Public Sex Show at the Pool

For those of you who have not read any of my previous adventures let me quickly summarize. I am a 5’7″ man who enjoys crossdressing, exhibitionism and public sex of all kinds. Due to my size, I can make myself into a passable and attractive woman when I put time into my makeup.

While I enjoy sex with all genders I do prefer cis women. I like to relate my true stories of the wild times I’ve had satisfying all my fetishes.

I had been living in a large city on the west coast and had recently met an attractive man that I was casually hooking up with. He was the epitome of tall, dark and handsome with enough muscle and definition to make him stand out. Neither of us were interested in a relationship but had met in a bar and after a few hook ups had learned that we shared a strong fetish for exhibitionism and sex in public.

I began scoping out the best way to make our fantasy become a reality. I always take my time and ensure that the risk involved in satisfying my fetish has the biggest return possible and is done in the safest possible manner. Careful preparation has allowed me to enjoy my proclivities for years without any negative repercussion.

After careful planning I had come across what seemed to be the perfect set up. I had stumbled across a public pool that had a morning event that allowed people to exercise and sunbath before the pool opened to the general public at 11. I noticed that it was very sparsely filled during this time period as I suppose most people were at work. What really drew my attention though was that at the far corner of the pool area, an attractive young woman of 18 or 19 laid out to sunbath every day. She looked to be of Hispanic descent and had long flowing black hair that was offset with a body that wet dreams are made of. All the positives of the Hispanic build without any of the negatives that age might bring in. Just a tight glistening fantasy of soft hair, smooth tanned skin, bountiful breasts sweeping into a tight waist and then out into soft rounded hips.

What was best for my purposes is that corner that she laid in was right up against the fence that encircled the entire pool area and was mostly hidden from view by bushes that had been planted in sections around the fence line.

I had long had a top fantasy that I wanted to experience but it required another participant along with me and I had yet to find the right one. Now as luck would have my tall, dark and handsome casual hook up had many of my same fetishes. When I shared the details of what I was planning he was more than willing to go along…actually the swelling in his shorts followed immediately by him bending me over and pounding a load deep inside me would say he was most willing!

After checking the weather forecast, I planned our event to be in two days. I spent the two days of waiting in preparation and horny anticipation. I had committed to myself that I would not cum for the entire two days but wait until the experience. To make the waiting period and build up even more intense, I spent hours of each day masturbating right at the brink of orgasm. I leaked out what seemed gallons of precum that I wiped up and licked off my fingers doing my best to not waste one delicious drop.

Finally, the morning of the bid day arrived. I started with a hot shower of exfoliating body scrub and then carefully ensured my entire body was as hairless as possible. Outside of my eyebrows and head, I had not one hair. After getting my body as smooth as possible, I coated it with a liberal amount of shiny body lotion so that it looked like I was sparkling in the light.

With my body ready, I began the preparation to turn myself from a diminutively sized man into an attractive and statuesque woman. I carefully applied my make up and then topped it off with a long wavy wig of blond hair with streaks of darker highlights. Sliding silky thigh highs up my legs caused my cock to quickly grow to its full 8″ of throbbing potential. Already streams of precum were oozing out and dripping with a smack on the tiled floor. I had settled on an ultra short school girl skirt that was short enough to show the bottoms of my ass cheeks if I didn’t pull it down low on my hips. Breast forms followed by a crisp white school girl shirt tied in a knot under my c cup breast forms topped off the look.

Checking myself in the mirror, I saw looking back at me the vision of slutty school girl but with an obvious tenting of her skirt. I packed my purse with lube and essentials and slid into my black Louboutin heels. I was so turned on that I could feel my heart beating in my rock hard throbbing cock. Just as I was fighting the battle to start stroking it, my phone sounded with a message letting me know my friend had arrived. Positioning my pursed strategically in front of my cock allowed me to walk out to the car without turning heads for the wrong reason.

My friend was wearing as I had instructed, simple basketball shorts and a tank top. I had chosen these for the ease of removal.

We drove to the pool and parked. As I exited the car, I taped an old temporary registration tag over top of the license plate so that if someone saw the plate they wouldn’t be able to track the car. This particular state had not yet adopted the unique temporary tag but had all applied for registrations on an applied for permit.

As we walked over to the pool area, I could see that my tanned fantasy was as typical lying under the sun in her usual spot. With the bushes hiding us we were able to get to within a couple feet of her spot. Another step and a small break in the bushes would make us visible to her.

My friend peeled off his tank top and I reached out and pulled his shorts down while I settled myself comfortable on my knees in front of him. His cock was already rising to the occasion and even though only half hard giving a loud announcement of what it would look like at its full thick 9″ of glory. As he grew, the foreskin of his pulsing meat began to slowly retract back allowing more and more of his glorious mushroom head to be exposed. With a silent moan, I leaned forward and took him into my mouth.

His meat jumped and throbbed in my mouth as I swirled my tongue around him before beginning to tighten my mouth and slide up and down his manhood. I could already taste the first sweet droppings of precum and he quickly rose to full erection. Suctioning him in and out I took more and more of his throbbing cock with each descent. I could now feel him hitting the back of my throat so I took a big gulp and swallowed him down into my throat. His trimmed pubes rubbed against my stretched lips as spit ran out from around his cock and ran down my chin.

Reaching down I pulled my skirt high enough to expose my entire smooth shaven groin. My cock was rock hard and seemed to bounce up and down with each beat of my heart. A line of precum was streaming out of its swollen head creating a line to the ground and the puddle it was creating there.

As I began stroking my cock up and down I devoured his cock. Soon my up and down strokes synced in timing with his tasty cock sliding in and out of my mouth. We had arranged that when were close to orgasm we would warn each other so that the next step in the plan could happen. With good fortune on our side, we both look at each other simultaneously with the I’m going to cum look.

Now was the time. We silently slid over so that we came out from behind the bush coverage. Picture if you will a hot attractive young woman with a slutty looking passable crossdresser deep throating a well built and well hung man just a foot away separated only by a chain link fence. As close as we were, I could see that her eyes were closed so she had not yet seen us.

I was in a squatting position now with my skirt pulled up and stroking my rock hard erection vigorously. My friend in front of me as I pistoned his cock in and out of my mouth.

We both were so close. I could feel my cum churning in my balls and taste the non stop leak of delicious precum in my mouth. All I had to do was get her to look.

I moaned loudly and slurped his cock with as much spit and energy as possible. The loud moan accompanied by the wet smacking sound of saliva coated cock sliding in and out of a tight mouth startled her to action. She sat up and twisted around to see what the noise had been.

Her sharp intake of air triggered us both. My cock began spurting days of edged built up cum. Cum blasted out covering the short distance between us and coating the fence. One of my first initial spurts was even strong enough to make the distance to splatter on her hand that she was using to brace herself in a seated position.

As planned my friend pulled his imposing cock out of my mouth and began stroking it furiously. I opened my mouth as he began to explode. Shot after shot of steaming hot thick cum spurted into my mouth and coated my face. I think he must’ve shot at least 10 shots of cum. My mouth was full, my face coated and strands of pearly white cum were dripping out of my hair.

Shock obviously had taken control of the young girls because she didn’t move a muscle. She just sat with her mouth open in shock watching the entire event.

We quickly got ourselves together and left the area. I’m left now with the memories of my all time top fantasy becoming a reality.