Suzy Unleashed Chapter 4


Suzy learns how hooked she is

When I left for work on Monday, I was determined to put the events of the weekend behind me and resume my life as a man. However, I quickly discovered that was going to be much more difficult than I planned. By the end of the day, my thoughts were consumed with miniskirts, high heels and hard cocks. Tuesday was even worse, and by lunchtime I was nearly a basket case. That evening, Kathy probed my situation, saying that I seemed distracted. When I confessed that I was having a tough time forgetting about my Suzy experience, she grinned as said, “So am I. You were wonderful! I’d love to have another visit from Suzy.” I steadfastly told her that wasn’t going to happen, even though a part of me was already fantasizing about it. Wednesday at work was even worse, with my fantasies now further fueled by Kathy’s comments. It took Kathy only a few minutes after I got home to recognize my mental state and start questioning me. “I don’t know why you’re resisting so much,” she pointed out. “I loved it, and I know you had a good time. Hell, look at how you’re feeling right now—it’s pretty obvious that you’re dying to dress up again. What would it hurt?”
“I’m not going to do it,” I insisted. “I’m a man and I need to stay that way.”
She laughed. “Well, I’m not so sure you’re a man. You’ve never proven that to me. But, if you want to keep trying go ahead. Just know that if you change your mind, I’m ready to help you again any time. Just let me know and I’ll be happy to have Suzy back for some fun.”
On Thursday as I left for work, I expected the day to be as miserable as the last few I wasn’t disappointed: as the day wore on, more and more of my thoughts were focused on what Kathy had said the night before. At lunch time, I finally surrendered and called home. “I, I want to do it,” I told Kathy.
“Do what?” she teased.
“Be Suzy,” I gulped. “I want to come home tonight and be Suzy.”
“That’s great!” she crowed. “I’ll take care of everything, darling. It will be so much fun!”
I discovered that the rest of the day was actually a little easier than it had been: knowing that when I went home I was going to be changing into Suzy seemed to relieve the tension and anxiety that I had been suffering before. As quitting time approached, I did sense an oncoming feeling of excitement, that made it hard to concentrate, but, all in all, I had my first productive work day of the week. When I got home, Kathy had already laid out an outfit for me to change into, and the mere sight of the tiny skirt and spike heels was enough to inflame my lust even more than it already was. When I wandered into the living room, Kathy smiled at me. “You look wonderful,” she complimented. “How do you feel right now?”
“Great,” I admitted. “Horny, but great.”
“It sounds like you’ve been looking forward to Suzy’s visit,” she observed.
“I have,” I admitted, blushing. “I’ve been looking forward to it all day.”
“Oh, you nasty little slut,” she giggled. “I think you’ve found your calling! By the way, I hope you don’t mind, but I invited Steve over to play with us!”
Before I could answer, the doorbell rang. Kathy ushered Steve in and his eyes lit up when he saw me. “You look fantastic!” he grinned. “I love that skirt!”
I looked down at my tight pink mini. “So do I,” I replied, running my hands down my hips to my thighs. “It makes me feel really sexy.”
“It can’t make you feel as sexy as it makes you look,” he complimented. “God, I’m getting hard just looking at you.”
My eyes automatically moved to his crotch, which was already starting to bulge. “Oh, my,” I gulped. “I guess you are!” I moved forward, irresistibly drawn toward the bulge. My fingers ran down the front of his pants and I looked into his eyes. I shivered slightly, then took a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves. “Would you like me to help you with that?” I asked softly.
“That’s why I’m here,” he smiled. He reached out and ran a finger along my lips. “I can’t wait to fuck those pretty lips.”
My mouth opened slightly and I slid my lips over his finger, sucking on it gently. Every nerve fiber in my body felt like it was on fire, and the cock trapped inside my pantyhose was so hard it ached. “Then let’s not wait,” I whispered.
Steve glanced at Kathy, as if looking for a cue, then looked back into my eyes. “Tell me what you want to do,” he ordered, still running his finger over my lips.
“I want to suck your cock,” I groaned without hesitation. “I want to blow you.”
He grinned. “Good answer, slut. Let’s do it.”
I nodded as a warm glow started flowing through my body. Taking his hand, I led him to the sofa and sank to my knees in front of him. My fingers were trembling as I pulled off his shoes and pants. I looked up to see that he had stripped off his shirt and now was wearing only a pair of tight white jockey shorts that did little to hide his erection. My fingers moved to the bulge, my bright red nails tracing its outline. “Oh, God,” I moaned, “it looks so good!” I tugged at the shorts, pulling them down his muscular thighs, exposing his rod. As they hit the floor, I heard myself whimper softly at the sight of his hard cock. My fingers wrapped around the shaft and I pulled it to my lips, kissing it gently. Suddenly, I felt a jerking sensation in my panties; my eyes closed, my body shook and a soft gasp escaped from my lips as my own cock erupted.
When I was able to open my eyes again, Steve was staring down at me grinning even more broadly. “Was that what I think it was?” he asked.
I nodded. “I, I had an orgasm,” I admitted.
I heard Kathy laugh from behind me. “Hmmmm, you lasted almost thirty seconds,” she teased. “That’s a long time for you!”
“That doesn’t mean you’re going to stop, does it?” Steve asked.
“Oh, no,” I shook my head, looking into his eyes. “I, I wouldn’t do that to you.” My gaze moved to the hard cock in my hand and then back to his face. “Besides,” I said softly, smiling at him, “I still want you. I still want to suck your cock.” I leaned forward and kissed his shaft again. “I, I want it so much,” I gushed.
Steve stepped back and took a seat on the sofa. “Then do it,” he ordered, spreading his legs.
I crawled forward and buried my face in his crotch, kissing and licking his balls and cock. Even before I got him into my mouth, I felt my own dick stiffening again. I could only imagine what Kathy would have said if she had known, since I had never been able to spring back like that with her. That worry disappeared the moment my lips wrapped around Steve’s cock, along with every other thought that didn’t involve the taste and feel of him being in my mouth. “It feels so good!” my mind flashed. “So-o-o-o good!” I swallowed, gulping down another inch of cock and moaned softly around his shaft. “It feels better every time I do it!” I realized. “I love it more every time!” Any thoughts of Kathy or anything else vanished. All that mattered, all I could think of was Steve’s cock and how wonderful it felt to have him fucking my mouth. My entire body was tingling, and I couldn’t suck him hard enough or deep enough.
After several minutes of frantic sucking, I felt Steve’s hands on my face, lifting my head up. I looked up to see him smiling down at me. “Slow down,” he grinned. “Take your time. I want this to last—it feels too good to hurry through it.”
I nodded and forced myself to do as he requested, slowing my tempo despite my lust. The result was a new appreciation for the feel of his cock sliding back and forth between my lips; I found myself actually counting each inch of his rod as it moved in and out. I pulled him out completely and returned to licking up and down his shaft, this time slower than before, until it was covered with my saliva. I kissed his balls several times, leaving bright red lipstick marks, then licked every inch of his sac so that it glistened with my saliva the same as his cock. I kissed my way back up his dick, then ran my tongue around his head. When I smiled up at him, he smiled back and groaned, “Good girl. I love the way you follow instructions. Now, hold still and let me fuck that gorgeous mouth.” I nodded and parted my lips, letting him once again push inside my mouth. He gripped my head with both hands, holding it steady as he started to slowly move his hips back and forth. I closed my eyes and drifted with the sensation of his cock sliding through my lips and over my tongue. I realized that with each stroke his cock was moving deeper and deeper into my mouth, but the progress was so slight that it was barely noticeable. When I tried to dip my head towards his groin to speed up the process, he merely tightened his grip on my face and whispered, “Not yet. We’re doing this my way, understand?” I groaned my acknowledgement around his cock and fought to control my desire, which was now reaching mammoth proportions. I had no way of telling time, but it seemed to take forever for his cock to finally bump against the back of my throat. He maintained that level of penetration for several strokes before inching even deeper. “Swallow,” he said gently. “Let it slide down your throat.” I whimpered softly and did as he wanted, feeling him push deeper than any cock had gone before. He pulled back, letting me gasp some air, then again very slowly pushed forward and down my throat. Over and over he repeated the process, slowly working his way ever deeper down my throat. After what seemed like hours, I felt my nose bump into his abdomen and my chin nestle in his balls. He held me there until I opened my eyes and looked up. I saw him grinning down at me triumphantly. “That’s nice,” he groaned. “You’re deepthroating my entire cock. I hope you like it as much as I do.” I felt my body quiver with excitement, but with my mouth and throat full of cock, I had no way to answer other than to wiggle my tongue along his shaft. He held me there just long enough for my body to start reacting to the lack of oxygen, then pulled back. I gasped for air while he grinned and asked, “So, was that a yes?”
“Yes,” I managed to gulp once my lungs were inflated again.
“Prove it,” he ordered, casually waving his cock in front of my lips.
I didn’t have to spend much time figuring out how he wanted me to do that. I grabbed his cock with both hands and pulled it back into my mouth, swallowing as much as I could on the first thrust. Wrapping my arms around him, I repeated the process he had shown me, swallowing his dick deeper with each bob of my head until I again felt my chin hit his balls. I held it there as long as I could, reveling in the sensation until my need to breathe interfered and I had to pull back. I coughed and gasped, caught my breath and plunged him back into my throat yet again. When I came up this time, Steve took my face in his hands and smiled. “You learn quickly,” he praised me. “You must really enjoy sucking cock.”
“I do,” I moaned, “I really do.”
He glanced at Kathy, and from the corner of my eye, I saw her nod. “That’s awesome,” he grinned when he looked back into my eyes. “How would you like to spend the weekend showing me just how much you enjoy it?”
“Oh, God, yesssss!” I whimpered before considering what I was agreeing to.
“I mean all weekend,” he stressed. “Just like last week, I want you to be a cunt the whole time.”
“I’ll do it!” I answered instantly.
“Why, you nasty little cunt!” Kathy giggled while stroking my hair.
Realizing what I had just done, I looked up at her. “Is, is that OK?” I asked timidly. “I, I just assumed it’s what you want.”
“Oh, it’s more than OK,” she assured me. “It’s wonderful! It will be a lot of fun helping you become even more of a whore than you already are!”
“More of a whore than I am?” I asked. I looked over at Steve’s cock and impulsively kissed it. “I don’t think that’s possible,” I sighed.
“Oh, trust me, it is,” Kathy shot back, “and if you’re going to spend another whole weekend in skirts, you’ll find that out.” I felt a shiver run through me and I closed my eyes for a second to try and calm myself. “What’s wrong, honey?” Kathy teased. “Scared?”
“A little,” I admitted.
“Enough to back out?” she asked. “Now’s the time to do that if you’re going to do it. I don’t want you getting Steve and me all excited and then backing out tomorrow or Saturday.”
I swallowed and considered her offer. Maybe I was getting in over my head, I realized. Maybe I should back off. Before I could answer, though, Steve said, “Suzy’s not going to back out, are you, baby?” I looked back at him to see that he was stroking his semi-erect cock. “I really want to spend the weekend fucking that pretty mouth,” he grinned. “Don’t you want to be my whore?”
My eyes locked on his dick. “Yes,” I murmured.
“Don’t you want to be a really good whore for me?” he asked. “Don’t you want to show me how much you love sucking cock?”
“Yes,” I whimpered softly.
“I really, really want you to be an obedient little slut,” he told me. “I want to know that you’ll do whatever I tell you in order to get my cock in your mouth. Don’t you want to do that for me?”
I could feel my head nodding. “I, I do,” I admitted.
“Then you’re not backing out, right? You’re going to spend the weekend becoming a better whore for me?”
My nodding continued. “Yes,” my barely audible voice agreed.
“Then tell Kathy it’s what you want. Tell her how much you want to be a cunt and ask her to help you become the best whore you can be.”
I had to force myself to tear my gaze away from Steve’s cock and look back at Kathy. “I, I want to be a cunt,” I gulped. “I, I’m not going to back out. I’m not going to change my mind. I want to be a cunt. I want to be a whore. I, I want to spend the weekend learning how to do that. Will you help me, please?”
“Of course I will, darling,” she smiled. “If you do what I tell you, by the time the weekend is over you’re going to be almost as much of a whore as I am and we’re both going to be so-o-o proud of you!”
Friday at work was unbearable—I literally couldn’t focus on anything other than what was going to happen when I got home. “I can’t believe I agreed to become Suzy all weekend again!” I thought, over and over. “Not only that, I told Kathy and Steve that I want to be a whore! Oh, God, what are they going to do to me?” I pictured myself on my knees, endlessly servicing Steve and Ron, while Kathy coached me on the fine points of sucking cock. I glanced at my watch and saw it was only 11:00. “God, how am I going to make it to quitting time?” I wondered.
Moments later, my intercom buzzed and I answered to hear my boss’s voice on the line. “Your wife just called,” he said.
“She did?” I asked, confused.
“Yeah, she says she has some kind of emergency at home and wanted to see if it was possible for you to go home early. I told her I’d let you know. You’d better get going—she sounded pretty desperate.”
I immediately called home, and, when Kathy answered, I asked, “What’s wrong? What’s the emergency? Joe said you sounded desperate.”
“I am,” she purred. “Steve is here and he has this HUGE erection! I can’t possibly take care of it alone. I really need Suzy’s help. You need to come home right now and give me a hand! Please hurry!” I started to respond, but realized she had hung up. I stared at the phone until my libido took over and I started imagining Kathy on her knees, stroking Steve’s cock. The image quickly morphed from Kathy to Suzy, and I felt my dick jerk to life. Within minutes, I was in my car, speeding home to start the weekend. When I got there, Kathy and Steve were already naked, and she was indeed stroking his hard cock. “If you want any of this before he’s totally soft, you’d better hurry and change,” she purred. “I don’t know how much longer I can last before I jump on this thing and fuck his brains out.”
I virtually sprinted to the bedroom, ripping off my clothes as I went. Kathy had everything laid out for me, but it still took me a half hour to do my makeup and nails and get dressed. The entire time I was picturing Kathy enjoying Steve’s erection and praying, “Please don’t make him cum before I get there!” When I finally completed the transformation process, I hurried to the living room. As I approached, I could hear Kathy moaning with pleasure and knew what I was going to see when I got there. Sure enough, she was on the sofa, straddling Steve’s legs, riding his cock for all she was worth.
When Steve saw me, he tapped her on the shoulder. She turned, looked at me and groaned. “Did you have to get ready so fast?” she asked. “Another minute or two and I’d have cum!”
I shrugged. “If you’re that close, go ahead,” I told her. “Just please don’t make him cum.”
She smiled and looked back at Steve. “Can you do that?” she asked. “Can you fuck me for a few more minutes without blowing your load?”
“Sure,” he grinned. “I promise to save that for Suzy’s mouth.”
“Wonderful!” she sighed. Looking back at me, she licked her lips and said, “Thanks, babe, I appreciate it. Now, watch how a real man fucks a woman.”
She didn’t have to tell me again: I couldn’t take my eyes off Steve’s dick plunging deep into her dripping snatch. True to her promise, within a minute she was moaning loudly, and soon after that she started whimpering, “Oh, God, yes! Oh, that feels so good! Fuck me! Fuck me good! God, I love it!” Steve grabbed her tits and started squeezing while she bucked up and down on his stiff shaft. She moaned “Oh, God, here it comes,” and then slammed down, burying him completely in her cunt. Her back arched and her head went back, eyes closed. A soft squeal hissed out of her lips and her entire body shook for several seconds. When her eyes opened, she groaned, “Oh, God, was that great!” She kissed Steve and buried her head in his neck, her body still heaving. When she managed to catch her breath, she kissed him again, then looked over her shoulder at me. “Thanks for sharing him, Suzy,” she smiled. “I really needed fucked like that!” She stood, letting Steve’s erection pop out of her slit, and walked over to me. Taking my face in her hands, she smiled and said, “Now, he’s all yours. Let’s see if you can be as much of a whore as I am.”
When I turned back to Steve, all I could see was his rock-hard cock pointing at the ceiling, covered with Kathy’s juices. I felt my knees go weak at the same time as my stomach quivered and my own dick started aching. Steve grinned wickedly and crooked his finger, calling me to him. As I approached, he spread his legs, leaving no doubt where I was expected to go. Of course, there was already no doubt where I was headed: everyone in the room already knew why I was there and what I was going to do. I managed to make it to the sofa on my rubbery legs and knelt between his knees. My hands were shaking as I immediately reached for his cock, and I actually had to remind myself to breath. Steve reached out and put one hand under my chin, tipping my face up so that I was looking into his blue eyes. “You look beautiful,” he said warmly. “Did you know that?” I shook my head and his grin got even bigger. “Well, you do,” he insisted. “You’re gorgeous.”
“Thank you,” I managed to breathe.
“You’re welcome,” he nodded. “You know, I think this is going to be a really great weekend, don’t you?”
“I, I hope so,” I stammered, still looking into his eyes.
His other hand gently stroked the side of my face. “What would you like to do next?” he asked.
“I, I’d like to suck your cock,” I whispered.
“Are you sure?”
“Positive,” I nodded.
“Then go ahead,” he ordered, releasing my chin. “Enjoy yourself.”
I dipped my head to his crotch and inhaled the combined scent of his manhood and Kathy’s juices. I shivered gently as my lips made contact with the head of his cock. I kissed it, my tongue flicking out. I recognized the taste of Kathy’s cunt and moaned softly. “Do you like that?” I heard her ask from behind me. “Do you like sucking a cock that just fucked me?”
“Uh-huh,” I whimpered. My tongue reached out again and ran up and down Steve’s shaft, from his balls to the very tip, the taste of Kathy’s pussy filling my senses. Again and again I licked his cock, slurping up the juices as they started to dry. I sat back and took a breath, staring at the stiff rod in my hand. It was still sparkling, but now it was my saliva that covered it. I moaned again and dipped my face forward, slipping him between my lips and into my mouth. A warm glow instantly spread over my body and I heard myself groan again. “God, this is wonderful,” I thought. “I can’t believe how good it feels!” I slowly started bobbing up and down, thoroughly enjoying the sensation of Steve’s cock sliding between my lips and along the roof of my mouth. After a few minutes, I felt an irresistible urge to show him that I remembered what he had taught me the day before. Slowly, I worked him deeper and deeper into my mouth and down my throat.
When his balls slapped against my chin, a rush of triumph shot through me and I looked up at his face. He was smiling down at me, breathing heavily. “Oh, yeah,” he groaned. “Damn, you’re a good cocksucker!” I’d have never imagined that a comment like that would sound like a compliment, but it did and I moaned a “thank you” around his cock.
“Suzy really has learned to be a good whore, hasn’t she?” Kathy asked. “It’s like she was born to suck cock. She really loves being a cunt!”
Steve laughed and tilted my head up again. “Is that right?” he asked me. “Do you enjoy being a cocksucking cunt?”
Since it was time to come up for air anyhow, I pulled his dick from my mouth and, as I gasped for breath, managed to whimper, “Yes, God yes! I love it!” Pulling his cock from my hand, he rubbed it over my face. I opened my mouth wide, trying to get him back inside it.
“Do you want to suck my cock some more, bitch?” he asked.
“God, yessssss,” I hissed.
“Then thank Kathy. Tell her how glad you are that she’s letting you be a cocksucking cunt whore all weekend.”
“Thank you,” I groaned in Kathy’s general direction. “Thank you for letting me be a cocksucking cunt whore all weekend.”
Steve again rubbed his dick across my cheeks and lips. “Are you going to be a good, obedient little whore?” he asked. “Are you going to do what you’re told?”
“Yesssss,” I whimpered.
“Even if it means sucking lots and lots of cock?”
“Especially if it means sucking lots and lots of cock,” I replied.
“Look at me,” he ordered. “Look at my face, not my dick.” I forced myself to tear my gaze away from his erection and look up into his eyes. “You’ve been a good whore so far,” he grinned, “but, I want you to be even better. Would you like that?”
I nodded. “If, if that’s what you want, yes.”
His grin got wider. “Kathy and I were talking while you changed clothes. We have a friend who’d love to fuck your mouth.”
“You, you do?”
“Oh, yeah,” he nodded, “and the two of us would really enjoy watching him do it.” I swallowed, knowing what was coming. “Would you do that for us? Would you let our friend fuck your mouth?”
“Do, do I know him?” I asked fearfully.
“Does it matter?” Steve asked. “I thought you said you’d do whatever we told you.”
“I did,” I admitted.
“Well, I’m telling you that I want to watch you blow my friend. Are you going to do it or not?” While he waited for my answer, he started slowly stroking his cock against my cheek.
I glanced quickly at Kathy, who was grinning broadly. She raised her eyebrows slightly and nodded, indicating her approval. “He has a really nice cock,” she said. “I’ve sucked it and it’s delicious.”
Knowing that Kathy had already blown the cock they wanted me to do was enough to push me over the edge. “I’ll do it,” I said softly. “I’ll blow your friend. I’m your whore and if that’s what you want, I’ll do it.”
Steve beamed a smile at Kathy before looking back down at me. “Good girl,” he said approvingly. “Now, let’s see how quickly you can make me cum.”
Feverishly, I pulled him into my mouth and started sucking. As much as I had been enjoying it before, it now felt even better. The knowledge that I had agreed to let them give me to another man made me feel like even more of a whore, which only fueled my lust. Apparently it did the same for Steve, because it was only about two minutes until he started pumping his semen onto my tongue. After he finished and I swallowed his load, Kathy knelt beside me and asked, “Did you enjoy that, cunt?” I nodded and she smiled. “I think you deserve a reward for being such a good whore,” she purred, reaching under my skirt. Her hand ran over my crotch, then suddenly stopped and giggled. “Ooops!” she teased. “I was going to jerk you off as a reward, but your panties are already soaked! Did you cum from sucking Steve’s cock?”
I could feel my cheeks flush with color. “Yeah, I guess I did,” I admitted.
“Aww, that’s a shame,” she giggled. “I thought if you were still horny, I’d have Ron come over and let you suck his cock. But you probably don’t want to do that, now that you’re all soft and spent.”
I instantly imagined Ron’s huge dick and felt my insides quiver. “I, I could still blow him,” I managed to say. “I, I mean if I’m a whore, I should do whatever you want, right?”
“You mean you’d still suck that big black cock for me, even though you already came?” she teased, running her hand over my crotch again. Before I could answer, she gasped and stared at me. “Are you getting hard again?” she asked. I tried to focus on the feeling in my panties. To my surprise, I could feel my dick stiffening again. “You are!” she grinned. “Oh my God! You’re getting hard again!” Her hand slid up and down the sheer panties, encouraging my erection. “You really do want Ron’s cock!” She looked up at Steve. “Want to take a guess at the last time my husband had two erections in one day, let alone two in a few minutes?” He shrugged and she giggled. “NEVER! NEVER EVER! In all the time we’ve been together, I’ve never been able to get him hard twice.” She laughed and stroked my now hard cock slowly. “I guess the problem has been that I don’t have a cock.” Looking back at me she purred, “You really are a cunt, aren’t you? Just thinking about sucking Ron’s cock is doing what I couldn’t ever do!”
I was now totally flustered. “I, I don’t know what’s happening,” I gulped.
“I do,” she grinned. “You’re getting excited by the thought of sucking another dick! You really are a cunt and a whore. All this time you’ve been pretending to be a man and you’ve really been a cunt hiding in men’s clothes!”
I shook my head. “No, no,” I stammered. “It’s not like that!”
“Oh, I think it is,” she purred. “Look me in the eye and tell me that you don’t want to suck Ron’s cock. Tell me you don’t want me to call him to come over here and feed you that gorgeous big dick.” I tried to do it, but all that came out was a soft moan. “That’s what I thought,” she laughed. “Now, let’s try this: tell me you’re a horny cunt and you want to suck Ron’s dick.”
I moaned again, but this time I heard myself whisper, “I’m a horny cunt and I really want to suck Ron’s cock.”
Kathy smiled and picked up the phone. She dialed a number, waited a few seconds, then purred, “Hi, stud, how’re you doing?” She laughed at the response and said, “I have Suzy here for the weekend again and she’s busy showing Steve and me what a horny slut she is. Right now, there’s something she wants to tell you.” She handed me the phone. “Tell him,” she ordered. “Tell him exactly what you just admitted to me.”
The tone of her voice let me know I was expected to obey and that I would regret it if I didn’t. As I took the phone, my heart started pounding. I took a deep breath and plunged ahead. “I’m a horny cunt and I really want to suck your cock.”
Ron laughed. “Damn! Are you serious?”
“Yes,” I said softly.
“Tell me more,” he suggested.
“What do you mean? What more can I tell you?”
“Give me details. What exactly are you going to do? I want to know if it’s going to be worth my time to come over there.”
I looked at Kathy. “He, he wants me to give him details of what I’m going to do.”
She shrugged. “Then do it….and make it good, bitch.”
“Oh, God,” I gulped. I took another deep breath and spoke into the phone. “I, I want to pull your pants off and expose that gorgeous huge cock. Then I’ll kiss and lick it all over, until it’s completely hard and nice and shiny from my saliva. Then, then I’ll rub it all over my face before I put it in my mouth and start sucking.”
I paused and Ron said, “Keep going, cunt. How long will you suck my dick?”
“I’ll suck it as long as necessary to make you cum.”
“You want me to cum in your mouth?”
“Oh, God, yes,” I groaned. “I want that so much! I want you to fill my mouth with cum!”
“Then here’s what I want you to do. Look at Kathy right now and tell her that you’ve convinced me to come over and fuck your mouth.”
I gulped and looked at my grinning wife. “Ron says I’ve convinced him to come over and fuck my mouth.”
While Kathy clapped her hands gleefully, Ron ordered, “Now tell her how excited you are that you’re going to get to swallow my cum and thank her for letting you be such a whore.”
“He, he says he’s going to let me swallow his cum!” I gasped. “That’s so exciting! Thank you for letting me be such a whore!”
I could hear Ron laughing over the phone. “Damn, you’re such an obedient little bitch! I love it when a cunt knows her place like that! I think I’m going to have lots of fun with you!”
“You, you are?” I gulped.
“Oh, yeah. While I get dressed and drive over there, why don’t you ask Kathy how much fun it is being my whore? I’m sure she’ll have some fun stories to tell you.”
As the phone clicked dead, I stared at Kathy. She giggled softly and said, “I guess I forgot to mention that I’ve been Ron’s fucktoy for quite a while. Don’t look so surprised—you saw that beautiful cock. How could I possibly refuse to do what he wants when the reward is getting fucked by it?”
“What, what kind of things do you do for him?”
“Anything he wants,” she shrugged.
“Such as?”
She shrugged again. “Sometimes it’s as easy as going shopping with him in a miniskirt and no panties and showing my pussy off to sales clerks. Sometimes it’s a little more.”
“How much more?” I pushed.
“Well, if you must know,” she sighed, “do you remember last month when you were out of town for work all week?”
“Of course,” I said. She smiled and her meaning started to become clear. “You mean he spent the week fucking you?”
“Him and his friends,” she said.
“His friends? How many of his friends?”
“I didn’t really count them,” she smiled. “Besides, I sort of had trouble remembering which guys were there for the first time and which ones were coming back for seconds.”
“What?” I gasped.
She shrugged yet again. “I was at his house and I was naked. He told all his friends that if they wanted to use me, the door was unlocked, so all they had to do was show up…and, trust me, they did. I had more cock that week than I’ve had the rest of my life. When it was over, Ron rewarded me by fucking me senseless.” She closed her eyes and smiled at the memory. When she looked at me again, she said, “I’m not sure whether the best part was the reward or what I had to do to earn the reward.”
“Jesus!” I gasped.
Kathy giggled. “Don’t worry, bitch,” she said. “You’re well on your way to being as much of a whore as I am. Once you prove yourself to Ron, I’m sure he’ll let you blow all his buddies if you ask really nicely. None of them are hung as well as he is, but some of them do come close.”
“I don’t know about you,” Steve joined in, “but I’d love to see Suzy on her knees sucking three or four of Ron’s buddies at the same time.”
“Oh, yeah,” Kathy agreed. “I can really picture her bouncing back and forth, trying to keep four guys happy until they’re ready to blow their loads in her mouth.”
“You can’t be serious!” I protested.
“Oh, I’m totally serious,” she smirked. “And, if Ron tells you to do it, you’ll shut the fuck up and do it.”
“No,” I pleaded, my voice barely audible.
She looked over at Steve, who grinned and took my face in his hands. “Listen to me, Suzy,” he said firmly. “You agreed to be my whore for the weekend. Well, I’m holding you to that. You just showed us both how much you love sucking cock, so having you suck more cock isn’t exactly being cruel to you. You’ll do as you’re told, or you’ll pay a steep price.”
“But, but…doing what you say isn’t the same as doing what Ron says,” I argued desperately.
He laughed. “So you want to play technicality games, whore? OK, let’s play. I could just repeat everything Ron tells you, but that’s a waste of effort. Instead, I hereby order you to obey Ron’s commands as if they were coming from me. If he orders something, it’s the same as if I ordered it. Got it?”
“Yes,” I said meekly.
“And that goes for Kathy, too,” he added. “Any order she gives you is the same as an order from me and you WILL obey it. Got it?”
I glanced at Kathy, who was grinning wickedly. “Yes,” I answered again, even more meekly.
“That’s better,” Steve said approvingly. Now, apologize to Kathy for arguing with her.”
“I’m sorry,” I mumbled to Kathy.
“It’s OK,” she beamed, “as long as you’ve learned your lesson and won’t do it again.”
“I won’t,” I promised.
“Good. So, what happens if Ron brings a couple of his friends with him?”
I shrugged. “I’ll do whatever he says. If, if he tells me to blow them, I will.”
“And if I invite another one of my friends over will you blow him, too?”
“Another friend?” I gasped.
“Yes, another friend,” she sneered. “I’ve got lots of friends. Trust me, with as worthless as my husband is in bed, I need lots of real men to fuck me. Now, answer my question.”
“Yes,” I sighed. “I’ll blow your friend.”
“Even if he’s a little kinky?” she asked.
“Kinky? Kinky how?”
“Nothing extreme. He just has this one little fetish—he likes it when the woman sucking his dick is blindfolded. He calls it the ultimate in anonymous sex when a whore doesn’t even know what the guy she’s doing looks like. Think you can handle that?”
I shrugged. “I guess so. It might even be easier, since I won’t have to look him in the eye. But what happens after I blow him? Is he just going to leave with me still blindfolded?”
“Maybe,” Kathy said. “I hope not, but he might. It depends on how good you are.”
“I don’t understand.”
“It’s simple,” she shrugged. “If he doesn’t like the way you do him, he’ll probably leave without ever letting you see him. If he enjoys you, he’ll probably want to be able to do you again sometime, so you’ll get to meet him and find out who you blew.”
I felt a shiver run through my body. “God, I’m not sure which is worse,” I groaned.
“What do you mean?” she asked.
“Well, if he likes me, you’re telling me that I’m going to be blowing him again.”
“Oh, definitely,” she interrupted. “If he enjoys you, I’ll probably tell him he can fuck your mouth whenever he wants, just like Ron and Steve.”
“That, that’s what I was afraid of,” I gulped. “But, it might be worse if he doesn’t like me—if he leaves before I see him, I’ll never know who he is, right?” Kathy nodded. “So that means I’ll never know whose cock I sucked. Any guy I see, any friend of yours I ever talk to might be the guy who had his dick in my mouth. I’ll be looking at every guy I see and wondering if he’s the one I sucked.”
“Exactly,” Kathy grinned. “You’ll know there’s a man out there who knows you’re a whore, but you won’t know who he is.”
“I, I don’t think I’d like that,” I confessed.
“Then you need to make sure it doesn’t happen,” she pointed out. “You need to make sure he loves what you do to him. You need to give him a great blowjob so he wants to do you more often. Think of it as incentive.” As I stared at her in horror, she giggled. “I’ll help you out with a little advice: he absolutely loves it when he knows that the bitch sucking his cock is enjoying it as much as he is. If you want to make sure he enjoys you, make a big fuss about how much you love having him in your mouth. Tell him how much you love his cock, beg him to cum for you, and beg him to fuck your mouth again when he’s done. Show him how much you adore being his whore and he’ll probably want to keep you around.”
“But, but what if I don’t like it?”
“Then you either fake it or you accept the fact that there’s going to be a mystery guy out there who fucked your mouth.”
Another fear struck me. “But, but what happens if he does like me? I mean, you said he’d want to keep doing me. Does that mean I’ll have to keep blowing him? That won’t work.”
“Sure it will,” she smiled. “We’ll just make sure he knows that your mouth is only available when you’re Suzy, not when you’re pretending to be a man.”
“When I’m pretending to be a man?”
She laughed. “Honey, I’ve seen enough to know that you’re a much better woman than you are a man. At first I thought you were really good at pretending to be a woman, but now I think I had it wrong. You’re actually a cunt who just pretends to be a man most of the time…and who doesn’t do a very good job of that, I might add. From now on, that’s how I’m going to see you.”
“You, you make it sound like I’m going to be Suzy even after this weekend is over.”
“That’s because I think you are.” I was already shaking my head, and Kathy raised her eyebrows. “I can’t make you do it,” she said, “no matter how much I want you to. But, from what I’ve seen this week and tonight, I think you really do enjoy it and you’re going to want to do it more often.”
“You, you want me to do it more often?”
“Of course I do,” she smiled. “I told you: I like Suzy a lot more than I like my husband. I really, really hope you do, too. I’d love to have Suzy around on a regular basis.”
“God, Kathy,” I gasped. “I, I can’t do that!”
“Why not?”
“I just can’t!”
“Are you sure?” Steve suddenly asked. I looked over at him and saw him slowly stroking his cock back to life. “My dick and I sure hope to see you regularly, too. Wouldn’t you like that?”
My eyes locked on his stiffening rod and I felt a surge of lust run through me. “I, I would,” I managed to stammer. “But….”
He moved closer and rubbed his cock on my cheek. “No buts,” he grinned. “We both want my cock in your pretty mouth. I’m going to enjoy doing you all weekend, and I sure don’t want it to end on Sunday. I’m hoping you don’t either. I’m hoping you want to keep blowing me after that.” He moved his dick from my cheek to my lips, and I automatically kissed it. “You like that, don’t you?” he asked. I kissed it again and nodded helplessly. A moment later, my lips parted and I leaned forward, taking him into my mouth. “You want to be able to do this even after Sunday, don’t you?” he asked. I felt my head nodding. “So do I,” he said gently. “Please keep Suzy around. Don’t make her disappear. Don’t take my beautiful little whore away.”
Even through the fog that was overpowering my senses one word registered. “Beautiful?” I moaned. “Did you say I’m beautiful?”
Steve took my face in his hands and tilted it up so that he was looking into my eyes. “I did,” he smiled, “because you are. You’re an amazingly sexy, beautiful woman, Suzy. I know you have trouble believing it, but it’s true. You’re gorgeous.” He grinned and added, “You’re also a terrific cocksucker. You were born to do this. You were born to be a woman and you were born to be a whore.”
Kathy knelt beside me. “He’s right,” she said softly. “I’m sorry, honey, but you don’t make a very good man. You just don’t. Deep down inside, I think you know that. You have to know how pathetic you are in bed as a man, and when was the last time any woman really wanted to be with you? When was the last time a woman really wanted to have sex with you? I do it because I’m expected to as your wife, but you have to know I don’t enjoy it.” I silently nodded and she smiled. “But, as a woman, you’re amazing! Steve can’t get enough of you. Ron wants you. Every man who sees you in that skirt is going to want you! More importantly, you want it! You’ve had more orgasms in a few days as Suzy than you’ve had in years as a man. Why wouldn’t you want to keep doing it?”
“How do I know Steve means what he’s saying? How do I know he isn’t just saying it because you want him to?”
She smiled. “Just wait and see what my friend thinks tomorrow. I bet he’ll feel the same way. Will that convince you? If he wants to keep seeing you, will you believe we’re telling you the truth?”
“Maybe,” I hedged.
Before Kathy could pursue the issue, the doorbell announced Ron’s arrival. Kathy sent me to answer the door, where Ron greeted me with a lewd grin. “Damn, you look good,” he complimented. “This is going to be a lot of fun!” By the time I closed the door behind him, he was reaching under my skirt, rubbing my legs. When I didn’t resist, as we walked into the living room, his hand was already under my skirt, massaging my ass. When I didn’t resist, his hand moved up and started massaging my ass. “You’ve got her trained pretty good,” he told Steve and Kathy. “Look at how she’s letting me feel her up.”
“That’s because she knows she’s a whore,” Kathy laughed. “She knows she’s here to please you.”
“Is that right?” Ron asked me. “Are you a whore?”
“Yes,” I admitted. “I am.”
“You’re going to have to prove that to me. Are you ready to do that?”
A quick glance at Kathy and Steve, who were both staring and grinning, confirmed what response was expected. “Of course,” I answered meekly.
“How are you going to prove it?” he asked.
“By sucking your cock?” I ventured.
“Well,” he said, “I’d rather fuck your sexy ass, but I guess a blowjob will do it if you do it well enough. Are you going to do a good job?”
“Oh, yeah,” I promised hastily, not even wanting to imagine how painful the alternative would be. “I promise!”
“Then do it, cunt,” he laughed. “Show me what a good cocksucker you can be.”
I immediately dropped to my knees and started pulling off his shoes, socks and pants, while he stripped off his shirt. When he was down to just his white jockey shorts, I looked up at his muscular body and felt my body quiver. My hands ran up his thighs, over his hips and washboard-like stomach to his pecs. “God,” I moaned, “I can’t believe how perfect your body is.”
“That’s what a man’s body is like,” Kathy said from beside me. “Whenever I’m with Ron I feel so soft and feminine in comparison. Don’t you?”
“I do,” I whispered. “It’s amazing!” My eyes moved down from his chest to the bulge that was quickly growing in his shorts. “Oh, God,” I moaned again. “Look at that!” My hands moved to the bulge, my bright red fingernails tracing its outline. I stroked it through the soft material, watching in awe as it continued to grow. As the tip reached the waistband, my fingers followed it up. “Oh, God,” I whimpered, “I want it. I want it so much!” I tugged down on the waistband, freeing Ron’s cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it while I slid the underwear down his powerful legs. When he stepped out of his shorts, his rod bounced invitingly in front of my face. “It’s even bigger than I remember,” I gushed, my voice trembling. I wrapped both hands around the stiff cock, but the head was still exposed. “Oh, Jesus,” I moaned as my head dipped forward. I kissed the huge purplish-black head, leaving a bright red lipstick stain, then ran my tongue up and down the long, thick shaft. I cradled his balls in one hand, admiring how huge and heavy they felt, while I stroked his cock with the other hand. As amazed as I was at the size of his cock when I first kissed it, somehow with each stroke, his cock seemed to get even bigger and harder. “Now I know why I agreed to be a whore,” I murmured, rubbing the massive cock against my face. Surrendering to my lust, I stuffed the head of his cock into my mouth. Almost immediately, the taste and feel exploded in my senses, and my own trapped dick responded by jerking into a spasm.
Everything that happened after that was a blur: I completely lost track of everything and anything other than the sensations coming from the delicious cock fucking my mouth. I was vaguely aware of the whimpering and slurping sounds coming from that mouth, and occasionally heard a comment from either Steve or Kathy about how much I was enjoying Ron’s cock, but those sounds were merely a background to the feelings pulsing through my body. By the time Ron started squirming in response to his approaching orgasm, I truly had no idea how long I had been licking and sucking; it could have been seconds or it could have been hours. However, the knowledge that he was about to cum seemed to ignite my lust even more: I frantically sucked even harder while stroking his cock with both hands. Ron responded by groaning, “Oh, fuckkkkkk,” and grabbing my head with both hands. His cock erupted, flooding my mouth with what seemed like a quart of sperm. It filled my mouth, ran down my throat and oozed out of my lips around his dick. I gulped it down as fast as I could, but spurt after spurt refilled my mouth as fast as I could swallow. When he finally stopped cumming, he groaned and pushed me away. I tumbled backwards, my body seemingly no longer able to support my weight.
I laid on the floor, gasping for breath, my body literally shaking, as my vision cleared. The first thing I saw was Kathy leaning over me, staring into my eyes. “Damn,” she grinned, “that was great! You really do love sucking cock, don’t you, cunt?”
“I do,” I whispered as the blood rushed to my cheeks. “That, that was amazing.” I managed to sit up, and my eyes locked on the limp cock hanging between Ron’s legs. Even soft, it was bigger than any erection I’d ever had, and that knowledge only added to my humiliation. “God, I love your cock,” I murmured. “I can see why Kathy is willing to do whatever you want.”
“I’m not the only one willing to do whatever he wants, am I?” Kathy asked.
“No, you aren’t,” I acknowledged, as I reached out and touched the object of my lust. “So am I.”
“Anything?” Ron asked, grinning. “Are you sure of that?” I nodded and he grinned even broader. “Good. You’re going to have a chance to prove that tomorrow morning. If you’re a good girl, I’ll let you blow me again. OK?”
“OK,” I ventured, unsure whether the pounding of my heart signaled excitement or fear.
Ron turned to Kathy. “I want Suzy to do a whore video just like yours,” he said. “Will you get her ready for it in the morning?”
“I’d love to,” she smiled.
“What, what’s a whore video?” I asked.
“It’s the ultimate surrender,” Kathy explained. “You’re going to make a video, admitting you’re a whore and that you’re addicted to Ron’s cock. You’ll explain that you love his dick so much that you’ll do whatever he wants and that you don’t care who knows it. Then you’ll get to give him a nice, passionate blowjob to prove how much you love it. That’s not too bad, is it?”
“I, I guess not,” I gulped. “Can I ask what happens to the video?”
“I keep it,” Ron said. “It will join my collection of videos that I show my buddies. I love showing them how far cunts are willing to go for my dick.”
“You’re going to show it to people?” I gasped.
“Just my friends,” he laughed.
“Why would I agree to that?” I gasped. “Why would I let you take movies of me and show them to people?”
He shrugged. “Because you’re a fucking whore and if you want to keep sucking my cock, you’ll do what you’re told.”
His tone was both dismissive and condescending, emphasizing that he truly saw me as nothing but a whore, which both humiliated and excited me. “Please don’t do that to me,” I begged, resisting the part of my mind that was suddenly fantasizing about doing exactly what he wanted.
“Why? Are you ashamed of how well you suck my cock?”
“No, no, of course not,” I stammered, knowing any other answer would cause problems.
“Then you shouldn’t mind my buddies knowing it,” he said firmly. “Kathy doesn’t.”
“She doesn’t?”
“Hell, no. I’ve shown her whore flick at parties while she was there and she loves having the guys watch me fuck her.”
I shot a glance at Kathy, who smiled and nodded. “I get some really nice compliments from Ron’s friends every time he shows them my movie,” she bragged, “not to mention a lot of propositions from guys who want a turn with me.”
“And who get a turn with you,” Ron added, laughing.
“And who get a turn with me,” Kathy beamed.
“Really?” I croaked.
“Really,” she nodded. “It’s such a rush, sitting there with three or four of Ron’s buddies watching video of me in action, knowing that they’re all going to get to fuck me when the video ends.” She reached out and stroked my face. “Don’t you want to see how that feels, darling? Don’t you want to watch those guys drool over you, knowing that you’re going to get to suck their cocks?”
“Oh, God, yes,” I whimpered as my head started nodding.
“That’s a good little slut,” she praised, before turning to Ron. “See? I told you she’d do it.”
“Yeah, you did,” he laughed. “I guess you know the bitch pretty well.” He looked back at me and started playing with his limp dick. “How about I come over tomorrow and let you blow me again?” he asked. “Then I can have the guys come over to my place on Sunday to watch the video.”
“O-OK,” I whispered.
“Can you come over in the morning?” Kathy asked. “I have somebody else who’s going to be meeting Suzy in the afternoon.”
“The morning’s not good for me,” he said. “How about tomorrow after dinner?”
“That should work,” she nodded.
“I guess that means I get the morning shift,” Steve volunteered.
“Sounds good to me,” Kathy agreed. “What do you think, Suzy? Does a triple-header sound like fun?”
I nodded. “Sure,” I sighed. “Why not?”
“Then I guess we have a plan!” she bubbled. “Now, why don’t you kiss both of these nice cocks goodnight so everyone can get all rested up?”
Obediently, I crawled over between Ron’s legs and kissed his cock. “Goodnight,” I whispered. “I’ll see you tomorrow night.” Moving to where Steve was sitting, I kissed both his cock and balls and said, “And I’ll see you in the morning.”
After the men dressed and left, Kathy and I cleaned up and went to bed. To my surprise, she slid up against me and kissed me tenderly. “I’m so proud of you,” she said.
“You are?”
“Oh, yes!” she smiled, kissing me again. “You’re such a great little whore! I always knew that you were a pussy, but I didn’t know you were such a cunt!” She giggled at her joke, but got a serious look on her face when I only blushed in response. “It’s funny because it’s true,” she said. “You know that, don’t you? You really are a cunt.”
I blushed even more. “That’s not exactly accurate,” I protested. “I mean I don’t really have that equipment.”
“I didn’t say you have a cunt,” she laughed. “I said you are a cunt.” When my confusion showed on my face she laughed again. “Think about it,” she urged. “What’s a cunt? It’s a piece of flesh that’s only real purpose is to please men. It’s made to be fucked, and if it isn’t being used to make men cum, it’s worthless.” She paused and stroked my face. “That pretty much describes me,” she announced. “I’m a cunt and I admit it. Hell, I’m proud of it. I love getting fucked…at least when it’s a real man doing it…and I can’t think of anything I do that I’m prouder of than the way I can make men feel.” She stroked my face again before continuing, “And, it also pretty much describes you, Suzy. You love making men cum and you’re spectacularly good at it, especially considering how little practice you’ve had. What else do you do? What else have you done while you’re wearing a skirt? I’ll tell you–nothing. You exist solely and completely to service cocks. Ergo, you’re a cunt.” I couldn’t think of a way to rebut her argument, so I just sat there silently. Recognizing her triumph, she pushed, “Say it, Suzy. Admit that I’m right and that you’re a cunt and the only thing you’re good for is servicing cocks.”
“You’re right,” I heard my voice respond. “I, I’m a cunt. The only thing I’m good for is servicing cocks.”
“Good,” she nodded her approval. “You know, I meant what I said before. I really am proud of you. I’m proud of how well you suck cock, of course, but I’m also proud that you’re able to accept what you are. It’s not easy to admit that that you’re a cunt.”
I shrugged. “It helps that you admitted that you’re one, too.”
She smiled. “Ron taught me all about myself. I’m just passing on the lessons. Speaking of which, I think you’re ready for the next lesson.”
I gulped. “I am?”
She nodded. “Don’t worry, this one isn’t that tough. We’re just going to build on what you’ve already done.”
“OK,” I answered fearfully.
“I like that little speech you just made,” she said, “and I know the men you’re going to be with tomorrow will also like it. So, the next lesson is simple…before you blow anyone tomorrow you should tell them what you just told me. Tell them that you know you’re a cunt and that your sole purpose in life is to please cocks and make them cum. You’ll tell Steve that in the morning, you’ll tell my friend that in the afternoon and you’ll especially tell Ron that when he’s filming you in the evening. Think you can do that?”
“I, I guess so,” I said shakily. “I mean, if I’m going to blow them anyway, I guess I can say that first.”
“Perfect,” she nodded. “Now, I think we’d better get to bed. Somebody is going to have a big day tomorrow.”
I went to sleep thinking about her prediction, but even in my wildest dreams, I had no idea just how big of a day she had planned for me.