Suzy Unleashed Chapter 3


Suzy’s saga continues

I woke up on Sunday morning to the sensation of Kathy’s fingers running up and down my panty-covered dick. When I looked at her she grinned and purred, “You have such a nice clit, Suzy! I love it!”
“You do?” I asked in surprise.
“Oh, yes,” she smiled. “It’s such a nice big clit! No wonder you’re always so horny!”
“Big?” I gulped. “Yesterday you said it was pathetic!”
“No, darling, I said my husband’s dick is pathetic and it is. Why his dick isn’t any bigger than your clit! Of course, what qualifies as a big clit would still be a tiny, ridiculous little dick. On a man, this would be laughable. On a cunt like you, it’s perfect!” I blushed as she continued to rub my erection. “Are you horny, Suzy?” she asked.
“Oh, yeah,” I sighed. “That feels so good!”
“Do you want to cum?”
“Oh, yeah,” I sighed again.
“That’s nice,” she purred. “I’d like you to cum, too.”
“You would?” I grinned.
“Oh, definitely,” she smiled. “But, not like this.” She pulled her had away from my groin. “I think you need to earn your orgasms. That’s much more fun and they’re much more satisfying that way, don’t you agree?”
“I, I guess so,” I groaned.
“Good,” she grinned, patting my bulging panties. “Then let’s get going. I’ve got lots of plans for today. I can’t wait to get you working on earning that orgasm. I’ll cook breakfast while shower, shave and get your makeup on.”
It took a good ten minutes for my erection to subside while I showered and shaved, and even then it was stiff enough to make it difficult to tuck away as I got dressed. Eventually, though, I managed to complete my makeup and get dressed. When I finally made it to the kitchen, Kathy smiled and said, “Oh, you look good! You’re getting really good with your makeup!”
“Thank you,” I smiled back at her. “So, what are these big plans you were talking about?”
She handed me a plate with eggs and toast on it. “Are you still horny?” she asked.
“Very,” I nodded.
“Horny enough to step your game up another level for me?”
I shrugged. “I guess so.”
“Good,” she beamed. “I am so proud of you!”
“I’m glad,” I smiled, as I worked on the eggs, “I think. What are you planning?”
She smiled. “I want to help you take another step in discovering how sexy you are.”
“O—K,” I said slowly. “What does that mean?”
“It means I want to take you to the mall again. I think being out and seeing how well you’re accepted is the best way to show you how sexy you are.”
“I guess I can handle that,” I nodded.
Kathy’s eyes sparkled. “You don’t think that’s all I’m planning, do you, darling?”
I gulped. “What else?”
“Well,” she said, drawing the word out into at least five syllables, “I want to work on your self-confidence, so this time, I’m not going to walk with you.”
“You’re not?”
“Nope. This time you’re going to stroll around by yourself. You don’t need me to hold your hand anymore.”
I pictured myself strolling through the mall alone and shivered slightly. “Well,” I gulped, “that is scary, but I think I can handle it.”
“That’s what I like to hear,” she said. “Now, for the fun part.”
“The fun part?” I gasped. “There’s more?”
“Of course,” she grinned. “Just walking around the mall isn’t very exciting. Remember, you’re trying to earn an orgasm. There has to be a challenge.”
“And the challenge is?” I asked timidly.
“I want you to pick up a man,” she grinned.
“What?” I gasped even louder than before. “You can’t be serious!”
“Oh, but I am,” she grinned. “Trust me, the way you look it will be much easier than you think. It won’t take long for you to get hit on. When you do, I want you to play along with it. Let him know you’re a slut and you’re horny.”
“But, but if I do that…”
“He’ll try to help you with your problem,” she grinned wickedly. “And, you’ll get your orgasm.”
“Kathy, I can’t!” I gulped. “Who know what will happen if a guy finds out I’m not really a woman?”
“Then don’t let him find out,” she said calmly. “There are a lot of things you can do as well as a woman. Just make sure you don’t let him get into your panties or your bra and you’ll be fine.”
“What, what happens if nobody hits on me?”
“Well,” she shrugged, “as long as it isn’t because you chase them off, I can’t blame you. But, I don’t think there’s much of a chance of that happening.”
I finished breakfast, trying to calm my nerves as I did. I thought about refusing to go, but my past experiences told me that Kathy wouldn’t hesitate to pull out the threat of exposing me, and that if I tried to resist she would make her demands even more outrageous. Thus, less than an hour later, I was climbing out of the car in the mall parking lot, trying not shake like a leaf. “Go ahead,” Kathy ordered. “I’ll just follow you around from a safe distance enjoying the show.”
For the next two hours I walked around the mall, doing my best imitation of a lonely woman window shopping. While I didn’t come close to being hit on, I did interact with enough people to reassure me that nobody saw me as anything other than a woman in a miniskirt. When my feet started to hurt from all the walking in the spike heels, I decided to grab a cup of coffee and sit down for a few minutes. I had just picked up my order and was turning to walk to a table when a guy behind me, who was apparently focusing on his cell phone, bumped into me. The impact sent my cappuccino flying out of my hand and onto the floor, where it popped open and spilled out. “I’m so sorry!” he apologized quickly. “I’m such an idiot! Did it spill on you?”
“No,” I assured him. “Not a drop. It’s OK, honest.”
“Well, let me buy you a new one,” he offered. “It’s the least I can do.”
“That’s not necessary,” I told him.
“Maybe not, but it would make me feel much better,” he insisted. “Please?”
“Alright,” I smiled. “If it will make you feel better.”
“Great!” he beamed. “What were you having?”
“A chocolate mocha.”
He glanced over at the puddle on the floor, which the mall maintenance was already cleaning up. “With whipped cream, I see,” he smiled.
“Of course,” I smiled back. “That’s the best part.”
“Why don’t you go grab a table?” he suggested. “I’ll get the mocha and bring it to you.”
“OK,” I agreed and went off to find a place to sit.
Since it was lunchtime, the food court was crowded, but I did manage to find a table at a corner booth that had an L-shaped bench. A few minutes later, my new friend appeared, carrying two cups. “I hope you don’t mind if I join you,” he said.
“Of course not,” I shrugged as he slid onto the bench beside me. As I opened the drink I said, “My name is Suzy, by the way.”
“Well, Suzy by the way, it’s nice to meet you, even if I did have to make a fool of myself to do it. I’m Rick.”
“Nice to meet you, Rick,” I smiled back, “and you didn’t make a fool of yourself. It was just a little accident.”
“Well, thanks for being so understanding,” he smiled. “But, honest, if being a fool was all it took to meet a woman as pretty as you, it was worth it.”
I could feel myself blushing. “Thank you,” I managed to say. I went to sip the mocha, but the whipped cream got in the way, giving me an instant white mustache. “There,” I giggled, “now I made a fool of myself with the stupid whipped cream. I guess we’re even.” I dabbed the cream off my lip and stared at the drink, trying to figure out how I could drink it in a ladylike manner. Finally, I decided the best thing to do was to take the whipped cream off, so I stuck my finger in it and then moved a fingerful to my mouth. As I sucked the cream off, I saw Rick’s eyes bulge and I realized how inadvertently erotic my actions had been. Basking in his stare, I decided “what the hell” and repeated the action, this time intentionally being even more erotic as I sucked the cream off.
Rick gulped, obviously affected by my little gesture. He took a sip of his coffee then gulped, “I, I hope you don’t get upset, but I have to ask you something.”
“What?” I smiled.
He lowered his voice to a point where it was barely audible. “Are you…a prostitute?” he asked.
“A prostitute?” I choked. “Of course not! Why would you even ask that?”
“Please don’t get upset,” he begged. “It’s just…well, it’s just you look so hot in that skirt and those shoes, and what you did with the whipped cream was so sensuous and suggestive…and, well, I don’t generally end up having coffee with any woman who’s as sexy as you are. It, it just made me wonder if you were sitting with me because….”
“Because I’m a whore?” I asked. He nodded and blushed. “Well, I’m not,” I said firmly.
“I’m sorry,” he said again. “It’s just, the way you’re dressed and all….”
I instinctively reached out and patted his hand. “It’s OK, I understand.” I shrugged. “I have to admit, I am dressed a little provocatively, but it’s not because I’m a whore. I mean, I may dress and act in ways that my mother wouldn’t approve of, but it’s because I enjoy being a little slutty, not because I’m a whore.”
He laughed. “So you’re saying you’re a slut, not a whore?”
“Exactly,” I laughed back. “I guess it means I do for fun what a whore gets paid to do.”
He laughed again and I could see him relaxing. “So, you’ve got me interested: what kind of things do you do that your mother wouldn’t approve of?”
“Oh, lots,” I stalled, furious with myself for opening up that line of conversation.
“Such as?” he insisted.
I shrugged. “Such as having coffee with a guy I never met before.”
He smiled. “Oh, come on, even your mother might do that. That’s not much.”
“You don’t know my mother.”
He laughed. “OK, let’s try this. Since you don’t want to volunteer information, let me try the direct route.”
“The direct route?”
He smiled. “Would your mother let that stranger kiss her?”
“Never,” I said shaking my head firmly.
“Well, would you?”
I almost choked on my coffee. I was about to say no when I saw Kathy walk behind Rick and wink at me before taking a seat at the next table. Knowing she could hear anything I said, I was trapped. “Well,” I gulped, “maybe.”
“Maybe? What does that mean?” he asked.
“It means, maybe, if it was the right kind of kiss,” I stammered. “If it was a soft, gentle, friendly kiss, not a stick your tongue down my throat because you want to fuck me kiss.”
As soon as the words were out of my mouth I regretted being so blunt, but Rick didn’t miss a beat. “I can live with that,” he smiled as he leaned forward and planted his lips on mine.
A wave of panic, fear and revulsion swept over me. “I’m kissing a man!” my brain screamed. “I can’t do this!” I fought the urge to push him away and run, forcing myself to sit through the kiss. We kissed for a few seconds before he backed away and smiled. “But,” he grinned, “don’t think for one second that means I don’t want to fuck you.” I laughed and he leaned forward and kissed me again, sending me into another panic attack. “Now,” he said, “next question.”
“Next question?”
He nodded. “We’re still trying to determine the difference between you and your mother, remember?” I gulped as he stared into my eyes. “Would your mother let that strange guy who kissed you put his hand on her knee?” Before I could croak, “no way,” his hand moved to my knee and squeezed. “Well, obviously, that’s another difference,” he grinned.
“I, I guess so,” I stammered.
“Then I assume your mother would never let a stranger slide his hand higher up her leg?” he asked as his hand moved up to my thigh.
“Never,” I whispered.
“And she certainly wouldn’t let the guy kiss her while his hand was on her leg?”
“No, she wouldn’t,” I whispered as his lips approached mine again. I closed my eyes as he kissed me yet again, this time with his tongue slipping between my lips. I felt all the oxygen rush from my lungs as he squeezed my leg and massaged my lips with his. His tongue slid along my teeth, and with a start, I suddenly realized that my tongue was reaching out to meet his! “What am I doing?” I wondered. “I’m kissing him back! I can’t be! I don’t want to kiss a man!” Suddenly, another sensation registered in my brain: the feel of my hard cock straining against my pantyhose. “I’m hard?” I wondered. “How can I be hard? I can’t be! Not from being kissed by a man!” A million thoughts flashed through my brain in the next few seconds as I tried to analyze what I was feeling. I was still terrified, and a little repulsed by what was happening, but there was no denying that I was also excited and aroused. In what seemed like it was hours, but was actually only a second or two, I started to understand. “He’s kissing me! He thinks I’m a woman! He really does! He thinks I’m a sexy woman! Oh, God, I’m doing it! I’ve convinced him I’m really a woman!” When the kiss ended, I moaned softly, “Oh, God.”
Moving his other hand to my arm, he grinned, “it doesn’t sound like your mother likes men very much.”
“I, I don’t think she does,” I agreed.
“Or sex,” he added with a chuckle.
“Especially sex,” I nodded.
“You sound like you know that for sure,” he laughed.
I shrugged. “We sort of talked about it once.”
“Oh? Tell me about it.”
“I can’t,” I said. “There are too many people here who might hear me.”
He moved closer and said, “Go ahead and whisper in my ear then,” he suggested.
I leaned closer until my lips almost brushed against his ear. “Well, we were on our way home from a wedding reception and she had had a few too many drinks, and suddenly she said something about how the groom would probably expect to put his dick in the bride’s mouth. I said that was probably true and she said how terrible that was and that she would never do it.”
“But you don’t think it’s so terrible?” he asked with a grin.
“No,” I swallowed, “I don’t.”
As he stared into my eyes, his hand slid down my arm to my wrist. He lifted it as he asked, “What would your mother think about putting her hand on a man’s dick?” he asked. Before I could answer, he had my hand on the front of his pants.
“She would think it was awful,” I groaned. He leaned forward and kissed me once again. “She’d be wrong,” I added hoarsely as my hand started stroking up and down the hard bulge in his pants.
He kissed me again and whispered, “I think we should go someplace a little more private for the rest of this discussion.”
“How much more do we have to discuss,” I asked softly.
His lips met mine yet again and I realized I was no longer resisting. In fact, my tongue was now the one sliding between my lips, reaching for his! “Why not?” I asked myself. “I’ve had cocks in my mouth; why would a kiss be any worse?” After the kiss ended, Rick took a long look into my eyes and he said, “Well, I really only have one more question.”
“What is it?” I asked breathlessly.
He looked around, smiled and said, “Well, there are a lot of people around who shouldn’t hear such things.” He leaned closer, putting his lips to my ear. “Would your mother have sex with that stranger?”
My heart was pounding so hard I barely felt his had creeping even higher up my leg. It was almost under the hem of my skirt when I realized it and quickly grabbed it. “She wouldn’t,” I groaned, whispering into his ear, “and she certainly wouldn’t suggest that a nice blowjob would be so, so much fun.”
“But her daughter would?” he asked with a huge smile.
I nodded. “Yes,” I hissed. “Oh, God, yes!” I reached out and pulled his face to mine, now hungrily kissing him. “I want you in my mouth,” I moaned softly.
“That sounds great,” he grinned. He kissed me again, then stood up and took my hand, pulling me to my feet. “Come with me,” he said. I offered no resistance, letting him lead me down the hallway until we reached a small cellphone store. “Wait a few seconds, then follow me,” he whispered, letting go of my hand.
He took a few steps into the store, waving at a clerk who was talking to a customer. He confidently walked past the counter and into a small doorway. I stared after him, debating whether to follow or turn and run. “You’d better hurry,” I heard Kathy say from behind me. “He might finish without you.” I glanced over my shoulder at her grinning face. “What are you waiting for?” she asked. “You’ve got a gorgeous, horny guy waiting for you! Go enjoy him!”
Her comments pushed me over the edge. “Why not?” I mumbled. “I’ve gone this far. Why not go for it?” My eyes shot back to the clerk who was now concentrating on demonstrating a smartphone to the customer. Her back was to me, so I hurried past her and into the doorway where Rick had gone. He was waiting there for me and immediately wrapped his arms around me, kissing me hard. “Now that’s an I-want-to fuck-you kiss,” he grinned.
I nodded and moved my lips back to his, kissing him just as passionately. “And that’s an I-want-to-suck-your-cock kiss,” I whispered when it ended.
“Mmmmmmmmm, I think you win,” he grinned. Again taking my hand, he led me through another doorway to a small restroom. He locked the door behind us, pulled my body against his and kissed me yet again. “Now, did you mean what you just said?” he asked.
“Let me show you,” I whispered back. I kissed his lips lightly and sank to my knees in front of him. I was so nervous I could barely unfasten his pants, but I eventually managed it, pulling them down around his ankles. His white jockey shorts were already bulging and I ran a fingernail down the outline of his cock. “It’s so hard,” I whispered. “So, so hard! Is that because of me?”
“It sure is,” he grinned. “I’ve been this hard since the moment I saw you walking down the hall in that short little skirt and those fuck-me heels.”
“I’m glad they worked,” I joked before I pulled the waistband out and down, dropping his shorts to the floor and freeing his erection. “Oh, God,” I moaned at the sight of his cock, “it’s so beautiful!” I tenderly kissed the head of his cock, tasting the drop of precum already forming there. “Mmmm,” I moaned softly, “that’s so good!” There was no turning back now, even if I wanted to, but that wasn’t a problem since turning back was the furthest thing from my mind. I licked up and down his hard shaft, kissing and sucking his balls before engulfing the head of his cock with my lips. I sucked gently for a few seconds before sliding him deeper into my mouth. I looked up and saw that he was leaning back, with both hands behind him braced on the small sink for support. His eyes were focused on me, his mouth hanging open, gasping for air. “Do you like watching me suck your cock?” I asked when I came up for air.
“I love it,” he groaned. “Damn, you’re good at this!” Smiling to myself, I pulled him back into my mouth and started sucking again, this time keeping my eyes on his. “God, that’s sexy,” he moaned. “I love having you look up at me while your mouth is full of my dick!” His encouragement was all I needed to convince me to swallow even more of his cock. As he slid into my throat, he groaned yet again, letting me know how much he was enjoying my talents.
As I continued to work on his erection, my mind started to wander just a little, reflecting on what was happening. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I thought. “I can’t believe I’m on my knees in a restroom blowing a guy I met less than 30 minutes ago! I feel like such a whore!” As that thought registered, I felt a twitching inside my panties and realized just how excited I was. “Oh, God,” I marveled, “I LIKE feeling like a whore!” My dick twitched again and my mind skipped ahead: “I don’t just feel like a whore,” I suddenly realized. “I’m on my knees sucking a stranger’s cock! If that doesn’t make me a whore, what does? Oh, God, I AM a whore!” My dick now felt like it was going to explode I was so excited. “I’m a whore! I really am!” ran through my head, driving me even further into my ecstasy. “I’m really a cocksucking whore!”
Just as I thought I couldn’t possibly get any more excited, Rick groaned once more and grabbed my face in his hands. A second later, his hips thrust forward and his cock jerked, spewing his load into my mouth. As I gulped down his semen, my entire body shook and I felt my own load gushing into my panties. I had to fight to focus on the still pulsing dick in my mouth: spurt after spurt of hot sperm splashed onto my tongue until I wondered if it was ever going to stop. When it finally did, Rick released my face and fell back against the sink. With his spent cock still in my mouth, I looked up to see him gasping for breath through a huge smile, his eyes still locked on my face. “Wow!” he gasped, “That was amazing!”
“Yeah, it was,” I sighed as his soft cock slipped from my lips. I held it in both hands, kissing it as it shriveled. “Thank you.”
“Any time,” he laughed. “I’m the manager here, so stop by anytime and you’ll likely find me.”
“And you’d let me do this again?” I asked.
He laughed. “Honey, I’d let you blow me twice a day every day if that’s what you wanted. Of course, it might be fun to mix it up and fuck once in a while, too.”
I blushed and stammered, “But if I’d rather not fuck?”
He shrugged. “I’m not about to complain or refuse one of those blowjobs, so no problem.”
I smiled up at him. “That’s good to know, I guess.”
He reached down and took my hands, pulling me to my feet. “I hope you’re serious,” he grinned. “I’d love to see you back here regularly.”
“Well, maybe you will,” I teased. “I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.” After making sure the coast was clear, I quickly exited the restroom and hurried out of the store, avoiding being seen by the clerk, who was still demonstrating phones.
Kathy was sitting on a bench just outside the store, waiting for me. “Well?” she asked, standing up as I approached.
“I did it,” I answered. “I really did it.”
She grinned broadly. “You certainly did,” she beamed. “I can smell his cum on your breath from here!”
“That’s probably because he came so much,” I told her. “He just kept cumming and cumming and cumming!”
“Judging from your smile, it doesn’t seem like you minded that,” she laughed.
Blushing again, I replied, “I didn’t realize I was smiling, but, no, I didn’t mind.”
Kathy laughed again. “Is that your way of saying you liked it?”
“I, I guess so,” I admitted. “I have to admit, I’m glad he bumped into me.”
She nodded and grinned again. “So, do you want to prowl for another guy or are you ready to go home?”
“I, I think we’d better go,” I said.
“Why? What’s the hurry?”
I lowered my voice so that it was barely above a whisper. “He’s not the only one who had an orgasm. I need to go home and change.”
“You came?” she gasped, far too loudly. “What did he do to cause that?”
“Nothing,” I said softly.
“You mean you came just from blowing him?” I nodded. “Were you jerking off while you did it?” she asked.
“No. My hands were busy with his cock.”
“So you really had an orgasm just from having his cock in your mouth?”
“Well, it was a little more than just being in my mouth,” I protested.
“Of course it was,” she giggled. “Let’s change that to: you had an orgasm just from sucking his cock?” I nodded self-consciously. “That’s wonderful!” she clapped her hands and laughed. “You must really, really love sucking cock to cum from doing it! I love it! But what makes you think that’s a reason to go home?”
“My panties and pantyhose are soaked!” I hissed, trying to keep my voice low. “It’s going to be pretty tough keeping that a secret, especially in this short skirt!”
“Oh, we can take care of that,” she assured me. “Come on.”
With no other choice available, I silently followed Kathy into a department store “intimates” section. After buying clean panties and pantyhose, she directed me into the restroom to change. Once again facing the fear of venturing into the forbidden area, I watched the door for several minutes. When no one went in, I decided it was probably empty and made my move. When I got inside, I was relieved to see I was right. I hurried into a stall and made the change, stuffing my cum-stained garments into the bag and putting on the fresh ones. Luckily, I was changed and on my way out before anyone else came in. Even then, the woman entering the restroom only smiled at me briefly as we passed. Of course, Kathy was waiting for me. She led me to a bench where we sat down. “So, tell me,” she grinned, “how do you like being a total slut?”
“Is, is that what I am?” I gulped.
She laughed. “You just blew a total stranger and had an orgasm doing it. Yeah, I’d say you’re a slut. Are you ready to hunt for some more cock?”
“Actually,” I said meekly, “I’d like to go home.”
“Go home? Why? We’re having so much fun!”
“You said you wanted me to pick up a man,” I pointed out. “I did that. I picked up a man and I blew him. I did what you wanted. Isn’t that enough?”
“I thought you were having fun,” she shrugged. “I mean, usually an orgasm indicates that.”
“I, I’m not going to lie,” I said. “Yes, having that guy pick me up was exciting. Yes, sucking his cock was exciting. Yes, it was so exciting I had an orgasm. But, right now, I’m scared and confused and my feet hurt from walking around in these heels. Can’t we please go home?”
She looked at me for several seconds before asking, “Do you want to change back to a man when we get there?”
“No,” I answered. “I don’t mind staying this way. I, I won’t even mind if you want to invite Steve or Ron over for me to blow. I just don’t want to have to stay here and troll for another cock.”
She pondered what I had said for another few seconds before smiling and pulling out her phone. Handing it to me, she said, “Steve and Ron’s numbers are both in my contacts list. If you call them both and invite them over for blowjobs, we can go home.”
I took the phone with shaking hands and scrolled through the contacts list. I found Steve’s number first and dialed it. When he answered, I said, my voice trembling, “Hi, Steve, it’s Suzy.”
“Well, hello,” he replied brightly. “What’s up?”
“Well, Kathy and I were just doing some shopping, and we started talking about what to do next. I, I was wondering if you’d like to come over to our house so I can give you another blowjob.”
“Is that what you want?” he asked.
“Yeah, it is,” I gulped.
“Is Kathy with you?”
“Then say it so she can hear you. Tell me that you want to suck my cock.”
“I do,” I said hoarsely. “I really do. I, I want to suck your cock.” Kathy’s face immediately lit up with glee. Looking into her eyes, I whispered into the phone, “I want to suck your cock so-o-o-o much! Please, please let me do it.”
“Now, how can I possibly say no to that?” he chuckled. “Give me a call when you get home and I’ll give you what you want, OK?”
“OK,” I sighed. “Thank you.”
“That was good,” Kathy said approvingly after I hung up. “I love hearing you beg for cock. It makes you sound like such a slut! Now, call Ron.”
I found his number and was soon telling him how much I wanted to suck his cock while Kathy nodded and grinned. He, too, was quick to accept my offer and when I handed the phone back to Kathy, I said, “I guess I’m going to be busy when I get home.”
“How do you feel about that?” she asked with a grin.
I shrugged. “OK, I guess.”
“Come on,” she urged, “be honest. Tell me what you’re feeling. Are you excited? Are you upset? Do you hate me for making you do this?”
“I, I don’t hate you,” I said. I took a deep breath and tried to examine my feelings. “I, I’m not sure what I’m feeling. I guess I feel sort of embarrassed and a little humiliated by having to call and ask them to let me blow them, but…well, I do also feel excited.”
“Excited that you’re going to get to blow them both again?”
“Yes,” I admitted.
She grinned. “You really do like it don’t you?” she asked. “You like sucking cock!”
“I can’t very well deny it, can I?”
“No, you can’t,” she laughed. “And, you know what? I think you like the other part of this little exercise, too.”
“The other part?”
She nodded. “The embarrassment and humiliation you just mentioned. I think you like it. I think you enjoy it when you’re treated like a fucking slut, when I show you what a cunt you are and make you beg for cock.”
I hadn’t thought about it before she said it, but, as the words sank in, I realized she was right. “I guess I do,” I acknowledged. “When, when you do that and I have no choice but to accept it, I feel so powerless. It’s like I’m some helpless cunt who has no choice but to let men use her.”
“But the helpless little cunt actually cums from being used,” Kathy added.
“Yeah, she does,” I sighed.
“Well, then,” she grinned. “Get ready to cum a lot, because you’re going to go home and get used by two of the horniest guys I know.”
The whole way home, my thoughts bounced wildly from Kathy’s promise of what was going to happen when I got home to memories of my previous experiences with Ron and Steve to the thrill of allowing myself to be picked up and used by a total stranger like Rick. By the time we got there, I was starting to accept that I had used Rick as much as he had used me. Ron was already waiting for us when we pulled into the driveway. Kathy greeted him with a big kiss and he playfully squeezed her ass. Looking over at me, he grinned and asked, “Suzy, how does sucking my cock until it’s nice and hard so I can fuck Kathy sound?”
“Ok, I guess,” I mumbled.
“Don’t worry, darling, I’ll let you lick his cum out of my pussy,” Kathy giggled. “I wouldn’t deprive you of the chance to swallow his load.”
“If, if that’s what you want,” I answered meekly.
“It is,” she nodded. “I want you to see how a real man fucks a woman. Besides, it’s my turn to have a nice big cock cum inside me. You already had your turn today.”
“Really?” Ron asked, suddenly interested. “Who was that?”
“Let’s wait for Steve and then Suzy can tell you both all about her adventure,” Kathy suggested. As if on cue, Steve suddenly appeared, walking down the sidewalk from his house to ours. “There he is now!” Kathy grinned. She moved to meet him, and he greeted her the same way Ron had, kissing her while fondling her ass. She rubbed her hand across his crotch and sighed, “Let’s go inside so I can see these two beautiful cocks.” The door had barely closed behind us when Steve started stripping Kathy’s blouse off. Within seconds, she was naked and wrapped tight in his arms, sucking on his tongue.
As I watched, Ron moved behind me and said, “She’s one hot little piece of ass, isn’t she? I’ve never known any woman who was as eager to fuck as Kathy is. Too bad her husband doesn’t have enough of a cock to get her off.”
“Who needs a husband?” Kathy sighed. “I’ve got all the cock I need without him. Besides, now I have Suzy to play with, too. She’s got such a talented tongue! And, guess what—she’s almost as much of a whore as I am! You should have seen her at the mall today!”
“Why?” Steve asked. “What did she do?”
“She strutted her pretty ass around until she got a guy to hit on her,” Kathy gushed. “Then she sat there in the middle of the mall making out with him until he finally agreed to let her blow him! Let’s go get comfortable and she can tell you guys all about it!”
The three of them stripped and sat on the sofa, with Kathy between the two men. As they started playing with her tits and pussy, she sighed and smiled at me. “God, I love having nice well-hung men play with me,” she purred as she took their cocks in her hands. The two men took turns kissing her while she stroked their erections. “Don’t just stand there, Suzy,” she ordered between kisses, “tell the guys about what you did at the mall! And don’t leave out any details!”
I watched the two men finger her cunt and pinch her nipples while I recited the details of our trip to the mall. When I described how “a guy in the mall” had kissed me, both men laughed and asked how I liked it. I stammered, “I, I didn’t like it at first, but after a while, it wasn’t too bad.”
“Wasn’t too bad?” Kathy laughed. “Hell, girl, you were sucking his tongue like it was a tiny little dick! I thought you were going to cum right there in the middle of the mall while you were making out!”
I blushed and shrugged. “It’s just that I started thinking about how he must really have believed I was a woman or he wouldn’t be kissing me that way. That got me really excited, I guess.”
“I guess so!” she laughed. “OK, tell the guys the rest of the story.”
Self-consciously, I went back to telling them how the had led me to the store and taken me to the restroom. I noticed that both guys kept looking at Kathy and grinning throughout the story as if they were sharing an inside joke. She grinned back at them and prodded me for every detail. Blushingly, I described blowing the guy and swallowing his load. When I thought I had finished the story, however, Kathy still wasn’t satisfied. “You left out something,” she grinned. “Tell them what else happened.”
“What else happened?” I asked. “I’m not sure what you mean.”
“Suzy, Suzy,” she giggled. “Tell them how your little adventure affected you.”
I felt my cheeks get even redder. “I, I had an orgasm,” I said softly.
“What?” Steve asked. “I’m not sure I heard that.”
“I, I had an orgasm,” I repeated.
“While you were blowing him?” Ron asked. I nodded. “Were you playing with yourself while you sucked him?” he asked.
“No. My hands were busy with his cock.”
“Was he playing with you?” I shook my head. “So, it was just blowing him that made you cum?” I nodded. “Damn,” he grinned, “you must really enjoy sucking cock!” I blushed even more and he laughed. “Why don’t you get your ass over here and show me how much you like it?” he suggested.
Happy to have my “recital” completed, I quickly knelt between his legs. Kathy moved her hand from his dick and I wrapped both of mine around it. “God, it’s huge,” I groaned. “I almost forgot how big it is!” I pulled it down and gently kissed the purplish-black head. Doing so actually took my breath away and I moaned softly. A bubble of fluid appeared at the tiny opening and my tongue flicked out to taste it. I sensed my own dick getting hard and briefly wondered how that was possible so soon after my orgasm in the mall. Before I could fully consider it, though, Ron took my face in his hands and pulled me forward. I opened my lips and felt him slide between them, filling my mouth. I whimpered softly and started sucking while my hands played along his shaft and balls.
He let me continue for a few minutes before he pulled my head up and off his dick. “I’m going to fuck Kathy now,” he grinned. “Are you OK with that?” I hesitated only a second before nodding my approval. “Good,” he said. “Do you want me to cum in her pussy or save it for you?”
“Save it for me,” I whispered immediately.
“You want me to cum in your mouth?” he asked. I nodded, but that wasn’t good enough for him. “If that’s what you want, say it,” he growled.
“I want you to cum in my mouth,” I groaned. “Please, please cum in my mouth.”
By the time the words were out of my mouth, Kathy was already moving, climbing onto Ron’s lap straddling his legs with hers with her back to me. Their lips locked and she lowered herself onto his prick. I stared, fascinated, as the huge rod disappeared inside her soaked pussy. After a few seconds, though I heard Steve say, “Suzy, are you just going to sit and watch Ron fuck that whore or are you going to get over here and suck my cock?”
I looked over to see him stroking his erection and grinning. “I’m going to suck your cock,” I groaned as I crawled toward him. I moved between his legs and my hands replaced his. Keeping one eye on Steve’s dick and one eye on the couple fucking only a few feet away, I slowly started sliding my hand up and down the rigid shaft. By the time Ron got his huge cock completely inside Kathy’s cunt, I had Steve in my mouth and was sucking vigorously. Gradually, I found myself adjusting my tempo to Kathy’s: as she slid up and off Ron’s cock, I pulled back from Steve’s. When she moved down, burying Ron in her pussy, my head moved down, taking as much of Steve into my mouth and throat as I could.
“Jesus,” Steve groaned, “this is great! I can’t believe I’m watching Kathy ride that big cock while her cunt husband sucks my dick! Are you watching your wife, Suzy? Do you see how much she loves getting fucked by that big cock? Look at the way he’s stretching her cunt! No wonder your tiny little dick doesn’t do anything for her!”
Ron wasted no time joining in the fun. “It’s pretty nice over here, too. Kathy, look at the way Suzy’s sucking Steve’s cock. Can you believe you’re married to that cunt? Look at her face—look how happy she looks with her mouth full of cock. No wonder you couldn’t get a decent fuck from your husband—you don’t have a cock to keep her happy!”
“I see it,” Kathy groaned, “and I love it! I love watching Suzy suck cock! I think she’s even more of a slut than I am, and that’s saying something. And to think, I used to believe my husband was worthless for sex, when all the time he was just a cocksucking whore and didn’t know it.” Her eyes closed and she took a deep breath. “Oh, God,” she gasped, “I’m going to cum! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Make me cum!” Ron grabbed her hips and pulled her down, sinking his entire rod in her. She gasped, then her hips twitched and she threw her head back and moaned, “OHhhhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkk!” I watched her entire body shake as an obviously huge orgasm swept over her.
As Kathy’s orgasm piqued, Steve muttered, “Jesus!” and grabbed my face. Seconds later, the sweet, salty taste of his sperm filled my mouth. I managed to keep one eye on Kathy’s writhing body as I gulped down the thick load. Steve held my head in place until his dick stopped twitching and I gently licked and sucked until he relaxed and pulled out of my mouth. “Damn, you’re good,” he grinned down at me.
I blushed and said “Thank you,” just as Ron lifted Kathy off of his still-hard cock. He deposited her limp body onto the sofa and focused on me. “Well?” he asked. “Are you going to get over here and finish me or what?”
My eyes were locked on his long, thick cock. It was pointing at the ceiling and was glistening with Kathy’s juices, sparkling like some shimmering black jewel. I could almost hear it calling my name, and my knees were moving me towards it even before my brain acknowledged how much I wanted to taste it. “Oh, God,” I whispered as I moved between his legs and wrapped my fingers around the shining ebony monster, “it looks so amazing!” I pulled his cock to my lips, inhaling the scent of Kathy’s pussy, and flicked my tongue out, tasting a drop of juice running down the shaft. My body shivered with delight and my tongue started running up and down the long, thick shaft. When I finished licking the cunt juice off, I stuffed his enormous cockhead into my mouth. I couldn’t believe how exciting it was knowing that the cock in my mouth had been buried deep in my wife’s pussy only a minute or two earlier—buried far deeper than I had ever been. “He just fucked Kathy and now he’s fucking my mouth!” I kept thinking. “I bet he loved fucking her, but he saved his cum for me!” I shivered again and pulled Ron from my mouth long enough to whisper, “God, I want you to cum! I want to feel it, to taste it! Oh, God, I want it so much!”
He responded by rubbing his cock on my face. “Then tell Kathy how glad you are that she turned you into a cunt. Tell her how happy you are as a cocksucking slut and I’ll give you all the cum you could possibly want.”
I didn’t hesitate. With both hands wrapped around Ron’s cock, I looked over at Kathy, who was still recovering from her orgasm. “Thank you,” I moaned. “Thank you for turning me into a cunt. I love being a cocksucking slut. I love being Suzy! I love it so much!”
I looked up to see Ron grinning down at me. “That’s a good little bitch,” he nodded. “You can go ahead and finish me now.”
I stuffed him back in my mouth and sucked wildly. Moments later, he rewarded me by delivering the promised load of cum. As I felt his cock throbbing and pulsing between my lips and the thick, warm semen gushing onto my tongue, the taste and smell of his load filled my senses. I moaned softly and then felt yet another sensation: once again my own dick was jerking and spurting, soaking my panties. My head spun in disbelief—I couldn’t be cumming again this soon! I’d seldom cum twice in one day, let alone twice in less than an hour. Even as my body shook with my own orgasm, I managed to keep pumping Ron’s shaft, urging him to give me every drop of his delicious sperm. When he finally stopped cumming and his dick started softening, I gently licked it clean and sat back, looking up at him through my glazed eyes. “That was wonderful,” I sighed. “It really was. Thank you.”
“Did you really enjoy it or are you just being polite?” Kathy asked.
I glanced over at her. “I enjoyed it enough to cum again,” I smiled.
“Really?” she asked.
I nodded. “I guess that’s one of the benefits of being a woman,” I joked, “being able to cum more often.” I looked down at the now limp dick in my hand. “I wish I could make this one cum again,” I sighed.
“Just give me a few minutes,” Ron grinned, “and you can.”
“I can? You, you can do that?”
“How about you go get me a beer?” he suggested. “By the time I finish that and get my strength back, I should be good to go again if you are.”
I glanced at Kathy who nodded knowingly, then stared back down at the way my fingers were still wrapped around the soft cock. It took only a second to know that I wanted to have him in my mouth again. “Oh, yeah,” I whispered. “I’ll be ready.” I struggled to my feet and made my way to the kitchen, where I grabbed both Ron and Steve beers from the fridge. While I was away from the men, I started to have second thoughts, wondering what I was doing acting the way I was, but as soon as I returned to the living room and saw Ron sitting there, legs spread with his amazing dick hanging there, my doubts vanished. I handed the beers to the guys and immediately knelt between those muscular legs. While Ron sipped his beer, I fondled and kissed his cock and balls. Despite his promise, I was shocked at how quickly he started to stiffen. “Oh, God,” I whimpered, “you really are getting hard again!” I ran my tongue up and down his cock, and, as I did, I realized something even more shocking. “Oh, my God!” I gulped, “I’m getting hard, too!”
Kathy laughed. “You little whore!” she teased. “You’ve never, ever been hard three times in one day since I’ve known you! Hell, I don’t think you’ve ever been hard three times in a week!”
One hand moved to my soaked panties and ran up and down my erection. “I, I don’t know what’s happening,” I told her. “I, I can’t believe it!”
“What’s happening?” she snickered. “What’s happening is that you’re an insatiable slut! Don’t try to understand it, girl, just enjoy it.”
As if on cue, Ron sat his empty beer bottle on the end table and said, “Yeah, enjoy it, bitch. Suck my cock and make us both cum again.”
“Yes, sir,” I sighed, pulling him to my lips. “Anything you say.”
The sensation of his cock once again sliding through my lips and into my mouth was magical, turning me on even more. I sighed happily and started sucking and bobbing up and down on the few inches I was able to get into my mouth while my hands played along the huge portion I couldn’t fit in. “Take your time,” Ron suggested. “The second orgasm will take a while, so don’t wear yourself out too soon.” I nodded and slowed down, allowing myself to savor the taste and feel of the monster in my mouth. “That’s it,” Ron encouraged, “don’t just suck it, make love to it.” I settled in and tried to follow his instructions, slowly and gently sucking and licking his dick. Gradually, I felt him pressing slightly, pushing more of his meat into my mouth. “Swallow,” he suggested. “Pretend you’re drinking through a straw.” I did what he said and felt his dick slide along my tongue to the back of my throat. “Oh, yeah,” he groaned, “that’s a good girl. Keep going.” My lips were stretched wide by his enormous cock, but I managed to nod and repeat the swallowing action. Again, I felt him edge deeper into my mouth, this time actually entering the top of my throat. I gagged and he backed out, letting me catch my breath. When I looked up, he grinned and nodded. “You’re doing fine, Suzy. Just keep going.”
I nodded, took a breath and dipped my mouth back to his erection. Over and over, I repeatedly swallowed, gagged and swallowed again. It took over twenty minutes, but slowly I started to realize that I was gagging less and less and that Ron’s cock was moving deeper and deeper into my throat. I sensed a motion beside me and glanced in Kathy’s direction to see she was once again preparing to film my actions. “You’re spectacular,” she encouraged. “I just have to film this! You won’t believe how amazingly erotic you look swallowing that huge cock!” I blinked but couldn’t begin to respond with my mouth so full of cock. Instead, I turned my attention back to what I was doing, pushing Kathy and the camera out of my mind.
After a few more minutes, I felt my fingers that were wrapped around the base of Ron’s cock brush against my chin. At first it didn’t register, but then the meaning of the feeling dawned on me: somehow I had worked all but the last two inches of Ron’s cock into my mouth and throat! I pictured how huge his dick looked when I was stroking it and was shocked to understand just how much cock was inside me. I came up for air until my lips were just barely in contact with the tip of his dick and then started swallowing again, this time trying to count the inches as they slid between my lips. When I got to “eight”, I again felt my fingers against my chin. As if reading my mind, Kathy asked gently, “Is that all you can swallow, darling?” I backed off a little and nodded, tears welling up in my eyes. “Well,” she purred, “you’re doing fine. I’m amazed you can take that much, I really am! God, you’re such a fantastic cocksucker! I’m so proud of you!”
I tried to smile as I re-swallowed, again filling my throat with hard cock. This time, though, I sensed a change. Ron confirmed the change by groaning, “I’m afraid it’s time. Get ready, bitch, I’m going to cum.”
I backed off, managing to reposition so that just the head of his cock was in my mouth just as the hot sperm started gushing out. Although the quantity was much smaller than the load he had given me earlier, the knowledge of what I had just accomplished was even more intoxicating. When I was sure his orgasm had been completed, I released his cock and smiled up at him. “How was that?” I asked.
“How was it? It was great!” he grinned. “There for a minute, I thought you were going to actually deepthroat my whole cock!”
“I tried to,” I said apologetically. “I really did. I’m sorry I couldn’t do it.”
“Don’t be,” he grinned. “I’ve never met a bitch who could. Hell, I don’t think I’ve ever had one take as much of it as you did.”
“Really?” I gasped.
He nodded. “Really. Maybe the next time you’ll get it all.”
“Maybe,” I nodded, smiling.
“Listen to Suzy,” Kathy giggled. “She just finished three blowjobs and is already planning her next one!”
“I, I wasn’t planning it,” I protested.
“But you were agreeing there would be a next time,” she pointed out.
“Well, yeah,” I admitted, “but, it’s not like I have much of a choice, do I? I’m pretty sure you’re going to order me to do Ron again sooner or later.”
“I don’t know,” she smiled. “The weekend is almost over and I’m not sure even Ron will be able to get it up again today. The only way I’ll be able to order you to blow him again is if you decide that Suzy isn’t going away once the weekend is over. Is that what you’re saying?”
“NO,” I gulped. “I, I didn’t mean that! This weekend is definitely the last time you’re going to see Suzy!”
“That’s too bad,” Ron sighed. “I was really looking forward to having more fun with your pretty mouth.”
“Me, too,” Steve chimed in. “And I bet Rick is, too.”
I was about to ignore his comment when I realized something. “Rick?” I asked, my eyes darting from Steve to Kathy and back again. “How do you know about Rick?”
“You told us about him, remember?” he replied.
“But, but I didn’t mention his name. I made sure of that. How do you know his name?”
He looked at Kathy. My eyes followed his and saw her shrug and nod. “I just figured it had to be Rick based on your description,” he grinned.
“You know him?” I gasped.
“Of course,” he nodded. “I’m the one who introduced him to Kathy.”
My eyes shot back to Kathy. “What’s he talking about?” I asked.
She shrugged. “Well, let’s just say that you’re not the first slut in the family to enjoy Rick’s cock.”
“You, you’ve done him?” She nodded and the truth dawned on me. “You set me up,” I whispered. “I, I thought he hit on me because he liked the way I looked, but he didn’t. He did it because you told him about me. He knew all about me the whole time.”
“No,” she said calmly, “not all about you.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means, yes, I did see him and decide that he’d be the perfect chance to take you to another level. So, yeah, I did tell him that I had a girlfriend who was shopping and who was so horny that she’d probably go down on him if he played his cards right. And, I did point you out to him so he’d know he had the right slut. But, that’s all I told him, I swear. When he saw you, he told me how hot he thought you were and wondered if you’d really go down on him. I told him he’d probably have to do some seducing but that I knew you were a horny slut so he had a real good chance of getting his rocks off. That’s all it took to get him going. So, yeah, I set you up, but I didn’t tell him all about you. Rick thought you were a girlfriend of mine. He had no idea who or what you really were…and, honey, you did absolutely nothing to change his mind. While you were changing your panties afterwards, I called him to see how he liked you, and he was thrilled! His only disappointment was that he didn’t get a chance to fuck you. He even asked me if there was any way I could get him your phone number so that he could call you and get into your pussy.”
“My pussy?” I gulped.
Kathy giggled. “I didn’t have the heart to tell him you didn’t have one. He was so thrilled about what a hot babe I had told him about I just couldn’t wreck his memories.”
“So, so you didn’t give him my number?”
“No,” she smiled. “I told him that I’d let you know he was interested and if you decided you wanted more, you’d either call him to come fuck you or show up at his store for another blowjob.” She paused, her eyes sparkling. “He said to tell you how much he’d love to see you again.”
“Sounds like you have another admirer, Suzy,” Steve said. “Are you going to call him?”
“You’re kidding, right?” I responded. “I doubt that he’d be very happy if he actually got into my panties.”
“So you aren’t going to see him again?” Steve pushed.
I shrugged. “This is my last day as Suzy, remember?”
“What if it wasn’t?” he asked. “Would you call him then?”
“Well,” I gulped, “I, I don’t know that I’d call him, but I might go back to his store and visit.”
“Visit?” Kathy asked. “What does that mean?”
I blushed and licked my lips. “Well, it was fun being seduced, and he did have a really nice cock. I, I wouldn’t mind blowing him again.”
“After he spends a few minutes kissing you, I hope,” Kathy urged.
“That, that would be really hot,” I acknowledged.
“Then I guess it’s really too bad that you won’t get the chance to do it again,” she sighed. She looked over at the two men, still sitting naked on the sofa. “What about you guys?” she asked. “Either of you think you can get it up again for Suzy tonight?”
“Afraid not,” Ron shook his head. “I think you two sluts have pretty much drained me.”
“Me, too,” Steve said. “I’d love to fuck that mouth again, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen tonight.”
“Well, then I guess your weekend is over,” Kathy said. “No sense making you stay dressed the way you are if they guys can’t get it up again. You can go change if you want.”
I shrugged. “That’s OK. I can stay dressed this way. It’s not a big deal.”
Kathy grinned knowingly. “Whatever you say, darling,” she smirked. “Besides, maybe one of the guys will change his mind.”
Although the guys stayed another two hours, drinking and talking, neither managed to “change his mind” and eventually departed without using me again. Kathy and I cleaned up a little, then went to bed, where, even though I was exhausted by the day’s activities, the memories of the weekend filled my mind and kept me awake. “And tomorrow it ends,” I told myself as I finally drifted off to sleep. “Tomorrow I go back to normal, thank goodness. No more miniskirts, no more heels, no more sucking cock.”