The Queen

Hey, everyone! Westfjordian here. This story is a bit different, from my other two stories, on here. It’s the first part of a series, commissioned by anonymous, and while it’s not my usual fair, I decided to go for it. It features a gorgeous, tall and thick ebony Futa goddess, who has a huge cock. And I mean huge. She also has a juicy pussy, hiding behind her heavy balls.

Our seven foot, Futa protagonist, is extremely dominant, while her little, white boyslut, is a submissive, five foot four waif, who is so shy, and socially awkward, that he might as well be on the spectrum.

I think it might be best, to simply ignore everything you know about the human body, and this thing we call reason, before you dive into this story. It’s not meant to be taken very seriously.

So, to clarify, this story features a very dominant Futa, some coercion, her submissive boy, very rough fucking, bondage and smothering. She’s going to fuck him while he’s passed out from pleasure, too. There will be some cigar smoking, excessive cum, cum eating, cock addiction, and pet play. And a little bit of humiliation, but nothing too bad. She adores her sweet pet, after all.

Also, I am not a native speaker, so there may be some mistakes in here, and I apologize, for missing them, and I humbly ask for your patience. Thank you.

And, as always, all those who engage in sexual activities, are off age.

The Queen

“Hello, there, dear Fantasyland fans! I’m Cleo, the wife of the creator of this game, Charles Lansing. Since news of his marriage surfaced on the net, the forum has exploded with questions, about the whole affair. I have decided, that it would be a good idea, if we came out with the whole story, ourselves.

I suppose I should start by telling you a little bit about myself, before I go into the story. My name is Cleopatra ‘Cleo’ Adelakun, and I am a descendant of the Futas of the Tribes. Tribe of the Lion, to be exact. I could tell you more about the Tribes, but that’s another story.

“Why on the restricted section of the forum, you ask? Because this is one hell, of a raunchy tale!”


I woke up with a yawn, but lay still in my bed, for a while. No need to get up. After all, I had lost my job as Assistant Director of a small, local tech firm, a few weeks ago. I guess fucking the owner’s son up the ass, in the store room, hadn’t been the best idea. I couldn’t help, but sigh at the memory. He’d been so deliciously tight! I sighed again. Barely on the right side of thirty, and unemployed, had not been in my plans, but sometimes, my cock had needs, that can’t be ignored.

That bastard, John Rawlins. He was well connected, and no one was willing to hire me, anywhere around here, and especially not in the same business, I had been in. And that was despite my having graduated from Berkeley, at the top of my class in computer science.

I had branched out, the week before, trying to find something, but no dice. Money was getting really tight, and I was desperate, so the night before, I had replied to an ad for a job as a live in maid. I had sent a picture, and my resume, as requested.

Then, just before I got out of bed, my phone pinged. An e-mail? I turned onto my side, and reached for my phone on the bedstand, unlocked it, and read the mail. Apparently, Kate Lansing, the person who posted the ad, liked the look of me, and was especially happy that I had a technical background. She was asking, if I could come to the house, for an interview.

Hell yes!

I got out of bed, and made my way over to my closet, to pick out something to wear. Before I did, however, I took a moment, as I always do, to admire my body. A seven foot , thick African goddess, with skin like milk chocolate.

I cupped my massive G cups, and fondled them a bit, before I slid my hands down my toned stomach, narrow waist, and wide hips. I couldn’t resist squeezing my big booty, for good measure. I didn’t reach down to my thighs, but I just love how thick they are. Perfect for smothering guys. I don’t work out, but I love, how my stomach stays somewhat trim, while all my weight gain seems to go to my boobs, thighs, and ass.

Yes, I love every part of my body. But most of all, I love my massive cock. I stroked my hand down, through my bush, and hefted my cock in my right hand. Ten inches long, and two inches thick, when soft, and a whopping eighteen inches long, and six inches thick, when hard.

I went for my tangerine sized balls with my left hand, and moaned when I rolled them around. I could almost feel the cum sloshing around in there. They’re always full, and I have to get off, at least once a day, because otherwise, I get blue balled. And trust me, you do not want to run afoul of Cleopatra ‘Cleo’ Adelakun, when she hasn’t cum in a while.

My hand let go of my balls, slid behind them, and my long fingers found the treasure hidden there. My lovely, juicy cunt. Oh, it was just so tight, having never been penetrated, by anything but my toys. No man had ever touched it. With his cock, that is. I have them eat me out, of course.

I stopped playing with myself, and got into the shower. Once that was done, I put on what I’d chosen. Apparently, Kate had put up the ad, on behalf of her brother, who was some tech whiz. Perhaps he was a cutie. Maybe he was an old fart. In any case, I wanted to make a good impression on him.

I settled on a skin tight, red turtle neck, and tight jeans, that would show off my thick booty and thighs, and didn’t do a thing to hide my cock. She’s beautiful, and I’ve never been ashamed of her, and I certainly don’t mind people knowing I’m packing. Hell, I’d walk around naked everywhere, if I could.

I put on a cute necklace, and eyed myself critically, in the mirror. I reached up, and grabbed a lock of my frizzy hair, debating whether I should take my flat iron, and do some hairscaping. I eventually decided against it. I usually let my hair do what it wants. I am big, in every way. Big body, big hair, big personality.

Before I left my place, I put on a pair of three inch sandals, that I knew would do some wonderful things to my calves. I had called an Uber, earlier, and he was waiting for me, when I stepped out, and into the California sun.

I got into the car, and off we went to West Atherton. I was wondering just who the guy was, if he was living over there, in the most expensive neighbourhood in Silicon Valley. Oh, Goddess, I hoped he wasn’t some snot nosed brat, that I’d have to babysit, or an arrogant ass, who liked to brag about his money. The thought nearly turned my stomach.

I was almost late, when we finally turned up to the gate to this mansion, that was a little out of the way, and surrounded by what seemed to be a forest of trees. The gate was open, and we drove right through. The car stopped at the front entrance, and a woman, who seemed to be in her mid thirties was waiting on the door step.

She was pretty enough, I guess. Five four, and thin. Flat chest, I noticed with some gratification. Couldn’t have weighed more than 120 pounds. She wore a professional looking pants suit, and her blonde hair was done in a tight bun. I disliked her immediately. Even more, when she stared at me like I was some kind of freak. Her eyes lingered on my massive bulge, and I was tempted to take it out, and give her a real close look.

“Ms. Adelakun, I presume?” she asked in an arrogant voice.

“Yes,” I replied, and just managed to keep my tone civil. Two minutes in, and I was already hating the sister of my prospective boss.

“Good. Follow me,” she said, and turned around.

I followed, gritting my teeth, wondering if I’d made a huge mistake. She took me on a small tour around the house, before we entered a small office, and she walked around the desk, sat down, and motioned for me, to do the same.

“Onto business. The main reason, why I decided to hire a live in maid, is because I am going on a month long cruise, around the Caribbean. I need someone here, to make sure the kid eats, and try to get him to leave his room. Cook, and do the laundry, and take care of his room. And check, if there’s anything that needs cleaning. A crew comes in, twice a month, and cleans the rest of the place.”

My heart sank. A snot nosed brat, after all. “Alright.”

She saw the look on my face, and she actually smiled at me, though it was a frigid, mirthless thing. “Don’t worry, Ms. Adelakun. Charles won’t be much of a bother; he’s a good boy. In fact, you might not see too much of him. He spends almost all of his time, working.”

“And what is that,” I asked, my spirits somewhat raised. “His job, I mean.”

“Have you ever heard of Fantasyland? My brother created that game.”

I stared at her. Her brother had created Fantasyland, the most popular online game over the last five years? Over at Berkeley, they even used the game as an example, on how to be innovative at a time, where something new was hard to come by. No wonder he was rich.

“There’s another thing you need to know, Ms-”

That’s where I stopped her. “It’s Cleo, Ms. Lansing.”

She nodded, and I was rather annoyed she didn’t tell me, that I could call her Kate, or Katherine, or whatever the hell her name was. I was liking her less, and less.

“As I was saying, Cleo, there’s one more thing you need to know, before we go into the contract. Charles is on the… spectrum, I guess you could say. He’s never been formally diagnosed, but he’s extremely shy, and doesn’t do well with people. He’s awkward. So, I’ve found it’s best to not pressure him. So, it may be a few days, before he’s ready to meet you.”

“Alright,” I said. “Seems simple enough. How old is he?”

“Nineteen,” she replied. “Not so young, to cause you problems. Here’s a recent picture.”

She pulled out a picture from a drawer in her desk. For some reason, that bothered me. He was her brother, and she didn’t have his picture on the top of her desk, but in her desk? Upside down, even. And she was just so cold. Something wasn’t right.

She handed me the picture, and I instantly regretted, not stroking myself off, before I left. Charles Lansing, was the single most gorgeous human being I had ever seen. Short, blonde hair, and dark blue eyes, which were framed with these cute, square rimless glasses. His neck was long, and slender, like the rest of his body.

My cock stirred, when I noted his narrow waist, and slightly flared hips. Oh, he was dreamy, alright. Another lurch of my cock, and I realized, that if this interview would take much longer, I’d be in real trouble, because my balls were starting to ache. They had already been almost full, when I left my place, but seeing Charles, had really got my cum factory going, and my balls were starting to become hot.

“So, are you interested?” Kate asked, with a raised brow, and I realized I’d been staring at the picture. Stupid woman, showing a horny Cleo, a picture of such a perfect little thing. The irrational part of my mind, kept telling me that she was torturing me on purpose, and that I should slam her onto the tabletop, and fuck her brains out. Too bad for Kate and her cunt, that I wasn’t a lesbian.

I nodded, and handed the picture back. “Yes, I am. How’s the pay?”

At that, her face morphed into a sneer, and she handed me a folder, while shaking her head. “I wanted to pay you the standard rate, of fifteen dollars an hour. Charles disagreed.”

I wondered what that meant, as I opened the folder. My eyes quickly found the salary section, and my eyes almost bugged out. I looked at Kate, then back at the paper, and back at her.

“A hundred and fifty, per hour?” I asked, not believing my eyes. I almost groaned. The excitement went straight to my cock.

“Indeed,” she said, with that same sneer. “For a simple maid. It’s ridiculous.”

I was starting to get very pissed at her, my blue balls fuelling my anger. “Well, he just wants people to be paid well, and he can certainly afford it, if you don’t mind my saying so.”

The sneer deepened, but she didn’t say anything. She handed me a pen, and I signed my name. She handed me my own copy, slammed the folder shut, and stuck it into a file cabinet, and rounded on me.

“Can you start, today?”

That took me by surprise, but I couldn’t see why not. “Sure.”

She nodded. “Good. I leave the house in your care, then. In the backyard, there’s a guest house, Charles wants you to use. It has everything you need.” She looked at her watch. “It’s three thirty. It should give you enough time, to acquaint yourself properly with the house, before you start with dinner. Charles expects his dinner to be ready at seven, sharp. Bring it to his room, and knock. If he doesn’t answer, leave it on the floor.”

And with that, she dismissed me, with a wave of her hand. Arrogant bitch. I quit her office, and made my way to the foyer. Once I was there, I couldn’t take it any more, and rushed out the backdoor, and into the guest house.

I went straight to the bathroom., locked the door, and sat down on the toilet seat. I quickly undid the button on my jeans, and out came both my cock, and heavy, cum filled balls. My balls felt really hot, and actually hurt, when I touched them, they were so full of cum. I wasn’t going to do anything fancy, just rub one out, so that I could function properly for the rest of the day.

I began stroking my cock gently, because I knew it would hurt, if my balls bounced. A stream of precum started flowing from my cock, and I sighed in satisfaction, as my slick hand glided effortlessly up and down my meaty member, which was rapidly growing.

A few strokes later, she was standing in all her eighteen inch glory, glistening with precum, the veins on her throbbing. I closed my eyes, put my other hand on my cock, and pictured Charles on his knees, staring at my cock with his beautiful, doe eyes. Almost like a man, who’d gone a week in the desert, without water.

He would slowly reach out his hand, and gently feel my cock with his fingertips, and bring them to his mouth, covered in precum. He would then suckle them clean, and dive in for more, his open mouth leading the way. He was desperate, to get it straight from the source.

By that time, I was unbelievably horny, and my cock was liberally flowing with precum. My balls had now become adjusted to the bounce, and didn’t hurt as much, so I sped up. My cock wasn’t the only thing that was wet and overflowing, however.

With my right hand furiously working my cock, I slid the fingers of my left behind my balls, and into my steaming hot box. Goddess, it was so hot, I almost burned myself. I worked two fingers inside my cunt, while my thumb frigged my impressive clit.

I moaned loudly, and leaned my head back. I was getting close. I let myself imagine Charles with his face buried in my pussy, while I jerked myself off. I’d have to be careful of not beating his head too much with my heavy balls. He might get a concussion, otherwise.

Then, with a drawn out moan, I came. The first blast splattered against the ceiling, and the second, as well, before I angled my cock a bit, and came in my own face. Well, that was a first. The next shot wasn’t as powerful, and landed on my stomach.

All through that, my left hand hadn’t stopped working my pussy, and when I was just about through my cockgasm, my cunt went through a spasm, and I began creaming from there, as well. I squirted my juices out, with some force, and completely drenched my pants.

When it was done, I slumped back on the toilet, completely satisfied, for once. The cum on the ceiling dripped down on me, almost like it was raining, and I was covered in it. I looked up. How the hell was I going to clean that?


Two hours later, I emerged from the guest house, in a robe, I’d found in the closet. Luckily, it was large enough, that I wasn’t too revealed, but it showed a lot of my thighs, and cleavage, regardless. My cock was tucked underneath the sash.

I made my way over to the kitchen, and found the menu for the week. Today was a Thursday, so it was chicken breast, with steamed vegetables. Nice. I loved chicken. I began busying myself with dinner. I was a great cook, and I knew the kid was going to love it.

Then, after a while, I felt like I was being watched. I turned around, and lo and behold, there the gorgeous creature himself was, watching me toil away. We stared at each other, and I was struck speechless, which never happens.

Goddess, he was even more beautiful in real life. All five foot four, of him. He was standing close to the door, and looked like he would bolt at the first opportunity, but was still trying to muster what little courage there was.

I recovered first, of course. “Hello, there!” I said, my voice cheerful. “I’m Cleo, your new maid. I apologize for the way I’m dressed. I had an accident, earlier, and this was the only thing in the closet in the guest house, that came even remotely close to fitting. ”

He didn’t respond. “Come here,” I said firmly.

He slowly made his way over to me, his eyes flighty, and uncertain. He glanced up at my eyes, but turned his head, and looked at the frying pan.

“Let’s try this again,” I said in a tone, that brooked no argument. “I’m Cleo, your new maid.”

Again, he stole a glance up at me. “I’m Charles. It-it’s nice to meet you.” Another glance. “You can wear whatever makes you comfortable, I don’t mind.”

I smiled at him. He was adorable, but way too shy. He hadn’t stolen a single glance at my cleavage, and I was sorely disappointed.

“Is my sister gone?” he asked.

I frowned. She was leaving for a month, and she hadn’t even bidden him farewell? “The Dragon Lady is gone, yes.”

I saw him visibly relax. The more I saw of this household, the less I liked it. I was just finishing with the food, and I thought now might be a good time to get to know Charles. No. Charlie. That fitted him much better.

“We’re eating in the dining room, Charlie,” I said, and smiled at him.

“I- I usually eat in my room. By myself,” he said, with a slight stutter.

I raised a brow, and he smiled awkwardly. “That’s over and done with, Charlie. I am not eating by myself, and you need to step out of that room, every now and then. Go sit down, and I’ll bring the food. I’ve already set the table.”

He nodded slowly, and left the room, and my eyes were glued to his ass. Goddess, he was gorgeous! A minute later, I came out with the food, and saw him sitting by the end of the table, his phone in his hand. My eyes narrowed. My mother had always forbidden phones at the table. She said they were a distraction, that supper was a time families were supposed to spend together, and talk about their day.

I put the food down on the table, and sat down on the other side of the table. I gave him a large portion. I then put some on my own plate, and began eating. It was really good, if I do say so, myself. When Charlie hadn’t begun eating, after a while, I put a finger on top of the phone, and slowly pressed down on it.

“Look at me,” I demanded, and he obeyed. “Your sister may be alright, with you eating in your room, and shutting yourself off from the world. Or perhaps, she gave up. I will not. We will eat our meals together, in this room, or the kitchen. And no phones permitted.”

He stared at me, and looked like he might actually argue with me, but wisely held his tongue. He meant to put his phone in his pocket, but I held out my hand. He looked at it for a moment, then gave it to me. I took the phone, and slowly eased it down into my enormous cleavage. I felt really happy, when he stared at it in complete awe, his eyes big as saucers.

“I’ll give it to you after dinner. Go on,” I said, after a moment. “Eat.”

He shook his head clear, grabbed his utensils, and took a large bite. “This is really good!” he said, with some enthusiasm.

I smiled, took the last small bite, and pulled the fork slowly out of my mouth. “I’m glad you like it, sweetie,” I said. I put my fork down, and rested my chin in my palm. “Go on, finish your food. After you’re done, I’d like you, to show me your room.”

The fork stopped, halfway to his mouth. “My-my room?”

I grinned. “Yes, your room. After all, your sister insisted on cleaning that, would be one of my duties.”

Charlie finished eating his supper, without saying a word, and I could see him getting more and more nervous. I wondered what his room was like. Was it neat and orderly? Or was it a more regular teen room, with sweaty smell, and cum stained tissues? Perhaps it was a tech fortress?

When he was done eating, I removed the plates from the table, and put them in the machine. Once that was done, I put away the rest of the food, to eat the following day.

“I guess we can go to my room now, if you want,” Charlie said, uncertainly.

I nodded. “Lead on.”

We left the kitchen, and made our way to the foyer, where he led me up the stairs, and to the left wing. We walked all the way, to the end, and stopped by the last door to the right. I saw him take a deep breath, before he opened it up, and stepped inside.

I was a little surprised, when I stepped in, and learned what his room was actually like. It was a large room, but it was… normal. There was a bed, by one wall, and almost in the middle of the room, there was a work station with a nice looking computer, and three, rather large, curved screens. No chair, however, but one of those large bean bags. There were several full book cases, lining the walls.

What I found most interesting, in that room, was the wall, on the other side of his bed. It was almost completely covered with pictures of kids, of various ages, and from all over the world. They were all smiling, and all happy.

“Who are they?” I asked, and made my way over to the wall.

He looked extremely embarrassed. Was this what made him so reluctant, to let anyone into his room? Why? Was he some sort of pervert? If so, then I’d have to kick his ass, because I hate perverts. Despite me being one…

“They’re kids I’ve sponsored to have a top tier education. I have a team that scours the globe, and finds children with the greatest potential, but don’t have the means to go to the best schools, so I take care of the funding.”

I looked at him, as if he was completely insane. “What?”

He became even more embarrassed, and even scratched the back of his head. “My sister tells me I’m wasting money on nothing, but I can’t stand the idea of some of these minds, wasting away. Who knows? Maybe the person, who will invent proper, interstellar travel lives in rural China. Or the one, who creates a time machine, is slaving away in a sweatshop in Bangladesh. You know?”

I was still staring at him. This was… “And you want nothing, in return?”

He shook his head. “I only asked the few that have graduated so far, to at least consider going to work for companies that are working for the greater good of humanity, and the planet.”

I was still having problems wrapping my head around this. He was spending, what had to be tens of millions of dollars, on a bunch of kids, he didn’t even know? I was… Hopelessly turned on, by his kindness. My control over my body was the only reason, why my cock wasn’t peaking out from the robe.

“And your sister thinks you’re wasting your money?” I ended up asking.

“Yes. She doesn’t see why it’s our job, to educate kids,” he replied, and came up to the wall, and stood next to me.

There was a thing I’d noticed. Before, he had been a stuttering mess, but once we began talking about things he knew something about, and was comfortable with, he relaxed, and seemed almost normal. I filed that away, for later.

“I’ve recently been thinking about doing something else, too. Help refugees, I think Immigrants. What use is there, to come here, only to end up in a ghetto? We need to help them educate their children. The parents might not be able to find a high paying job, but at least, I can help the kids. By making sure their schools get proper funding, regardless of their average GPA.”

I closed my eyes, to try and prevent my cock from bursting free. While I have never been ashamed of it, and never hide it, I thought showing him my meat, would not go so well. He was hitting all my buttons, though. And he wanted to help refugees and immigrants. Now that, hit me right in the heart, because I am the granddaughter of a refugee/immigrant.

I took a deep breath, and smiled at him. “I think that’s a great idea, Charlie. What does your sister, say?”

He became uncomfortable, again. “She doesn’t know. I think we’ll have a row over it.”

Again, that stuck up bitch. And I wasn’t liking, how he always tensed up, whenever she came up in a conversation. She was quite clearly, a noxious influence on him. I was going to have to figure out, how to mitigate that. Anyway, I felt that might be enough, for that first meeting.

“Is there any dirty laundry, for me to wash?” I asked, but he shook his head.

“Ok. Listen, is there a car, I can borrow, so that I can go home, and pick up some stuff? I need my clothes.”

He nodded, and I could tell he was retreating, back into his shell. Another thing I needed to help him with. I’d known him for an hour, and already I could see, that he had so much to offer the world. He was being held back, however. Both by his awkwardness with other people, and his bitch of a sister.

He led me silently through the big house, and I walked behind him, my eyes roaming all over his rear, from his lovely ass, to his slightly wide hips, and trim waist. He just had to be, the most fuckable boy, I’d ever seen.

Then a thought hit me. I wanted to help him, with himself. And that jogoo, he called a sister. The easiest way, to do that, was to make him mine. I would seduce him, and bring him into my embrace, as my sub. I am extremely dominant, and I knew he was a total submissive. I grinned. This would be so much fun! I had to move fast, though. I only had a month.

We entered the garage, and sitting there, was a Tesla Model S, and a Volvo XC90 hybrid. Nice cars, for sure. Charlie reached for the keys, to the Volvo, and handed them to me.

“You can use it, as you will. I almost never do.”

Free use of a car? Nice!

“Thank you, Charlie. But I’d take the Tesla, if you don’t mind. That’s more my speed. I’ll be back, before long, OK? Like I said, I just need to go home, and pick up a few things, and then shop a bit.”

He shrugged. “You don’t need to explain yourself, to me. Can I be honest?” he asked, and actually looked kind of scared.

I nodded. “Always be honest, with me, Charlie,” I said firmly. “I do not waste my time, with people who aren’t honest.”

He looked ready to panic, but pressed on, regardless. “I think my sister may have hired you, to keep an eye on me,” he said. “To make sure I don’t do anything stupid. Something she won’t like. I think that might be why she hired someone, with a technical background. She may try something, to make you cooperate.”

Now, that put a new spin on things. That jogoo was going to do what? We’d see about that! I was no one’s fool.

“Don’t worry, Sweetie,” I said with a smile. “I won’t do anything like that. I work for you, not her. I’ll see you in the morning. Breakfast is at nine. Do not be late. I do not tolerate tardiness.”

I turned to leave, when there was a small sound behind me. I turned my head, to find Charlie shuffling his feet.

“What is it, sweetheart?” I asked kindly.

“Uumm. My phone?” he asked timidly.

I almost burst out laughing. I’d forgotten. I very slowly extracted the phone from within the confines of my cleavage, and handed it to him. He accepted it from my hands, almost with reverence. Oh, he was just so amaxing!


I put the last suitcase into the car, and closed the back, a little harder than needed. I was still pissed off, at that bitch Kate. She was going to use me? Hah! I’d show her. So, I called my friend Benny. He was a fellow Berkeley graduate, and a friend. He also happened to be one hell of a hacker.

I had introduced him to his girlfriend, Rhonda. She was a girl like me, and they were extremely happy. He once told me, that he could never repay me, but I was thinking now might be a good time, for me to cash in a little of the debt.

The phone was answered on the sixth ring. There was a grunt on the other side of the line, followed by another, then a third.


“Cleo?- ooh! I-”

“Fucking take it, bitch!” came the growl of someone, somewhere, in the background. I grinned. Or the backdoor, if he knew my friend Rhonda, who’s a lawyer.

“Listen, Benny, I need a favour,” I said, and laughed, when instead of an answer, I only got a series of wails of pleasure.

“Let her know, how much you like being skewered with my seventeen inches, you little slut!”

“I love it, Mistress,” he panted. “I feel incomplete, without you in me.”

What followed, was almost a full minute of increasingly hard fucking, and Benny’s moans, were becoming more, and more desperate.

“Mistress, I-”

I heard a rustling sound, and the moans stopped, but Rhonda’s groans were still there. I smiled, knowing what had happened. It often did, whenever we Futas became too excited. I waited patiently for Rhonda, to pick up the phone.

“He passed out,” Rhonda informed me, while she kept fucking him. “He’ll come to, after a while. I’m in a good mood, so I’ll keep fucking him, until he wakes up.”

“That’s nice of you,” I commented, and turned into a side street, and parked outside a store I knew had just what I needed, to seduce my Charlie. It was a very exclusive boutique, that catered to a very select group of clients, of which I happened to be a part of.

“I am the best Mistress!” Rhonda exclaimed, and I heard her increase the speed of her fucking even more.

I heard a long, drawn out moan, on the other end, which was followed by a squelching sound. “Did you cum?” I asked.

“Yes,” she confirmed, breathlessly. “The fifth time, today. I still have a few in me, before I go to sleep. Could you text Benny what you need? I’ll make sure he does what you want.”

I told her I’d do that, and hung up. Lucky bitch.

After I’d texted Benny with what I needed, I left the car, made my way down a dark alley, and stopped in front of a sturdy, iron door. A narrow flap opened with a clang, and dark eyes studied me, for a moment, and then, what they could see of the surrounding area.

“Nyssa,” I greeted her. “No one followed me, you know.”

“Can’t be too careful,” Nyssa said, in her heavily accented voice. “It’s a cutthroat business I’m in.”

I grinned at her. Paranoid freak. “I’m sure. Now, are you going to let me in?”

The flap closed, and the door opened, after she had unlocked about a thousand locks. I was pretty sure she had added, at least four new locks, since the last time I’d been there. Pretty soon, this would be an online only store, I wagered.

I stepped inside, and I smiled in satisfaction. I absolutely adored this place. All manner of sex toys lined the walls. Dildos, pocket pussies, chin strap-ons. And bondage gear. Leather straps, paddles, whips, collars, you name it. Anything you might need for a little Domme/Sub action, Nyssa had it.

I had an urge, to ask her for a pass to enter the next floor up, but decided against it, this time. Upstairs, Nyssa had opened a brothel, that had six rooms available, for customers. This brothel was special, however.

It only catered to a certain type of men, between the ages of eighteen, and twenty five. And the boy didn’t choose, which girl he was with. In fact, once the boy was in the door, he mostly didn’t have any say, in what happened. Within reason, of course.

I went on, and I let my eyes linger on my favourite collar for a moment. I knew, that once I’d made Charlie mine, I would come back, and buy one for him. I would have whatever name I chose for him, engraved onto the metal disk that hung from it. I suspected I would just stick with Charlie.

“What can I do for you, Cleo?” Nyssa asked.

I turned to regard my friend. She was almost as tall as me, but not quite as thick. Her breasts were fucking big, though. She had close cropped hair, and a few piercing in her face. A nose ring, a stud in her lower lip, and another stud, in her left brow. I thought I had seen a tongue ring. That was new. I idly wondered, if she had pierced her cock. Or perhaps her clit. Oh, well.

“I need a maid uniform, Nyssa, and black lace top stockings. Silk, of course.”

“All my stockings are silk, or satin, Cleo. You know that,” Nyssa said, with a roll of her eyes, while she went to a shelf, and picked out two pairs. “Only the finest, for my fellow Futas.”

“I know. I’m just teasing. Now, about that outfit?”

She had me follow her further in, and we found one, that just might fit. She handed it to me, and I brought it to a fitting room. I removed my t-shirt and yoga pants, and put on the outfit, and looked critically at myself in the mirror. The bodice was tight, without being uncomfortable, and did a good job of pushing my breasts up, and together.

I pictured myself wearing a pair of black, lace top stockings, and I liked the image. The skirt was rather short, which made my cock clearly visible, as it hung low, and dangled hypnotically, between my legs. I pursed my lips. There was something missing, but what?

I quit the booth, and found Nyssa waiting outside. “What’s missing here?”

She leaned back, against a sofa, and let her eyes run over me. “Hmmm. You’ll definitely need a pair of black, four inch heels. You know, the kind with straps, around your ankles.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “Anything else?”

Nyssa grinned, and held up a finger. “Wait here. I just got a shipment of a new type of lingerie, I designed. I think it’ll go very well with this, especially since I know you’re going to let your cock hang free, and not hide her.”

She disappeared into the back, for a moment. Using that time, I went and found a pair of shoes I liked. When I’d found them, and put them on the counter, Nyssa had returned, and I saw a small box in her hands. She opened it, and what I saw, was just a bundle of black lace, at first.

She unfolded it properly, and I realized I was looking at a kind of thong. There was a two inch lace string, that went around your hips, and a half inch string that went between your butt cheeks. Pretty basic. The front, however, was something else. There was a kind of lace ‘sock’, where I assumed my cock went. And lastly, behind that, was a kind of ‘bra’ for my balls.

“Here,” she said. “It’s from my new line; The Nubian Queen. Try it on.”

I took it off her hands, and began sliding it up my legs. I fitted it correctly in the back, before I slid my cock into the sleeve, and then put my balls into the cups. I pulled it up the rest of the way, and began walking around, marvelling at just how comfortable these panties were. I eyed myself in the mirror, again. Damn, I looked gorgeous, and my cock was incredibly sexy, dressed up like that.

“I’ll take three pairs,” I said with a smile.

Once I’d removed everything, and dressed again, I brought everything to the counter. “Could you ring me a tab, Nyssa? I’m kind of broke right now, but I’m starting a job that brings me a hundred and fifty, an hour.”

Nyssa simply nodded. It wasn’t unusual, for us, to ask for credit. And we always got it, because no one wanted to cross Nyssa, so we all paid back what we owed. It was bad news for your cock, if you didn’t. We settled on a prize, and a minute later, I was making my way back to my car, a smile on my lips. Now, I was ready to seduce that delicious boy…


I woke up with a smile, for the first time in ages. I made my way into the shower, and having awoken early, I had plenty of time to rub one out, to start my day. I have to confess, though. Watching all that precious cum spill into the drain of the shower, almost made me cry.

Temporarily satisfied, I went to put on my uniform, and the customized thong, of course. It really was fantastic, feeling the soft lace fabric, rub against my cock. It was fairly stimulating, and I felt it grow a tiny bit, and I loved, how my cock stretched the ‘sock’ just a little.

I made my way over to the main house, and into the kitchen. I looked at the clock, and noted I had twenty minutes to make breakfast. Hmmm. Oatmeal sounded good. With a banana, and a glass of fruit juice.

I set about making the oatmeal, and when it was ten to nine, Charlie came into the kitchen, a little bleary eyed. Not an early riser, it seemed. I would change that. It did the body no good, to always stay up late, and wake up late.

“Good morning, Cleo,” Charlie said, and sat down, on the other side of the counter. I noticed him steal a look at my breasts, when he thought I wasn’t looking. Ha! There were some actual hormones in him, after all! I wondered why he wasn’t more surprised by my outfit, but figured he just thought that was what maids wore.

I finished the oatmeal, put some in a bowl, and pushed it over, along with a banana, and a big glass of orange fruit. I moved from the stove, and leaned against the counter, mashing my breasts onto the tabletop. I watched as he played with the food in the bowl.

“Oatmeal not to your liking?” I asked a bit sternly. I raised a well manicured brow, when he looked at me, crestfallen.

“No! It’s great!” He said, and began eating, with gusto.

I smiled in satisfaction, and grabbed my own bowl, and had some oatmeal. I love it. It’s very filling, and the energy it gives you lasts a long while. Charlie finished his meal, and excused himself, after thanking me with endearing enthusiasm. I fixed my eyes onto his butt, as he walked out of the kitchen, and a shudder went through me.

An image, of me throwing that boy, onto the counter, and fucking him, and cumming into him, again, and again, flashed through my mind. I felt my balls begin to grow warm. Oh, this was pure torture!

I quickly cleaned everything up, and was about to run into the bathroom, to drain my balls again, when I saw an empty spaghetti container, by the sink, the lid right next to it. I just could not let my cream go to waste, again.

I made my way over to the sink, removed my thong, and began gently stroking my cock with one hand, while the other raked through my dense bush. Most Futas I know, shave their pubes, but I like it. I keep it well maintained, of course. I’m not a slob.

The hand playing in my bush, eventually began rolling my balls around, and I could practically feel the cum boiling in them, responding to the stimulation. Would that two litre unit be enough? I didn’t know, but I hoped my earlier session, had done enough.

My right hand was a blur on my slick cock, and I could feel myself getting closer. I reached for the container. It was deep, and somewhat narrow, which was perfect for the occasion. I let myself imagine Charlie’s hands on my cock, and that was enough to send me over the edge.

I thrust my cock into the container, and the cum shot out of my girl, in long streams. I quickly realized, that this container would not be enough. Not wanting to spend too much time cleaning, after I was done, I reached for a large glass, and shot the rest of my cum into it, filling it to the brim.

I put the glass on the counter, right next to the container, and slumped against the sink, with a satisfied sigh. This ought to hold me over, until after lunch. I cleaned my cock, and put the thong back on. Once that was done, I closed the container, and put it, as well as the glass, in the fridge.

A sudden thought hit me, then, and I grinned. I opened a drawer, pulled out a post-it, and a pen. I jotted down a short note, and stuck it to the glass.

Here’s a little something for you, Charlie, in case you get hungry.

It’s a protein mix, that’s very strong, and quite healthy.

I don’t want you snacking on something that’s bad for you.


If I was lucky, he would come down, for a snack sometime, during the day. You see, there’s something interesting that happens, whenever a boy ingests a healthy helping of Futa cum. They get horny. Unbelievably horny, and the only thing that can relieve the arousal, is a Futa cock. Either in their throat, or crushing their prostate.

Women do not react this way, nor do ‘manly’ men. It’s exclusive to boys, who have a somewhat feminine build. Boys like Charlie, as it were. Or Benny. I could barely hold back my excitement. By the Goddess, I hoped he would have some. If he did, I’d have my cock in him soon enough. If I could control my urges, that is.

I walked down the corridor, my four inch heals click-clacking on the hardwood floor, and my cock swinging gently, with each step. I knocked on the door to Charlie’s room, and when there was no answer, I simply opened the door, and stepped in.

The reason why there was no answer to my knocking on the door, was apparent when I stepped in. Charlie was sitting at the computer, obviously working on something for Fantasyland. He was so completely engrossed in his work, that he didn’t notice me come in. The drapes were drawn shut, so that the sun couldn’t get in. I smiled. I felt now was a good time, to show Charlie my cock.

I made my way over to the row of windows, and yanked the curtains open, allowing the sunlight to stream in, and bathe the room in their light. Charlie flinched, when the darkness was suddenly dispelled. I turned around, and crossed my arms under my huge breasts, and watched as he blinked his eyes into focus, and found me standing by the window.

I knew he was unlikely to see me clearly, when I was standing so close to the window, and the sun in his eyes, so I slowly walked over to him, my hips swaying sensually, and I saw his eyes roam over my body, and finally, land on my cock, which was swinging hypnotically from side to side, as I made my way over.

I rounded his work station, and stopped, right next to him, my cock at eye level. “Watcha working on, Sweetie?” I asked, and leaned in. It gave me great satisfaction, to feel my cock ‘accidentally’ bump against his lips. It jolted him out of his reverie.

“Wh-what?” he asked, still staring at my cock. I heard him take a deep breath. Oh, how fabulous! He was taking in my scent!

“Sweetie?” I prodded him, but didn’t move. I was enjoying myself far too much.

Finally, he gathered himself, and turned his attention back to the computer screens. “Just some things for the game. Nothing much, since the company does most of the stuff. All I really do, nowadays, is review, and make suggestions.”

I nodded. “So, nothing that can’t wait?”

“I suppose,” he said, and was obviously being very careful, of not looking at my cock. “The new expansion, just came out, so it’ll be fairly slow, for a bit.”

“Good,” I said, and yanked him to his feet, and put the keyboard on the desk. “Go and get some air. Take a walk around the grounds. Get some sun, Charlie. You look like a vampire.”

“But,” he began, but I wasn’t hearing it.

“Out! It’s not healthy, to stay cooped up in here, all day long. If you’re hungry, I left you something in the fridge.”

He scurried out of the room, without so much as a glance back, eager to do as he was told. I ran a hand through my hair, let myself fall onto the bean bag, and grabbed my cock, which was starting to grow, again. Was I really going to jack off again, before lunch? In his room, no less? And where the hell was I going to put all the cum?


It was two days after that episode in Charlie’s room, when things took a turn, in our relationship. To my intense satisfaction, I had noticed the cum I left in the fridge, had disappeared, little by little, that first day. Naturally, I did my best to keep him supplied with more.

I also discovered, that he was eating less and less, and I assumed he was always full of my cum, and thus would not need to eat as much as usual. He was also stealing more and more looks at my cock, and he was being less and less discrete, about it.

He was, plainly put; horny. About to go crazy, with arousal. Good. He was almost primed, and ready for me to begin feeding him my cum, straight from the source. I had never tasted my own cum, at that moment, but I was pretty certain, that it tasted better when it was scalding hot, and being sucked out of my cock.

Of course, Charlie wasn’t the only one whose arousal was steadily growing. While I was making sure to keep him supplied with as much cum as he could take, the truth is, that I was producing so much cum, that I’d taken to putting it in the freezer. Since this was the first time I had done anything like that, I learned something peculiar.

My cum keeps. What I mean is, that even if it’s in the fridge for a few days, it does not go bad. It becomes a little thicker, but Charlie assures me, that it remains incredible. Of course, he’s biased, and all, but I believe him. He’s become an expert on Futa cum, after all.

Anyway, it was late in the afternoon, two days after my big reveal, when I took his throat for the first time. I was leaning against the kitchen counter, working up a fresh load, to top off Charlie’s supply, when he came into the kitchen suddenly. He had been working at his desk, and I’d figured he would be at it for a while.

The need to cum, had come over me so suddenly, that I had simply stripped off my thong, where I’d been standing. So there I was, stroking my cock, in plain view of the door into the kitchen. Charlie froze, of course, and stared at me, and I stared at him, my hand coming to a stop.

I recovered first, and quick as a flash, I dashed forward, and grabbed him. I was done waiting. My cock was going into his mouth, right then. I turned around, and pinned him against the counter, with one hand, and leaned against him, so that my eighteen inch cock was mashed between our bodies. I stared him straight in the eyes.

“Cleo, what-”

“What was I doing?” I asked with exaggerated sweetness. “I was jerking off. About to make myself cum, actually. Ask me why,” I whispered, my breath hot on his face.

“W- why?” He asked timidly.

I leaned in, and whispered into his ear. “Because you make me so hot, baby. My balls keep filling up, and they’ll burst, if I don’t take care of them a few times a day. And my girl really wants to cum,” I told him. “See?,” I asked, and looked down.

He followed my gaze, and saw my cock, pressing against his chest, oozing precum. “She wants you, baby,” I said, and began playing with his hair, in a soothing fashion. “And I really think you should do as she wants,” I finished, and began pressing down on his head, but he resisted.

“B-but, that’s” he began, but I interrupted him.

“Sshhh, sweetie,” I soothed him. “It’s alright. You’ve already been eating my cream, for the past three days. I know you love it, and I promise, it’s going to taste, and feel so much better, straight from the source.”

I saw him open his mouth, to protest, and groaned in need. I just had to get into his throat! So I put both my hands on his shoulders, and forced him down onto his knees, then grabbed a fistful of his hair. I grabbed my cock with the other hand, pulled back my foreskin, as far as it went, and began tracing his lips with my massive cock head, leaving a trace of pre on them.

He unconsciously began licking his lips. I pumped my fist up my cock, and when the large glob of pre appeared in my slit, he opened his mouth, to catch it, and there was my opening. I shoved my cock into his mouth, and his eyes bulged, as his mouth was stretched further than it ever had been, before. I was actually impressed, by how much it actually opened. Good. It would hurt less like that.

“Don’t worry, baby,” I said, and held him fast. “You’ll love it, I promise,” I told him, in a gentle voice, and began pressing myself further in, and eased back a bit, then pushed in, a little further, that time.

I kept that up, for a while, just easing myself in, a fraction of an inch at a time, allowing his mouth to stretch around my girth. At first, he struggled a little bit, and tried pushing against my thighs. However, as my cum kept working its magic, he became more and more relaxed.

Then I felt him grab my meaty thighs, as I pushed myself in, and when I pulled back, I felt the glorious sensation of a boy sucking my cock. Oh, sweet, merciful goddess! I’d been waiting for that, since the moment I saw his picture.

“That’s it Charlie,” I moaned out. “Suck on my cock. You like it, don’t you?”

He looked up at me, and I could see the agreement, in his eyes. Yes, he did indeed like it. I leaned my head back, and cradled his head in my hands, as he began making love to my cock with his mouth.

“Swirl your tongue around the head, but watch the teeth, sweetie,” I instructed him, after a while. “I’ve felt them a few times, and I don’t want them on my cock. I know it’s hard, with my huge cock stretching you like that, but you’ll try, won’t you?”

He blinked in agreement, and I smiled. Such a good boy. I kept working myself in, until I hit the back of his throat. I allowed my cock to rest there for a while, before pushing in harder. I felt him gag on my cock, and it was amazing! I drew back, to allow him to breathe, then pushed back in, firmly, and he gagged again.

Knowing I was never going to get into the warm embrace of his throat like that, I pulled out, and practically dragged him into the dining room, where I picked him up, and slammed him down onto the table, after throwing the chair out of the way. I then made certain, his head was dangling off the end.

“Open your mouth, Charlie, and relax as much as you can,” I told him, grabbed my cock, and lined it up with his mouth. “I’m going in, and I’m not stopping, until every one of my eighteen inches is buried in your throat. I’ll try to be gentle, but I’m not making any promises.”

He did as I ordered, and when I thought he was ready, I put my cock into his mouth again, and began to firmly press myself into him, and soon I was at the back of his throat. I pressed on, and I felt him gag, and gurgle on my cock, but I kept going. Eventually, I was all the way in, and felt my massive balls bump against his head.

I held my cock there, for a moment, then pulled out, to allow him to breathe, before I slid back in, a little faster, that time. I repeated this a few times, until he learned to match his breathing with my thrusts. I picked up the pace, and pretty soon, I was fucking his throat at a steady, strong pace, and more than that, I was feeling myself getting closer, and closer.

After ten, or some minutes of throat fucking, I let out a feral howl. “Swallow, baby, and don’t you dare waste it!” and began cumming.

I grabbed his shirt, and held tight, fearing the first blast might tear him off my cock. It didn’t however, and I watched as his stomach began to rise a little bit, as I completely filled it. I eventually finished cumming, slumped back, and slid my cock out of his throat, and he coughed a few times.

I smiled down at him, and eased him further onto the table. I grabbed the chair and sat down in it, and watched my little cocksucker catch his breath, and gather himself. After a moment, he drowsily rolled off the table, and was about to stagger out of the dining room.

“Stop!” I commanded, and as always, he obeyed. “You planning on leaving, without thanking me, for my cum? How was it?”

He stole a look at my flaccid meat, and then looked me in my eyes. “Thank you, Cleo. It was wonderful.”

I smiled. “You’re welcome, darling. But you know, the job’s only half done,” I said. I slid down in the chair, and slowly spread my legs. I grabbed my heavy balls, and lifted them, to reveal my steamy cunt, which wasn’t dripping wet, but leaking.

Charlie was staring at her, open mouthed, completely mesmerized. Oh, this was going better, than I could ever have hoped for.

“On your knees,” I ordered Charlie.

He began walking my way, but I stopped him with a finger in the air. “Stop, darling. On your knees. I want you to crawl to me.”

He slowly got to his knees, and crawled to me, on his hands and knees. Perfect. He stopped between my legs, his eyes fixed on my pussy. He leaned in, and breathed in, through his nose.

“She’s waiting, pet,” I said softly, and spread my legs a little further.

That was all he needed, to set about his business. I’d figured I would have to tell him what to do, but he seemed to know his way around a pussy. He’d probably read a thing or two about pleasing a pussy, the curious sort that he was. He planted soft kisses, on the insides of my thighs, slowly making his way towards my burning cunt.

I was about to lose my shit, when he finally reached my pussy, stuck out his tongue, and took one long lick, from my anus, all the way up to my clit, which he kissed with a wet smooch. I moaned in pleasure, and a little in surprise at how assertive he was being. I guess having made me cum once already, helped a little.

He began kissing, licking and nibbling all over my outer lips, and he sucked on them, before he licked up to my clit, again, and even stuck the tip of his tongue, under the hood of my clitoris. Goddess, that drove me wild!

“Fuck, yes!” I howled. “Eat me, Charlie!”

He became more bold, and moved to my inner lips, and gave them some love, but always made sure to return to my clit, and hood, every now and again. Damn, he was good at it. I gasped in pleasure when I felt him take my clit into his mouth, and suck gently, while battering it with his wet tongue. By that time, I was bucking wildly against his face, my huge balls and cock, lying on his head.

He moved from my clit, and began eating my inner lips, again, when suddenly, I screamed, grabbed a hold of his head, and bucked my hips into him, forcefully. I came violently, and began squirting my girl-cum into his mouth.

“Swallow my sweet nectar, baby,” I moaned, and held him fast, for a couple of minutes, while the orgasm ran its course. When I was done, I slumped back into the chair, completely drained.

Charlie was resting on his haunches, his head leaning against one of my thick thigh, and he was looking at me dreamily, his eyes a little glossy, and unfocused. I wasn’t surprised. He was probably high as a kite.

“Did you like your dessert, pet?” I asked, and sat up in the chair.

“Mhmm,” Charlie said, and began stroking my cock with one hand.

“You want more?” I asked in surprise. What an appetite.

“Mhmm,” Charlie said, and placed a little kiss on each of my balls.

I smiled happily. I had him! “I have more, baby. It might take a little longer, this time,” I informed him.

“I don’t mind, Cleo,” Charlie said, and licked my cock, and took it in his mouth, again.


The day after was a Saturday, and I had decided I was going to have a lazy day, and get some sun. I woke up, a little before noon. I put on a silk robe, grabbed my Ray-Bans, as well as a couple of other things, and made my way over to the house, discovering Charlie was up and about.

“Morning, Sweetie,” I said, and gave him a smile.

He blushed crimson, and looked down on his toes. “Morning,” he mumbled.

Normally, I would have been annoyed, with the way he didn’t look me in the eye, when he addressed me, but I let it slide, this time. He was probably still a little overwhelmed, after what happened the night before.

“You have something for breakfast?” I asked, and began making myself a large drink of G&T. I knew it was before noon, but fuck’em. I did what I wanted. And I figured it was afternoon somewhere, anyway.

I looked over at Charlie, who hadn’t answered. “Well?”

“I had some… some…”

I grinned, at how uncomfortable, he was. “How was my cum? Tasty, as always, I hope?”

He nodded. “It was.”

I walked over to the freezer, and retrieved one of the cum containers. I filled the sink with lukewarm water and put it in the water. It would slowly thaw, and he could have some of it, for dinner. Of course, I planned on feeding him a fresh batch, at lunch.

I smiled, and licked my upper lip, slowly. “Of course it was tasty,” I half whispered. “Only the best, for my darling.”

And with that, I left him alone, but deliberately left a box on the counter. The back yard was big, and properly walled off, so there was absolute privacy, to be had. Good. I made my way poolside, and was very happy to see, what kind of sun lounger he had bought. Or, more likely, the jogoo.

They were these ultra modern looking ones, made out of white, recycled plastic, and looked rather comfortable. What had me smiling the most, however, was the fact that they had no legs, and rested on the tiles. Perfect. Charlie was so small, it helped greatly with what I had planned. I put my drink and phone on the table that was next to the chair, noting the glass ashtray. Nice! I then folded the… sunbrella. Once that was done, I shed my robe, and got into the chair.

Once I’d made myself comfortable, I took a sip of my drink thinking this was almost perfect. There was only one thing missing. Two things, actually, both within calling distance, I was certain.

“Charlie!” I called. “Bring me the box, I left on the counter, and my lighter. And no dawdlin'”

Within moments, I heard him coming, and he was almost running. He was coming along very nicely, I had to say. Always obeyed, and seemingly eager to be of service. I was glad. I didn’t particularly like breaking my boys down; it was so much more satisfying, for me, when they simply accepted I was a superior being, and that their place was beneath me.

“Here you… go,” he said, and held out the box, and lighter, to me. And stared. His eyes roamed over my completely naked body, and finally fix on my cock, which was resting against my thigh. It gave me great satisfaction, to see a very slight bulge form in his jeans.

I grinned inwardly, when I noted just how small it was. There had never been a question, of who was bigger, but I could still use it, to compound my superiority. I pointed to the table, and he put the box, and lighter there.

“Take one out, and snap just a little bit off the wrapped end, and put it in my lips.”

I watched him blink himself out of his reverie, and do as I commanded. He extracted one of my El Rey Del Mundo La Reina’s and the clipper. He studied the end for a moment, before he brought the clipper to the right place, and snipped the end off.

I moistened my lips, so that they were glistening in the sun, and opened my mouth a little bit, so that he could present the cigar to me. I accepted it, and once I had wrapped my lips around it, he reached for my Zippo. It is a custom made piece, with a crown edged into the sides, and my name in the bottom. It was a gift from my grandmother, Queen Suada, of the Tribe of the Lion.

She’s the one who introduced me to the pleasures of cigar smoking. I absolutely love how it makes me feel, and I particularly like the La Reina. At seven and a half inches long, and with a ring gauge, of only thirty eight, it’s long and somewhat slender, which I think gives it an elegant look. Especially in the hands of an elegant lady, such as myself.

There was a click, and Charlie brought the flame to the tip of my cigar, and we set about lighting it. I took a few puffs, and slowly rotated the cigar, and after a bit, it was fully lit, and I could enjoy a nice, relaxing hour of smoking. Charlie turned around, to head back inside, but I wasn’t having any of that.

“Stay,” I commanded him. “Watch me.”

I puffed on it, contentedly for a few minutes, while Charlie stood by the lounger, and did, indeed watch me. I revelled in the attention, and it made me feel good. Especially knowing Charlie liked what he was seeing.

“Strip,” I ordered him, after a while.

His eyes went wide. “W-what?”

I eased my Ray-Bans down my nose, and glared at him. “You heard me, pet. You’ve seen me, and now I want to see you. Strip.”

I watched as he clumsily took of his shoes, socks, jeans, and t shirt. He was standing in front of the lounger, in just his underwear, his hands covering his groin. Oh, that wasn’t going to be enough.

I took a huge puff on my cigar, and exhaled the monstrous cloud, his way. “Remove your undies, Charlie. Remember, I told you to strip. And that means everything.”

He hesitantly complied, and did take his underwear off, but kept covering his groin, with his hands. “Let me see, darling,” I said. “Never hide from me,” I added sternly.

He slowly parted his hands, to reveal his hard… dicklet. I just could not call it a cock, or a dick. Hell, at three inches long, it was barely a penis. I felt like being a little cruel, and lifted my foot, and began tapping that tiny thing.

“It’s so cute!” I gushed, knowing full well, that guys do not like to have their cocks referred to as ‘cute’. “No wonder you didn’t want me to see what was there… Or wasn’t, more likely.”

He was horribly embarrassed, and no wonder. “I know it’s not-”

I lowered my foot, and smiled gently at him. “Hush, darling,” I said, and took a puff on my cigar, and exhaled into the air. “You don’t have to worry about that, any more. I have enough cock for the both of us.”

I puffed for a while, making him watch me, but eventually, I felt like having him serve my cock. I simply pointed on the floor, next to me, and he stepped up to the chair, then sank to his knees.

“Good boy. Now, this,” I began, and hefted my heavy meat in my hand, “is a real cock, perfect for ravaging cute boys like you, darling. She wants into that mouth of yours, again, and she won’t take no for an answer.”

I angled my cock his way, and he took it lightly in his hand, and began stroking it up and down, slowly moving his hand further up, as it became harder. When my girl was completely erect, his hand was almost at the top, and he gently pulled it down, with a slightly firm grip, so that he could pull my foreskin back, to reveal my beautiful glans.

A large drop of pre had formed at my slit, and he licked it off greedily, then closed his lips around the very tip of my glans. He sucked hard, while one of his hands fondled my balls, and the other stroked firmly up my cock. I felt a stream of precum flow into his mouth, which bulged with the amount.

I felt as he swallowed some, but allowed most of it to slip from his mouth, and down my shaft, and it glistened in the sunlight. Having been bathed in my precum, my cock was now very slick, which allowed my darling pet to glide his hands effortlessly up and down my massive erection, while his mouth made love to my cockhead, and his tongue caressed my leaking slit. Goddess, he learned fast.

I leaned my head back, and simply enjoyed my sub worshipping my divine cock, and puffed on my cigar, thinking this had to be, what heaven was like. I felt him tap my thighs, and I spread my legs, allowing Charlie to climb onto the chair. He somehow managed to do it, without removing my cock, from his mouth, leaving me very impressed.

This went on, for a while until my cell rang, startling us both, but Charlie kept on sucking through it. I sighed, put down my cigar, and picked up the phone. I arched an eyebrow when I learned who was calling.

“Hello, Benny,” I said happily.

“Hey, girl!” came the jubilant reply. Good old, Benny. Always so happy. No wonder I liked him.

“So, what do you have for me?” I asked. Charlie was staring at me, and obviously about to remove my cock from his mouth, but that wasn’t happening.

“No!” I said with a glare. “Don’t you dare stop sucking, pet. I want you to keep going. Benny won’t mind. Do you, Benny?” I asked sweetly, loving the crestfallen look on Charlie’s face.

“Are you getting a blowjob, right now, Cleo?” Benny asked in amusement.

“I am,” I confirmed. “A rather good one, too.”

“Well, I don’t mind,” Benny said with a chuckle. “But I want deets! Who’s the lucky guy?”

“My employer,” I said with a sigh of satisfaction, as Charlie sucked out a mouthful of pre.

There was a silence on the other end, that stretched for a while. “Benny?” I asked. “Are you there?”

“Uuum. So I know you’re not a lesbian, and that it can’t be Katherine Lansing, because she just swiped her credit card, for a Bloody Mary, down in Nassau… Is Charles Lansing sucking your cock, right now?”

“Ding, ding,” I said with a laugh. “Right on the money, Ben,” I confirmed, and ran a hand through Charlie’s hair, affectionately.

“Are you serious, Cleo?” Benny asked incredulously. “The Charles Lansing. The fourth richest man, in America?”

“Mmmm,” I moaned in pleasure. “Yes, just like that, Charlie. Put your fingers in my cunt, now. Don’t ever forget my cunt. She deserves just as much of your attention, as her sister does. Ah! Curl your finger, up t- Shit! Wait! Slow down, baby,” I mumbled. “I don’t want to cum, yet. I’ve not even smoked half my cigar, yet. We’re going to be here, awhile, and I want it to last.”

“How the hell did this happen,” Benny asked, his tone curious.

“I saw his picture, and thought he was cute,” I said, when I had settled down, and Charlie was just gently nursing on my cock now, not trying to make me cum.

“And then I met him, and I wanted him. You know I always go after what I want. But there’s more. I’ll tell you about it, later. Now, what do you have for me?” I asked, took a large puff, and exhaled down on my sweet Charlie.

“Right. Well, you were correct, in thinking Kate wasn’t up to no good. She’s been stealing from him for a long time. She’s doing it discretely, moving funds around. Five thousand dollars here, five hundred there. I’d wager she had paid off the lead accountant, to look the other way.”

I felt my rage building in me, and by reflex, I threw my cigar away, grabbed Charlie by the hair, and forced my cock as far down his throat as I could, from that angle. Charlie was gagging heavily on my cock, but I was too angry to take any note of that, as I began fucking his mouth, hard.

“That bitch!” I growled into the phone.

“Yeah, you can say that again,” Benny said.

I pulled my cock from Charlie’s mouth, right then, and flipped him around, so that his head was arching back, on the curve of the chair. I got to my knees, put my cock back into Charlie’s mouth, and in one smooth motion, hilted myself in his throat.

My anger had receded to a manageable level, so I slowed down, and began gently fucking Charlie’s throat, and he stroked my thick thighs up and down. Such a good boy.

“Is there something we can do?” I asked, with a moan.

Benny took a deep breath. “Well, my Mistress went over some papers I found, and it turns out, stealing from her brother isn’t enough, any more. His sister has been trying to get her hands on her brother’s wealth, for some time. The last thing she tried, was to have him deemed unfit to live by himself, and for custody over him, to be transferred over to her. ”

“They didn’t live together?” I asked, and groaned, as I hilted my cock, a few times.

“Their parents died in a car crash, when Charles was five, and Kate was at Uni. He was sent to live with an uncle. Apparently, she didn’t stay in touch with her brother, until after Fantasyland. She contacted him then, and convinced him, to hire her as marketing director. To be fair, she’s been doing a great job. Anyway, she’s been corresponding with some lawyer, and when she comes home from her vacation, she’s going to petition the county. ”

I removed myself from my sub’s throat, and sat down on his face, grinding my cunt against his face, with some force. My juices spilled out of my pussy, and soon, Charlie’s face was slick with them. I slid myself back and forth at an even pace, relishing the pleasure, and feeling of control. I loved knowing Charlie couldn’t get away, even if he wanted to.

“I don’t care if she was the campaign manager for the fucking president!” I hissed. “I need to know what I can do, to make certain that little bitch can’t keep doing what she’s doing. I will not have it!”

“Well,” Benny began, hesitantly. “Mistress, said there was something you could do, and that it was very unusual. But since you were going to make him yours, anyway, it should be fine.”

“Explain,” I demanded, and moved, so that Charlie could make love to my balls, which had been ignored for too long, and demanded his attention.

“She thinks the best thing to do, would be to convince Charlie, to give you joint control over his accounts. That way, nothing can be done with them, without your say so. Well, that or call the police.”

I knew Charlie was unlikely to put his sister in jail, so I decided I needed a way to have him put my name on his accounts. It was the best way.

“Have your Mistress draw up papers, that confirm our cohabitation. Also have her draw up a contract, which gives me control over his holdings, Benny,” I said, and moved further back, and eased my cock back into Charlie’s throat. “But make certain she writes in a clause, which enables Charlie to take back control, at any time, if he’s unhappy with the arrangement.”

“Will do, Cleo,” Benny said. “Out of curiosity, have you fucked him, yet?”

“No, not yet,” I said, and began picking up the pace of my throat fucking. “Why?”

Benny chuckled. “You have everything you need, to convince him to do as you ask, dangling between your legs. Speaking from experience, once he’s had a taste of your cock crushing his prostate, he’ll do anything to get fucked by your cock, at least once a day.”

I stopped moving, my cock all the way in Charlie’s throat. Benny was right. My darling was already very much into my cock, and obviously loved everything we had done, so far. I grinned, at the thought of using my cock to convince my sweetie, to do as I asked.

I felt a pair of hands grab my thighs in desperation, and I looked down, and realized I had been blocking off his air for a while, and that he was not just choking on my cock, but actually choking. Fuck, that was hot! Seeing it, sent me over the edge. I quickly slid my cock out of his throat, only keeping some three inches in his mouth.

I grabbed his head firmly, and came with a thunderous roar, and a powerful blast shot into Charlie’s mouth. I felt him try to keep up with the massive stream of cum, but he wasn’t able to, and he choked, and I saw it begin to flow out of his nose, and the corners of his mouth. I came for a while longer, and Charlie did a better job with the rest.

When I stopped cumming, I stood up with deep, satisfied sigh. But I wasn’t done, however, and neither was my cock, because she was still rock hard. It was time to fuck him. It was a bit soon, but to be safe, I was going to make sure I had enough time in his ass, before that jogoo came home, three weeks from now.


I scooped Charlie up in my arms, carried him into the house, and up into his room. I gently laid him down on his back in the bed, and straddled him. He stared at me, with his cum stained face, and I bit my lip in arousal. Goddess, but he was perfect.

“Cleo? What?”

“Mistress, sweetie,” I said softly, and bent down, and kissed him, right on the lips. “From now on, it’s Mistress,” I whispered in his ear, and nibbled on his earlobe.

“Yes, Mistress,” he replied breathlessly.

“Good boy,” I said, and looked him right in the eye. “Good boys do as they’re told, and I always reward good boys.”

I leaned down, and captured his lips with my own, and then forced my tongue into his mouth, where my tongue sought his out, and they began battling. Naturally, Charlie lost instantly, and I ravaged his mouth with my tongue. We kissed like that for a while, until I was becoming too excited. I broke away from Charlie, and stepped out of the bed.

“Do you have and scarves, sweetie?” I asked.

Once Charlie had caught his breath, he nodded, and pointed to his wardrobe. “There are some in there, Mistress.”

I made my way over, and discovered a bunch of silk scarves in one of the drawers. I figured they had belonged to his mother. Some were very long, which worked very well, for what I had in mind. I brought them to the bed, and saw Charlie eyeing them warily.

“I need you to trust me, now, Sweetie. I may be a little rough, sometimes, but I will never do anything to actually hurt you,” I said in a loving voice.

He nodded. I grabbed a hold of one of his arms, and tied it to the headboard, which was conveniently, built from six vertical bars. I did the same with the other one arm, and when that was done, I tied one end of a scarf, to each of his legs. I looped the other end of the scarves through the headboard, and secured them tightly. And lastly, I blindfolded him, with a thick, black scarf.

I surveyed my work, and was very satisfied. Charlie was now tied in such a manner, that his ass was slightly raised from the mattress, and he couldn’t move an inch, and he couldn’t see, either. Perfect. I was in complete control, and he was at my mercy. My prey. I took up position, on my knees, by his raised butt, and worked up a full palm’s worth of precum, and began rubbing it around his anal ring.

You remember, when I told you how these feminine boys get horny, when they eat Futa cum? Well, here’s another tidbit, for you. Whenever our cum, and especially our precum, comes in contact with their anal muscles, it relaxes them. To facilitate penetration, I guess.

“What are you doing, Mistress?” Charlie asked, with a moan.

“Making you ready, darling,” I said, and ran my other hand through his hair.

“For what, Mistress?”

I smiled at his naivety, and also at how readily he addressed me, by my title. “I’m going to fuck you, darling.”

He sucked in a breath, and trembled a little, and even tried his bonds, which held fast. “Won’t it hurt, Mistress?”

“No, my sweet,” I said huskily, and slid a pair of fingers into his ass. He gasped at the sensation.

“Whenever I fuck a boy, there’s never pain, Sweetie. Only pleasure.” I moaned in need, as I felt my balls grow hot, and begin overflowing with cum. Oh, I needed to cum in that sweet ass.

I played with his ass, for a moment, adding more and more precum, as I did. I felt his ass relax more and more, and after a few moments of this, I removed my fingers from his ass, and was very gratified, to hear him moan in protest. He loved it, and I hadn’t even touched his little magic button. Of course, I never use anything other than my massive cock, to make him cum. If he wants to cum, he better bend over, or ride me.

I worked up some more pre, and coated my cock in a thick layer of it, so that it was actually dripping off it, and onto the sheets. I softly stroked Charlie’s butt cheeks with my hands, and nudged his hole with my cock, and he gasped.

“Are you ready, baby?” I asked, and allowed my cockhead to rest at his opening, but didn’t press any further. I needed him to say it.

“Yes, Mistress. P… please fuck me,” he said in barely a whisper.

I smiled in satisfaction. “As you wish.” I began pushing my eighteen inch cock into his small hole, which stretched around my six inch thickness, with incredible ease. That wasn’t to say he wasn’t tight, because he was. So tight. So delicious.

I steadily worked my meat into him, and I absolutely loved, how he began sweating, and panting with the effort of taking me, despite there not being any pain. And his tiny cocklet was rock hard, and leaking.

“You’re so tight, Charlie,” I gushed, when I’d fed him half my cock. “Only ten inches to go, baby,” I informed him, and I could tell he was thinking how it was possible.

“W-will they fit, Mistress?” he asked, panting.

“Of course, my precious. I’ve fucked many boys in my life, and my cock has always been taken to the balls.”

I saw him relax a bit, and knew he was growing more and more comfortable with me in him, so I decided to speed up my skewering of Charlie. I grabbed his legs, thrust my hips forward, and slammed myself the rest of the way, grinning when I saw a massive bulge form in his abdomen.

“I’m all the way in, Charlie,” I said in triumph. “I told you it would fit! Now get ready, Sweetheart. I’m going to start fucking you properly now.”

I pulled almost all the way out, and slammed my hips forward, and Charlie yelped, in surprise. I did it again, and once more, Charlie yelped like a girl. It was adorable. I followed those two slams, with a flurry of rapid thrusts, but made sure to use as much of my cock as I could. I always do, when I’m fucking Charlie, and he’s not riding me. I mean, why have all that cock, and not use all of it?

I moaned in pleasure, as I felt Charlie squeeze my cock, when I stroked across his prostate, and he came with a girlish whine.

“That’s it, baby,” I whispered. “Cum for your Mistress,” I told him, and a couple of drops squirted out of his puny thing, and landed on his chest.

“How do you like it? How do you like being fucked with eighteen inches of Futa cock” I asked my submissive, while I fucked him with hard, long strokes.

“I love it Mistress,” Charlie said, his usual timidness, and shyness, nowhere to be seen, as he gave himself over to the pleasures of the flesh.

“Do you want me to go harder?” I asked.

“Yes!” he shouted. “As hard as you can!”

I grinned victoriously, and leaned over him, resting my fists on either side of his body. “Then get ready, my sweet little cockslut.”

I then began railing him, with everything I had, my breasts swinging, and my balls slapping against his lower back, as my hips moved in a blur, and my pelvis slammed against him. Charlie began wailing like a banshee, as I rutted him, and hearing that, had me getting closer and closer.

I then began feeling the stirrings of the end, and my balls slowly began tightening. “I’m almost there, darling. Squeeze my cock, if you can! Milk me! Milk me dry!” I growled.

“Please, Mistress! I heard my Charlie beg. “I want to see you, when you cum in me for the first time!”

I completely melted at that. I reached for the scarf, and pulled it from his eyes, and we stared into each other’s eyes, while I fucked him the last few strokes, before I would cum.

Charlie came, again, and I saw his eyes roll into the back of his head, and he passed out, the pleasure to great to bear. That was the moment, where I knew he would be mine, forever. They say, in the tribe of the Lion, that if you can fuck your boy so well the first time, that he passes out from the pleasure, he’s yours forever. He’ll always be loyal, and your cock is the single, most important thing in the world to him.

“I’m cumming, baby,” I roared suddenly, but I don’t know why I did, because my darling wasn’t even there, at that moment. “I’m going to fill you up so completely, you won’t have to eat for a month!”

My burning hot cum, burst from my cock, in long torrents, and if Charlie hadn’t been tied to the bed, he would probably have been shot through the wall. I watched as his stomach began bulging, more and more, and by the end, he looked like he was four, or five months pregnant.

I slumped down onto him, panting with the effort, and took a moment to catch my breath. Once I had recovered a bit, I raised my head, and gave the unresponsive Charlie a deep kiss, and set about releasing him from his bonds. Once he was free, I spooned him from the behind, and gave him a gentle kiss on the shoulder.

“Thank you, Sweetheart.”

It was well into the afternoon the following day, when Charlie woke up, and got out of bed. I had left him a note, telling him to make his way to the library, as soon as he woke up. Benny had sent me some files, which I was reading, as I enjoyed a fresh cigar.

I like the library. It isn’t a big room, but a cozy place, ideal to relax, and read. There is a small fireplace, built into the wall, on your right hand side, when you walk in. In front of it, there’s an antique looking sofa, which is very comfortable.

In the middle of the room, there’s a table, surrounded by four comfortable chairs, and the table has four of those green lamps you’ll find in some libraries. And it’s packed with books. All in all, a great room, and probably my favourite. Aside from the mistress bedroom, of course.

I heard my little slut come walking through the door, and held up a hand to stop him, but I felt him staring at my naked body. I kept reading, and puffing. I must have had him wait for at least ten minutes, before I deigned to look at him. I leaned back in the chair, and slowly spread my legs, to reveal my cock, and Charlie’s eyes became glued to it, as I knew they would.

I took a very large puff on my cigar, and held the smoke for a bit, before slowly exhaling. “How are you feeling, Charlie?” I asked with a smile.

He shuffled his feet, for a bit, before he answered. “A little sore, Mistress.”

I chuckled, and puffed on my cigar. “That’s to be expected, baby. Being fucked for the first time, by a cock that’s a foot and a half, isn’t easy, but you took it like a proper slut,” I said with a grin.

He blushed crimson, and shuffled his feet further, in embarrassment, but his eyes never left my cock, and I was so proud of myself, I was almost bursting. I took a nice, long puff, and exhaled his way.

“You want it again, don’t you?” I asked, with a sly smile, and began raking the fingers of my free hand through my dense bush, the other hand raising my cigar to my lips, for another deep puff.

“Y-yes, Mistress,” Charlie stammered.

I smiled in satisfaction. This was going exactly they way I wanted it. “Well, baby, I can give you a nice, long fucking, later. However, there’s something you must do, for me.”

“What is it, Mistress?” he asked timidly.

“See that box, on the table by the door? Bring it to me.”

He looked around, and discovered a smallish, flat box, on the table. He picked it up, and made his way over to me. He meant to hand me the box, but I shook my head, and pointed to the floor.

“Kneel, and put the box on the floor, darling.”

He did as I commanded, but his eyes remained locked on my cock. I put a finger under his chin, and slowly raised his head, so that his eyes could find mine.

“We need to talk about your sister, sweetie,” I said in a gentle voice.

His brows rose. “What about her, Mistress?”

I took a deep breath. “I think she’s planning to make a play for your money, Charlie.”

“What makes you say that,” he said warily.

“Look, there’s no easy way to say this, but after I met her, and then you, I decided she was someone, who you shouldn’t trust. There was just something about the way she acted, so I had my friend Benny check her out. Turns out she’s not a very nice person, Charlie.”

His eyes widened. “I know she’s not the easiest person to be around, but..”

I smiled sadly. The things family could do, to one another… “Charlie, she’s trying to have you judged unfit, to live by yourself, and will be trying to claim custody over you, when she comes home.”


“She’s also been stealing from you, for a long time, and managed to hide it, until now,” I said, and handed him a few of the pages I’d been reading.

I felt my heart plummet, when I saw the painful look of hurt, and betrayal, on Charlie’s face. He was smart enough to realize I was telling the truth, and that I knew he was savvy enough to verify everything, by himself.

He flipped through, and simply stared at the pages, for a while, his frown deepening. Eventually, he let the pages fall onto the floor, and looked up at me, with desperation.

“Wh- why would she do this?” he asked, with a stutter. “I- I thought family was supposed to take care of each other.”

I gently ran a hand through his hair. “They are, but some people are just bad, baby. We could contact the police.”

After a moment’s consideration, he shook his head. His eyes found my cock, then, and looked at it, with open desire.

I felt a rush of arousal run through me, at the sight of it. “Would sucking my sweet cock make you feel better, baby?”

He nodded, and reached for it, but I stopped him. “No, darling. There’s something you must do, before I let you touch my cock again, sweetie. Open the box.”

I watched as he opened the box, to reveal its contents. In it, was a brand new black leather collar, lined on the inside, with the softest silk, a pair of keys, a small padlock with a crown edged into it, and a leash. The collar was fitted with a pair of golden tags.

One of the tags, simply read ‘Charlie’, on one side, and the other, had my contact information, in case Charlie got lost. I am a responsible pet owner. The other tag read ‘Cleo’s Mjinga. Meaning ‘Cleo’s Slut’.

The leash was an older item, given to me by my grandmother Suada, Queen of the Lion Tribe. She had told me to only offer it to my one true pet, and I was certain Charlie was that person. It was made of simple, black leather, and had my name worked into it.

Charlie removed the collar from the box, and examined it. He looked at me, an unspoken question, in his blue eyes. Oh, he looked adorable, wearing those cute glasses of his.

“It’s for you, darling,” I said, and took a massive puff of my cigar. “If you want my cock, then you must first beg for my collar.”

“Wh- what?” Charlie asked, wide eyed.

“You’re my bitch, Charlie,” I said with a fondness. “And domesticated bitches wear a collar, don’t they?”

Charlie didn’t seem to know, how to respond, so I let my cock grow, just a little bit. “I want you so much, darling, but the only way I will let you touch my cock again, is if you’re wearing my collar, like a proper bitch.”

I took yet another puff of my cigar. “Don’t you want my cock?” I asked, and he nodded slowly.

“Then beg,” I told him, and my cock slowly rose, to her full glory.

“P-please, Mistress,” he said pleadingly.

I held up a finger. “Wait! There’s another thing we must do, first,” I told him, and reached for a folder on the table I was sitting at.

“If we’re going to protect your interests, living in an officially recognized cohabitation arrangement, will make it a lot easier,” I said, and handed him a folder. He opened it, and scanned the document inside.

“Then, there’s this.” I reached for another folder, opened it, and Charlie stared at the pages. “I know it’s a lot to take in, but if you sign these two forms, your cunt of a sister will never get her hands on any of your holdings, baby. I promise. I made sure to have my friend Rhonda write in a clause, that gives you the ability to take back control, at any time.”

I pumped my hand up my cock, and squeezed out a huge amount of pre, which I used to lubricate my cock, and it made it glisten, in the rays of the sun, which broke through a badly closed curtain. I flexed my perineum a bit, forcing out a big glob, which began sliding down my shaft, ever so slowly.

“If you don’t sign these forms, your sister might make it so that we can never see each other again. She might even take out a restraining order, against me. And you know what that means, baby. No more Cleo. No more cock.”

I scooped up the large drop of pre, and held my finger up to his mouth. He eagerly sucked it off. “And no more cum,” I whispered.

I almost leaped with joy, when his eyes widened with fear. He looked back down on the papers, and I handed him a pen.

“You ready to become my bitch, baby?” I asked, took a puff of my cigar, and exhaled the creamy cloud down onto Charlie.

He nodded.

“Good boy!” I said with a radiant smile.

He quickly jotted down his name in the required fields, and put them into the folders, when he was done. He handed me the folders, and I carefully put them on the table. I’d have to get them to Rhonda, ASAP.

“May your slut please wear your collar, so the world knows I’m proud to be your bitch?” Charlie asked in reverence. I smiled at him. Such a strong imagination, and I loved it!

“Of course, you may, my darling little Charlie. Present the collar to me, my slut.”

He handed me the collar, and I gently placed it round his throat.

“The padlock, darling.”

He handed me the small padlock, and I locked the collar. I slowly turned it around, so that the tags were in front, dangling.

“Such a good boy,” I gushed, and ruffled his hair.

I pointed to the keys. He handed them to me, and I put them on the table. “There are two keys for the padlock, slut. I’ll always have one on me, and the other will be hanging on the key rack, in the garage. That one’s only for emergencies. Otherwise, you will never take the collar off, unless I give you express permission. You understand, bitch?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I leaned back in the chair, and let out massive sigh. I had actually been very nervous over this whole thing, even though I knew Charlie would do pretty much whatever I told him to. I realized and understood, that I had seduced, and coerced him into this whole union, but this was all for the best.

I felt my darling Charlie grab a hold of my cock, with both hands, and begin sliding them up and down slowly. I moaned. I was sooo ready for him to take my cock into his mouth, but then a thought hit me.

I’d fucked Charlie’s throat, he’d blown me, and feasted on my cunt, and I had ravaged his ass. But there was one thing I loved to do, that we hadn’t given a try. Something I always found very soothing, and relaxing. I stood up, and made my way over to the sofa, got into it, on my hands and knees. I reached back with my hand, and pulled one of my butt cheeks to the side. I was very glad, that I’d taken a shower and was clean.

“Eat my ass, baby,” I ordered him.

There was a moment’s delay, but my sweet Charlie understood his role in our relationship perfectly. I heard him crawl towards me, and I felt his hands on my cheeks. I grabbed the back of the sofa with both hands, and closed my eyes.

He spread my cheeks, and I felt his hot breath on my puckered hole, but he moved away. He kissed my cheeks, and even licked them a bit. I knew he was stalling, but I didn’t mind. I liked him worshipping my rear. And, I’ve told you before, there’s a lot of it to love.

Eventually, though, he turned his attention to my hole, and this time, I felt him take a small lick of my ring, and I gasped. Goddess, I love being rimmed. He began licking my star, in circular patterns, alternating between clockwise, and counter clockwise, and I loved it.

Then I felt him stick his tongue inside, and I groaned with need. “Go as deep as you can, baby,” I moaned, and began grinding myself back, against his face. He was doing a wonderful job, and it was extremely stimulating.

As I enjoyed Charlie’s ministrations, I recalled a piece of equipment I had seen at Nyssa’s, that I just knew I was going to buy, now that I’d had a demonstration of my slut’s eagerness to eat my ass. It was a leather harness, designed to strap your sub’s head, to your ass. It had a pair of tubes that went up the sub’s nose, to ensure they could breathe.

I put a hand on my slut’s head, and eased him away. Then I stood up, and pointed to the sofa. “Lie down, darling. Your Mistress, is going to straddle your head, and you’re going to keep loving her sweet hole.”

He did as I commanded, and when he was in position, I did indeed straddle him. “I’m going to sit on your face now, darling,” I told him. “Take a deep breath, and tap my thighs when you need to breathe.” I slowly lowered myself, relishing the power I had over my lover. “Remember to keep that tongue working, my sweet.”

I eventually settled myself onto his face, and it felt amazing. His head fit perfectly into my crack, and I sighed. It was all just so glorious. I felt like a proper Nubian Queen, on her throne. If the throne was made from a perfectly submissive boy, who was doing his best, to please his Mistress.

I felt Charlie tap my thighs lightly, and I rose a little bit, and heard him take a deep breath. “You’re doing wonderfully, my gorgeous bitch,” I cooed, and lowered myself onto him, again, slowly leaning my head back, basking in the sensations. My cock was rock hard, and the precum was streaming out of it, almost as if I was peeing onto Charlie’s chest.

There was another part of my body, that was flooding, as well. My pussy was burning with arousal, screaming for attention. She was trembling, and I knew it was only a matter of time, before I turned around, to feed my sweet darling some of my savoury nectar.

Indeed, I only had my darling tap for air, a couple of times, before I turned around, hefted my heavy, aching balls onto his forehead, and began roughly grinding myself onto his face. A loud squelching sound followed, as my juices were smeared all over his face.

“Suck my cunt, slut!” I growled. “Drink all that sweet juice!”

My pussy was grinding against my subby slut, and I could feel him lick frantically all over my cunt, whenever I eased back enough, for him to do anything.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned. “You’re making your Mistress so happy, slut. You understand now, don’t you, darling? This will be your place, from now on. Beneath me, pleasing me. Servicing me, whenever I feel like it. Wherever I feel like using you for my pleasure.”

I grabbed his hair roughly, and had him back up a bit, and I jammed his head against the arm of the sofa. I presented my pussy to him, again, and he took my clit into his mouth, and began sucking on it. I knew my pussy was close to cumming, so I began slamming my pelvis into his face, almost as if I had my cock in his mouth. I wasn’t too rough, but there was a small smacking sound, when my pussy made contact. My cock also kept leaking precum all over Charlie’s head, making his hair matte, and sticky.

“Do you like me fucking your face like this, baby?” I asked, and received a lustful groan, in reply. I grinned. “Of course you do, Charlie. Slutty subs like you always like it, when their Mistress has her way with them, no matter how she goes about it.”

I let out a long, drawn out moan. “I’m about to cum, darling. I’m going to flood you with my cum! You remember the rule, don’t you? Never waste a drop of your Mistress’ cum. Be it my cunt, or cock, you must always take all of my cum inside you, and never waste a drop!”

I slammed myself against him, one last time, and ground my cunt roughly, for a moment, for good measure. “It’s coming, bitch!”

My pussy went through a violent spasm, and I began cumming. My juices squirted out of my cunt, with the force of a fire hydrant. Even through my massive orgasm, I heard him trying to swallow all of the cum, but I knew that it was way too early in his training, for him to have any chance at it.

I eventually stopped cumming, and backed away. I gazed down at my Charlie, and saw he was absolutely drenched in my juice, and that large quantities of it had spilled onto his shirt, and the sofa. I hated the idea of so much of it going to waste, but it did give me a chance to punish him a little bit. I like a little spanking, every now and then.

“Tsk, tsk,” I clicked my tongue. “What a wasteful little slut,” I said, as I watched my darling catch his breath. “Wasteful pets should be punished, don’t you think?”

I picked up my leash, and clipped it onto the collar around Charlie’s neck, then threw the end over the back of the sofa. “Get on your knees, and pull down your pants, bitch. Then grab the back of the sofa, and keep your eyes forward. Stay, and don’t you dare turn your head, ” I commanded.

I made my way over to the bookshelf, and found a magazine in the perfect size. I removed it from the shelf, and rolled it up, before I went back to Charlie, who had obeyed me, as he always did.

“You wasted so much of my juices, and spilled them all over, Charlie,” I said sternly. “That simply won’t do. I’m going to give you a spanking, now. Ten hits. Perhaps that’ll teach you, to appreciate, and not waste my precious cum.”

I ran a hand over his beautiful butt, and smiled. So fuckable, so… lovely. “I’m going to have you count the hits, and you will thank me, for disciplining you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” he replied, and meant to look at me, but I swiftly struck his right butt cheek with the rolled up magazine. “Eyes forward!” I hissed.

“Y-yes, Mistress,” he stammered, and turned his head around. “That’s one. Thank you Mistress.”

I swatted his butt again, the left cheek, this time.

“Two. Thank you Mistress,” he said in a trembling voice, but it wasn’t fear, or pain. I wasn’t hitting him hard, barely enough to turn his cheeks a lovely shade of pink. I would up the ante, slowly, over our time together. Make him learn to love a bit of sensual pain.

I saw his little cocklet, was hard, and I had to smile. He was enjoying himself, and I was glad. I began spanking him again, and each time, he counted, and thanked me.

“Ten,” Charlie sighed after a while. “Thank you, Mistress!”

I dropped the magazine, and began stroking my hands all over his butt, which had indeed turned a very attractive shade of pink. “You’re welcome, pet. I hope you’ve learned your lesson, sweetie. But I’m ready to do this, as much as is needed, for the lessons to stick, pet.”

I ran my hands a few more times all over his butt, before I slid them up to his hips, and grabbed them firmly. “Now, it’s time for your final lesson of the day,” I said, lined up my well lathered cock up with his hole, and slammed myself into him, bottoming out with one, ferocious thrust.

“Ugh-” Charlie started to grunt, but my sudden intrusion stole away his breath, and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head.

“That’s right, darling,” I said, and began fucking myself in and out of him, with long, measured strokes. “Surely you didn’t think I wasn’t going to fuck your tight ass today, did you?”

I began fucking him harder and harder, every stroke using my whole cock, and after a couple of minutes, Charlie slowly slid down the back of the sofa, his strength failing, and his legs began trembling. That was alright, however, as I was more than strong enough, to hold him in place.

My hips were a blur now, as I ravaged my sub’s ass, and he was wailing uncontrollably. I loved how he sounded just like a woman, whenever I was fucking him, and I kept imagining him in some slutty lingerie. Stockings, and crotchless panties would look so hot on my little darling.

I saw he was about to faint from the pleasure, and I felt extremely gratified, to know this was likely to happen every time. I wasn’t ready for him to do that, just yet, however. I slapped one of his butt cheeks hard, with my palm, and it jolted him awake.

“Who does this ass belong to, slut?” I asked, and slammed myself hard against his butt, and was rewarded with yet another girlish yelp.

“You, Mistress,” Charlie moaned.

“Can I do with it what I want?” I asked, and gave him a couple of very strong thrusts.

“Yes, Mistress,” Charlie answered with a whine.

I roared in satisfaction, as I slammed myself into him, one last time, and came with a massive blast, which triggered Charlie’s own orgasm, and I felt his ass squeeze my cock for a second, as his two drops fell onto the sofa, while I filled him with my spunk.

After the first three bursts, Charlie passed out, and I held his limp body in my hands, as I finished filling him up with cum. Once I was done, and Charlie looked like he was six months pregnant, I carefully bottomed out, and picked him up. Then I lay down in the sofa with Charlie atop of me, my cock still plugging up his asshole.

“Sleep, darling. Sleep,” I whispered in his ear, and settled myself down properly. “You’re going to need every ounce of strength, because your Mistress is going to be training you very hard, over the next three weeks.”

And with that, I fell asleep, with my cock still lodged in Charlie’s asshole.


A month had passed, since I had been hired as the maid of one Charles Lansing. And about three weeks, since I’d taken his virginity with my massive cock, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Not a day had been wasted, during those three weeks, and my pet and I had been very busy.

Our cohabitation had been officially recognized by the county, and I had been given control over Charlie’s accounts. It had been so very tempting, to cut off Charlie’s bitch of a sister, and leave her high and dry, down in Nassau. I had another idea, however. An idea, that would shock her even more, and make her understand, just who Charlie belonged to.

“Understood, Ms. Lansing,” I said. “We’re eagerly awaiting your arrival.”

I hung up the phone, and slowly made my way over to Charlie’s sister’s room, my large, naked breasts bouncing, and my semi hard cock swaying between my legs. I was always naked around the house, these days. As was Charlie, unless I decided otherwise. Or he needed to be clothed, because of work.

I entered the room, and pushed the door almost all the way closed. I stopped to admire my work. My Charlie-slut was hanging horizontally from the ceiling, in the middle of the room. He was dressed in a leather one piece suit, that had a hole in the front, so that his belly had space, for when it was fully bloated with my cum, and of course, a hole so my cock enter his ass.

Charlie also wore a mask that had only an opening for his nose and mouth. The suit was fitted with strategically placed rings, on each limb, and on the front, and back.

I had gone down to Nyssa’s and bought us a ‘hanger’ of sorts, that allowed me to fasten the accompanying leather straps to the rings, and tie up my sweet Charlie any number of ways. At that moment, he was tied into the hanger in such a way, that had his head hang back, which made a nice, straight line for my cock, to slide into his throat.

“Now, where were we?” I asked, and approached my slut, my cock hardening as I went.

Charlie instinctively tried to reply, but his words came out in a jumbled mess, and I gave a light chuckle. The ring gag in his mouth certainly didn’t make my beautiful pet any more articulate, than he already was.

“Oh, I was being rhetorical, sweetie” I said. I then grabbed my cock, aimed it at his open mouth, and casually slid myself all the way in, with a long, contented moan.

Charlie’s sister was on her way from the airport, and would be here, in forty five minutes. I had something in mind for the thieving little bitch. I set a slow, deliberate pace, knowing exactly how to pace myself, so that I would cum, at the exact moment I knew would be the most effective, for her to learn of the new dynamics in the house.

After a while, I gazed at the clock, and saw it was time to get serious. “Oh, my sweet slut, you feel amazing,” I breathed, as I slowly sawed my cock in and out of Charlie’s throat, and unclasped the ring gag. “But it’s time for me to destroy that ass.

I slipped my cock out of my pet’s throat, and made my way over to Kate’s desk, and grabbed a couple of documents. I brought them with me, back to Charlie. I put them onto his chest, as I took up my position at his ass, and worked up some pre, and lathered my cock with it. I grabbed my cock with my free hand, while removing a plug out of his ass with the other.

“Here I come, darling,” I said, and slammed myself into him. At that moment, I saw Katherine’s car come up the driveway. Perfect.

I began furiously fucking my sweet pet, my hips a blur, and Charlie began wailing in heavenly bliss, as always. I smiled in ecstasy, knowing he was completely, and utterly addicted to my cock. I heard the door open.

“Miss Adelakun!” Katherine called.

I ignored her, and felt Charlie stiffen on my cock, and I felt him cum. He tried to say something, but the pleasure was too great, for him to form any coherent words. I also ignored him, and kept up my fucking.

“Is anyone here?” Katherine called, again, and I could hear she was coming up the stairs.

I felt my orgasm approaching, and grinned. It was time. “In here, Ms. Lansing!” I called back.

I heard her heels clack on the hardwood floor, moving at a brisk pace. She was probably pissed, because her room was off limits, according to Charlie.

The door opened, and the Dragon Lady herself, came rushing through. “My room is off…” She stared, and her chin dropped onto her chest. “…limits…”

I let out my customary roar, as I began blasting my torrent of cum, into Charlie. “Feel me cum into you, mjinga! Who do you belong to, Charlie? Who’s your Queen?”

“I belong to you, Mistress… You’re my Queen,” he barely managed to moan.

“That’s right,” I growled, and stared his sister in the eye. “You’re all mine!”

I removed my cock from his ass, and came all over the two documents I’d taken from Kate’s desk. I wasn’t done cumming, however, and thrust myself back into Charlie, and pumped some more into him.

I felt Charlie go slack in his bindings, and I knew he’d passed out. I was rather proud, at how long he’d held out, this time. All the fucking we’d engaged in, over the past three weeks was really paying off, as was evident with his increased endurance. I wasn’t done, however, and knew I had at least one cum in me, before I was willing to call it a day. Or afternoon. I was going to fuck him at least once, before going to sleep.

So, I kept fucking him, while watching the sister stare at the proceedings. “I found out what you’ve been doing to Charlie, you miserable, thieving cunt,” I hissed.

I felt my rage building, just looking at her. I dug my fingers into Charlie’s hips, and really began railing him, while glaring daggers into the jogoo, standing by the door.

“You’re his big sister, bitch,” I growled. “You’re supposed to protect, and take care of him, but you decide to steal from him, instead?! Well, you won’t be doing that, ever again, I made sure of that!”

Kate managed to gather herself, a little bit. “What do you mean?”

“Charlie, and I are living in an officially recognized cohabitation agreement,” I moaned out, and felt myself getting closer. “And I have assumed control over Charlie’s holdings, so anything you’d want to do with, let’s say his accounts, must have my permission, as well as Charlie’s.”

Kate had gone pale as a sheet. “You can’t do that!” she stammered.

I gave her my most condescending smile, which I knew would infuriate her. “It’s already done, bitch. It’s all there, on those papers,” I said, and nodded towards the cum covered documents.

Slap, slap, slap. My hips slammed against Charlie, with the force of a charging Rhino, and my cock was harder, than it had ever been. The sense of victory, I was feeling at that moment, was incredible, and it, more than Charlie’s amazing ass, made me cum for the last time, that afternoon.

I roared, and pumped, and pumped cum into my darling, staring at Kate the whole time, relishing the look of absolute amazement. I wasn’t surprised. She’d never seen a proper orgasm, before. Nor a boi’s belly swell, as it was filled to the brim with Futa cum.

I finished cumming with happy sigh. Goddess, I loved Charlie. He completed me, and no mistake. I really needed to find a way to tell him, one of these days. I slowly slid my cock out of him, and a gush of cum came running out of his stretched hole, and splashed onto the floor.

I hooked an arm under Charlie, unclasped him from the hanger, and threw him over my shoulder, but not before taking the documents from his chest. I walked over to Kate, and thrust the documents into her chest, smearing my cum all over her.

“If you want confirmation, you can read it all here,” I said, and was about to quit the room, when a thought hit me.

I pointed to the puddle of cum on the floor, and the trail of smaller puddles that were still leaking from Charlie’s abused anus. “I hate wasting cum, but unfortunately, Charlie’s not awake to take care of it. Would you mind? Your brother, and I are going for a bath.”

I left her then, laughing heartily at her eyes, as they bugged out, at my request. Oh, this was going to be so much fun! And if she would be living here, as Charlie had suggested, all the better!


“So, Fantastyland fans! That’s the story of how I came to live with Charles Lansing. Oh, you’d like to hear it from his perspective? I’m afraid that will have to wait, because Charlie’s busy at the moment.”

“What’s he doing? Why, he’s doing his favourite thing in the world!”

“What’s that, you ask? Well, if you were a dirty little cockslut, living with a Mistress who has an eighteen inch cock, what would your favourite activity be?”


Thanks for reading everyone! I hoped you liked it.