Suzy Unleashed Chapter 2


Day #2 in Suzy’s new life

I tossed and turned most of the night trying to think of a way out of the trap Kathy had put me in. At times I told myself that she’d never follow through on her threat and that I should refuse to go along with her desires. Of course, I also wouldn’t have believed the things I’d already found out—that she was fucking Ron and that she was more than willing to force me to blow him. If she was willing to do those things, how could I be sure she wouldn’t distribute those damn videos?
I woke up about 6:00 with my bladder ready to burst. Quietly I climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom. When I finished, I walked back into the bedroom, still not sure what I was going to do. I was dead tired after the restless night, but I didn’t know if I wanted to crawl back into with Kathy and Ron. As I approached the bed, though, I saw something that immediately grabbed my attention. Ron was sleeping on his back in the middle of the bed, and the sheet over his hips looked like a tent. “Jesus,” I mumbled, “that can’t be his dick sticking up that high, can it?” With my curiosity piqued, I edged toward the bed and lifted the sheet enough to see underneath. Even in the pale pre-dawn light, the sight was awe-inspiring: Ron’s cock was pointing straight up at the ceiling and had, indeed, been responsible for the tent effect. “God, look at that monster,” I said to myself. As I stared at it, another thought struck me: “Did I really suck that thing? It couldn’t have been that big last night, could it?” I stared at the black tower while my mind replayed the previous night. “I know I blew him,” I whispered to myself, “but he couldn’t have been this big then.” I slid into the bed as cautiously as I could, not wanting to wake Ron or Kathy who was asleep on the other side of the bed. Slipping my head under the sheet, I continued to stare at the hard cock. Very carefully, I reached out and circled my fingers around it, trying to decide if it was bigger than it had been. When my fingers closed, it seemed that the cock fit in my hand just a it had. Slowly, I moved my fingers down to the base of the cock and then back up the long, hard shaft, trying to compare the length to what I remembered. As I did, a small drop of fluid appeared at the tip of his cock. Without even thinking, I moved closer and flicked at the drop with my tongue. “Oooh,” I shivered, “I shouldn’t have done that.” My hand was still moving up and down the stiff rod, seemingly moving on its own, and soon another drop of pre-cum appeared. “Oh, well, why not?” I thought and moved to flick at it again. This time, though, my tongue ran across the head of Ron’s cock instead of touching just the small drop. The taste and feel of his cock sent a jolt through me and I laid there, staring, feeling like the erection was drawing me to like some type of magnet. The next thing I knew, I was sliding him between my lips and into my mouth. “I can’t do this!” I thought. “I’ll wake him up!” Despite the fear of being caught, my mouth refused to leave its place. “I’ll be very gentle and careful,” I thought. “I’ll just stay here for a minute. He’ll never know.” The plan had barely been formed when it came crashing down—seconds later my eyes were flooded with light as the sheet was thrown back. I blinked and looked up to see Ron and Kathy both grinning at me!
I hurriedly pulled away, only to have Kathy laughingly say, “Don’t let us interrupt you. It looked like you were having fun. Don’t stop.” I tried to stammer out an explanation, but Kathy just continued to laugh it off. “Suzy, darling, we woke up to discover you under the sheet sucking Ron’s cock! Now, you can try to spin that any way you want, but the bottom line is that you woke up and started blowing him without being told to or even asked. It was your idea. You chose to do it, and you were trying to do it without us knowing it. You weren’t doing it for me or even for Ron. You were doing it for you—because you wanted his dick in your mouth!” As my cheeks flushed, her tone softened. “Look Suzy, to be honest, I don’t blame you. Ron’s cock is wonderful and it is addictive. I can’t get enough of it myself. I can understand why any horny bitch would want to have it as much as possible, so this doesn’t say anything bad about you…unless you think that being a horny bitch is a bad thing.”
“Is it?” I asked.
“No,” she giggled, “it isn’t. Actually, I think it’s cute. I like the fact that you’re a horny bitch and I really, really like the fact that you couldn’t wait to blow Ron again! The only thing I don’t like is that you feel compelled to deny it. You need to accept the truth, accept who and what you are. If you do, you’ll be able to enjoy what you’re doing even more than you have been.” I gulped and looked back at Ron’s dick, which he was now stroking. “You want it, don’t you?” Kathy asked softly. “You want to put it back in your mouth again.” I felt my head nodding. “Do you want him to cum in your mouth again?” The nodding continued while I stared at the enormous cock. “Then say it,” Kathy urged. “Tell us what you are and what you want and you can have it. Don’t be shy.”
I couldn’t take my eyes off of Ron’s cock. He was nonchalantly stroking it, keeping it hard, and it looked so, so magnificent. “Oh, God, I want it,” I whimpered. “I want it so much! I’m a horny bitch and I want to suck that beautiful cock so much! Please, let me do it. Please let me blow you again. Let me make you cum again. Please.”
I saw Ron’s eyes glance toward Kathy and my eyes followed his. She grinned and nodded her approval. “Good girl,” she smiled. “Now that I have another scene for your greatest hits video, you can go ahead and blow him.” For the first time, I realized that she had once again grabbed her cell phone and had recorded my plea.
“You, you can’t keep that!” I protested.
“Why not? I think it’s great.”
“It, it makes me sound so…so perverted!” I argued. “Anyone who sees that will think I’m some kind of whore who wants to suck cock!”
“In other words, they’ll know the real you!” Kathy laughed. “Now, are you going to sit there arguing or are you going to suck that beautiful cock?”
I looked back at Ron and suddenly my indignation and fear took a backseat to my lust. “I’m going to suck that beautiful cock,” I groaned.
“Then what are waiting for?” she asked.
As I moved closer, Ron let go of his erection and my fingers quickly replaced his. Simply touching that huge, hard cock sent a shiver through my body. “God,” I whispered, “it’s so big!” I leaned in and kissed away another bubble of fluid from the tip and my entire body shook with excitement. “I shouldn’t be doing this,” I moaned softly. “I shouldn’t be sucking cock!”
“So why are you?” Kathy asked.
“Because it feels so good,” I moaned. My tongue was now running up and down his shaft. “I can’t stop,” I sobbed. “I want to, but I can’t! I need to do it again!” I plunged him between my lips, his giant cockhead filling my mouth. I saw Kathy moving to get a better view and realized that she was once again filming. Although my rational side screamed that I needed to stop before she got any more ammunition, I couldn’t do it. I was frozen in place my lips locked around Ron’s dick, my tongue flicking at it while I sucked frantically. My hands were exploring the part of the shaft that didn’t fit in my mouth as well as his balls, which still amazed me nearly as much as his cock. My own dick was already stiff, too, stretching my panties. I wanted to stroke it, to jerk off and relieve my tension, but that would have meant taking one of my hands off of Ron’s cock and I wasn’t about to do that. “Why would I?” I thought wildly. “Why would I let go of this beautiful big cock to play with my little one?” In what seemed to be a remarkably short time, I could feel Ron squirming beside me, his body tensing. “He’s going to cum!” I realized. I squeezed his shaft harder, which was enough to send him over the top. His dick jerked between my lips and I again felt the sensation of his sperm splashing off the roof of my mouth and onto my waiting tongue. I pumped harder with my hands while continuing to suck, milking every drop of semen from those heavy balls. When his orgasm subsided, I rolled away, letting him slip out of my mouth, but still holding his softening dick in my hand. “Oh, God,” I whimpered, “that was so good! So, so good!” I stretched my neck to move closer to him again and kissed his cock once more. “So good,” I repeated. “Thank you.”
“Any time,” he grinned, stroking my face.
“Careful,” Kathy warned him. “At the rate Suzy’s going, you may not be able to keep up with her. I mean, seriously, three blowjobs in less than 12 hours?”
“Well, if she wears me out, I’ll call in reinforcements.”
“Oh, I bet Suzy would just love that!” Kathy gushed. “We could get a couple of your buddies over here to help out! Wouldn’t that be wonderful, Suzy?”
“Oh, God, no!” I gasped. “Please don’t do that! Look, I’m trying to be good for you. I’m trying so hard to do what you want. Please, please don’t start bringing more guys in, please!”
Kathy actually looked like she felt sympathy for me. “All right, darling, relax. We won’t do that. I’ll make you a deal, OK? As long as you keep being good as you put it, we won’t call in anymore guys unless you agree to it, OK?” I nodded eagerly. “But,” she warned, “if you stop being good, if you stop doing what you’re told, then all bets are off and some of Ron’s buddies may get the chance to fuck your hot little mouth. Understand?”
“Yes,” I nodded, “I understand.”
“So you’re going to be a good little whore for us?” I nodded again. “When I ask you a question, I want to hear a response,” Kathy said sternly. “Now, what are you going to do?”
“I’m going to be a good whore,” I said quietly.
“Are you going to be an obedient cunt?”
“Yes,” I replied.
“Yes what?” she growled. “Say it.”
“I’m going to be an obedient cunt.”
“Good,” she said. “Now, are you a regular cunt or a cocksucking cunt?”
“I’m definitely a cocksucking cunt,” I replied quickly.
Kathy beamed. “I think you’re finally starting to understand yourself. Now, I want you to make me one more promise, OK?”
I shrugged. “What?”
“Remember what I just said? That we wouldn’t invite any other men to do you unless you stopped being good or agreed to it?”
“I remember.”
“OK, then the promise I want is that you’ll let me know when you’re ready for another cock.”
“What?” I gasped.
Kathy smiled. “Suzy, I know that sooner or later you’re going to be ready to try a cock other than Ron’s, either because he’s not around or because you’ve just plain worn him out. All I’m asking is that you be honest about it. Don’t try to hide your desires from me and don’t deny that you want it. When the time comes, just tell me. Just say, ‘I’m ready to blow another guy.’ Will you promise me you’ll do that?”
I shrugged. “I don’t think it will happen, but OK, I promise if the time comes when I want to blow another guy, I’ll tell you.”
“Fair enough,” she smiled. “See? I’m not a monster. Now, if you can pull yourself away from Ron’s cock, you need to shower, shave and get made up. You really aren’t very attractive with that morning stubble.”
As I showered, I tried to come to grips with what had happened in the last 24 hours and how I felt about it. I was still shocked by how Kathy had taken control of me and forced me to suck cock, and for several minutes I silently fumed over what she had done to me. “She turned me into a cocksucking whore!” kept running through my mind. Gradually, though, as the hot water relaxed me, a memory crept into the mix: I remembered driving home from my adventure a few days earlier, upset with myself because I had fled the two men in the parking lot instead of offering to blow them. In fact, I had almost turned around to go back until I decided that there was no chance they’d still be there anyhow. “If I hadn’t panicked, would I actually have blown those two guys?” I wondered. “Could I have actually blown them?” I thought back, remembering how I had fantasized about them after I got home and how much had hoped to see them again the next trip I made there. “I wanted to blow them,” I admitted to myself. “I wanted to see what it was like to have a real cock in my mouth. If I had bumped into them instead of Kathy, maybe I would have. So what did Kathy really do? She stopped me from offering myself to two total strangers who may have been homophobic enough to beat me senseless if they discovered the truth and, instead, gave me Ron’s cock. She may have “forced” me to blow him, but she hadn’t forced me to cum from doing it, and she certainly hadn’t forced me to crawl under the sheets to admire and suck it this morning. Those things all had happened for one simple reason: I enjoyed blowing him. I enjoyed having that huge dick in my hands and mouth. As much as I enjoyed dressing up as Suzy because I liked how it made me feel feminine, touching and sucking that spectacular cock made me feel even more feminine. As Kathy had pointed out, compared to Ron’s, my dick was virtually non-existent; if cock size was a measure of masculinity, then compared to him I really was a woman. And when he had an orgasm…oh, God, when he had an orgasm it was so wonderful! All that thick, sweet cum filling my mouth and overwhelming my senses. If anything, I enjoyed that even more than I enjoyed sucking on his cock. By the time I got out of the shower and looked into the mirror to shave, I had to admit the truth: Kathy may have turned me into a cocksucking whore, but all she had really done was push me into doing what I wanted to do, what I would have done eventually with some cock that wasn’t half as nice as Ron’s. “She didn’t hurt me, she did me a favor,” I said, staring at my half-shaven face. I’m a cocksucking cunt, but I would have been a cocksucking cunt eventually anyhow. All she did was make it easy for me.”
With a new understanding of myself, I was able to release any anger I had about how Kathy had treated me. I went to the bedroom and started working on my makeup, trying to duplicate the things Kathy had shown me the night before. Although the finished product wasn’t as attractive as when she had done it, it was still good enough to make me smile. “Not bad,” I told myself. “If I were a man, I’d be willing to let that face suck my cock.” Satisfied with my appearance, I dressed and went down to the kitchen, where Ron and Kathy were already having breakfast.
“There’s our slut,” Kathy grinned as I walked in. “You look really nice, Suzy. I like your makeup.”
“Thanks,” I smiled. “I had a good teacher.”
“You do look good,” Ron agreed, “But isn’t that the same skirt and blouse you wore last night?”
“They’re the only ones I have,” I explained. “I never needed more before.”
“Well, you need more than one now,” he said. “You can’t wear the same outfit all the time.”
“I have to agree with Ron,” Kathy nodded. “I guess when you were hiding what you are from me and only dressing up for an hour or two at a time, one skirt and one blouse was enough to get by with. But, if you’re going to embrace being a woman, we need to get you some more clothes.”
“Sounds like we’re going shopping,” Ron said.
“Hey, if you’re going to spend a Saturday with two women, you have to expect that a shopping trip will be involved somewhere,” Kathy giggled. “As soon as Suzy has a chance to finish her breakfast, we’ll get going, OK?”
“Sure,” he nodded. “I guess it’s a small price to pay for being able to enjoy the other talents you two have.”
“I wish you had told me we were going shopping earlier,” I said between bites. “I wouldn’t have wasted all that time putting on my makeup.”
“What do you mean wasted time?” Kathy asked. “Why was it wasted?”
“Well, if we’re going shopping, I have to go wash it all off and change clothes,” I shrugged. “It would have been easier not to put it on at all.”
“Wash it off? Change? Why would you do that?” she asked.
“To go shopping,” I said. Kathy didn’t respond, but only sat there, smiling at me. “Oh, God,” I gulped. “You’re not thinking what I think you’re thinking are you?”
“What’s that?” she asked teasingly.
“You, you expect me to go shopping dressed like this?”
“Why not?” she asked. “You’re going to be looking at skirts and dresses anyhow. Doesn’t it make more sense to look like a woman while you do that?”
“But, but I can’t go out in public dressed like this!”
“You did it before,” she reminded me. “You were dressed like that when I stopped for gas and bumped into you, remember?”
“That was different. That was just a few minutes at a truckstop. It wasn’t walking around a mall! What if we run into a neighbor or somebody from work? I can’t do that!”
“Sure you can,” she smiled. “If it makes you feel any better, we’ll go out of town. That way you won’t see anyone you know.”
“No,” I croaked. “I can’t go out where that many people are going to see me!”
“Really?” she asked, her eyebrows arching. “Well, I guess I can’t force you to go. If you choose to disobey me, that’s your prerogative. It’s a shame, though, I really thought you’d last longer before you stopped being good for me.”
“Stopped being good?” I repeated. Somewhere, in the back of my mind, those words meant something. As Kathy grinned and shrugged, I searched my memory, and when I found the one I was looking for, I felt a cold wave sweep over me. “”Oh, God,” I gulped. “You’re talking about what we said last night!”
She grinned and nodded. “If you aren’t going to be good and obey orders, then our deal is over. If you don’t want to go shopping, we’ll just have Ron make those phone calls and get his friends over here. Won’t that be fun?” She handed the phone to a grinning Ron. “I bet Carl and Ray will love the way Suzy sucks cock. What do you think?”
“I’m sure they will,” he agreed. “I think Lou would, too. Maybe I should call all three of them.”
“Hey, the more the merrier,” Kathy laughed. “Suzy can handle it.”
“No, wait!” I gasped. “Don’t!”
“Don’t?” Kathy asked. “Why not? That was our deal, remember? You follow instructions and do what you’re told and we don’t call Ron’s friends to come enjoy you. You refuse to follow instructions and you meet them for fun and games.”
“I, I, I’ll go shopping,” I conceded. “I’ll be good.”
“Are you sure?”
She looked at Ron. “What do you think? Should we give Suzy another chance?”
“Yeah, I guess so,” he grinned. “It’s probably tough for her learning to accept orders. My friends can wait to meet her.”
I breathed a sigh of relief…but only until Kathy told me to get my purse and get into the car. The advantage of going to an out of town mall was that I was much less likely to bump into a neighbor. The disadvantage was that I had a much longer drive to worry about what was going to happen. By the time we got there, I was a basket case: I was absolutely terrified of walking through a crowded mall. At the same time, however, I was extremely excited: as thrilling as my previous adventures in public had been, this one was going to put them to shame. Even walking through the parking lot took my breath away as we passed about a dozen people on our way to the door. I managed to whisper to Kathy, “I’ve already been seen by more people since we got out of the car than I have in all my other trips combined.”
She smiled back at me and said, “And not one of them reacted any differently than I would expect them to when they passed a sexy chick in a miniskirt. Relax, darling, you look wonderful!”
As we moved through the main hall of the mall, I couldn’t help checking on the reactions of everyone we passed. After a few minutes, I hissed, “Everyone is staring at me! They all know!”
“Nonsense,” Kathy smiled. “You’re right about the staring, but you’re wrong about the reason. The men are staring because you look so hot in that miniskirt. The women are staring because…well, because you look so hot in that miniskirt and they’re jealous.”
We walked a little longer and I slowly started to see what Kathy had meant. The men who were staring didn’t look disgusted or like they were laughing at me. Instead, I saw several of them licking their lips and others who were taking deep breaths. The women with them weren’t laughing either. Instead they were shooting daggers at me with their eyes and trying to get their husbands attention off my legs and back on them. “Kathy’s right,” I thought. “They aren’t staring at a man in a short skirt. They aren’t laughing at me! They’re staring at a sexy slut in a short skirt!” The realization was like a weight being lifted from my shoulders. “I can do this,” I realized. “I can pass for a woman, no matter how many people see me!” I relaxed and let Kathy and Ron lead me through the mall. Ron generously bought me several bra and panty combinations, as well as two new miniskirts and a very tight, very short dress that he really liked. Kathy picked out some blouses to go with the skirts, as well as my very own baby-doll negligee.
Then, just as I started to get comfortable, Kathy decided to up the ante once again. As we walked down the hall, she said, “Suzy, I think you should change into one of your new skirts.”
“Now?” I gulped.
“What better time could there be? Why don’t you put on that cute red one Ron picked out for you?”
“How am I supposed to change clothes in the middle of the mall?” I argued.
“You’re not, silly!” she laughed. “Go into the restroom and change there.”
“I can’t go into the restroom,” I hissed. “If a guy sees me walk in like this….”
“Why would a guy see you walk in?” she asked. “You’ll be using the ladies’ restroom, of course.”
“The ladies room? I can’t do that!”
“Of course you can. You look as much like a woman as anyone in there. Just go into a stall and close the door and change your clothes. You’ll be fine.”
“Kathy, please,” I gasped.
“Suzy, that was an order in case you aren’t sure. And, you know what will happen if you refuse an order, don’t you?”
“Yes,” I answered softly.
I looked across the hall at the restroom door. “All right,” I whispered. “You win.” Once again, I could feel my heart pounding as I walked to the forbidden door. By the time I pushed it open and walked inside, my blood was roaring in my ears and my vision made it seem like I was looking through the wrong end of binoculars. There was one woman inside, just finishing washing her hands. She smiled and said “hello”, and I forced myself to smile back as I hurried into a stall. I changed skirts and blouses as quickly as I could and managed to get out of the restroom before anyone else came in. I breathed a sigh of relief as I approached Kathy and Ron and asked, “Happy?”
“I am,” Ron grinned. “You look great in that skirt.”
“She does,” Kathy nodded, “but there is one little thing wrong with your appearance.”
“What’s that?” I asked.
“Well, those shoes went really well with your black skirt, but they don’t go with a red one. You need some nice red heels.”
“I do?” I gulped.
“You do,” she grinned. “Come with me.” She led me down the hall to a shoe store and pointed at some killer red heels in the window. “Those are perfect. Why don’t you go in and see if a clerk will help you try them on?”
“I doubt if they have my size,” I stalled.
“Well, if they don’t, you need to try on the largest size they have and see if they work,” she replied. “Now, get your ass in there.”
Sensing that I wasn’t going to be able to talk my way out of this, either, I took a deep breath and entered the store. I hadn’t gone ten feet when a young clerk hurried over to meet me. “Can I help you?” he asked, his eyes showing how eager he was to do so.
I pointed at the shoes in the window. “Do those come in a size 12?” I asked.
“I’ll check,” he said, glancing down at my feet. “Why don’t you have a seat? I’ll be right back.” I sat down in one of the available chairs, tugging on my skirt to cover as much of my thighs as I could. The clerk returned quickly, carrying a shoe box. He grabbed the little stool as he approached and moved it to a spot directly in front of me. Sitting on it, he smiled, “We don’t have a size 12, but we do have it in a size 11, so I brought that out in case you’d like to try them. Sometimes our sizes do run a little large.”
I nodded and croaked, “I guess I might as well try them.”
Grinning, the clerk reached down and lifted my right foot to the front of the stool and started removing my shoe. As he did so, I felt my thighs part slightly and my skirt inch upwards toward my hips. Not wanting to react too obviously, I fought the urge to pull it back down, but tried to close my legs as much as possible. However, almost as soon as I did, he had to turn my ankle slightly to get to the buckle on the shoe. When he did, my knee had no choice but to swing to the side, again parting my legs. He got the shoe off and pulled one out of the box. Lifting my foot (which again stretched my skirt, inching it even higher), he squeezed it into the shoe. Twisting and turning my ankle, he managed to get this one fastened and lowered my foot to the floor. I breathed a sigh of relief that he had finished, and said, “It feels awfully tight.”
He instantly reached down and grabbed my left foot, pulling it to the stool. “Well, you really need to put both shoes on and take a few steps to know for sure,” he grinned. As my left foot reached the stool, I once again felt a rush of air up my skirt, alerting me that his manipulation had again spread my knees apart and forced my skirt further up my thighs. I self-consciously squirmed in my seat and immediately knew that was exactly the wrong thing to do—the movement slid my skirt even higher. I glanced down at my lap and lost my breath at the sight of how high my hemline was. It was literally as high up my legs as it could go unless I lifted my ass off the chair. I looked back at the clerk, who was smiling broadly and doing a very poor job of pretending to be trying to take my shoe off while his eyes were locked on my crotch. I noticed a movement behind him and looked up to see Kathy standing there. She gave me a quick “thumbs-up” and a wink, letting me know things were going exactly as she wanted and moved away. Her “approval” made it clear that I was expected to allow the torture to continue, so I resisted the urge to try and pull my skirt back down. The clerk struggled (intentionally, of course) to get my shoe off and replace it with the one I was trying on, giving him plenty of time to enjoy what was clearly a great view of my panties. After what seemed like an eternity, he returned my foot to the floor and smiled up at me. “There, why don’t you give them a try?” he asked. I gulped, nodded and stood up. It took me only a few steps to confirm that the shoes were too small, as pain shot up from my feet. “They look great on you,” the clerk commented. “Of course, with those legs, any heel would look great on you.”
“Thank you,” I managed to reply, “but, they’re definitely too small. They really hurt.” I limped back to the chair and sat down. Unfortunately, I was so concerned about how much my feet hurt that I forgot to hold onto the hem of my skirt as I sat down…until I was seated and realized that it had already slid up to the point where it had been just before I stood up. The clerk wasted no time pulling my foot to the stool, trapping me back into my completely exposed position. It took forever for him to switch me back to my own shoe and lower my foot back to the floor. Of course, that only meant that it was time to do the other foot, and when he lifted it to the stool, it felt like my skirt was hiked up even higher. I glanced down and saw that it wasn’t my imagination—even from above I could see a hint of my black panties! “He can see everything!” I thought. “Oh, God, I hope my dick is still safely tucked away.” My eyes moved back to the clerk’s face. He was no longer even pretending to be looking at my feet, his eyes locked on the black triangle under my skirt. His huge smile at least gave me some comfort, since it was obvious that he had no idea of what was hiding inside those panties. After what seemed like hours, the clerk finally completed getting my shoes back on and released my foot. I quickly moved it to the floor, closing my legs. The clerk reluctantly stood up, making no effort to hide the bulge in the front of his pants, letting me know that he was confident that my participation had been voluntary and knowing. “Well, thanks for trying,” I croaked.
“My pleasure,” he grinned broadly. “I’ll be glad to help any time you come in.”
I could feel his eyes on my ass as I walked out of the store. I walked past Kathy and Ron and continued walking down the hall until I was safely out of his sight, then leaned against a wall, trying to catch my breath. “Good job, Suzy,” I heard Kathy say from behind me. “You were terrific!”
“God, that was so embarrassing!” I gasped. “He saw everything!”
“Did he like the show?” she asked.
“Hell yeah!”
“If you’re sure of that, there’s no reason to be embarrassed, is there? How do you know?”
“How do I know? He was grinning like mad, and when he stood up it was obvious how hard he was!”
“You got him hard?” she asked.
“Very hard!” I answered. “I could see it through his pants!”
“Well, then, we should go back.”
“Go back?” I gasped. “Why?”
“Because it isn’t nice to turn a guy on like that and walk away,” she said firmly. “You need to go back and offer to relieve his condition.”
“Relieve his condition? What are you saying?”
“I’m saying you need to go back and offer him a blowjob.”
“What? No way!”
“That wasn’t a request, dear, it was an order. Get back in there and offer him a blowjob.”
“But, but what if he says yes?”
“Of course he’ll say yes,” she laughed. “Why wouldn’t he? The two of you can go into the stockroom or the employee restroom.”
“You, you really expect me to blow him?”
“I sure do.”
“But, you said if I followed orders you wouldn’t make me do any more men.”
“No, I said that if you followed orders I wouldn’t call Ron’s friends. I never said anything about you blowing anyone else.”
“I, I can’t do it,” I gulped. “I won’t do it.”
“Then we might as well go home so I can make my call.”
“Kathy, please,” I begged.
“Fuck you,” she said simply. “You’re either going back to give that clerk a blowjob or we’re going home so you can meet one of Ron’s buddies.”
I struggled to analyze my options and find a way out. I couldn’t find one, but I decided if Kathy was serious and I was going to blow someone, I’d rather it was at home than on my knees in a stockroom. “Let’s go home,” I whispered.
While we drove, Kathy made a call and I heard her offer whoever was on the other end “something really, really special.” She hung up with a huge smile. “He’ll be there.” Once we got home, she sent me to freshen my makeup with orders not to leave the bedroom until she called me. “I want to show him your videos just to get him warmed up for you,” she giggled. Shaking and nauseous, I retreated to the bedroom and busied myself with my makeup to try and take my mind off of what was about to happen. I briefly thought about refusing to perform for her, but quickly decided Kathy was vicious enough to follow through on her other threats, so I had no choice but to comply.
When I heard Kathy call me, I took a deep breath and told myself, “It’s just another blowjob. If I can do Ron, I can do his friend. I’ll survive.” I walked into the living room and saw the head of a man who was sitting in a chair with his back to me. In front of him, the TV was playing, and the image on the screen was obviously me, sucking on Ron’s cock. “Suzy,” Kathy smiled, “come on in. As you can see, I’ve been showing your video to Steve and he loves it. He can’t wait to feel your lips on his cock.”
I took a couple of halting steps forward as the man in the chair stood and turned. An instant later, I stopped in my tracks: “Steve” wasn’t just some miscellaneous friend of Ron’s, he was my next door neighbor! It felt like my stomach dropped to the floor and took my lungs with it. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t swallow, I couldn’t speak. All I could do was stand there, frozen, while Steve’s eyes roamed up and down my body. “Wow,” he grinned, “it’s really, really great to meet you, Suzy. Kathy’s been telling me all about you.”
Finding my voice, I looked at Kathy and asked, “How could you do this to me?”
“It wasn’t easy,” she smiled. “I almost decided that I should keep Steve’s dick for myself and not let you have him, but I thought that would be too selfish. When you see how nice his cock is, you’ll understand.”
I stared at her. “You, you know what his cock is like?’
“Of course,” she laughed. “You don’t think I’ve lived next door to someone like Steve all this time without getting to know him, do you?” As I stammered for a reply, she grinned even more. “Now, come on over here and let him get a good look at you before you go down on him.” Numbly, I walked over between Steve and the TV. “What do you think?” Kathy asked him.
“I’m amazed,” he grinned. “When you first told me, I thought Suzy would look like some drag queen, but she doesn’t. She’s actually pretty hot.”
“Wait until you see how she looks with your dick in her mouth,” Ron volunteered. “She’s even hotter then.”
“I bet she is,” Steve nodded, “and I’m ready to find out.” As I watched, he kicked off his shoes and dropped his first his pants and then his underwear. Stepping out of them, he stood there naked for a second, his cock already hard. “This is going to be great,” he grinned. He stepped backwards and sat down, spreading his legs. “Come and get it, Suzy.”
I looked at Kathy one more time, pleading with my eyes. “Do it, whore,” she mouthed. “Suck his cock.”
I slowly moved forward and sank to my knees in front of Steve. “Please,” I begged him, “you don’t want to do this. You don’t want me to do this, do you?”
“Are you kidding?” he laughed. “After what Ron’s told me about how well you suck cock? Besides, how many guys can say they’re getting serviced by the cunt next door and her husband? Let me see what you’ve got!”
His words hit me like a punch in the stomach. As tears formed in my eyes, I felt my hand reach out and watched as my fingers wrapped around his stiff dick. The contrast between my nails and his white cock wasn’t as erotic as the vision of them wrapped around Ron’s had been, but it was still strangely exciting. I stroked him a few times, getting used to the feel of his rod and letting my heartbeat slow down to somewhere under 200 beats per minute. “Come on, Suzy, show him how you suck,” Kathy ordered from behind me. I nodded and leaned forward, letting my lips come in contact with his cock. I kissed it a few time and noticed that the world hadn’t ended. My tongue slid out between my lips and ran down the hard shaft, eliciting a groan from Steve. Taking a deep breath I parted my lips and allowed his cockhead to penetrate my mouth. He groaned again as I fought off my panic and took another breath. My mind was racing, comparing the sensation to having Ron in my mouth. Steve was considerably smaller, but seemed harder than Ron had been. Slowly, I started sliding up and down, my lips still locked on his thick erection. “Oh, yeah,” he groaned, “that’s good. That’s damn good.” As I continued to slide up and down his cock, I started sucking and running my tongue around the soft, bulbous head. My tongue found the tiny opening and was rewarded with the taste of his pre-cum. I heard another moan, softer and higher pitched than Steve’s previous groan. It took me a second to realize that this one had come from my throat, and another full minute to understand what it meant. “My God, I’m turned on,” it finally dawned on me. “I have Steve’s cock in my mouth and I’m turned on!” I reached down between my legs and felt the stiffness trapped in my panties and pantyhose. “I’m hard,” I thought. “I’m so-o-o hard!”
As my head spun, I barely noticed that I was beginning to suck harder and was bobbing up and down faster and faster. In fact, I may not have noticed if Steve hadn’t taken my face in his hands and groaned, “Slow down, Suzy, slow down! This is way too good to go that fast. I want it to last a little while, at least.” My attention re-focused, I slowed my tempo, sliding Steve’s dick along my tongue to the back of my throat and them back to the edge of my lips. Over and over I felt his rod gliding between my lipstick-covered lips and over my tongue. “Why does it feel so good?” my tortured brain wondered. “Why does it have to feel so good? It shouldn’t feel this good! I shouldn’t like it this much!” I heard myself groan again. “Like it? Did I just say I liked it? Oh, God, I did! I like it! I like it so much!” Shaken, I whimpered aloud, “I like it. Oh, God, I like sucking your cock!”
“Well,” Steve groaned, “I hope you like making me cum, too, because that’s what’s about to happen.”
“I do,” I moaned. “I do! I want you to cum! Oh, God, I want you to cum!”
Steve groaned once more and grabbed my face, holding it still. “Ohhhhhh, shit!” he moaned as his dick started jerking between my lips. His load exploded onto my tongue, the taste flooding my senses. I gulped it down as fast as he shot it until he sighed with satisfaction, released my face and collapsed backwards into the chair. I stayed on my knees in front of him, gasping for breath, my body quivering. Slowly, I started to notice the sound of moaning and gasping filling the room, and, even more slowly, I began to realize that this time the moaning wasn’t coming from me. I turned, following the sounds to a spot behind me and saw Kathy, now naked and on her back with Ron between her legs, pounding his huge cock into her pussy. As I watched her thrashing and writhing from the fucking he was giving her, I experienced a complete set of emotions, ranging from anger to jealousy to awe. Kathy had never reacted like that when I was doing her; in fact, she seldom broke a sweat with me. “Then again, I wasn’t pushing 10 inches of cock into her,” I thought.
“She’s a great fuck, isn’t she?” Steve asked from behind me. “I love that hot little cunt of hers.”
I couldn’t answer; all I could do was watch as Kathy came over and over during the ensuing ten minutes. When she finally collapsed in exhaustion, Ron pulled out of her, his cock still hard and now glistening with her juices. Turning, he saw me and grinned. “I could use some help here,” he said. “Why don’t you come over here and finish me, bitch?’
My eyes were locked on his huge stiff cock, and as I crawled toward him I realized that his invitation was exactly what I had been hoping for. When I reached him, I took his rod in both hands and started licking the slick juices off of it. Even as it slid into my mouth, my mind was reeling: “I can’t believe this cock just fucked Kathy! He just fucked Kathy and now I’m blowing him!” It only took about three minutes for Ron to throw his head back and groan with pleasure. A second later my mouth was once again filled with the taste of his semen, which I greedily gulped down. When his dick finally stopped jerking, he pushed me away and sat back, grinning. Falling backwards, I landed in a sitting position with my knees up and spread, my breath coming in gasps. Slowly, I looked around the room. Kathy was still lying on the floor, her legs spread, delirious from the fucking she had received, and both men were collapsed in their seats, happily floating in post-orgasmic nirvana. “I’m the only one who didn’t cum,” I thought as I reached down to my panties. The sensation of my fingernails on the sheer fabric was all it took to remedy that—my dick exploded, flooding those panties with nearly as much sperm as I had just swallowed.
When I opened my eyes, Steve was grinning at me. “Liked that a lot, didn’t you?” he asked. “That’s good, because that way I’ll know not to feel guilty the next time I fuck your mouth.”
“The next time?” I asked incredulously.
“Sure,” he grinned. “There’s no way I’m stopping with just one of your blowjobs. Hell, I’m going to want to do this regularly.”
I looked at Kathy for help, but she only shrugged and smiled. “Hey, it’s not my fault you’re so good at sucking cock. You let guys know how good you are at it and how much you enjoy it, they’re going to want to come back for more.”
“And more and more,” Steve added. He glanced at his watch. “Look,” he said, “I need to run some errands. How about if I come back after dinner? I should be ready to go again by then.”
“Sounds good,” Kathy answered quickly. “Don’t you agree, Suzy?” When I didn’t reply, she asked more sternly, “Don’t you agree, Suzy? Wouldn’t it be nice to blow Steve again after dinner?”
“Yeah, I guess so,” I responded meekly.
“Then tell him that,” she ordered. “Tell him how happy you’ll be to suck his cock again after dinner.”
Recognizing her tone, I knew that Steve wasn’t going anywhere until I did as she wanted. “I, I’d love to suck your cock again after dinner,” I stammered.
“Good girl,” Kathy beamed. “I’m glad you’re learning how to be such an obedient cunt.” I watched in silence as Ron and Steve dressed and Kathy walked them to the door. After kissing them both goodbye, she returned and smiled at me. “You really are turning into a first-class whore,” she remarked. “I’m very proud of you. All we need to do now is work on your attitude a little.”
“My attitude?”
“I shouldn’t have to prompt you all the time. You should know how to respond to situations without me telling you. If a guy wants to fuck your mouth, the answer is always ‘yes, please’. Don’t try to pretend that you didn’t like sucking his cock, because we all know you did. Be proud of that. Tell him how much you love his dick. Tell him how much you love the taste of his cum. Tell him how much you’re looking forward to the next time you can get him in your mouth. Don’t try to hide what a cocksucking slut you’ve become, embrace it.”
Even though I tried to push her words out of my mind, I couldn’t do it. For the next several hours, every time I turned around I kept hearing her say “Don’t try to pretend that you didn’t like sucking his cock, because we all know you did.” I kept telling myself that she was just playing head games with me, but, at the same time, I had to admit that there was a kernel of truth in what she said. After all, I had cum just after finishing the two men. I had been moaning as I sucked, and a portion of my brain had somehow registered pleasure. I began to think Kathy was right: as much as I wanted to deny it, as much as I hated to admit it, I had enjoyed sucking those two cocks. While that realization frightened me, what was even worse was how excited I felt after eating dinner, thinking about Steve’s imminent return. When he finally did arrive, my heart was fluttering like some schoolgirl’s. I didn’t even need Kathy to prompt me—he had barely said hello when I blurted out, “God, I’m glad you’re finally here! I can’t wait to suck your cock again!”
A huge grin filled his face. As he peeled of his clothes, Steve said, “Well that’s nice to know. Who am I to deprive a horny bitch the chance to swallow my dick? Help yourself, baby.” Having already humiliated myself by telling him how much I wanted him, I didn’t hesitate. Within seconds, I was on my knees slurping on his rod. “I can’t believe how eager Suzy is this time,” I heard Steve say to Kathy. “What happened?”
“I think she’s just hornier now,” Kathy told him. “It’s been hours since she had a cock in her mouth and I think she was going through withdrawal.”
“You make it sound like she’s addicted,” Steve laughed.
“I think she is. I think she’s actually starting to accept how much she loves having a dick in her mouth.”
Steve reached down and pressed on my forehead, forcing me backwards. “Is that right, Suzy?” he asked. “Are you starting to enjoy having a dick in your mouth?”
“Yes,” I moaned, my eyes locked on the hard rod inches from my lips, still sparkling with my saliva. I reached out with my tongue, but couldn’t quite reach it. “Please,” I whimpered. “Let me have it. Let me suck it. Please?”
“Then I’m guessing that this isn’t going to be the last time you blow me? You want me to come back tomorrow?”
“Yes,” I nodded without even considering the question.
“In that case,” he grinned, “enjoy yourself.”
He pulled his hand away and I dove to his dick. I had him in my mouth and was sucking before what I had just promised even sank in. “I just agreed to blow him again tomorrow!” my dazed mind realized. “Why did I do that?” As Steve’s cock probed my mouth, the answer was obvious: “Because I want him again,” I told myself. “I do. I want him again. I love the way his cock feels in my mouth. I love how turned on I’m getting.” I pushed the self-analysis thoughts out of my head and tried to concentrate on the task at hand. My tongue and lips roamed over his erection, feeling and tasting his manhood. I kissed his balls while rubbing his cock on my face, then pulled him back into my mouth and sucked some more. The next time I pulled him out to catch my breath, I looked up and asked softly, “Do you like the way I suck your cock?”
“Oh, yeah,” he nodded.
“What can I do to make it better?”
“Just keep going,” he said. “Show me how much you enjoy it. Let me see how much you love having my cock in your mouth. Convince me that you’re sucking me because you want to, not because Kathy is making you.”
“She isn’t making me do it,” I groaned. “Not this time. This time it was my idea, it really was.”
“Actions speak louder than words,” he pointed out. “Show me by doing it good but making it last.” I nodded and pulled him back inside my mouth. While I sucked, I tried to understand what he meant. The first part was easy, so I concentrated on that, sucking him in a way I thought was passionate and eager. It was only as I sensed his orgasm approaching that I understood the second part of his request. I backed off before he could blow his load and let his excitement die down enough that the urge to cum passed, then started sucking him again. “Oh, yeah, good girl,” he groaned. “That’s nice.”
Thrilled that I had figured out what he wanted, I continued the process, sucking him to the verge of orgasm, then backing off until he was back under control. It became a type of game as I wondered how many times I could bring him to the brink. On his fifth approach, he finally grabbed my face and moaned, “Don’t stop this time. I need to cum!”
I nodded and slurped harder, running my fingernails along his balls. He groaned again and thrust into my mouth. A moment later, his sperm was filling my mouth. I gulped down the full load and continued licking and sucking his dick until it was completely soft. When Steve sat back, pulling his spent cock from my lips, I looked up and asked, “Was that what you wanted? Was it OK?”
“That was perfect,” he sighed. “Did you enjoy it?”
“I did,” I admitted softly. “I loved it.”
“Enough to do him again tomorrow like he wants?” Kathy asked from behind me.
“Oh, yeah,” I sighed.
She knelt beside me. “So you’re volunteering to be Suzy again tomorrow?”
“I, I guess I am,” I gulped.
“That’s wonderful,” she smiled. “I’m so glad you like being a cunt.”
“Is, is that what I am?” I asked, suddenly breathless.
“Is there any question about it?” she laughed.
“Not to me,” Steve chimed in. “What’s the old saying? If it looks like a cunt, it walks like a cunt and it sucks cock like a cunt, it must be a cunt.” He and Kathy both laughed at his joke while I blushed. “Anyhow,” he added, “I can’t wait to see if you can top this tomorrow. Right now, though, I’m bushed. I’m going to go get some rest and build up my strength for then.”
After he dressed and left, Kathy led me to bed, where she allowed me to once again lick her pussy until she came. “You know,” she purred afterwards, “I think you’ve made me cum more this weekend than you have in the last two years. Your tongue does a much better job than your clit does. I like your mouth almost as much as the guys do. I’m so glad you’re still going be a cunt tomorrow. It’s much nicer than having my worthless husband around.” With that, she reached over and turned out the light, plunging the room into darkness. “Good night, Suzy,” she sighed. “See you in the morning.”