The Neighbor Girl – Chapter 1 – A Midnight Call


Hi, I’m Minnie! Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope you liked it! 

Franklin Branson, or Frank, as he was known to his friends, was a very ordinary man. He was average in every sense of the word. A typical suburbanite, if ever there was one. He had lived at 15 Walter Street all his life, even after the passing of his wife just a year ago, he continued to live in a house that was filled with memories of the love of his life. It had been a tough year for him and he had only endured it thanks in large part to the kindness and care of his neighbours, the Cosgroves.

John Cosgrove, who Frank had known since they were both children, and his darling wife, Elizabeth, had spent a considerable amount of time at his home, helping cook, clean or even just to keep him company. Their young daughter, Kristyn, who had just recently graduated from high school and would be off to college after the summer, also helped out when she could. Sometimes she would deliver food or invite him over for dinner, other times she would ask Frank to come along for a walk with her dog.

Frank, who was a veterinarian by trade, found himself bonding with Kristyn over their mutual love and adoration for animals. She wanted to be a Vet, too and had a million questions every day about what it was like, how college would be and how much Frank enjoyed the practice, despite its ups and downs. He was always happy to answer as best he could and he was very pleased seeing someone so young taking an interest in something very noble. As you imagine, over the course of the year, the familial bond between Franklin and the Cosgrove family was strong and naturally, when the Cosgroves went away on an extended vacation, leaving their daughter home alone – he was the first person they had asked to check up on Kristyn every few days to make sure she was getting along and wasn’t destroying the house with any huge parties.

And that was how Frank found himself in Kristyn’s room just a few nights later. It was getting late, almost eleven o’clock in the evening and Frank was just finishing the last few pages of a book when he received a text from her. She said she wasn’t feeling well and wanted to know if he could stop by and check-in before he went to bed. Not wasting time, he set his book down on the bedside table and hurried downstairs, grabbing his slippers and crossing the street.

He opened the front door without knocking, knowing it wasn’t necessary. He called out, “Kris?”

“I’m upstairs, in my room!” Came a quick reply as Frank shut the door behind him and walked slowly up the stairs and down the hall to Kristyn’s room. The door was ajar and there was a faint blade of light escaping from her room that cut across the floorboards in the hall. He slowly pushed the door open and repeated, “Kristyn? Is everything okay, dear?” He was shocked to find her sitting on her bed, naked. Her young, pale body contrasting nicely against her pink bed sheets.

“Do you like them, Sir?” Kristyn asked nervously, arching her back and poking her chest confidently out at him as he stood in the doorway, frozen in place with his mouth agape. It was a complete shock to see this girl, who was almost like family, naked in her own bed and presenting herself this way to him. And calling him ‘Sir,’ as well. It was as surreal as it was confusing and even though he couldn’t quite admit it, arousing, too.

“Well,” She asked again to break the awkward silence that lingered, “Do you?”

Kristyn smiled as he nodded with a slight grin across his face. “I want you,” She admitted quietly, smiling back, “I’ve wanted you for a long time, Sir. Do you,” She trailed off for a moment before continuing, “Do you want me too?”

The teenager smiled widely and laid back on the bed as she watched Frank’s expression change from shock to the stern face of a confident man within mere moments. She saw him lock the door and knew just then that he wanted her, too.

“Take me, Sir,” She begged, sounding confident but a little unsure, laying on her back with her tiny breasts contracting with every rise and fall of her chest. As her neighbour approached her bed, she admitted to him something she’d kept inside for years, “I’ve wanted you to be my first for so long, Sir.”

Frank stopped for a moment and looked over the teen girl’s body before staring into her eyes. They were blue, like the sea, and deeper than any ocean he could imagine. Wanting to remain the adult in the room, he confidently asked her, “You’ve never had sex with anyone before, Kris? Are you sure you want this?”

“Yes, Sir,” She admitted meekly as she chewed nervously on her bottom lip.

She looked nervous, Frank thought to himself and wondered for a moment if he should continue. He was breaking no laws, he reasoned. She was eighteen years old and wasn’t drunk or otherwise being pressured – she was obviously giving her consent and was of a clear state-of-mind. He wanted to say something – give her a reason why this couldn’t happen, but he couldn’t.

Kristyn finally noticed his silence and said, “Is everything okay? Do you… not want me?”

The teenager looked sad as the revelation that perhaps somehow she wasn’t pretty enough or good enough for Frank to want her that way. Noting this, he tried to assure her, “No, no, no… it’s not that, sweetie. You’re beautiful and anyone with half of a brain would want you. It’s just, you know…”

“I know, it’s just… I thought, maybe…” Kristyn, too, began to find herself at a loss for words.

“You thought what?”

“That maybe you’d want to be my dominant?” She admitted.

Frank looked adoringly at his young neighbour and sat on the bed next to her. He began to stroke her hair with his fingers causing the teen to whimper softly. “Oh, sweetie… how do you even know what that is?” Frank asked curiously, feeling a little guilty for being aroused at the thought of such a dynamic between the two of them.

“The internet. I found this blog online and-”

“And what, Kris?” Frank interrupted, wanting her to get to the point.

“And I read all about this BDSM stuff and being a submissive and, like, giving up control to someone else and I kinda liked it,” The teen girl admitted, her eyes avoiding Franks.

“Look at me,” He replied in a firm voice as he gripped her chin between his thumb and forefinger, “Are you sure you want something like that? With me, I mean. Christ, Kristyn, I’m old enough to be your Dad.”

As the word ‘Dad’ rolled off his tongue, it was the first time Frank had even considered her father in all of this. They were best friends. He couldn’t possibly do this, could he? Seeing Kristyn naked like this, even though she was legal, was one thing… but having sex her – being her dominant – this was a different game entirely. For a moment, he considered leaving but then he looked down at her young body. Naked and with her legs splayed wide open, she was all but begging for him to take her virginity. He buried conscience somewhere far away and let his lust take control as she looked him straight in the eyes and nodded, giving her consent.

“Climb off the bed, Kris. Get on the floor, on your knees, and be quick,” Frank ordered her and much to their shared delight, she complied. Though looking a bit nervous, she quietly rolled off the white sheets and dropped her knees into the carpeted floor.

“Good girl, Kris,” He praised softly, smiling at her as he began to reach for his zipper. He stopped just he gripped the small piece of metal between his fingers, “Have you ever sucked a man’s cock before, Kristyn? Or even seen one?”

“Once, yeah…” She answered honestly, much to his surprise.

“Really?” He replied sounding a little shocked.

“Is… is that bad?”

“Not at all, sweetie!” He assured her, sensing a hint of disappointment in her, “I’m just surprised you’ve managed to keep all the boys away, that’s all. You must know how stunning you are.”

She cracked a smile and perked her head up, “You really think so? No one’s told me that before, honestly.”

Frank smiled back at her and ruffled her hair lovingly, “Of course I do, sweetheart. Don’t ever think you’re not pretty just because some dumb boys your own age don’t notice you. You are absolutely gorgeous, little bird, and I mean that.”

“Thank you,” She replied genuinely with a little smile starting to beam across her tiny, oval face.

“There’s no need to thank me, honey. Just remember to do as your told, yes, little bird?”

Kristyn smiled back, nodding, and bit her lip again. It was so cute when she did that, he thought, and that pretty mouth is going to look even prettier when it’s wrapped around something else. “That’s a good girl,” He praised, “Now, open your mouth, honey. I want to try sucking me.”

“Okay,” She nodded in agreement, parting her lips wide and watching in nervous suspension as Frank undid his zipper and pulled out his flaccid cock. It looked bigger than the boy she had previously seen, probably around four inches soft if she had to guess.

“Go on, little bird, touch it and get a feel for it first,” Frank coaxed the young teen who happily complied. She wrapped her dainty fingertips around the shaft and squeezed softly. It felt warm to the touch, a little weird too, but not unpleasant. Holding it like this and seeing it up close, there was no doubt in Kristyn’s mind that it was bigger than her previous boyfriend and she felt it grow even bigger in her hand.

“Do you like it, sweetie?” Frank asked before saying, “Why don’t you give it a little taste. Go on, baby girl, lick it.”

“Yes, Sir…” She replied in little more than a whisper as she stuck her tongue out and made contact with his bulbous head. It tasted a little weird, not gross, but different. It was something new to her and she gave it another lick before suddenly opening wide and swallowing his head into her eager mouth, taking Frank by surprise.

“Good girl,” He moaned as he gripped her hair with his fingers while the inexperienced teenager continued to clumsily suck his growing shaft. She was definitely no expert, he thought to himself, but she was very, very good – especially for it being her first time. Though maybe, he considered for a moment, it was just the mere thought of this young, beautiful, eighteen-year-old girl submitting to him that was driving him over the edge. He couldn’t say for certain and frankly, he didn’t care, he just knew it felt wonderful and he didn’t want it to stop.

“Go a little deeper, Kris,” Frank said, gasping at the powerful sensation of her wet tongue sliding over the head of his cock. He had grown to full, seven-and-a-half inches now and gently gave the young teen a push on the back of her head, to let her know what he wanted. She complied the best she could, swallowing about half of his cock before gagging a little and pulling back.

“That’s good, Kris, real good,” He said in a drawn-out manner, “Keep sucking, baby, and keep using that tongue just the way you are, okay?”

She nodded with his cock still in her mouth and tried to maintain her rhythm. She was happy that she was doing a good job and even a little proud of herself. She figured it’d be hard to please an experienced, older man like Frank but this seemed easy. Not as easy as the first time she had done it, but still, it was not the challenge she had expected it to be.

Frank suddenly pulled back, much to the teenage girl’s audible disappointment. “Is everything okay,” She asked, wiping her lips with the back of her hand, “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, little bird, you did wonderfully,” He assured her, smiling, delighting in how eager she was to make him happy. This didn’t feel like lust, he thought, it felt like infatuation, and he wondered how far he could push it.

“It’s just… you stopped and I thought?”

Frank hushed her with his finger. “Nonsense. You did great, sweetie, better than I could’ve ever dreamed, in fact!” She smiled back at him and Frank felt his heart skip the tiniest of beats, seeing this young beauty glowing before him. “Now, do you still want to continue? Or is that enough for tonight?”

“No!” She blurted out suddenly, almost as if in desperation. “I want to keep going, okay? Don’t stop – I want you to… I want-”

He hushed her again. “I understand, little bird. You don’t have to say another word. I won’t stop unless you want me to, okay?”

She nodded and he continued, “But we can’t do this here. I just… can’t. Get dressed, okay? We’re going back to my place. There’s something I want to show you.”

“Yes, Sir,” Came her almost instantaneous reply as she picked herself up from off the floor and hurried over to her dresser. She gathered a pair of sweats and a tee, no underwear, figuring she wouldn’t need it – and got dressed quickly. She wasn’t quite sure what Frank wanted to show her, or why he couldn’t do this in her room, but it didn’t matter. The confident girl had made her mind up about this and she was going to lose her virginity to Frank tonight. No matter what.