My life as a boy/girl


The adventures of a mistreated boy who is treated more like a girl

I give a sigh as the flickering shadows finally stop and the sun peaks above the horizon. I lay there curled up in the closet as the distant sirens finally come in loud and clear. I and my family just got robbed and only I probably survived. The door to the closet I’ve been hiding in opens revealing people in police uniforms motioning to each other saying things that my meddled mind doesn’t comprehend. I look at the different faces moving around and the flickers of light as the sun gleams off some of their badges. I close my eyes and take a deep inhale wondering what’s going to happen to me now. One of the officers helps me up and takes me to the police cruiser making sure I don’t look at certain points that are probably to disturbing for me to see.
I get into the police cruiser quietly as the group of people stand outside mumbling to one another. I wish my life would end soon but I guess the best thing to do is to wait it out like I always do every day even before the murder. They take me to the police office and I answer a series of questions not knowing what some of them mean since I’m too out of it. After a series of questions I finally end up in one of my best friend’s home. I guess this is where my life starts and finally lifts up.

Chapter 1
I awake on the couch that doesn’t belong to me or my family but to my best friend, my only friend, and currently my temporary family. I sit up on the couch and stare at the floor awhile. I guess I’m used to sleep on the couch because I used to do it all the time because they loved my sisters more than me. My father was a douche who has had five wives and was father of seven children with four dead and two still alive. My brother, who I don’t really blame for doing this, ran away from home once he turned sixteen with a lot of money that he “gained” over the years. I envy him since he was able to run away and live his own life. My father was also a huge gambler and I guess they died because the people he’s cheated finally caught him.

I was in the closet because I was hiding from my sister who I spilled chili on by accident. The only place I could think of hiding was the vacant guest room that used to be my older brothers room. I yawn, get up, and walk into the kitchen to make breakfast mostly because it’s grown into a habit. The sizzling sound and smell of bacon quickly flourish through the house. I start up the coffee pot for my friend mom and myself. I give another yawn and realize that I’m more tired than what I actually probably look like. I guess I love to work so much I barely notice things like this. I hear someone running down the steps so I turn to see who it is.
My friend, dressed in a red pajama pants and slippers showing off his buff that girls are always giggling and talking about. I turn back around and start cooking again as he walks up behind me, puts an arm around my waist, and says, “Morning honey!”
I roll my eyes and jab my elbow into his gut and say, “Keep that up and you won’t be eating.”
He laughs and sits down at the kitchen table probably watching my cute girlish but. If you’re wondering I look like a cute innocent twelve year old girl except the chest and the skirts and clothes. I never really liked my looks but there their because my sisters and mom like to experiment to much with me. I still have the bruises from fifth grade when they made me go to school dressed as a girl because they “accidently” lost my clothes. All the girls beat me up using the gym equipment, toys in the classrooms, and the playground equipment. I wince remembering after all that the next day the girls got the boys to beat me up. I finish up cooking as his mother comes down followed by his father.
I greet them all and head up stairs to one make up that lazy boy’s bed and take a shower before getting dress before school. To think it’s only six thirty and we go to school at eight. I get the shower perfect and everything and then I hop on in. The bathroom door opens a little while later and in pops a nude friend. I and he used to play football, me a water boy and him a running back, so we saw each other naked a lot. I know a water boy doesn’t really do the shower thing but coach makes all of us do it or else.
“Need someone to wash your back?” He asks me pressing against my back.
I sigh and ask, “Why do you keep messing around like this?”
He chuckles and says, “Because! You’re my bitch and I want the whole world to know it.”
“But were only fourteen!” I say lathering up myself.
“Actually you’re fourteen I’m fifteen so that makes you my bitch.” He says matter of factly.
I wash off the soap and turn to face him. He cups my chin and says, “Don’t worry I’m never going to hurt you or let anyone ever hurt you.”
I blush and get out the shower to wash my face in the sink while he washes off. I grab my towel and go across the hall to his room to get my clothes. He walks in as I’m standing there wearing a blue button up shirt, all buttons buttoned up, and blue jeans that perfectly fit me. I make my way to the door but he stops me him with no towel and his semi sticking proudly four inches out. When I’m semi it only two inches but that rarely happens in my life.
“So what’s bugging you today?” He asks leading me to his bed.
I sigh and say, “Everything.”
He rolls his eyes as he gets dressed for school. A fourteen year old and fifteen year old hanging out one getting dressed who is a full on male and the other that looks gender confused is so weird that if it wasn’t that everyone knew me as a male I would’ve been hit on so many times by now.
“Is it about your sexual preference?” He asks me putting on a black shirt and a red necklace.
“No! I don’t care if I get a girlfriend besides the only way I’m going to get laid is by getting my ass fucked willingly or not.”
He gives me a toothy smile and says, “You know I’m going to be one of the guys to get a piece of that ass.”
I roll my eyes, get up, and say, “Please don’t get lost in your fantasy world again.”
I head down stairs and eat my breakfast and clean the dishes as my friend, who I forgot to mention is named Richard, comes down and start talking sports with his father. I sit down with his mother who is named Penny. We are chatting about the weather, upcoming events, and gossip. It sounds like I’m turning into a girl for real.
“You would’ve made a really good daughter…” She says throwing me off track just as Rich walks in and says, “Come on the bus is almost here!”
I nod my head and follow out behind him wondering what would’ve made her say that. The bus rolls up and we get on the bus normally. I sit in the front where less people are and Rich sits in the back acting a fool as always. Even though he’s popular with people and I’m not we somehow are still best friends. I knew him before school and before he was cool so I guess he means a lot to me. It’s not like I’m gay or anything but the only affection I get is from guys so that can have a huge effect on a person’s wellbeing. I stare out the window as we pick up more people and finally reach school. I get off first and head to home period. My home period is Mrs. Welsting. She stands five foot 5, long beautiful blonde hair, wearing a pick button up shirt with two button undone showing off her cleavage, high heels, and a blue skirt that goes past he knees. A lot of the boys fantasize about her all the time in class and wish for a class with her even though they don’t know what she teaches.
“Good morning student!” Mrs. Welsting says in her energetic, smooth, lovely voice, “How was all you’re morning?”
The class replies with happy greetings and sly remarks of pervertedness. I sit in the back of the class in the left corner that way I’m out of people’s line of sight and out of their way. I pull out my sketch book from my black backpack and pull out a pencil from my right pocket. I begin sketching anything that I feel like not really caring if somebody sees them or not.
“Okay class today we have a new student and I want you to treat him with respect!” She says happily.
Oh yea we are supposed to be getting a new student today. I look up from my sketchbook to see who this person is. A boy my age stands there looking at the ground with black spikey hair that cover his eyes, peach colored skin, spike wrist bands, black jeans with holes in them, a black shirt with a skull and cross bone on the front along with a heavy black leather jacket. Over all he looked pretty scary but we all said welcome and greeted him normally. I look back down to my sketchbook and start drawing again. I hear a loud thump next to me to see the new student sitting next to me mostly because it’s one of the few seats that they have left here but besides that he must like to be isolated like I do. I turn my attention back to my drawings of what is now a brick house with three people inside two outside, a setting sun with a few clouds in the sky and a dog running up a hill along with a spiral road that leads up to the house. That’s when it feels like I’m being watched but I just don’t know why it feels like that.
“You draw really good.” The kid next to me says in a deep husky voice.
“Thanks.” I say a little bit out of sorts.
I’ve never gotten a compliment from anyone before well except for my perverted friend but he doesn’t really count because he’s just trying to make me feel good. I continue sketching until the bell rings letting us know that it’s first period time. I put up my sketchbook and put my pencil back into my pocket. I get up and make my way to the door when Mrs. Welsting says, “Ellen? Can you show the new student around the school showing him where his classes are?”
I know I can’t say no so I say, “I would love to.”
A lie straight through my teeth but oh well anything is better than my first period class which is language. I stand there as he walks up to me still looking at the ground.
“Alright let’s go.” I say turning around and walking out.
I show him all over school showing him where all the classes will be and end up in the gym last. There’s no class in the gym right now so I sit down on the top part of the bleachers and lean back against the wall. The boy has been quite the whole time I showed him around and I start to wonder what’s going through his head. I close my eyes and sigh just enjoying the quietness.
“I got a question…” A voice says next to me.
I nearly jump out of my skin at the sound of his voice. I never heard him walk up the bleachers or anything.
“Y-Yea what is it?” I ask shaken up a little.
“Why were you by yourself this morning?”
I sigh and look up at the ceiling. I might as well tell him since the others might or they might just treat him like me.
“Well it’s mostly because my body is gender confused. They don’t like me because I’m a guy that looks like a girl and I act differently about everything from the masses.” I look at his facial expression.
He’s look straight up at me and I can see his hazel brown eyes through his hair. He looks kind of sad not like ugly but his face looks sad and worn. He then stands up and says, “So that’s how they are… they treat other by physical features… and personal features.”
“Yea… Plus my family is also to blame but their dead so I can’t do anything about. The only family member I have left is my and only god knows where he is.” I say standing up as the bell rings for second period.
I start to walk down the bleachers and toward the exit door that leads out into the main hallway. The boy quickly follows behind since we both have the same second period.
“You know if you hang out with me they’ll pick on you.” I say not wanting someone to get hurt because of me.
“It’s alright besides you’re the only person who we’ll probably get me and plus I like you.”
I nod my head and walk into second period with him. We take our seats in the back of the class and start copying down the notes while getting a few stares from the other students mostly male but a few female. Second period seems to drag on forever until the bell rings letting me know it’s time for third period math which is my favorite subject and time. I walk into the class room and take a seat in the front since most of the students sit in the back. I pay attention during the whole lesson and finish first in my class. I then pull out my sketch book and start drawing till the end of class. I walk to my locker and get out my gym clothes as the bell for fourth period rings. The new student is in the same P.E. class as me. I walk into the locker room for the guy side and find a nice isolated place to dress out. I’ve take off my shirt and my pants when I’m pushed into the wall.
“Hey there bitch.” Is whispered in my ear.
I struggle trying to get out of the hold as whoever behind me says, “You need to come up with a better hiding spot.”
I’m thrown on the ground and I scramble backwards to only remember I’m in a corner. I see my stuff sprawled all over the floor as three white boys stand over me just in their boxers. One of the boys behind the person who threw me down is holding my sketch book the only thing that reminds me I’m human and can do something with my life. He starts flipping through it and says, “I wonder what we should do with all this stuff?”
“How about we trash it!” The leader of the boys says, the one who pushed me down, grabbing the top of my head.
“Please don’t!” I yell trying to get him to let go of me.
He bitch slaps me and says, “If you don’t be quite we’re going to have to get more physical than that.”
I hold back tears as a page is ripped out of my notebook.
“We’ll stop if you do us a little favor.” The boy says.
“W-What?” I ask as another page is ripped out.
“Suck our cocks and we’ll be on our way.”
“Never!” I say a little too loud which allows a couple of more pages torn out and another slap across the face.
“Now what did I tell you? Co-operate and everything we’ll be over.” He says lifting me up by my head that way I’m on my knees.
The boy in front of me pulls out his cock and presses it against my cheek. I move my head away from the disgusting thing and try to back away only to meet wall.
“Alright bitch picks your way hard or easy.”
I keep quiet and the boy snarls, “Hard way then.”
The boy grabs my head and punches me straight in my jaw. He then tries to pry my mouth open as another boy walks over also hard wanting some attention. I keep struggling with all my might until I hear the sound of sparks.
“Keep it up and I’ll burn that damn book and you too!” He says making me be still, “Good. Now open up and say ah!”
I open my mouth slowly wishing someone will save me when all of a sudden like a ninja the new student appears hitting the one about to shove his cock down my throat straight in his head. He spins around on one foot and hit the second boy in the gut; steps on his foot, and back hand punch him into one of the lockers. The third boy drops my semi burnt torn up notebook and takes off running. I have tears going down my face at the sight of my sketch book. I look up at the dark ninja boy as he looks down at me. He offers his hand down to me to help me up. I get up on my feet and hug him tightly tears still going down my eyes. I feel his hands on my back patting me trying to make me feel comfort. I wish the world could be more like this boy right here.