nippels. I tore the package open and applied my protection with the right hand, while my left found the way under her skirt and panties to her slit. Wetness and warmth greeted my fingers there and she moaned loud when I touched her clit.
“Whoa there, bitch! You enjoyed it being treated as fuckmeat, didn’t you?” Not waiting for answer, I rubbed her clit hard. She went in a kind of frenzy, twisting and thrashing on the bed, screaming and moaning and coming for herself. I didn’ t waste any more time and went off her just to rip her skirt and panty off. Her legs flew apart just like of their own will, so I placed myself between them and my rod just before her second hole. Grabbing her hands, I moved them up and pinned them on the pillow. Still in total control of her, I shoved my cock hard and fast into her cunt as far as it would go. A loud scream emerged from her throat and her cunt muscles contracted and massaged my best friend when she came again.

“Hey slut! Who allowed you to come first? You’re nothing but three holes on legs, remember?”, I shouted in her face. “And since you obviously forgot, here comes your punishment!” And I started fucking her. My rod went into her until my balls touched her slit, then I pulled back out just to ram it back in again. The raw force of my strokes made her body move upwards until her head hammered against the wooden front of the bed. I didn’t give a shit about her pain which I was sure she didn’t feel anyway. She was all lust, heat, greed, nothing but meat needing, craving to get fucked. But I didn’ t want to leave any visible marks so I turned her sideways, her head lying on the rim of the mattress. I took her ankles, spreading her legs as far as they would go and shoved my cock into its rightful place again.

I pounded her hard and fast, my rod went in the whole way all the time. Soon her head was dangling over the mattress, her body arching, her throat muscles standing out. Harder and faster I went, the sound of me nailing her mixing with her screams. I felt myself getting ready to unload into her for the second time. I wanted to shoot my come in her cunt when I was in her as deep as possible, so I pulled her back on the bed. I forced her legs up, her feet resting on my shoulders. This position I nicknamed “fucking package” because that’s all a woman is to me in this moment. She is kept in a perfect angle for my cock to enter her as far as it would go. I pushed back into her probing her depth. Then I went back to business, thrusting my rod as deep as possible into her. But I wanted to have all I could get, so I threw all constraints overboard and rammed my cock in her like trying to split her in two pieces. We both came together screaming like maniacs. With my steel-hard rod still inside her ravaged cunt, I thought: Two holes down, best one still to go.

I let myself drop to the bed beside her. Her legs fell down on the mattress like they were made of stone. We both needed some time now, me to regain my power and her to come to her senses again. After some minutes, I realised her rolling off to her side and getting up. A surge of adrenalin went through my body. I jumped up, grabbed her neck, placed the other hand on her back and shoved her on the bed again. She landed flat-out on her stomach. I threw myself on her back, my weight nearly squashing her. Pulling her head back, I shouted in her face:

“I’m not finished with you, fuckmeat. Three holes, I said!”

I sat up on her back and fetched my shirt. Holding her hands back, I tied them together. This cunt wouldn’t get away from me without her ass being fucked, I swore to myself. I raised her hips up, her upper body still on the bed and spread her legs.

“Don’t move or you’ll be sorry, slut!”, I ordered. She obeyed, but her eyes followed me as I went around the bed to get a second condom. I kneeled between her legs, put it on and pushed my rod into her overflowing cunt again. A few hard strokes was all it took to get the condom wet with her juices. I pulled back out and spit on her asshole two times, then rubbing my saliva around it. I couldn’ t care less about her being in pain while I did her ass, but still I didn’ t want to leave any visible marks. I placed my cock right before her ass, the tip of it on her entrance. Then I grabbed her ass, pulling it back while pushing my best friend forward. First, I wasn’t able to break through so I had to use more pressure. Just as I was about to give up my first attempt, her sphincter gave way and I slid in her ass all the way. Her loud screams of lust and pain got muffled by the mattress. Then I moved back to halfpoint and shoved it back again, forcing more screams from her. Her ass wasn’t as tight as I thought. I became convinced that I haven’t been the first one to treat this low-down slutty whore like a piece of meat. So I didn’t give in to pity and nailed her ass in the same speed as her cunt before. Judging from the sound of her moans I could say that she didn’t want any.

I had emptied my balls thouroghly the two times I came before, so even with her ass being tighter as her slit, I pounded her for a while before I could even start to think of coming again. But something was missing here. I soon realised what it was: the bitch enjoyed it too much! Her holes were there to give me pleasure – she was the least of my worries there. Thrusting my cock into her ass as far as possible, I leaned over her back und pulled her head up by her hair. A loud scream came from her mouth, her pain unmistakable. I leaned back keeping her body up and fucked the hell out of her ass. Seeing her in this uncomfortable, painful position aroused me greatly, but still I wasn’t completly satisfied. She was no more than an howling, screeching creature nearly lost in oblivion, under my total control. What was missing still? In the spur of the moment, I pushed her head back on the bed and raised her still-bound hands up. Holding them at the height of my breast, she was forced to press her head into the mattress. Lucky me as for the loudness of her screams would have split my ears instead. After a few hard thrusts in this position I felt myself rise up to my third climax again. Faster and faster I went, now trying to rip up her ass instead. When I came again, I shoved my cock deep into her and raised her hands to the height of my chin. The intense pain and the power of her orgasm made her faint. She slid down on the mattress and I collapsed over her back.

When I opened my eyes again, I looked at my alarm clock. It had taken me about an hour to reduce a woman to an unconscious breathing piece of meat with three ravaged holes. I still was lying on her back, so I rolled off her and got up. She started to stir now, her eyes still closed. I picked up our clothes, putting mine on the bed but throwing hers on her back. As I untied her hands to reclaim my shirt, she came back to her senses and turned around to look at me.

“The room service has been satisfactory.”, I said. Then I took my purse and searched for a 2€-piece. When I had found it, I threw it on the pillow beside her.

“This is for your efforts. Now get up and get dressed, slut. You have 5 minutes to leave my room. If you’re not gone in 5 minutes I’ll have a nice chat with your boss telling him how good your service was and how far it went.”

She got up wordlessly and dressed. After taking the money, she slowly walked to the door, opened it and went out. The door closed again. I looked at my alarm clock. There was still time for a few beers at the beach bar I found yesterday. But first I’d take a shower again. I would never get out with the smell of that whore on me.